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This show is a 13-episode series to air in the summer of 2004. It will provide a fly on the wall behind-the-scenes look at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  It will follow its new owners as they take over the business and attempt to bring it back to success.


News Articles about FOX Networks The Casino


Daily Press 2/4/05 Landry's to Buy Golden Nugget Casino

Rolling Good Times 9/27/04 Casinos Remain Cautious of Reality Shows

Reality News Online 8/30/04 The Casino, Episode 12: It's Hip at the Nugget

Reality Reel 8/29/04 The Casino: The Golden Nugget Can’t Beat Anyone And Will Tommy Loose His Job?

Reality Reel 8/29/04 The Casino: Tommy Gets Drunk On The Job 8/28/04 - 'The Casino' Finale Clips

Reality Reel 8/25/04 " The Casino: Tony Bennett Makes An Appearance At The Golden Nugget "

Reality News Online 8/25/04 The Casino, Episode 12: Gambling Problems

Reality News Online 8/25/04 The Casino, Episode 11: The Host With the Least

Reality News Online 8/17/04 The Casino, Episode 10: An Indecent Proposal

Reality Reel 8/16/04 The Casino: Matt Dusk Gets The Showroom - Or Does He?

Reality News Online 8/16/04 The Casino Episode 9: If I Had A Million Dollars 8/13/04 - 8/15 Casino Clips

Reality Reel 8/9/04 The Casino: Invasion Of The Card Counters

Reality Reel 8/6/04 The Casino: The Golden Nugget Has An Act To Fill The Showroom

Reality Reel 8/6/04 The Casino: Tommy Gets His Chance As A Junior Host

Reality News Online 8/3/04 The Casino, Episode 8: What a Drag!

Reality TV World 8/2/04 Fox to burn off remaining 'The Casino' episodes with dual Sunday/Monday broadcasts

Reality TV World 7/28/04 The Casino - Episode 7 summary

TV Barn 7/27/04 Double-runs for “The Casino”


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