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News Articles about the WB Networks Surreal Life


Chicago Sun-Times 12/30/04 Flavor's got the Flav again after 'Surreal Life' star turn

Ventura County Star 12/4/04 Moving 'Surreal Life' to VH1 is good for struggling cable outlet

Reality News Online 11/18/04 The Surreal Life 3 Bonus Episode: It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

Reality News Online 11/17/04 The Surreal Life 3, Episode 10: We Never Really Say Goodbye

Reality Shack 11/15/04 "I Just Want To Live My Life" - The Surreal Life 3, Best and Worst Moments

Cincinnati Enquirer 11/13/04 'Surreal Life' taping fourth season

Irish Examiner 11/11/04 Rapper beats puppy on TV

NY Times 11/11/04 VH1 Tapes New 'Surreal Life'

Fans Of Reality TV 11/9/04 The Surreal Life - All Of You Hasbeens, Get Outta My House!

TVRules 11/9/04 VH1 Announces The Surreal Life 4 Cast

Reality Shack 11/9/04 "So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Get Out!" - The Surreal Life 3, Finale

Reality News Online 11/9/04 Surreal Life 3, Episode 9: Dirty Laundry

Reality TV Calendar 11/8/04 Going Home: Finale Recap

Big News 11/5/04 'Next Top Model' joins 'Surreal Life' cast

Reality TV World 11/4/04 VH1 announces 'The Surreal Life 4' cast, series to premiere January 9

AllHipHop 11/3/04 Da Brat Joins Cast Of ‘Surreal Life’ 4

Access Hollywood 11/3/04 Mini-Me, Others Ready To Live 'Surreal Life'

Zap2It 11/3/04 'Top Model' Winner Leads 'Surreal Life'

Contact Music 11/3/04 Anderson's Ex To Move In With Mini Me

Reality TV Calendar 11/3/04 Family Portrait & Dirty Laundry: Episode 8 Recap

Fans Of Reality TV 11/2/04 The Surreal Life 10/31 - Dirty Laundry and Doggie Doo

Reality Shack 11/1/04 "Meet William Drayton" - The Surreal Life 3, Episode 9

Detroit Free Press 10/29/04 'Surreal Life' boasts celebrity odd couple

Reality News Online 10/27/04 Surreal Life 3, Episode 8: Who You Gonna Call?

Fans Of Reality TV 10/25/04 Graveyard Shift at the Haunted Hospital

Reality TV Calendar 10/25/04 It's Supposed To Be Scary: Episode 7 Recap

Reality Shack 10/25/04 "Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghostbusters!" - The Surreal Life 3, Episode 8

Reality News Online 10/20/04 Surreal Life 3, Episode 7: A Crazy Salad, Part 2

Fans of Reality TV 10/19/04 12 Long Hours and One Sorry Song (10/10-10/17 recap)

Reality Shack 10/18/04 "Ryan Is A Little Bitchy" - The Surreal Life 3, Episode 7

Zap2It 10/15/04 VH1 Brings More Flavor, Fourth 'Surreal Life'

Reality News Online 10/13/04 Surreal Life 3, Episode 6: A Crazy Salad, Part 1

Reality TV Calendar 10/11/04 We Need A Hit And Other Pipe Dreams: Episode 6 Recap

Reality Shack 10/11/04 "I Feel Like A Prostitute" - The Surreal Life 3, Episode 6

Las Vegas Review-Journal 10/10/04 Charo's career goes 'Surreal'

TVRules 10/7/04 The Surreal Life 3: Episode 5 Preview 10/10/04

Fans of Reality TV 10/7/04 News Flash: Brigitte Is Loose (10/3 recap)

Reality News Online 10/6/04 Surreal Life 3, Episode 5: Catch a Wave

Reality TV Calendar 10/5/04 Surfin' Safari: Episode 5 Recap

Reality Shack 10/4/04 "Bridgette's Just Loose!" - The Surreal Life 3, Episode 5

Reality News Online 10/1/04 The Surreal Life 3, Episode 4: Come Cuchi! Cuchi! With Me

Fans of Reality TV 9/28/04 A Winne, A Ho & A Charo Show (9/26 recap)

Reality TV Calendar 9/27/04 Road Trip For Low Rollers

Reality Shack 9/27/04 "It's a Freakin' Winnebago!" - The Surreal Life 3, Episode 4

Reality News Online 9/24/04 The Surreal Life 3, Episode 3: Born to be a Wild, Funky Thing!

Fans Of Reality TV 9/22/04 The Surreal Life 9/19 - The Band Plays On and On and On

Reality TV Calendar 9/20/04 It's A Snoozer: Ep 3 Recap

Reality Shack 9/20/04 "Crank It Up" - Surreal Life 3, Episode 3

Reality TV Calendar 9/19/04 Can This Show Get Any Better?

Fans Of Reality TV 9/15/04 The Surreal Life 9/12 - A Brig Over Flavor-ed Water

TVRules 9/14/04 The Surreal Life 3: Episode 3 Preview 9/19

Reality News Online 9/14/04 The Surreal Life 3, Episode 2: Are the Children in Bed?

Reality TV Calendar 9/13/04 Meet The Cast

Reality TV Calendar 9/13/04 Hooking Up: Episode 2 Recap

Reality Shack 9/13/04 "Date Night" - Surreal Life 3, Episode 2

TVRules 9/10/04 The Surreal Life 3: Episode 2 Preview 9/12/04

Fans Of Reality T.V. 9/7/04 "Third Time's A Charm"

Reality News Online 9/7/04 Surreal Life 3, Episode 1: Ti Amo 9/6/04 Premiere Show: House Big enough for all the Boobs?

Reality News Online 9/6/04 Surreal Life 3: Six Degrees of Desperation

Contact Music 9/6/04 Fireworks on Surreal Life Third Season Opener

Zap2It 9/4/04 Stars Find Many Reasons To Do 'The Surreal Life'

TVRules 8/30/04 The Surreal Life 3 Premieres Sunday September 5

Zap2It 8/29/04 'Surreal Life' Cast Promises Laughs, Not Fights 6/25/04 Getting Surreal With Charo 6/17/04 The Surreal Life 3 Begins Production

Reality TV World 6/17/04 VH1 reveals identities of 'The Surreal Life 3' housemates, begins filming

Chicago Sun-Times 6/17/04 Deadly spinoff of 'Surreal Life'?

All Hip Hop 6/16/04 Flavor Flav Stars In 'Surreal Life'

NY Daily News 6/16/04 Charo & Flava Flav? Gotta be 'Surreal'

TV Barn 6/15/04 VH1 to resume "Surreal Life" w/Charo, Flava Flav, a New Kid, etc.

Zap2It 6/15/04 VH1 Keeps It 'Surreal' with Flav, ex-New Kid

Reality TV World 4/8/04 VH1 picks up third season of 'The Surreal Life'

Zap2It 4/7/04 'Surreal Life' Moves to New Neighborhood

Hollywood Reporter 4/7/04 'Surreal Life' lives on at VH1

TVRules 4/7/04 VH1 Picks Up New Season Of The Surreal Life

News Tribune 3/24/04 Star of XXX movies working his way up the alphabet to B

Reality News Online 3/22/04 ‘Surreal Life’ Tammy Faye Hit with Real Life Cancer

CNN 3/18/04 Tammy Faye diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer

Television Without Pity 2/27/04 Season Finale

KAIT 2/25/04 Porn Icon to Appear at ASU

Reality News Online 2/25/04 In Defense of Trishelle

Fans of Reality TV 2/24/04 And Your 15 Minutes Is Over - Finale Recap

Reality News Online 2/24/04 The Surreal Life 2 Finale: Airing Their Dirty Laundry

NoPointNecessary 2/23/04 The Surreal Life Ep 6 Recap "Dirty Laundry"

TVRules 2/23/04 The Surreal Life 2/22 - The Ambush/Finale

Reality TV World 2/22/04 The Surreal Life 2 - Episode 5 summary

Toronto Star 2/21/04 Canada to get a taste of sleazy Surreal Life

Television Without Pity 2/20/04 Nude Resort

Reality News Online 2/20/04 The Surreal Life 2, Episode 5: I See Nude People

Courier Press 2/18/04 Scandalous pop icon finding respect on reality TV

News Journal 2/17/04 'Surreal Life' has surprises

Knox News 2/17/04 Public opinion changing about Tammy Faye Messner

Fans of Reality TV 2/17/04 Pardon Me, Your Penis is Showing

TVRules 2/16/04 The Surreal Life: Season Finale 2/22

TVRules 2/16/04 The Surreal Times 2/15 - Rock the Mic Like a Vandal

NoPointNecessary 2/16/04 Surreal Life 2 Week 5 Recap "The KING and Ice"

Television Without Pity 2/11/04 Book Signing & A Pool Party

TVRules 2/11/04 The Surreal Life 2/8 - I Will Survive

Fans of Reality TV 2/10/04 Ep 4 Recap: Boobies, Tears and Andy Dick

Dallas Morning News 2/9/04 Vanilla-Van Winkle happy to walk his own dog

NoPointNecessary 2/9/04 Surreal Life 2 episode 4 recap "Porn BBQ"

TVRules 2/2/04 The Surreal Life: Episode 4 Preview 2/8

Television Without Pity 1/29/04 A Psychic, A Drunk And A Hairy Monster

Reality News Online 1/29/04 The Surreal Life 2, Episode 3: Warming Up to Vanilla Ice

National Enquirer 1/27/04 'Surreal Life' Turns Tammy Faye & Porn King Into Bosom Buddies

Reality TV World 01/27/04 The Surreal Life 2 - Episode 2 summary

Fans Of Reality TV 1/27/04 The Surreal Life 2: Episode 3 Recap - Psychics, Wine & Kids' Play Time

TVRules 1/27/04 The Surreal Life - A Fairytale for You 1/25

NoPointNecessary 1/26/04 Surreal Life Recap Ep 3 "A Vision and A Play"

Reality TV Hall of Shame 1/22/04 Hall of Shame Moment: Vanilla Ice, Hypocritical Psychopath

Television Without Pity 1/20/04 Mel's Diner

Reality News Online 1/20/04 The Surreal Life 2, Episode 2: The Vanilla Ice Therapy Hour

TVRules 1/20/04 The Surreal Life: Episode 3 Preview 1/25

Fans of Reality TV 1/20/04 Episode 2: Anger Management & Alcoholics Anonymous

TVRules 1/19/04 The Surreal Life 1/18 - Celebrity on the Side

NoPointNecessary 1/19/04 Surreal Life Episode 2 Recap "Let's Get to Work!"

Seattle PI 1/19/04 A moment with ... Ron Jeremy, adult-film star

The Province 1/18/04 Porn star was wary of evangelist

Television Without Pity 1/18/04 Back In The Saddle

Billings Gazette 1/17/04 Is 'Life' mindless? Yes. Fun? You bet!

Contra Costa Times 1/15/04 It's absurd what passes for 'Surreal' on the WB

The Province 1/14/04 Surreal Life's fools land a hit

Zap2It 1/14/04 'Surreal Life' is Well-Endowed with Extra Character

Reality TV World 1/14/04 The Surreal Life 2 - Episode 1 summary

Reality TV Hall of Shame 1/14/04 Traci Bingham Goes Beyond “Surreal” in Her Diva Behavior

Reality Reel 1/13/04 The Surreal Life 2

TVRules 1/13/04 The Surreal Life - I Want My Cholesterol

NoPointNecessary 1/13/04 Surreal Life Ep 1 "Meet The New Losers"

Fans of Reality TV 1/12/04 Ep 1 Recap - Whine, Chips and Porno Tips

TVRules 1/12/04 The Surreal Life: Episode 2 (1/18 Preview)

Reality News Online 1/12/04 The Surreal Life 2, Episode 1: Surprises All Around

Orlando Sentinel 1/11/04 Review: 'The Surreal Life' and 'America's Next Top Model'

Washington Post 1/10/04 'Surreal Life': Jokers Are Wild In This House of Has-Been Cards

Hartford Courant 1/10/04 `Surreal Life' Not Worth A Visit

Milwaukee Journal 1/10/04 Life with has-beens is a little too surreal

TBO 1/9/04 WB's `Surreal Life' Keeps On Ticking With New Lineup Of Former Stars

Salt Lake Tribune 1/9/04 Celebrities are taking the reality out of the reality series

Sign on San Diego 1/9/04 Let's say it loud and say it clear: reality television is not a talent

TV Guide 1/9/04 Real World-er's Surreal Deal

Star Tribune 1/9/04 Reality bites -- unless it snaps at celebs

Detroit Free Press 1/9/04 Celebrity has-been circus returns

Nola 1/9/04 Surreal, indeed 1/9/04 `Model' tops new `Surreal' reality TV

Beacon Journal 1/7/04 `Surreal Mole' returns to tube

Deseret News 1/6/04 Trump and Tammy Faye try their luck with reality TV

USA Today 1/5/04 I used to be a celebrity — get me on reality TV!

USA Today 1/5/04 Tammy Faye Messner hosts 'drag bingo'

Sioux City Journal 1/2/04 New group moves into 'The Surreal Life'

Reality TV World 12/30/03 New 'The Surreal Life' season to premiere January 11

Reality News Online 12/17/03 Looking Ahead to the Second Surreal Life

TVRules 12/10/03 The Surreal Life Returns in January

Zap2It 11/25/03 'Surreal Life' Swings to WB's Sunday

TV Barn 11/24/03 WB PR: "Surreal Life" returns 11/17/03 Tammy Faye Messner speaks at largely gay Tampa church

Desert Sun 10/29/03 Celebs play volleyball at Palm Springs nudist resort

Reality TV World 10/24/03 'The Surreal Life 2' to feature nudity, stunts -- and Gary Coleman

E!Online 10/22/03 Surreal Life 2: They're Baa-aack

Zap2It 10/21/03 Second 'Surreal Life' Has Vanilla Flava

Reality TV World 10/21/03 The WB serves up more D-listers for 'The Surreal Life 2'

TVRules 10/21/03 Surreal Life 2 Underway

Reality News Online 10/21/03 This Time, ‘Surreal Life’ May Be Too Surreal!

Reality TV Talk 2/27/03 Why Do They Call It The Happiest Day of Your Life?

Reality News Online 2/24/03 Learning from Celebrities: Happy Endings for Everyone

Reality News Online 2/22/03 The Surreal Life, Ep 8: The Surreal Wedding

Television Without Pity 2/22/03 Wedding/Goodbyes

Media Fiends 2/21/03 - 02.20.03 Surreal Life

Reality TV Links 2/21/03 "Surreal Life" Cast: Whatever Happened to..?

Fans of Reality TV 2/21/03 Surreal Life Finale, I Do! Boo Hoo! See You!

TV Rules 2/20/03 Headline Read- House Braces for Feldman Wedding

Reality TV Talk 2/17/03 - 2/13/03 Episode Recap

Television Without Pity 2/15/03 Softball/Pre-Wedding Jitters

Reality News Online 2/14/03 Episode 7: All Corey, All the Time

Zap2It 2/14/03 'Surreal Life' Coming Back to WB

TV Rules 2/14/03 Headlines Read: Hammer Vs Brande, It's a Softball Game!

Fans of Reality TV 2/14/03 Episode 7, One of these things is not like the other

TV Rules 2/13/03 The Surreal Life Gets More Surreal

Zap2It 2/13/03 Vince Neil Goes From 'Surreal' to 'Tucson'

Salt Lake Tribune 2/12/03 Tawdry D-List 'Celebs' Make 'Surreal Life' Entertaining

Reality TV Talk 2/12/03 Surreal Life - 2/6/03 Episode Recap

Reality News Online 2/12/03 Learning from Celebrities: Don’t Forget the Prenup!

TV Rules 2/10/03 Surreal's Hammer Stays At WB

Reality News Online 2/8/03 The Surreal Life, Episode 6: Blind Date for Brande

TV Rules 2/7/03 The Surreal Life: Find Brande a Man

Fans of Reality TV 2/7/03 Episode 6: A date, a kiss, and a pre-nup

Media Fiends 2/7/03 - 2.6.03 Surreal Life

Television Without Pity 2/7/02 Brande Needs a Man

TV Guide 2/6/03 Webster Star's Surreal Appeal

Zap2It 2/5/03 Reality Always Surreal for Feldman

Reality TV Talk 2/4/03 Surreal Life Recap of Jan 30 episode

Zap2It 2/4/03 Corey Feldman Marries Susie Sprague on Surreal Life

Reality News Online 2/3/03 Episode 5: Viva Las Vegas!

Reality News Online 2/1/03 Episode 5: Tears of Anger, Tears of Pain

Television Without Pity 2/1/03 Vegas/Church

Fans of Reality TV 1/31/03 Episode 5 - Cry, cry, cry

TVRules 1/31/03 The Surreal Life: Viva Las Vegas

Star Living 1/30/03 The times are a' changin'

Television Without Pity 1/25/03 Talent Show

Reality News Online 1/25/03 Learning from Celebrities: The Corey Feldman Show

Reality News Online 1/24/03 Episode 4: The Vince Neil Show

Fans of Reality TV 1/24/03 Episode 4, The Lack of Talent Show

Media Fiends 1/14/03 - 1.23.03 The Surreal Life

TV Rules 1/24/03 Headlines Read: Talent Show and BBQ for Charity!

Deseret News 1/23/03 Egomaniacs get 'Surreal'

Chicago Sun-Times 1/23/03 Reality, as Webster defines it

Reality News Online 1/20/03 Learning from Celebrities: Episode 2

Television Without Pity 1/19/03 Camping

Fans of Reality TV 1/18/03 Ep 3, Corey and Camping and Coyotes! Oh My!

Reality News Online 1/17/03 Episode 3: Surreal Camping

TV Rules 1/17/2003 The Surreal Life: Let's Go Camping

Media Fiends 1/17/03 - 1.16.03 The Surreal Life

Zap2It 1/16/03 Monty Hall Hosts a Talent Show on The WB's "The Surreal Life" 

Las Vegas Mercury 1/16/03 Idiot Box Savant: '80s losers incoming!

The Oregonian 1/16/03 WB's latest reality show is charming in a 'Surreal' kind of way

Toronto Star 1/16/03 D-list celebs trapped in a house: Help!

TV Guide 1/16/03 The WB's Surreal Soiree

Daily Bulletin 1/15/03 The WB introduces surreality television

Reality TV Hall of Shame 1/14/03 Jerri on ‘The Surreal Life’ – So Far, So Bad

Reality News Online 1/13/03 Your Next 15 Minutes Starts… NOW!

Television Without Pity 1/10/03 New Friends

Zap2It 1/10/03 'Surreal Life' Caps Big Week for Unscripted Shows

Media Fiends 1/10/03 - 1.9.03 Surreal Life

TVRules 1/10/2003 Surreal Life: Getting to Know You

Fans of Reality TV 1/10/03 The Surreal Life: 'Real World' Gone Wrong

TV Guide 1/10/03 The Surreal Life Secrets Revealed!

Reality News Online 1/10/03 Episode 1: Has-Beens United

San Francisco Chronicle 1/9/03 Fallen stars redefine cheesy TV

The Miami Herald 1/9/03 I Love Television / The Best TV Show Ever

Extra TV 1/9/03 'The Surreal Life'

Dallas Morning News 1/9/03 Review: WB's 'Surreal Life' lives up to its title

Star Telegram 1/9/03 Has-been celebs make strange housemates

Tri-Valley Herald 1/9/03 Hammer and Co. get second shot at fame

NY Daily News 1/9/03 Pseudo celebs get real

Detroit Free Press 1/9/03 Faded stars glimmer on WB's 'Surreal Life'

Zap2It 1/9/03 Marcia Brady Declined 'The Surreal Life'

CNN 1/8/03 Corey Feldman: No longer lost

Star-Ledger 1/8/03 Corey Haim, call your agent

Chicago Sun-Times 1/8/03 'Surreal's' washed-up celebs bury 'Mole'

Zap2It 1/7/03 Jerri Manthey Survives 'The Surreal Life'

Ventura County Star 1/5/03 Corey Feldman gets close to all kinds of 'reality'

Knoxville News Sentinel 1/3/03 Egos clash on WB's 'Surreal Life'

Reality News Online 12/31/02 Ex-Celebs Compete for Camera Time as ‘The Surreal Life’ Begins 12/21/02 MC Hammer Starring In New Reality Show

Hollywood Reporter 11/26/02 WB tries reality on Thursdays

The WB 10/22/02 It's The Surreal Life for the WB

Zap2It 9/30/02 Forgotten Celebs Grace WB's 'Surreal'

E!Online 9/27/02 "Surreal" Life with Webster

Hollywood Reporter 7/24/02 WB blurs reality in celebrity 'World'

Ananova 7/24/02 US celebrities to take part in reality TV show


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