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The Oregonian 11/6/07 Still a contender

ESPN 11/4/07 Contender stars Bika, Codrington set to clash Tuesday

Yahoo 11/3/07 This "Contender" is actually a contender 10/30/07 The Contender: Episode 8 Recap 10/24/07 The Contender: Episode 7 Recap

ESPN 10/23/07 Condrington crushes Johnsen's "Contender" hopes

KNDO 10/22/07 Champion Boxer Featured on ESPN Visits Hermiston School

ESPN 10/12/07 No more sitting around for 'Contender' star Mora

Courier Post 10/12/07 Alexander finds positives after loss

Courier Post 10/12/07 Camden boxer turns to high-tech training 10/10/07 The Contender: Episode 6 Recap

Media Week 10/10/07 ESPN to Air 'Contender' Matches

Miami Herald 10/7/07 Boxer-teacher dreams of becoming a world champ 10/3/07 The Contender: Episode 5 Recap

Sydney Morning Herald 9/27/07 Bika boxed in by TV crews in reality show

The Record 9/26/07 Johnsen gets most out of show 9/25/07 The Contender: Episode 4 Recap

Plainview Daily Herald 9/12/07 Local ‘Contender’ suffers TKO 9/12/07 The Contender: Episode 2 Recap 9/12/07 Portland boxer to be on ESPN show 'The Contender'

Zap2It 9/11/07 'The Contender' returns with a knock-out

Plainview Daily Herald 9/9/07 Plainview has long-distance contender

Austin American Statesman 9/3/07 Brian Vera likes taste of life as a contender

Ringside Report 8/16/07 ESPN Brings More Reality TV with Season Three of The Contender

Star Telegram 8/7/07 Facing a reality check(s)

Ocala Star-Banner 8/7/07 Ocala's Santiago joins 'Contender' cast

Detroit Free Press 8/7/07 Leafs after Bowman again? Detroit boxer on "The Contender"

Zap2It 8/7/07 'Contender' Steps Back in Ring

Sydney Morning Herald 8/7/07 Bika, Sam get shot at being contenders - and a rematch

Hollywood Reporter 8/7/07 There's no quit in 'Contender'

Ringside Report 8/6/07 Legitimate Contender: Alfonso Gomez Proves He is a Fighter in Reality 8/6/07 Q&A: Buddy McGirt

Oregon Live 8/5/07 Meet David Banks, contender...

Sebastian Sun 8/4/07 Buddy McGirt to train boxers for ESPN’s ‘The Contender’

ESPN 8/3/07 Super middleweight contenders gear up for Season 3

The Record 7/16/07 Lyndhurst's Johnsen a 'Contender'

Detroit News 7/11/07 Gatti ready to take on 'The Contender'

Hollywood Reporter 7/7/07 'Contender' card for Asia

Press Telegram 6/30/07 Espino proving to be `Contender'

Mineral Wells Index 6/27/07 Police: No charges against boxer in 'Contender' brawl

Tucson Citizen 6/20/07 Ex-'Contender' Bravo still has lofty goals

Delaware Online 6/15/07 'No Joke' Stewart still chasing big fight

Spokesman Review 6/14/07 'Contender' returns to CdA Casino

Arizona Daily Star 6/14/07 Name 'Contender' champ for shot at computer case

Ringside Report 6/14/07 Peter Manfredo JR Still Trying to Prove That He is More Than Just a Contender

Lancaster Newspapers 5/10/07 'Contender' coming to town

East Side Boxing 5/3/07 Manfredo Fighting May 11 for Respect

International Herald Tribune 4/30/07 Gatti to take on reality TV series winner

Reno Gazette Journal 4/24/07 Brinkley lusts for a shot at Gilbert 4/21/07 Review: "The Contender" Goes Overseas

Detroit News 4/14/07 TV show a hit for Detroiter

Reno Gazette Journal 4/13/07 Brinkley is part of ESPN's 'The Contender Challenge: UK vs. USA'

Celebrity Spider 4/9/07 ESPN Announces The Contender Matchups

ESPN 4/9/07 About The Contender Challenge

Boston Globe 4/8/07 Reality hits Manfredo

The Independent 4/8/07 Boxing: Calzaghe gives reality check to fake Contender

NY Post 4/4/07 'Contender' Goes For Title

The Observer 4/1/07 Sugar Ray shamelessly peddles the fantasy of a Calzaghe defeat

Times Online 4/1/07 No contender 3/29/07 Joe Calzaghe, Peter Manfredo, Sugar Ray Leonard Conf. Call Transcript

Boxing Confidential 3/23/07 "The Contender" Leaving ESPN. HBO Bound

ESPN 3/14/07 Mora refuses to fight world champ Taylor in Memphis

East Side Boxing 3/13/07 Alfonso Gomez Geared up for UK, Martin Concepcion

Dog House Boxing 3/12/07 Lonsdale Signs Up For The Contender

North Jersey 2/19/07 Curiel hopes McGirt can keep him a 'Contender'

Reality TV World 2/12/07 ESPN announces Ryder Cup-like 'The Contender Challenge' series

ESPN 2/9/07 ESPN to present fights Ryder Cup-style

Eastside Boxing 2/9/07 USA vs UK: The Contender Goes International

Guardian 2/7/07 British fighters to take on Americans in TV tournament

ITV 2/6/07 The Contender is coming

Sporting Life 2/6/07 Leonard and McGuigan Want Contenders 1/14/07 Contender Alumnus in Action

Ringside Report 1/14/07 The Contender Stars Cornelius Bundrage & Walter Wright Victorious on ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights

15 Rounds 1/13/07 Contender stars win in Washington

Arizona Daily Star 12/8/06 'Contender' Bravo to return to the ring

Media Guardian 11/28/06 Calzaghe casts world title aside to take on reality-TV star

The Times 11/28/06 Boxing: Calzaghe ready for dose of reality

News Wales 11/24/06 Joe Calzhage fights TV's Contender in Cardiff

New Jersey Herald 11/23/06 Boxing: Vernon's Curiel gets second chance thanks to ESPN

Variety 11/12/06 'Contender' set to get new kicks

Ringside Report 11/8/06 Life After The Contender: How The Boxers Are Doing In Reality

Reality TV Magazine 10/20/06 Contender I Stars Lange and Bonsante Fight Back With a Vengeance

The Sweet Science 10/16/06 Peter Manfredo Jr. Still Contending

Pawtucket Times 10/15/06 Manfredo backs up his words

Eurosport 10/15/06 Manfredo punishes Spina 10/10/06 The Contender Season 3 most likely to air full fights

Boxing Insider 10/7/06 Contender 2 fighters coming to R.I.

Tucson Citizen 10/5/06 The Bounce: 'Contender 2' helps Bravo's career 10/5/06 Exclusive Boxing Interview: Peter Manfredo Jr

The Oklahoman 10/3/06 Lawton fighter proves he’s a real ‘Contender’

MSN 10/3/06 ESPN's The Contender Season Finale Ranks as One of the Highest-Rated EOE Boxing Telecasts in Nine Years

The Oregonian 10/1/06 He may have lost, but boxer shows contender's grace

Reality TV World 9/29/06 The Contender 2 - Finale Episode summary

KSWO 9/29/06 "The Contender" returns home

Reality TV Magazine 9/27/06 The Contender 2 Winner Is Grady Brewer

Reality TV World 9/27/06 Grady Brewer wins 'Contender 2' in a split decision over Steve Forbes

MSNBC 9/27/06 A storybook ending for ‘Contender 2’

Oregon Live 9/27/06 Forbes loses reality boxing finale

KSWO 9/27/06 Lawton's Brewer wins "Contender" championship

Arizona Daily Star 9/27/06 Drop in payout disappoints Bravo's trainer

Orange County Register 9/27/06 Brewer in 'Contender' upset

Zap2It 9/26/06 'The Contender' Crowns An Underdog Champ

ESPN 9/26/06 'Contender' contestants benefit to varying degrees

Press-Enterprise 9/26/06 'The Contender' title a reality for Brewer

ESPN 9/26/06 Brewer wins a close one when it counts

Journal News 9/26/06 Former 'Contender' to fight at County Center

Oregon Live 9/26/06 Portland fighter Forbes loses 'Contender' title in split decision

Zap2It 9/25/06 Still a 'Contender'

MaxBoxing 9/25/06 A Former Titlist Tries to Win ‘The Contender’ Championship

Arizona Daily Star 9/24/06 Tucson boxer seizes moment

Knox News 9/23/06 Brewer fights for The Contender crown

The Oklahoman 9/22/06 Bad Boy, Big Heart: The Contender: Grady Brewer

Delaware News Journal 9/22/06 'The Contender' to wave flag at Dover 400

Hot Boxing News 9/20/06 Spina promises to KO Manfredo

Reality TV World 9/21/06 The Contender 2 - Episode 11 summary

Inside Pulse 9/21/06 The Contender - Random Reality

The Oregonian 9/20/06 Forbes fights way to final

Reality TV Magazine 9/20/06 Jimmy Lange and Anthony Bonsante Pursue Contender Afterlife

Ringside Report 9/20/06 Boxing’s Contender Joey Gilbert Wants To Prove in Reality That He Can Be a Champion

Reality TV Magazine 9/19/06 The Contender – Final Two Are Steve Forbes & Grady Brewer

Reality TV World 9/15/06 The Contender 2 - Episode 10 summary

Eastside Boxing 9/15/06 The Contender Special - Put Up or Shut Up

News Journal 9/14/06 Injury hinders Stewart in final bout

Reality TV Magazine 9/13/06 The Contender - Grady Brewer Defeats Michael Stewart, Norberto Bravo Defeats Gary Balletto

Tucson Citizen 9/13/06 Boxing: Tucson's Bravo punches way into 'Contender 2' Final Four

Arizona Daily Star 9/13/06 Bravo advances to 'Contender' semis

Arizona Daily Star 9/12/06 Bravo enjoying new recognition

Reality TV World 9/8/06 The Contender 2 - Episode 9 summary

USA Today 9/7/06 'The Contender' rises to the challenge

Fight Night News 9/7/06 Mark Burnett A Genius; Jeff Zucker A Moron

Arizona Daily Star 9/6/06 Bravo has 2nd fight next week on 'Contender'

Reality TV Magazine 9/6/06 The Contender Results – Cornelius "K9" Bundrage Defeats Walter Wright

Seattle Times 9/6/06 Seattle boxer is the "people's champ"

Fight Night News 9/5/06 Mark Burnett A Genius; Jeff Zucker A Moron

Eagle Tribune 9/2/06 Suspects in 'Contender' melee stabbings found too dangerous to be released from jail

Reality TV World 9/2/06 The Contender 2 - Episode 8 summary

Reality TV Magazine 8/30/06 The Contender Results – Steve Forbes Defeats Nick Acevedo

Tucson Citizen 8/30/06 Boxing: Tucsonan wins TV show's true grit award, new truck

Eagle Tribune 8/30/06 Police:'Contender' Fraza warned witness not to talk to police about bloody brawl at downtown bar

New Jersey Herald 8/30/06 Boxing: Curiel resurrects career on "The Contender"

SecondsOut 8/30/06 Forbes beats Acevedo to begin second round of The Contender

The Chronicle 8/28/06 Vernon man ‘Furious’ to be a contender

Eagle Tribune 8/26/06 Warrants issued for suspects in 'Contender' stabbing case

Sacramento Bee 8/26/06 Slick 'Latin Snake' is too much for Regan

Reality TV World 8/25/06 'The Contender 2' viewing party attendees brawl after Jeff Fraza loss

Reality TV World 8/24/06 The Contender 2 - Episode 7 summary

Eagle Tribune 8/24/06 Olympic hopeful stabbed at 'Contender's' bash

Sacramento Bee 8/24/06 Boxing beat: The reality of it all is, he wants a third shot

Reality TV Magazine 8/23/06 The Contender Doubleheader – Jeff Fraza & Freddy Curiel Eliminated

The Oregonian 8/23/06 Storm isn't Portland's only reality-TV contender

Reality TV World 8/20/06 The Contender 2 - Episode 6 summary

Reality News Online 8/18/06 The Contender 2 - Episode 6:Why Can't We Be Friends?

Manteca Bulletin 8/17/06 The Contender 2 missing one thing: Tony ‘The Tiger’

Reality TV Magazine 8/15/06 The Contender – Micheal Stewart Knocks Out Ebo Elder

Variety 8/14/06 'Contender' packs punch

Reality News Online 8/11/06 The Contender 2 - Episode 5: The Showdown

LA Times 8/11/06 In Reality, 'Contender' Has Become a Winner

Reality TV World 8/10/06 The Contender 2 - Episode 5 summary

The Sweet Science 8/10/06 Grady Brewer Decisions Vinroy Barrett On The Contender

Eagle-Tribune 8/9/06 Fraza gets more air time, but still has no fight

Reality TV World 8/6/06 The Contender 2 - Episode 3 summary

Reality News Online 8/4/06 The Contender 2 - Episode 4: The Ol' Switcharoo

Scripps News 8/2/06 Unorthodox style moves Mora closer to title shot

The Sweet Science 8/2/06 Wright Decisions Eason on The Contender

Fight News 8/2/06 Contender Re-Cap

Reality TV Magazine 8/1/06 Walter Wright Defeats Andre Eason On The Contender

Business Wire 8/1/06 The Contender 2, Delivers Knockout Numbers in First Two Weeks for the Everlast Brand

Reality TV World 7/28/06 The Contender 2 - Episode 3 summary

Reality News Online 7/27/06 The Contender 2 - Episode 3: Battling Backgrounds

El Paso Times 7/27/06 'Contender 2' deserves a shot

Eagle Tribune 7/26/06 The Contender: Providence fighter wins his bout Haverhill's Fraza still hasn't thrown a punch

Reality TV Magazine 7/25/06 The Contender – Gary Balletto Wins Split Decision Over Aaron Torres

Post Dispatch 7/25/06 Critic's TV picks for Tuesday: 'The Contender'

Reality News Online 7/24/06 The Contender 2 - Episode 2: Fit or Fat?

Reality TV World 7/23/06 The Contender 2 - Episodes 1 & 2 summary

Reality News Online 7/19/06 The Contender 2 - Episode 1, Part 1: Big Dogs

Reality TV Magazine 7/19/06 The Contender 2 Results – Michael Clark & Rudy Cisneros Out

Delaware Online 7/18/06 Stewart: Pretender or 'The Contender'?

Delco Times 7/18/06 In reality, Stewart is perfect ‘Contender’

NY Daily News 7/18/06 It coulda been a 'Contender'

The Sweet Science 7/17/06 The Contender Returns, In Shape And On ESPN

Boxing Times 7/17/06 Tucson's Boxing Star To Compete On The Contender 2

The Sweet Science 7/17/06 The Contender Hits ESPN A Second Season

MSNBC 7/11/06 Gloves are coming off for ‘Contender 2’

Boxing Monger 7/6/06 The Contender Returns

Mercury News 7/5/06 Junior welterweights take shots at reality show 7/3/06 2 more Philly 'Contenders'

NY Daily News 6/20/06 Work is too 'Rocky' for Sly to be 'Contender'

East Side Boxing 6/15/06 The Contender: 2006 Contestants Announced

Arizona Daily Star 6/14/06 Tucson boxer contends for victory on TV reality show

Eastside Boxing 6/2/06 Alfonso Gomez from "The Contender" Headed to Canastota 5/10/06 The Contender: Sergio Mora Works The Room 5/5/06 Curiel to be 'Contender'

The Sweet Science 4/29/06 Sergio Mora's World

Doghouse Boxing 4/21/06 Alfonso S. Gomez: "If it comes down to being toe-to-toe, I’m gonna be there, giving Feliciano hell, too"

Broadcasting & Cable 3/28/06 The Contender Gets Back in the Ring

Cushing Daily Citizen 3/23/06 Boxer hopes for comeback

Reality TV Magazine 3/7/06 Gilbert Repeats Victory Over Lange In The Contender Rematch

The Star Online 2/28/06 'Contender’ returns to the ring

Bergen Record 2/17/06 Sheika sets sights on bout with Manfredo

Express News 2/17/06 S.A. fighter could've been 'contender'

Boston Globe 2/15/06 Manfredo is still long way from contending

Ringside Report 2/14/06 Manfredo Impresses on ESPN2

Eastside Boxing 2/13/06 Miguel Espino Victorious On ESPN'S "The Contender"

Providence Journal 2/12/06 Friend stands in Manfredo's path to the top

The Call 2/9/06 The Contender on the ropes

Doghouse Boxing 1/12/06 "The Contender" Alfonso Gomez Added To Feb 12 Card

Boxing Scene 11/10/05 Interview with Tarick Samaci

Reality News Online 10/20/05 The Contender: Rematch

Quad City Times 3/6/06 ‘Biggest Loser’ draws crowd at health fair

Celebrity Spider 3/2/06 The Biggest Loser Special Edition Next Week "Navy Wives vs Marine Wives" 10/19/05 Peter Manfredo, Jr., Talks About The Controversial Decision

Media Week 10/18/05 ESPN's The Contender Punches Up Ratings

Zap2It 10/17/05 'The Contender' Has a 'Rocky' Night in L.A.

Reality TV Magazine 10/16/05 Controversial Decisions In The Contender ReMatches Result In Boos From An Angry Crowd

ESPN 10/16/05 'Latin Snake' wins rematch of 'Contender' finalists

Reality TV Magazine 10/15/05 The Contender Rematch – Sergio Mora Vs Peter Manfredo, Jr.

Cincinnati Enquirer 10/15/05 Craig hoping he'll become a 'Contender'

Reality News Online 10/10/05 The Contender News - The Season One Rematch and Open Tryouts for Season Two

Reality TV Links 10/5/05 Casting Call - The Contender 2

Celebrity Spider 8/22/05 The Contender and Rematch is On, Mora vs Manfredo October 15th

Celebrity Spider 8/22/05 Stallone's Contender Secured for Second Round

Seconds Out 8/22/05 Keeping An Eye On "The Contender"

Boxing Talk 8/12/05 Exclusive Interview: Ishe Smith

Reality TV World 8/11/05 ESPN formally announces pickup of 'The Contender', second season to premiere in April 2006

Eastside Boxing 8/11/05 "The Contender" Coming To ESPN April 2006

Zap2It 8/11/05 'Contender' Off the Canvas, on ESPN

Celebrity Spider 7/20/05 Stallone's The Contender Set for a Second Round

Zap2It 7/19/05 ESPN May Resurrect 'Contender'

Reality TV World 7/19/05 Report: ESPN confirms being close to 'The Contender' second season deal

Hollywood Reporter 7/19/05 ESPN could be a 'Contender'

Boxing 7/3/05 Kaddour Rips The Contender

Reality Shack 6/19/05 Interview with Tarick Salmaci of The Contender

Reality Shack 6/19/05 Interview with Jackie Kallen of The Contender

MSNBC 6/7/05 ‘Contender’ still has fighting chance

The Trades 6/3/05 Reality Bites -The Contender

NY Times 5/30/05 Low Ratings Aside, a Call for a Contender Rematch

Digital Spy 5/29/05 Stallone's 'Contender' may get second season

Providence Journal 5/28/05 Manfredo feels like a winner after loss

Celebrity Spider 5/26/05 Stallone Fights On to Save The Contender

Orange County Register 5/26/05 'The Contender' has another round in it

Nashua Telegraph 5/26/05 'Contender’ delivered a knockout view of boxing

Providence Journal 5/26/05 Contender made Manfredo much larger than real life

Reality News Online 5/25/05 The Contender Finale: What Happens in Vegas...

Reality Shack 5/25/05 "The Final Fight" – The Contender, Episode 15

Las Vegas Sun 5/25/05 Reality show's final bout packs a punch

Reality TV Calendar 5/25/05 Vegas Baby! The Finale Recap

Celebrity Spider 5/25/05 'The Contender' Desks of Sylvester Stallone, Sugar Ray Leonard and Jackie Kallen Up for Bid

WCNC 5/25/04 'The Contender' lands a knockout punch before going down for the count 5/24/05 - Peter vs Sergio: The Final Bout 5/24/05  Jesse vs. Sergio

Fans of Reality TV 5/24/05 The Brinkley of Disaster

Covers 5/24/05 Contender: Fave Manfredo should win

Ring Side Report 5/24/05 Peter Manfredo Interview

Boston Globe 5/24/05 What a lightweight

Whittier Daily News 5/24/05 Mora goes for million-dollar prize tonight

Reality TV World 5/23/05 Sergio Mora pounds Jesse Brinkley to reach NBC's $1,000,000 'Contender' final bout

Reality Shack 5/23/05 "One Punch Away" – The Contender, Episode 14

Reality TV Calendar 5/23/05 "Punch Him With Love" Episode 14 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 5/23/05 Photo Scoreboards and Rankings as of May 23rd

Reality News Online 5/23/05 The Contender, Episode 14: A Date with Destiny

Star Telegram 5/22/05 'The Contender' never packed much punch, but goes out swinging

Reno Gazette 5/21/05 ‘Contender’ is great boxing, even better TV

Reno Gazette 5/21/05 ‘Contender’ knocked out NBC lineup

Fans of Reality TV 5/21/05 Everything Old Is New Again 5/20/05 Boxing: The Contender Week XIII

Knox News 5/19/05 Showdown set for final episodes of 'The Contender'

Celebrity Spider 5/17/05 Geffen Rapper Hush Takes the Gloves off With Live Appearance on 'The Contender' Finale

Celebrity Spider 5/17/05 Former World Class Boxer Encourages The Contender's Peter Manfredo

Reality News Online 5/17/05 The Contender, Episode 13: No Day at the Beach

Celebrity Spider 5/16/05 NBC Cancels The Contender 5/16/05 - Peter vs. Alfonso: The Rematch

Reality Shack 5/16/05 "The Final Four" – The Contender, Episode 13

Reality TV World 5/16/05 Peter Manfredo Jr. avenges loss, advances to 'The Contender' finals with win over Alfonso Gomez

Reality TV Calendar 5/16/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of May 16th

Reality TV Calendar 5/16/05 Like Family - Episode 13 Recap 5/16/05 Manfredo to fight in Vegas for $1 million 5/16/05 Providence Boxer Makes 'Contender' Final

SportsFan Magazine 5/16/05 SFM Review: The Contender, Episode 13

Fans of Reality TV 5/15/05 Bald, Bad, and Fightin' Mad

Herald-Tribune 5/15/05 Contender just a click away

The State 5/15/05 Vote for your favorite ‘Contender’ 5/15/05 Providence Contender grew up in his dad's gym

Chicago Maroon 5/13/05 Exclusive interview: The Contender’s Tarick Salmaci speaks with the Maroon

Reality News Online 5/13/05 The Contender, Analysis of the Final Four: Eye of the Tiger

Chicago Maroon 5/13/05 Between the Lines: Salmaci’s Contender comeback deserves vote

Celebrity Spider 5/12/05 Stallone Casts Doubt on The Contender's Future

NY Daily News 5/12/05 'Contender' has a new hook

Max Boxing 5/10/05 Peter Manfredo Jr. and “The Contender”

Reality Shack 5/9/05 "Heavy Hands" – The Contender, Episode 12

Reality TV World 5/9/05 Jesse Brinkley TKO's Anthony Bonsante in NBC's twelfth 'Contender' episode

Fans of Reality TV 5/9/05 Ribs, Head, and Butt--Barbecue or Boxing?

Reality News Online 5/9/05 The Contender, Episode 12: The Battle of the Bulge

Reality TV Calendar 5/9/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of May 9th

Reality TV Calendar 5/9/05 The Power Of One: Episode 12 Recap 5/9/05 - Jesse vs. Anthony

SportsFan Magazine 5/9/05 SFM Review: The Contender, Episode 12 5/3/05 - 5.1.05: Joey vs. Peter

Reality News Online 5/3/05 The Contender, Episode 11: Heart and Soul

Reality Shack 5/2/05 "The Hangman's Noose" – The Contender, Episode 11

Reality TV World 5/2/05 Peter Manfredo cuts and ousts Joey Gilbert in NBC's eleventh 'Contender' episode

Reality TV Calendar 5/2/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of May 2, 2005

Reality TV Calendar 5/2/05 Power Is Choice, Choice Is Power: Episode 11 Recap

KRNV 5/2/05 Reno Contender eliminated after valiant effort 5/2/05 Contender Peter Manfredo Jr. survives brutal bout

Reno Gazette-Journal 5/2/05 Gilbert ousted from ‘The Contender’

SportsFan Magazine 5/2/05 SFM Review: The Contender, Episode 11


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