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Zap2It 7/27/04 Fox Doubles Down to Burn Off 'Casino'

Reality News Online 7/2704 The Casino, Episode 7: Hustler

Reality Reel 7/21/04 The Casino: New Entertainment Comes To The Casino

Reality TV World 7/20/04 The Casino - Episode 6 summary

Reality News Online 7/20/04 The Casino, Episode 6: Get Your Act Together

TVRules 7/15/04 The Casino: Episode 6 Preview

Reality TV World 7/13/04 The Casino - Episode 5 summary

Reality News Online 7/13/04 The Casino, Episode 5: Trashy vs. Classy

Reality Reel 7/13/04 Charismatic Vocalist Matt Dusk Makes Waves With Debut CD "Two Shots"

Reality Reel 7/13/04 Meet Matt Dusk From The Casino

Reality Reel 7/13/04 The Casino: Tommy Wants To Become A Host And People Look To Strike It Rich

Television Without Pity 7/11/04 Episode 4

Reality TV World 7/8/04 The Casino - Episode 4 summary

Reality Reel 7/6/04 The Casino: High Rollers Are Supposed To Gamble

Reality News Online, 7/6/04 The Casino, Episode 4: Psychic Friend

Television Without Pity 7/4/04 The Casino Episode 3

Zap2It 7/3/04 Canadian Crooner Hopes to Hit 'Casino' Jackpot

Reality News Online 6/30/04 The Casino, Episode 3: Working Girl

TVRules 6/29/04 The Casino: Episode 4 Preview 7/5

Reality Reel 6/29/04 The Casino: High Rollers And Swingers Roll Into The Golden Nugget

TVRules 6/28/04 The Casino: Episode Three Summary, June 28

TVRules 6/28/04 The Casino: Episode Two, June 21 Summary

Salt Lake Tribune 6/28/04 Television: Fox rolls snake eyes with 'Casino'

Television Without Pity 6/27/04 Episode 2

Sun Herald 6/27/04 Casino characters get to ride reality TV wave

Tee Vee 6/25/04 Cracking "The Casino"

Reality TV Calendar 6/25/04 The Casino: Fear and Loving in Las Vegas

TVRules 6/23/04 The Casino, Episode Three Preview, June 28

Reality TV World 6/23/04 The Casino - Episode 2 summary

Reuters 6/22/04 Fox TV's 'Casino' Promotes Canadian Jazz Singer 6/22/04 - Casino Recap 6/21 – A load of crap – literally

Fans of Reality TV 6/22/04 Whales, Swingers, and Doggie Doo (6/21 recap)

Reality News Online 6/22/04 The Casino, Episode 2: Losing Streak

AZ Central 6/21/04 Burnett's new reality show isn't very real

Reality HQ 6/21/04 The Casino: Episode 2 Recap 6/21/04 - 6/21/04 'The Casino' Clips

Television Without Pity 6/21/04 Premiere

Reality Reel 6/20/04 The Casino: Episode One: What Have We Gotten Ourselves Into?

Reality TV World 6/20/04 The Casino - Episode 1 summary

Reality TV Calendar 6/17/04 The Casino: Is Burnett Raising The Stakes

Stamford Advocate 6/17/04 Bet on 'The Casino' to rake in the reality TV ratings

Reality TV World 6/16/04 'The Casino' fails to strike it rich in premiere, draws only 5.8 million viewers

St Petersburg Times 6/16/04 He's on a real high roll now on reality TV

Reality TV World 6/16/04 'The Casino' fails to strike it rich in premiere, draws only 5.8 million viewers

St Petersburg Times 6/16/04 He's on a real high roll now on reality TV 6/16/04 BigPauly's The Casino Review

Crazy4RealityTV 6/15/04 The Casino Premiere

Reality News Online 6/15/04 The Casino, Episode 1: Luck Be a Lady 6/15/04 - Good reality concept gone bad – Casino’s scripting shows through

TVRules 6/15/04 The Casino Episode Two, June 21 Preview

Reality TV Calendar 6/15/04 The Casino: Rat Pack Wannabes & Frat Pack Virgins

TVRules 6/14/04 The Casino Premiere Summary 6/14

RealityHQ 6/14/04 The Casino: Episode 1 Recap

E!Online 6/14/04 Fox Tones Down "Casino"

Plain Dealer 6/14/04 Casino' short on drama

Online Casino News 6/14/04 New US reality TV show based in Vegas

Hollywood Reporter 6/14/04 The Casino

Dallas Morning News 6/14/04 Can 'The Casino' succeed without game-show elements of 'Survivor'... ?

Baltimore Sun 6/14/04 Taking a big chance on Vegas reality series

NY Times 6/14/04 In a Gamble, Dot-Comers Turn Rat Packers

Star Telegram 6/14/04 The Casino

Chicago Sun-Times 6/14/04 What happens in Vegas ain't in 'Casino'

Star Ledger 6/14/04 The Casino

Newsday 6/14/04 A summer gone bust

Press of Atlantic City 6/13/04 The real reality Sands in A.C. can relate to Fox’s new ‘Casino’ show

Toronto Star 6/12/04 The Casino rises on Dusk

Extra 6/11/04 'The Casino': Too Sexy For TV?

Reality News Online 6/11/04 Mark Burnett Gambles on ‘The Casino’ 6/11/04 - Clips from 'The Casino' & 'The Jury'

Zap2It 6/10/04 'The Casino' Gambles on Ratings Blackjack 6/10/04 Producer Mark Burnett Discusses The Casino (Video) 6/8/04 The Casino: Series Premiere 6/14 Preview

Reality TV World 6/4/04 Fox shifts 'The Casino' to Monday nights, debuting June 14

Orlando Sentinel 6/4/04 'Reality' TV Shows Strip the Vegas Facade

Review Journal 6/3/04 Reality Series: Lights, Cameras ... Gamble

USA Today 6/2/04 Vegas and gambling raise the reality stakes

Extra TV 5/31/04 Reality Comes to Las Vegas 5/20/04 Reality TV Meets Casino World

Online Casino News 5/18/04 Reality TV meets Casino

TVRules 5/13/04 Las Vegas Woman Wins $11.2 Million at Golden Nugget

TVRules 5/12/04 Take A Sneak Peek Into The Casino

Yahoo 5/9/04 CTV betting on 'Casino'

Reuters 5/1/04 Burnett's New Series Spotlights Singer

Reality TV World 5/1/04 Fox prepares 'The Casino' without product placements or sponsorships

TVRules 4/26/04 The Casino Premiere Moved To June 14 4/2/04 Inside Mark Burnett's New TV Show 'The Casino'

Reality TV World 3/3/04 FOX to premiere Mark Burnett's new 'The Casino' series on June 8

Zap2It 3/2/04 'Casino' Leads FOX's Summer Slate

Review Journal 2/2/04 Production on 'The Casino' set to begin at Golden Nugget

RGJ 1/23/04 Owners of Golden Nugget casinos get restricted gambling licenses

Centre Daily Times 1/19/04 Gamblers roll dice on `Casino' stardom

WLOX 1/19/04 Reality TV Auditions on Coast

Post Magazine 1/12/04 Reality Series 'The Casino' To Shoot In HD

Review Journal 12/22/03 Two reality-themed series prepare for 2004 launch

Reality TV World 12/15/03 Mark Burnett to produce new 'The Casino' reality series for FOX

NY Daily News 12/11/03 Vegas gets a touch of reality

E!Online 12/10/03 Fox Gambling on Burnett's "Casino"

TVRules 12/10/03 Burnett & FOX Bring 'The Casino' To The Table

TV Barn 12/10/03 Fox PR: "Casino" (Mark Burnett) first HDTV Fox show

Zap2It 12/10/03 Fox Bets Large on 'The Casino'

Reality TV World 9/9/03 'The Restaurant' producers said to be planning a 'The Casino' spinoff

Zap2It 9/9/03 'Restaurant' Producers Think about New Gamble

Hollywood Reporter 9/9/03 The Vine: 'Restaurant' staff may head to 'Casino' tables


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