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News Articles about the Super Bowl and Super Bowl Advertising

People 1/31/15 Scandal at the Games: 8 Most Notorious Super Bowl Moments

Zap2It 1/30/15 Super Bowl XLIX commercials: Snoop Dogg touts #Eat24 for when you have the munchies

Zap2It 1/30/15 You can still watch Super Bowl XLIX even if you don't have TV or cable, or you're out of the country

Zap2It 1/30/15 Let Bethany Mota and other YouTube stars help plan your Super Bowl XLIX party

Entertainment Weekly 1/29/15 Super Bowl: 32 greatest rejected commercials

Access Hollywood 1/29/15 Katy Perry: Expect Face-Melting Surprise Super Bowl Guest, Plus A Shark & Lion

People 1/29/15 Of Course This Is What Katy Perry Wears to a Super Bowl Press Conference

Zap2It 1/29/15 Watch part of the 'Tomorrowland' Super Bowl XLIX trailer, featuring George Clooney's soothing voice

E!Online 1/29/15 He'll Be Back! Terminator: Genisys Gets a New Super Bowl Ad—Watch Now

Zap2It 1/29/15 'Ted 2' Super Bowl XLIX trailer puts 'Something About Mary' to shame

USA Today 1/28/15 5 best Super Bowl halftimes: Our critic's picks

People 1/28/15 GoDaddy Responds to Super Bowl Ad Controversy: Puppy Was Already Adopted

Zap2It 1/28/15 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2's' Super Bowl XLIX ad takes on the Patriots and Deflategate

Entertainment Weekly 1/28/15 The Super Bowl ads of 2015: Watch them here

Zap2It 1/28/15 Super Bowl XLIX commercials: Budweiser's full 'Lost Puppy' ad will soothe the GoDaddy pain

People 1/28/15 5 Things to Know About Carl's Jr. Super Bowl Commercial Star Charlotte McKinney

NY Daily News 1/27/15 Katy Perry surprises fans with 'leaked' Super Bowl song

People 1/27/15 Katy Perry's Super Bowl Prep Involves a Football-Themed Pedicure (Plus: Scoop on Her Sunday Night Style!)

Hollywood Reporter 1/27/15 Super Bowl Surprise: 'Ted 2' Ad to Reveal Tom Brady as Potential Sperm Donor (Exclusive)

E!Online 1/27/15 This May Be the Most Powerful Super Bowl Commercial You'll See This Year—Watch Now

TV Guide 1/27/15 Video: Key & Peele's Super Bowl Predictions Are the Only Super Bowl Predictions You Need

E!Online 1/27/15 GoDaddy's Awful Super Bowl Puppy Commercial Sparks Extreme Backlash Online

Zap2It 1/27/15 Kim Kardashian mocks herself in T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial

Zap2It 1/26/15 Super Bowl XLIX commercials: Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel recreate hilarious 'Today' moment for BMW

Zap2It 1/23/15 Bud Light's Super Bowl XLIX ad brings Pac-Man to life

People 1/23/15 There Is Just Too Much Cuteness in the Budweiser Puppy's Adventurous New Super Bowl Ad

TV Guide 1/23/15 Exclusive First Look: Katharine McPhee and Boomer Esiason Count Down Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials

US Magazine 1/22/15 Snickers' Super Bowl Commercial Teaser 2015: Danny Trejo Is Hungry Marcia Brady and It's Not Pretty

Access Hollywood 1/22/15 Victoria's Secret Angels Put Game Faces On In New Super Bowl Ad

E!Online 1/22/15 The Budweiser Puppy Is Back, but Little "Lost Dog" Is So Sad in These Super Bowl XLIX Ad Teasers

E!Online 1/22/15 Carl's Jr.'s New Super Bowl Commercial Featuring a Naked Model May Be Too Hot for TV! Watch Now

Yahoo 1/22/15 Carl's Jr. Super Bowl Ad Cooks Up Controversy

Zap2It 1/22/15 Watch Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Fallon's insane Lip Flip debate of Super Bowl XLIX

E!Online 1/22/15 "Invisible" Mindy Kaling Stars in Nationwide's Super Bowl XLIX Commercial—Watch a Sneak Peek of the Ad

Zap2It 1/20/15 No excuse to miss: NBC will live stream Super Bowl XLIX

People 1/16/15 Idina Menzel to Sing the National Anthem at Super Bowl XLIX

Entertainment Weekly 1/16/15 Key and Peele make football predictions ahead of Super Bowl special

Access Hollywood 1/12/15 Katy Perry's Super Bowl Halftime Show Strategy: No Wardrobe Malfunctions

Zap2It 1/10/15 Lenny Kravitz will rock Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime show

Hollywood Reporter 12/12/14 NBC Sets Post-Super Bowl Schedule, Brings 'Night Shift' and 'Undateable' Back Early

E!Online 10/13/14 Katy Perry Seemingly Confirms Super Bowl Halftime Gig, Calls Football Her ''New Favorite Sport''

Hollywood Reporter 10/9/14 Katy Perry to Roar at Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show

Zap2It 8/20/14 NFL asks musicians to pay for Super Bowl halftime show: Report

Wall Street Journal 8/19/14 Rihanna, Katy Perry, Coldplay on Super Bowl Halftime Shortlist

Hollywood Reporter 8/6/14 Petition for Weird Al to Perform at Super Bowl Passes 30,000 Signatures

Wall Street Journal 8/6/14 Petition Started to Get ‘Weird Al’ as the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Zap2It 5/7/14 Super Bowl 2018: Three cities vie to host football's biggest game

Hollywood Reporter 3/17/14 NFL Now Demands $16.6 Million Over M.I.A.'s Super Bowl Middle Finger (Exclusive)

USA Today 2/12/14 Super Bowl super-sizes headline act Bruno Mars' sales

Digital Spy 2/10/14 Bruno Mars: 'Super Bowl backlash was most disgusting thing I've heard'

NY Daily News 2/5/14 Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea admits faking Super Bowl halftime performance

Hollywood Reporter 2/5/14 Super Bowl Spot leads to 1.9 Million Streams of 'Seinfeld'-Inspired 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee'

BuddyTV 2/4/14 The Winners and Losers of Post-Super Bowl TV

People 2/4/14 Personal Injury Lawyer Creates Indescribably Epic Super Bowl Ad

BuddyTV 2/3/14 Super Bowl XLVIII Is the Most-Watched U.S. Broadcast Ever

BuddyTV 2/3/14 [Videos] The Best Super Bowl Ads of All-Time

BuddyTV 2/3/14 What Show Should NBC Air After the 2015 Super Bowl?

NY Daily News 2/3/14 Coca Cola's 'America the Beautiful' Super Bowl commercial angers conservative pundits

E!Online 2/3/14 Read This Text Exchange and You'll Feel Better About the Denver Broncos Losing the Super Bowl

People 2/3/14 David Beckham, Anthony Kiedis & More Shirtless Men of the Super Bowl

E!Online 2/3/14 2014 Super Bowl: The Definitive Ranking of Every Commercial From the Big Game

US Magazine 2/3/14 Super Bowl Commercials 2014: Most Popular Ads of the Night Ranked

Yahoo 2/3/14 It's a 'Seinfeld' Reunion! Watch Jerry and George Bicker Over Super Bowl Etiquette [Video]

People 2/3/14 Renée Fleming: 5 Things to Know About the Super Bowl National Anthem Singer

People 2/3/14 People's TV Critic: The 8 Best Super Bowl Ads

BuddyTV 2/2/14 [Videos] The Best and Worst Commercials from Super Bowl XLVIII

Entertainment Weekly 2/2/14 Super Bowl 2014: Best and Worst Commercials

TV Guide 2/2/14 Was This the Most Boring Super Bowl Ever?

US Magazine 2/2/14 Bruno Mars Gives Stellar Performance at Super Bowl 2014 Halftime Show: Details

Hollywood Reporter 2/2/14 Super Bowl 2014 Halftime Review: 'A Barnburner of A Bar-Mitzvah'

People 2/2/14 Celebrating Every '80s Reference in That RadioShack Super Bowl Commercial

Hollywood Reporter 2/2/14 Super Bowl: Laurence Fishburne Sings the Sound of Luxury for Kia Ad (Video)

Zap2It 2/2/14 Best of Super Bowl 2014 ads: Bud Light, RadioShack and more

Hollywood Reporter 2/2/14 'Shark Tank's' Lori Greiner Reviews the Super Bowl Commercials (Video)

Zap2It 2/2/14 Worst of Super Bowl 2014 ads: Maserati, Ellen DeGeneres and more

Hollywood Reporter 2/2/14 Super Bowl: Sarah McLachlan Gives Up Animal Cruelty Fight in Audi Ad (Video)

Zap2It 2/2/14 What time does the Super Bowl start: Kickoff, pre-game and complete schedule

Hollywood Reporter 2/2/14 Super Bowl: Coca Cola Gay Dads Commercial Gets Thumbs Up From GLAAD (Video)

Bleacher Report 2/2/14 Super Bowl Winners: Final Score of Every NFL Finale in History

People 2/2/14 Watch: The 9 Greatest Super Bowl Moments That Had Nothing to Do with Football

Zap2It 2/2/14 Super Bowl 2014: Troy Aikman and Joe Buck are prepared for the cold MetLife Stadium

Hollywood Reporter 2/2/14 Super Bowl Ads: Why You'll Hear New Music by Passenger, U2, One Republic and Zedd

Zap2It 2/2/14 Super Bowl 2014: Rachael Ray, Regis Philbin get fuzzy on the 'Kitten Bowl'

Hollywood Reporter 2/1/14 Ian Rappaport: The Guy in The Bud Light Super Bowl Ad

People 2/1/14 James Franco to Star in Ford Super Bowl Commercial: Watch a Teaser

Hollywood Reporter 2/1/14 'Pompeii' Super Bowl Ad: Hints of '300' During Volcanic Eruption (Video)

Hollywood Reporter 2/1/14 Super Bowl: It Costs at Least $400,000 for a Suite to Avoid the Cold

Zap2It 2/1/14 Tim Tebow riffs on losing NFL contract in T-Mobile Super Bowl ads - Watch

TV Guide 1/31/14 Video: Watch MetLife's Peanuts-Themed Super Bowl Commercial

Entertainment Weekly 1/31/14 Super Bowl chill: Will fans stay until the bitter end?

Zap2It 1/31/14 Jack in the Box Super Bowl commercial: A musical trip to the bork farm

Hollywood Reporter 1/31/14 Video: Tim Tebow Teams With T-Mobile for Super Bowl Ad

Entertainment Weekly 1/31/14 Super Bowl ad features Laurence Fishburne and 'The Matrix'

Zap2It 1/31/14 Watch Anna Kendrick's Newcastle Super Bowl ad storyboards: Body paint, giant robots and more

Hollywood Reporter 1/31/14 Video: 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Debuts 15 Seconds of Super Bowl Spot

Hollywood Reporter 1/31/14 Video: The Muppets Hit the Road in Toyota's Super Bowl Commercial

People 1/31/14 Suspicious White Powder Found at Three Hotels Near Super Bowl Stadium

Zap2It 1/31/14 'The Simpsons' predicted a Broncos vs. Seahawks Super Bowl in 2005 - Pic

Hollywood Reporter 1/31/14 Super Bowl: Where Hollywood Will Party and Play

Hollywood Reporter 1/31/14 From Hollywood to the Super Bowl: Who's Attending the Big Game

TV Guide 1/31/14 What Time Does the Super Bowl Start?

People 1/30/14 Bruno Mars on Prepping for the Super Bowl: The Microphone Is a Popsicle

Zap2It 1/30/14 James Franco to play Rob Riggle in Ford Super Bowl commercial - Watch

People 1/30/14 Mom's Awesome Reaction When Her Son Surprises Her With Super Bowl Tickets

People 1/30/14 Macklemore Heads to Super Bowl with Seattle Seahawks

Zap2It 1/30/14 Cheerios Super Bowl ad revisits interracial family from controversial 2013 commercial

People 1/30/14 Ellen DeGeneres Dances on the Wild Side as Goldilocks in a Super Bowl Ad

Zap2It 1/29/14 'Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials': Really? That's the Top 10?

People 1/29/14 Peyton Manning Reveals His Super Bowl Good Luck Charms

Wall Street Journal 1/29/14 Kia Releases ‘Matrix’-Themed Super Bowl Spot for K900 Sedan

Zap2It 1/29/14 Laurence Fisburne makes a 'Matrix' cameo in Kia's Super Bowl commercial - Watch

Wall Street Journal 1/29/14 Chevrolet Reveals ‘Romance’ Super Bowl Ad for Silverado Truck

People 1/29/14 Budweiser Clydesdales Super Bowl Ad: See It Now – and Go Behind the Scenes

Zap2It 1/29/14 'Saturday Night Live' promos: Watch Melissa McCarthy riff on the Super Bowl and Olympics

Hollywood Reporter 1/28/14 Queen Latifah Mocks The Super Bowl's Biggest Commercials (Video)

Zap2It 1/28/14 VW Super Bowl commercial channels 'It's A Wonderful Life' - Watch

Hollywood Reporter 1/28/14 Super Bowl: Jaguar Previews Ad Featuring Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston, Mark Strong (Video)

Zap2It 1/28/14 'Muppets Most Wanted' gets Super Bowl spot, 'Guardians of the Galaxy' sitting out

TV Guide 1/28/14 Mike Ditka: An Outdoor Cold-Weather Super Bowl Is "Stupid"

Zap2It 1/28/14 Super Bowl 2014: Jaguar's British villains Tom Hiddleston, Ben Kingsley and Mark Strong

Hollywood Reporter 1/28/14 Super Bowl: Canada's CTV Sells Out Advertising

Wall Street Journal 1/27/14 Kia Super Bowl Teaser Hints at ‘Matrix’ Theme

Yahoo 1/27/14 A Bubbling Controversy Over SodaStream's Super Bowl Spot

NY Daily News 1/27/14 Queen Latifah to perform ‘America the Beautiful’ at the Super Bowl

Entertainment Weekly 1/27/14 John Stamos and 'Full House' gang are together again in Oikos Super Bowl ad -- Video

People 1/27/14 Scarlett Johansson's Sexy Super Bowl Commercial

Zap2It 1/27/14 Pepsi 'Halftime' Super Bowl ad: Mike Ditka does 'Wrecking Ball' and more

Hollywood Reporter 1/23/14 Super Bowl: Fox Sports Is 'Ready To Go' If NFL Reschedules the Big Game Due to Weather

Entertainment Weekly 1/23/14 Bill O'Reilly to interview President Obama before Super Bowl

Hollywood Reporter 1/23/14 Eurozone to Air Super Bowl XLVIII Live

E!Online 1/23/14 David Beckham's H&M Underwear Super Bowl Ad Revealed—Watch the Teaser Now

TV Guide 1/22/14 Super Bowl Preview: The Big Chill

Zap2It 1/22/14 Is Disney planning a 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Super Bowl TV spot?

Wall Street Journal 1/22/14 Volkswagen Super Bowl Teaser Includes, Burgers, Babies, Carmen Electra

Zap2It 1/22/14 Hulu AdZone: From Britney Spears to Kate Upton, watch the best celebrity cameos of past Super Bowl ads

Hollywood Reporter 1/22/14 Super Bowl: Disney Seeking Last-Minute Ad Buy

Zap2It 1/22/14 GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial: Danica Patrick and bodybuilders

Yahoo 1/22/14 MetLife Stadium needs to be dug out after snow storm less than two weeks before Super Bowl

Zap2It 1/21/14 'Full House' cast reunites for Super Bowl commercial

Entertainment Weekly 1/17/14 YouTube Ad Blitz features first look at this year's Super Bowl commercials

Entertainment Weekly 1/17/14 Tom Hiddleston stars in Jaguar Super Bowl commercial teaser about murder ... or dancing? -- Video

TV Guide 1/15/14 First Look: New Girl Welcomes Prince for Post-Super Bowl Episode

Hollywood Reporter 1/14/14 Fox Sports Execs, Analysts Embrace Frigid New York Super Bowl

Wall Street Journal 1/13/14 Jaguar Super Bowl Ad Celebrates British Villains

TV Guide 1/12/14 Red Hot Chili Peppers to Play Super Bowl Halftime Show

E!Online 1/10/14 Scarlett Johansson Shows How to Make Your Own Soda in Super Bowl Commercial

Entertainment Weekly 1/10/14 Now it's getting silly: 'Fish Bowl' to air opposite Super Bowl

Yahoo 1/6/14 NJ works to curb sex trafficking before Super Bowl

Digital Spy 1/6/14 David Beckham to star in H&M Super Bowl ad

Digital Spy 1/4/14 Super Bowl XLVIII to be live streamed by Fox

Hollywood Reporter 12/27/13 Super Bowl Performer Bruno Mars Prepares for Cold Weather

Hollywood Reporter 12/4/13 Super Bowl Ads Sell Out at Average of $4 Million Each

NY Daily News 9/24/13 M.I.A fires back at NFL lawsuit over Super Bowl middle finger incident, says cheerleaders were more..

Hollywood Reporter 9/19/13 NFL Waging Secret Legal War Over M.I.A's Super Bowl Middle Finger (Exclusive)

Wall Street Journal 9/9/13 Bruno Mars: Is He the Right Act for the Super Bowl XLVIII Show?

Hollywood Reporter 9/8/13 Bruno Mars Super Bowl Halftime Teaser Debuts (Video)

Hollywood Reporter 9/7/13 Bruno Mars to Perform at Super Bowl Halftime

Zap2It 5/13/13 'New Girl' will air after the Super Bowl in 2014

Zap2It 2/10/13 SNL mocks Super Bowl blackout in opening sketch

Entertainment Weekly 2/8/13 Super Bowl blackout blamed on faulty relay device

Reality TV Magazine 2/6/13 PETA Slams Beyonce For Superbowl Outfit

Reality TV Magazine 2/5/13 Did Beyonce Flash Illuminati Sign During Super Bowl Performance?

Reality TV Magazine 2/5/13 Ryan Seacrest Tweets About Calvin Klein Super Bowl Commercial

Reality TV Magazine 2/5/13 NFL Confirmation: Beyonce Did Not Cause Super Bowl Blackout

Yahoo 2/5/13 Lack of halftime show could be just one of many problems with cold-weather Super Bowl

BuddyTV 2/4/13 Super Bowl XLVII Ratings: The Third Best of All-Time

Reality TV Magazine 2/4/13 Destiny’s Child Reunion At The Super Bowl

E!Online 2/4/13 2013 Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco Hits Late Show, Talks Ray Lewis and Power Outage

Zap2It 2/4/13 Will Ferrell's Old Milwaukee ad for Super Bowl 2013: Take that, GoDaddy

E!Online 2/4/13 Super Bowl Commercial Wars: Taco Bell Geezers Win With the Most Game-Night Interest

TV Guide 2/4/13 Super Bowl Review: Beyonce´ as MVP

Zap2It 2/4/13 7 best Super Bowl GIFs: Ravens confetti snow angel, Beyonce nip-slip, Jim Harbaugh tantrum and more

People 2/4/13 Beyoncé's Halftime Performance Was Divalicious & Hooftastic

E!Online 2/4/13 Will Ferrell Makes Out With Stranger in Super Bowl Commercial You (Probably) Didn't See—Watch Now

Digital Spy 2/4/13 Super Bowl 2013 becomes third most-watched program ever

TV Guide 2/4/13 Video: Alicia Keys Performs Longest National Anthem Ever at Super Bowl

Zap2It 2/4/13 Ram 'So God Made a Farmer' ad not as great as everyone thinks

People 2/4/13 People's TV Critic Reviews the Super Bowl Ads

Digital Spy 2/4/13 'Fast & Furious 6' dominates Super Bowl 2013 Twitter buzz

Hollywood Reporter 2/4/13 Super Bowl Draws More Than 24 Million Tweets, Exceeding Last Year's Record

Digital Spy 2/4/13 Beyoncé, Destiny's Child 'changed Super Bowl performance last minute'

Entertainment Weekly 2/4/13 PTC slams CBS for Super Bowl f-bomb: 'Enough is enough'

Digital Spy 2/4/13 Beyoncé criticized for having 'loudest mic' at Super Bowl

Hollywood Reporter 2/4/13 Super Bowl 2013: The Best and Worst Commercials (Video)

Entertainment Weekly 2/4/13 Super Bowl 2013: Best and Worst Commercials

Entertainment Weekly 2/4/13 Early Super Bowl ratings set record

Hollywood Reporter 2/3/13 The Whirlwind Story Behind Beyonce's Super Bowl Look

MTV 2/3/13 Iron Man Makes Super Bowl-Sized Comeback In New Trailer

E!Online 2/3/13 Super Bowl Blackout: Power Dies at Superdome Just After Beyoncé's Halftime Show

Zap2It 2/3/13 Super Bowl 2013: Beyonce rocks the halftime show with fire, sexiness and Destiny's Child

E!Online 2/3/13 Beyoncé Reunites With Destiny's Child for Super Bowl Halftime Show

Digital Spy 2/3/13 Fast & Furious 6 Super Bowl trailer: Johnson, Diesel hit London

E!Online 2/13/13 2013 Super Bowl Best & Worst: Alicia Keys Stuns, Jennifer Hudson Makes Us Cry, Ray Lewis Trivia and More

Zap2It 2/3/13 Super Bowl 2013: '2 Broke Girls' get their groove on to 'Pour Some Sugar On Me'

Zap2It 2/3/13 Best of Super Bowl 2013 ads: Audi, Best Buy and more

Zap2It 2/3/13 Worst of Super Bowl 2013 ads: Budweiser, GoDaddy and more

Digital Spy 2/3/13 Jennifer Hudson sings with Newtown students at Super Bowl - watch

Zap2It 2/3/13 'The Office': Watch a 'Dunder Mifflin' Super Bowl ad playing only in Scranton

Digital Spy 2/3/13 'Oz the Great and Powerful' Super Bowl trailer - video

Digital Spy 2/3/13 Alicia Keys sings 'The Star-Spangled Banner' at Super Bowl - watch

Digital Spy 2/3/13 Empire State Building to track Super Bowl score with light show

Reality TV Magazine 2/2/13 Super Bowl 2013: Beyonce’s Backstage Video Teaser

Zap2It 2/1/13 Jesse Heiman, 'nerd' in Go Daddy Super Bowl ad, kissed Bar Refaeli 45 times during shoot

Zap2It 2/1/13 Go Daddy Super Bowl ad: Bar Refaeli makes out with a nerd ... a lot

BuddyTV 1/31/13 [Videos] Super Bowl Commercials Go Quirky for 2013

Zap2It 1/31/13 Jennifer Hudson to join Sandy Hook students for Super Bowl performance

E!Online 1/31/13 Super Bowl by the Numbers: Tallying Up the Big Game, From Ads to Beyoncé's Price Tag

Zap2It 1/31/13 Coke Super Bowl ad called racist by Arab-American groups

TV Guide 1/31/13 Check Out Some Super Bowl Commercials Before the Big Game

E!Online 1/31/13 Beyoncé "Will Absolutely Be Singing Live" During Super Bowl Halftime Show

E!Online 1/31/13 Beyoncé Stuns in Hot Mini Dress at Super Bowl Press Conference—See Her Complete Look

Yahoo 1/31/13 Canadians make run on TV antennas to watch U.S. Super Bowl ads

E!Online 1/31/13 2 Broke Girls' 2013 Super Bowl Commercial Sneak Peek: Watch Now

Zap2It 1/30/13 Kate Upton, Usher and Willem Dafoe star in Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl ad

People 1/30/13 Beyoncé Poses as Sexy Referee Ahead of Super Bowl Performance

E!Online 1/30/13 Volkswagen Super Bowl Ad: Jamaica's Tourism Minister Says It's Not Racist

Digital Spy 1/30/13 Sony confirms 'God of War' Super Bowl ad ahead of February 1 reveal

Reality TV Magazine 1/29/13 Beyonce Prepares For Super Bowl Performance

Yahoo 1/29/13 Taco Bell Pulls Anti-Veggie Super Bowl Ad

LA Times 1/29/13 ‘Lone Ranger’: Johnny Depp rides tall in clip from Super Bowl spot

E!Online 1/29/13 Beyoncé's Super Bowl Halftime Show: How She's Prepping and What She's Getting Paid

Detroit Free Press 1/29/13 Lincoln releases behind the scenes look at Super Bowl ad

Wall Street Journal 1/28/13 Is New Volkswagen Super Bowl Ad the Jar Jar Binks of 2013?

Hollywood Reporter 1/28/13 Disney Teases New 'Oz the Great and Powerful' Super Bowl Ad (Video)

Zap2It 1/28/13 Go Daddy ditches the 'sexy' factor in new Super Bowl commercial

NY Post 1/28/13 Watch: Leaked Super Bowl commercials and teasers

E!Online 1/28/13 Kaley Cuoco's 2013 Super Bowl Ad: Big Bang Theory Star Teams Up With Toyota to Grant Wishes—Watch

Hollywood Reporter 1/28/13 Ravens Defeat 49ers in 'Madden NFL 13' Super Bowl XLVII Simulation

E!Online 1/28/13 Destiny's Child Super Bowl Reunion During Beyoncé's Performance: Not True, Says Michelle Williams

Digital Spy 1/26/13 Beyoncé releases rehearsal photos of Super Bowl halftime show

Digital Spy 1/26/13 Michelle Williams: 'Destiny's Child Super Bowl reunion not true'

Wall Street Journal 1/25/13 Education Group Criticizes Mercedes Super Bowl Ad with Kate Upton

Zap2It 1/25/13 Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial makes viral YouTube stars 'happy'

Entertainment Weekly 1/24/13 Super Bowl ads scoop: The big companies' plans for game day, plus ads you can watch now

TV Guide 1/24/13 Which Songs Will Beyonce Perform with Destiny's Child at the Super Bowl?

E!Online 1/24/13 Volkswagen Super Bowl Commercial Surfaces: Watch It and This Awesome TNT Netherlands Ad

Zap2It 1/23/13 Amy Poehler stars in Super Bowl ad for Best Buy

Zap2It 1/23/13 'Puppy Bowl IX' preview: The epic battle of cuteness returns for Super Bowl Sunday

Zap2It 1/22/13 Kate Upton helps wash a Mercedes-Benz in slow motion in new Super Bowl ad

LA Times 1/22/13 Super Bowl ad conundrum: Do early releases spoil the show?

USA Today 1/22/13 Alicia Keys talks Sundance, Super Bowl

Hollywood Reporter 1/18/13 Alicia Keys to Sing Super Bowl National Anthem (Report)

US Magazine 1/10/13 Exclusive: Destiny's Child to Join Beyonce's Super Bowl Halftime Show

Hollywood Reporter 11/13/12 Super Bowl Ads, Near $4 Million Each, Are Almost Sold Out

BuddyTV 11/5/12 'Elementary' Scores Post-Super Bowl Time Slot

BuddyTV 10/17/12 What CBS Show Should Get the Post-Super Bowl Slot in 2013?

BuddyTV 10/16/12 Fey and Poehler to Host Golden Globes, Beyonce to Headline Super Bowl Halftime Show

NY Daily News 10/16/12 Beyonce to perform during Super Bowl halftime show in New Orleans

E!Online 6/29/12 Janet Jackson's Super Bowl Wardrobe Malfunction: Overtime Win for CBS, Thanks to Supreme Court

Digital Spy 2/13/12 Cee Lo Green: 'I'm sure MIA regrets Super Bowl gesture'

USA Today 2/10/12 Madonna speaks about M.I.A.'s Super Bowl gesture

Hollywood Reporter 2/8/12 Super Bowl Aftermath: How the Movies Fared

Entertainment Weekly 2/8/12 Rush Limbaugh: Clint Eastwood was 'suckered into' Super Bowl ad -- Listen

Digital Spy 2/7/12 MIA to personally pay any fine imposed on NBC for Super Bowl gesture?

Digital Spy 2/7/12 Piers Morgan: 'Madonna like a gruesome drunken aunt at Super Bowl'

BuddyTV 2/6/12 Super Bowl XLVI Is the Most-Watched TV Program of All-Time

LA Times 2/6/12 The Super Bowl ads: too much hype, too little pop

Post Gazette 2/6/12 Tuned In: Super Bowl commercials disappointing for most part

Zap2It 2/6/12 'Ferris Bueller' Super Bowl ad -- Did you spot all the easter eggs?

Digital Spy 2/6/12 Kelly Clarkson: 'Super Bowl performance was a huge honor'

BBC 2/6/12 Super Bowl: Madonna gives 'shot of brass'

Zap2It 2/6/12 Super Bowl 2012: Matthew Broderick revives Ferris Bueller for CR-V ad

TV Guide 2/6/12 Roush Review: Not Much R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Super Bowl Ads

People 2/6/12 M.I.A. Flips Off Cameras During Super Bowl Halftime Show

Zap2It 2/6/12 Should Super Bowl ads not debut until the game?

TV Guide 2/6/12 Video: Gisele Bundchen Defends Husband Tom Brady After Super Bowl Loss

People 2/6/12 Super Bowl Commercials Score, As Rated By People's TV Critic

BuddyTV 2/5/12 The Best Commercials from Super Bowl XLVI

NY Daily News 2/5/12 Super Bowl commercials: Clint Eastwood, Skechers and exploding vampires are among the best; ..

LA Times 2/5/12 Coke's polar bears return to Super Bowl

E!Online 2/5/12 Super Bowl XLVI Replay: Five Best Moments—and a Few of the Worst, Too

Zap2It 2/5/12 Worst of Super Bowl 2012 ads: Audi's vampires, GoDaddy, Bud Light and more

E!Online 2/5/12 Super Bowl XLVI: Avengers Assemble Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr. and More in New Ad

People 2/5/12 Madonna Lights Up the Super Bowl

E!Online 2/5/12 Super Bowl XLVI: Controversy Alert! M.I.A. Gives the Finger During Madonna Performance

Zap2It 2/5/12 Best of Super Bowl 2012 ads: Melanie Amaro for Pepsi, Best Buy and more

NY Daily News 2/5/12 Rapper M.I.A. gives America the finger during Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show

E!Online 2/5/12 Super Bowl XLVI: Madonna's Half-Time Show Has Nicki Minaj, LMFAO, M.I.A. & Cee Lo—How Was It?

People 2/5/12 Katy Perry Dedicates a Song to Tim Tebow at Pre-Super Bowl Concert

Zap2It 2/5/12 'The Voice' snags Betty White for Super Bowl 2012 commercial

Entertainment Weekly 2/5/12 Madonna at the Super Bowl review: A shockingly sincere, joyous performance

Zap2It 2/5/12 'The Avengers' Super Bowl teaser: May 4 needs to get here fast

USA Today 2/5/12 For Super Bowl, Madonna marches to her own drum

Zap2It 2/5/12 Volkswagen Super Bowl 2012 commercial: A fat dog and the Vader kid returns

Zap2It 2/5/12 Super Bowl 2012: Melanie Amaro debuts her Pepsi commercial

Daily Mail 2/5/12 Pitch perfect! Kelly Clarkson kicks off the Super Bowl with a bang as she performs the American national anthem

Entertainment Weekly 2/5/12 Kelly Clarkson keeps it quick and simple for her Super Bowl performance of the National Anthem

Yahoo 2/5/12 Ford asks Chevy to pull Super Bowl pickup ad, pressures NBC not to air

Hollywood Reporter 2/4/12 'The Voice' Super Bowl Commercial: Behind the Scenes of the Coaches (Exclusive Photos)

Yahoo 2/4/12 Giants' Website Declares Super Bowl Victory

BuddyTV 2/3/12 Sneak Peek: 'The Voice' Coaches Go for the Kill in Super Bowl Commercial

NY Daily News 2/3/12 Super Bowl run-up blissfully free of 'banned ad' drama this year - but plus-sized dating site...

Hollywood Reporter 2/3/12 Super Bowl Smackdown: How Hollywood Celebrates the Big Game

People 2/3/12 Madonna Feels Like 'One of the Football Players' Pre-Super Bowl

NY Daily News 2/3/12 Super Bowl shakedown? ‘Girls Gone Wild’ founder Joe Francis tries to block Madonna song

BuddyTV 2/2/12 The 20 Best Post-Super Bowl TV Episodes

Access Hollywood 2/2/12 Steven Tyler On Madonna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

MTV 2/2/12 Super Bowl Movie Trailer Guide

Zap2It 2/2/12 'Hunger Games' trailer released: Watch the Super Bowl spot now

Access Hollywood 2/2/12 ‘Transformers’ Enter The Super Bowl Fray

Zap2It 2/2/12 Motley Crue's Kia Super Bowl ad: Adriana Lima, Chuck Liddell, and plenty of bikini-clad babes along for the ride

MTV 2/2/12 Super Bowl Halftime: Madonna Promises 'Greatest Show On Earth'

Zap2It 2/2/12 Pussycat Dolls to debut new members during Super Bowl ad

MTV 2/2/12 Super Bowl Ads: 10 Best Movie-Related Commercials

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Extra 1/25/10 Kim Kardashian: Saints Deserve a Super Bowl Win

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Cinema Spider 2/3/09 Super Bowl XLIII is the Most Viewed TV Program in History
Cinema Spider 2/2/09 Super Bowl Heroes Ben Roethlisberger, Santonio Holmes Hit Talk Shows
SirLinksalotShop 2/2/09 Super Bowl XLIII Draws 42.1 Rating for NBC
Cinema Spider 1/30/09 Super Bowl XLIII Commercials to Stream on the Web Immediately After They Air

SirLinksalotShop 1/28/09 John Legend to Headline Pregame Show at Super Bowl XLIII
SirLinksalotShop 1/28/09 Tampa Police & Fire Department, NBC All Using Segway's to Go Green at Super Bowl 

SirLinksalotShop 1/20/09 Steelers, Cardinals win championship games to advance to Super Bowl XLIII
BuddyTV 1/15/09 American Idol: Jennifer Hudson Takes the Super Bowl

Concert Ticket Spider 1/15/09 Faith Hill to Sing America the Beautiful at the Super Bowl
Reality TV Tickets 1/14/09 Former American Idol Contestant Jennifer Hudson to Sing National Anthem at Super Bowl
SirLinksalotShop 1/9/09 Doritos Reveals Consumer Created Commercial Finalists for Super Bowl Ad
Cinema Spider 1/5/09 Monsters vs Aliens Movie Announces Special Super Bowl 3D Event

Seattle PI 12/23/08 One Super Bowl ad will push eight products
SirLinksalotShop 12/16/08 Jessica Alba to Guest Star in Super Bowl Episode of The Office

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Reality TV Fans 12/9/08 ABC to Offer “Wipeout: Superball Sunday” During the Superbowl Halftime
BuddyTV 12/4/08 The Office: Post-Super Bowl Episode Might Involve Some Fire
NY Post 12/4/08 'Office' Scores Post-Super Bowl Slot
NY Daily News 11/26/08 NBC ad sales for Super Bowl stalled at line of scrimmage

Celebrity Spider 9/29/08 Bruce Springsteen Set For Super Bowl Show

BBC 9/29/08 Springsteen set for Super Bowl
Entertainment Weekly 8/8/08 'The Office' lands coveted post-Super Bowl timeslot

Arizona Republic 4/25/08 Super Bowl boosts lodging industry

Indianapolis Business Journal 4/25/08 Leader of Super Bowl bid is upbeat

NY Daily News 4/24/08 Roger Goodell ready to punish Patriots if they spied before Super Bowl XXXVI

Tampa Tribune 4/19/08 Minorities, Women Size Up Super Opportunity

East Valley Tribune 4/18/08 Super Bowl bonanza could sway backers to ante up again

Toronto Star 4/16/08 Canadians pine for Super Bowl ads, CRTC hears

Arizona Republic 4/16/08 Ariz. reaped $500M from Super Bowl

East Valley Tribune 4/15/08 Super Bowl XLII: Giant revenue machine for Ariz.

Tampa Bay Media Journal 4/14/08 Media General new Super Bowl Host Committee sponsor

Home News Tribune 4/12/08 Super Bowl title has changed the lives of many Giants

Arizona Republic 4/11/08 Arizona Super Bowl bid short on lodging

Indy Star 4/9/08 Hosting Super Bowl could mean $365 million for Indy

Idex Online 4/8/08 Tiffany & Co. Creates Super Bowl Rings for NY Giants

News Star 4/7/08 Deadline for bid on 2012 Super Bowl passes without one from New Orleans

Indianapolis Business Journal 4/5/08 After Super bid, real work begins

Bradenton Herald 4/5/08 Dolphin's Super Bowl ring stolen

Newsday 4/1/08 Giants unveil Super Bowl rings

ABC 15 4/1/08 Phoenix faces tough competition in new Super Bowl bid

Indy Channel 4/1/08 Indy Sends Super Bowl Bid To NFL

Newsday 4/1/08 Giants unveil Super Bowl rings

KHOU 4/1/08 Houston makes bid for 2012 Super Bowl

Arizona Republic 3/27/08 Glendale OKs bid for 2012 Super Bowl

Sportsline 3/24/08 CBS Sports returns to Miami for third time for Super Bowl

East Valley Tribune 3/19/08 Super Bowl creates even bigger bonanza

WISH 3/18/08 Super Bowl bid plans include pregame party, outdoor village

Tampa Bay Business Journal 3/14/08 Little guys get chance at Super Bowl riches 3/14/08 Giants owner: Super Bowl bigger than ‘Forrest Gump’

AJC 3/12/08 Coca-Cola ad scores big at Super Bowl

WTHR 3/11/08 Groups "brainstorm" about an Indy Super Bowl

USA Today 3/10/08 Lawyers to withdraw Super Bowl suit against Patriots

WTNH 3/8/08 Giants reward Super Bowl winning coach 3/7/08 Arizona will bid to host 2012 Super Bowl

Arizona Republic 3/5/08 Glendale council backs Super Bowl bid

Celebrity Spider 2/27/08 Paula Abdul Fine With Super Bowl Lip Synching Criticism

CBS 6 2/25/08 Massachusetts Governor Pays Off Super Bowl Bet

NY1 2/23/08 Spitzer Still Waiting On Super Bowl Winnings From Massachusetts Governor

Winston-Salem Journal 2/23/08 NFL permits churches to air Super Bowl live 2/22/08 Phoenix takes aim at 2012 Super Bowl bid

TV Week 2/22/08 LCDs Dominate Super Bowl Purchases

Salt Lake Tribune 2/21/08 Hatch scores his own NFL victory for church Super Bowl parties

Indy Star 2/20/08 Indianapolis sets its sights on the big game

Stuff 2/20/08 Kiwi makes mark in Super Bowl

Sports Illustrated 2/19/08 Indy will bid for 2012 Super Bowl

Daily Phoenix 2/17/08 Cost to host Super Bowl - 17 million

Chicago Sun Times 2/14/08 Eyes on the bowl

Toledo Free Press 2/8/08 Super Bowl ads offer local marketing lessons

Media Week 2/7/08 No 'Secret' What Was Most-Watched SB Ad

East Valley Tribune 2/7/08 Super Bowl massacre averted at last minute

Monessen Valley Independent 2/7/08 Fame finds PNC Park security guard via Big Ben's Super Bowl ad

Fox Sports 2/6/08 Nevada sports books lose record $2.6M on Super Bowl

Sci Tech Today 2/6/08 Super Bowl Has Become an Ad Fest

Celebrity Spider 2/5/08 Super Bowl Scores Record Ratings

Forbes 2/5/08 Super Bowl Ad Roundup: Marketers Get Online Ads' Popularity, But Where's The Follow-Through?

Yahoo News 2/5/08 Man makes fans miss end of Super Bowl

USA Today 2/5/08 Star power not enough this year in Super Bowl ads

Arizona Republic 2/5/08 Military intercepts small plane flying into Super Bowl zone

Arizona Republic 2/5/08 Tax funds called key to 2012 Super Bowl

Celebrity Spider 2/4/08 Eli Manning to Appear Wednesday on The Late Show With David Letterman 2/4/2008 Television Analysis: AdverBowl LXII

Sports Illustrated 2/4/08 Super Bowl XLII may set retail sales record

Arizona Republic 2/4/08 Banned Super Bowl ad a Web hit

CNet News 2/4/08 Super Bowl ads reveal big companies don't get it

NY Times 2/4/08 A Severed Car Grille? It’s Super Bowl Ad Time 

NY Times 2/4/08 The Stubborn Voice of a Troubadour

Arizona Daily Star 2/4/08 Seen and heard at the Super Bowl

Washington Post 2/4/08 Winning Ads, and Fox's Busted Play 2/4/08 Among Super Bowl ads, these scored big

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LA Times 2/4/08 Tom Petty at the Super Bowl: Going to work

Hartford Courant 2/4/08 Report Card: Super Bowl ads

St. Petersburg Times 2/4/08 Best & worst from Super Bowl XLII

Denver Post 2/4/08 Warm and fuzzy was the rule

Eagle Times 2/4/08 For Pats fans, commercials were as bad as game

USA Today 2/4/08 Budweiser's dog and pony show takes top Ad Meter spot

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 2/4/08 Super Bowl ads mostly tame

Chicago Sun Times 2/4/08 Halftime belongs to the Heartbreakers

NY Daily News 2/4/08 In battle of Super Bowl ads, Bud Light hits, GoDaddy misses

NY Daily News 2/4/08 Super Bowl parties go into overtime

Detroit Free Press 2/4/08 Commercials went for a softer sell

Detroit News 2/4/08 Petty sticks to familiar hits

Dallas Morning News 2/4/08 Super Bowl's a great game with mostly boring commercials

NY Times 2/4/08 Game Over: Giants 17, Patriots 14

USA Today 2/4/08 An Idol and and an icon entertain Super Bowl revelers

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Globe and Mail 2/3/08 Petty plays it safe at halftime

Detroit News 2/3/08 Ads bowl us over

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Reality TV Magazine 2/3/08 Super Bowl Invaded By American Idol

NY Times 2/3/08 Coaches Will Have Extra Time on Their Hands

Flint Journal 2/3/08 It's huge, it's glitzy, it's Super (and there's a football game, too)

Star Ledger 2/3/08 What game? A sneak peek at the 2008 Super Bowl ads

Washington Post 2/3/08 XLI Years Ago, the Super Bowl Was Just An X-Small

NY Daily News 2/3/08 They're ad it again! Super Bowl commercials have zany flavor

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South Coast Today 2/3/08 Super facts about Super Sunday

Toledo Blade 2/3/08 To the Nines - 9 Super Bowl players in commercials

LA Times 2/3/08 Nobody's perfect . . . yet 

CBS 2/3/08 Super Bowl Ads Aren't What They Used To Be

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Bradenton Herald 2/1/08 After today's big game, Super Bowl focus moves to Tampa

NY Daily News 2/3/08 42 things you should know about Super Bowl XLII

Celebrity Spider 2/2/08 Alicia Keys and Jordin Sparks Added to Super Bowl Line-Up

ABC News 2/2/08 Ka-Ching! It's Super Expensive

South Coast Today 2/2/08 Akon Says to Expect a Michael Jackson Ad for Super Bowl; He Says, 'You're Going to Love It'

Union Tribune 2/2/08 San Diegan first black to be game's referee

NY Daily News 2/2/08 The ads that Bowled us over

Miami Herald 2/2/08 Stars turn out for big-money ads

USA Today 2/2/08 Wish kids' dreams come true at Super Bowl weekend

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Coming Soon 2/2/08 Prince Caspian, Wanted Super Bowl Spots Online

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Jam! 1/31/08 Seacrest steps up for Super Bowl

NY Times 1/31/08 This Year’s Super Bowl Ads to Be Gentle and Sweet 1/31/08 Helzberg Diamonds will advertise during Super Bowl

International Herald Tribune 1/31/08 This year, expect Super Bowl ads to play nice

Baltimore Sun 1/31/08 Rolling out rock for the Super Bowl Halftime Show

NY Times 1/31/08 Diehard Sports Fans Face Heart Risk

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Post Gazette 1/29/08 Companies use Super Bowl in annual effort to win customers

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Courier Post 1/29/08 Plan your Super Bowl TV watching

Arizona Republic 1/28/08 Soldier wins Super Bowl visit

Arizona Republic 1/28/08 '85 Bears supercharged Bowl to today's mania

San Francisco Chronicle 1/28/08 San Francisco man's streak is just plain super

Birmingham Business Journal 1/28/08 Super Bowl viewers will spend $10B on TVs, furniture

Seacoast Online 1/28/08 Super Bowl to highlight ‘Bud Light’ strategy

Dallas Morning News 1/28/08 North Texas hoping 2011 Super Bowl will be the first of many in region

Minneapolis Star Tribune 1/28/08 Litchfield third grader wins broadcasting contest and Super Bowl tickets

Media Life 1/28/08 And Super Bowl's top advertiser: Fox

ESPN 1/28/08 World's most recession-proof economy? The Super Bowl

Broadcasting & Cable 1/28/08 Super-Sized Super Bowl

Detroit News 1/28/08 Star-Spangled Gig

Chicago Sun Times 1/28/08 A Super time to sell

ABC News 1/28/08 How the Super Rich Do the Super Bowl 1/28/08 Advertisers Score With Any Place in Game

USA Today 1/27/08 Battle of water ads to power Super Bowl's lineup

USA Today 1/27/08 Basketball pro shoots for Super Bowl ad fame

Bleacher Report 1/27/08 Don't Say "Super Bowl"...The Super Bowl Police Are Listening

Bluefield Daily Telegraph 1/27/08 This Super Bowl week is extra special

East Valley Tribune 1/27/08 Scottsdale jeweler hands off Super Bowl trophy

Newsday 1/27/08 Super Bowl hype has feel of national holiday

NY Times 1/27/08 Identified Flying Objects Over Phoenix

MSNBC 1/27/08 Super Bowl hype will be in overdrive for XLII

Newsday 1/27/08 Super Bowl XLII: 42 Super Bowl Facts

The Associated Press 1/27/08 Want Super Bowl Ticket? Fork Over $4,300

The Virginian-Pilot 1/27/08 When it comes to ads and the Super Bowl, it's all about you

Arizona Republic 1/26/08 Sacked: Avondale dog chews up Super Bowl tickets

Detroit News 1/26/08 Super Bowl decor

USA Today 1/26/08 With Vegas so close, Super Bowl gamblers may be more tempted

MSNBC 1/26/08 Pats’ true test? Getting record TV audience

Fox Sports 1/26/08 Road to Super Bowl means many moves

Arizona Republic 1/26/08 Pregame to feature Keys

Celebrity Spider 1/25/08 Super Bowl Ads Linked to Stock Market Success

Knox News 1/25/08 Petty: Performing at halftime an 'honor' 1/25/08 Super Bowl ads: $2.7 million and worth it

Newsday 1/25/08 Prepare to break the bank for Super Bowl tickets

Dallas Morning News 1/25/08 Pepsi's silent Super Bowl ad was Plano man's idea

East Valley Tribune 1/25/08 Pickpockets descend on Valley for Super Bowl

Arizona Republic 1/25/08 Resorts, hotels prepared for Bowl frenzy 1/25/08 Fox Sacks Talk of Political Ads in Super Bowl

USA Today 1/25/08 Cardinals' unique stadium set to take center stage at Super Bowl

East Valley Tribune 1/25/08 Network finally approves Go Daddy Super Bowl ad

Celebrity Spider 1/24/08 ATF Agents Assist Arizona With Super Bowl Security

Celebrity Spider 1/24/08 The Nielsen Company's 2008 Guide to the Super Bowl

Celebrity Spider 1/24/08 Greater Phoenix Gears Up for Super Bowl Frenzy

CBS 1/24/08 Pepsi's New Super Bowl Commercial: Silence 1/24/08 Sneak peeks at Super Bowl ads

Arizona Republic 1/24/08 For our football visitors, things are getting super expensive

Newsday 1/24/08 Here it is: Super Bowl Hype 101

Jam! 1/24/08 Super Bowl will be Cowell-free

Hollywood Reporter 1/24/08 Super Bowl ads have cinematic quality

Boston Globe 1/24/08 Odds are Vegas not pleased

KTAR 1/24/08 NYSE Bell Coming to Super Bowl

NY Daily News 1/24/08 Ryan Seacrest promises to Bowl us over

Hollywood Reporter 1/24/08 Super Bowl ads have cinematic quality

Celebrity Spider 1/23/08 Expedia Offers Tips for Super Bowl Travel

NY Daily News 1/23/08 Bud's Super Bowl ads build buzz

Tampa Tribune 1/23/08 Tampa's Next Super Bowl Could See Tickets At $900

Arizona Republic 1/23/08 Super Bowl plans should include route, parking

Information Week 1/23/08 Millions To Buy TV Sets To Watch Super Bowl

Orlando Sentinel 1/23/08 Super Bowl hype walks all over 'real' news

Las Vegas Sun 1/23/08 Jeff Haney analyzes the numerous offbeat Super Bowl ‘prop’ bets

Boston Globe 1/23/08 Segways headed to Super Bowl

Chicago Sun Times 1/23/08 Bud Light is heavy in Super Bowl ads

Media Daily News 1/22/08 Nets Counter-Program The Super Bowl

NY Daily News 1/22/08 Super Bowl ads bigger than actual game

Chicago Tribune 1/22/08 Marketers announce ad lineup for Super Bowl

Arizona Republic 1/22/08 Glendale airport prepares for Super Bowl crush

Waco Tribune 1/21/08 Super Bowl: What are the odds?

Courier Post 1/21/08 A peak at this year's Super Bowl ads

Fox 28 1/21/08 Super Bowl Equals Super Bets

Reuters 1/21/08 Fox looks to bountiful Super Bowl

KTAR 1/21/08 A `Green' Super Bowl for the Valley

Bloomberg 1/20/08 Patriots, Giants Reach Super Bowl by Winning Conference Titles

Arizona Republic 1/20/08 Gauging Super Bowl costs

Tennessean 1/20/08 Belmont student is Super Bowl ad finalist

Arizona Republic 1/20/08 Gauging Super Bowl costs

MSNBC 1/20/08 Super Bowl ads are a sign of the times

Arizona Republic 1/20/08 Invite-only Super Bowl party luring stars

Arizona Republic 1/19/08 Valley hotels fill up for Super Bowl

Newsday 1/19/08 Super Bowl dreams prompt big sales in fans' middle ground

East Valley Tribune 1/19/08 Super Bowl volunteers brace for ‘chaos’

AJC 1/19/08 Score a touchdown with football-themed party accessories

Celebrity Spider 1/18/08 CBS Announces Special "Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials" to Air Jan. 26

USA Today 1/18/08 Mike Carey to become Super Bowl's first black referee

Deseret News 1/18/08 Super Bowl, other sports bringing in the money

Arizona Republic 1/17/08 Public safety agencies prepare for Super Bowl

Digital Spy 1/17/08 Eels reveal short Super Bowl advert plan

Houston Chronicle 1/17/08 A Super host

Dallas Morning News 1/17/08 Make your Super Bowl party work a pre-game show

Arizona Republic 1/17/08 Abdul joins Super Bowl lineup

Miami Herald 1/16/08 Phoenix eager to show off Super Bowl host role

Arizona Republic 1/16/08 Most projects on track for Super Bowl deadline

Tahoe Daily 1/16/08 Make your Super Bowl party preparation a pregame show

Arizona Republic 1/16/08 Super Bowl scalpers offering big money to ticket holders

Ad Rants 1/16/08 Super Bowl: GoDaddy Teases, Victoria's Secret Commits, Hyundai May Pull

Arizona Republic 1/16/08 Scottsdale sparkles for Super Bowl parties, events

MSNBC 1/15/08 Phoenix eager to show off as Super Bowl host

Tennessean 1/15/08 Belmont freshman waits to crash Super Bowl with ad

Celebrity Spider 1/14/08 Justin Timberlake to Star in Pepsi Stuff Super Bowl Commercial

Ad Age 1/14/08 Who Just Made a Bowl Buy? It's a Big Secret

Adweek 1/14/08 Victoria's Secret Weapon: Super Bowl

Guardian 1/14/08 Trained dogs to help secure U.S. Super Bowl sites

The Tennessean 1/13/08 Belmont freshman named finalist for Super Bowl commercial

Arizona Republic 1/13/08 Phoenix: Super Bowl's hub away from stadium

USA Today 1/13/08 Super Bowl pregame show will have 'Idol' chatter

Post Gazette 1/12/08 NFL planting trees in Arizona as carbon offsets for Super Bowl

Star Telegram 1/12/08 Super Bowl tickets will cost you

Arizona Republic 1/11/08 The Super Bowl in Arizona: then and now

Reuters 1/11/08 Super Bowl may be boon for weary TV advertisers

TMZ 1/11/08 Getting Denied at the Super Bowl Just Got Easier

My Fox 1/10/08 Idol's Paula Abdul to Perform Live at the Super Bowl

Biz Journal 1/10/08 NFL partners with Home Depot on Super Bowl theme park in Glendale

KTAR 1/10/08 Super Bowl Not Only Game in Town

Glendale Star 1/10/08 Super Bowl Host Committee lists several West Valley events

Arizona Republic 1/9/08 Homeowners hope to cash in on Super Bowl

Glendale Star 1/9/08 Valley police ready for Super Bowl

Arizona Republic 1/9/08 SE Valley rooms still available for Super Bowl

Arizona Republic 1/9/08 Willie Nelson here for Super Bowl show

Arizona Republic 1/7/08 Super Bowl concert list

KCCI 1/7/08 Iowa Company Crafts Super Bowl Sign

Arizona Republic 1/7/08 Super Bowl volunteers have next best thing to game tickets

Southcoast Today 1/6/08 NFL to plant trees to offset Super Bowl

BuddyTV 1/6/08 'Girls Next Door' Stars to Grace Super Bowl Party

Chicago Daily Herald 1/5/08 NFL planting trees prior to Super Bowl

Arizona Republic 1/5/08 Tommy Lee, Dave Navarro sign on for Super Bowl

Glendale Star 1/4/08 Valley police ready for Super Bowl

East Valley Tribune 1/4/08 Got $17,000? Bowl someone over with Super gift from Costco

Arizona Republic 12/30/07 Sports shows have big plans for Super Bowl

FOX Sports `12/29/07 All-time greatest Super Bowl ads

OC Register 12/29/07 Singer's seeking an audience of, oh, 90 million

Arizona Republic 12/25/07 NFL moves to make Super Bowl greener

Celebrity Spider 12/21/07 Eagles Turned Down Super Bowl Offer

Celebrity Spider 12/21/07 Justin Timberlake Car Crash Super Bowl Ad

Newsday 12/20/07 Rocker vies for Super Bowl airtime

USA Today 12/20/07 Gatorade gives audience an early look at Super Bowl ads

Celebrity Spider 12/18/07 Justin Timberlake Agrees to Super Bowl Stunts

Celebrity Spider 12/18/07 Will Ferrell to be a Super Bowl Star

Kansas City Star 12/15/07 In brief: Super Bowl ads nearly sold out at $2.7 million a pop

Arizona Republic 12/14/07 'Idol' Jordin Sparks to sing anthem at Super Bowl XLII

East Valley Tribune 12/14/07 City adjusts trolley route for Super Bowl

Indy Star 12/8/07 Effort begins on bid to get Super Bowl here in 2012

USA Today 12/6/07 Time running out on available Super Bowl ad slots

Arizona Republic 12/2/07 Petty to play Super Bowl

Arizona Republic 11/25/07 Arizona communities seek piece of Super Bowl pie

Arizona Republic 11/25/07 Brokers: '08 Super Bowl not so super

East Valley Tribune 11/22/07 Touchdown for Super Bowl shoppers

Arizona Republic 11/21/07 Sports-gear store aims for 15 more locations before Super Bowl

Media Post 11/19/07 Salesgenie Returns To Super Bowl Ad Lineup

Arizona Republic 11/18/07 Super Bowl mascot's name raises concerns of trademark infringement

Arizona Republic 11/18/07 Super Bowl packages lavish workers

Arizona Republic 11/12/07 Super security for Super Bowl

KVIA 11/12/07 Super Bowl's tax impact estimated at $3.6 million to $5.5 million

Business Journal 11/8/07 Bridgestone to be title sponsor of Super Bowl half-time shows

Reuters 11/7/07 News Corp says sold 95 pct of Super Bowl ads

Honolulu Advertiser 11/1/07 NFL: Super Bowl will honor late Walsh

Arizona Republic 10/29/07 Super Bowl can be a super deal for homeowners

KTAR 10/29/07 Super Bowl Countdown Begins

East Valley Tribune 10/27/07 NFL trees to offset Super Bowl pollution

Arizona Republic 10/20/07 Countdown party marks 100 days to Super Bowl

Arizona Business Gazette 10/18/07 Glendale primping for Super Bowl's 'big camera'

USA Today 10/15/07 Goodell: Super Bowl may someday be held in London

Arizona Republic 10/14/07 Festival during Super Bowl will honor Native Americans

Arizona Republic 10/14/07 Leno to return to host Super Bowl black-tie gala

Arizona Republic 10/1/07 NFL hopes to offset carbon footprint of Super Bowl with environmental projects

East Valley Tribune 9/30/07 Scottsdale is home to Super Bowl fun

Arizona Republic 9/29/07 Can chocolate, Super Bowl mix?

Lake Powell Chronicle 9/26/07 Page taking part in Super Bowl Festival

Yahoo! News 9/26/07 Super Bowl XLI Expected to Include Most Press Credentials Ever

Arizona Republic 9/23/07 There's room at the inns for Super Bowl

Dallas Morning News 9/21/07 Jones promises biggest Super Bowl ever

Arizona Republic 9/16/07 Super Bowl program boosts learning process

BBC 9/13/07 BBC Sport to televise Super Bowl

Chicago Tribune 9/12/07 CBS asks appeals court to drop fine

SF Chronicle 9/10/07 Super Bowl Striptease Back on Stage

Arizona Republic 9/8/07 Super Bowl's corporate helpers

Arizona Republic 8/26/07 Super Bowl committee campaign seeks to drum up enthusiasm

Arizona Republic 8/18/07 Super Bowl is Educational

Washington Post 8/17/07 At Super Bowl, Fox to Blitz Celebrity Arrivals

E! Online 8/16/07 Super Bowl Seacrest

East Valley Tribune 8/13/07 Scottsdale Airport eyes Super Bowl fliers

Arizona Republic 8/12/07 Latina reaches out to engage Hispanics in the Super Bowl

Arizona Republic 7/30/07 Super Bowl to make Valley Party Central

Hispanic Business 7/30/07 Activist Plans Boycott During Super Bowl

Arizona Republic 7/21/07 Super Bowl countdown party set

Glendale Star 7/16/07 Monastery puts out welcome mat for Super Bowl fans and media

Arizona Republic 7/16/07 Airports ramp up for Super Bowl VIPs

Arizona Republic 7/14/07 Venues to make time for Super Bowl

Tucson Citizen 7/10/07 125 businesses in Super Bowl directory

Arizona Republic 7/9/07 Valley businesses needed at Super Bowl

Arizona Republic 7/7/07 Super Bowl will test hoteliers

Arizona Republic 6/29/07 $1M grant will let Buckeye airport expand for Super Bowl

Arizona Republic 6/27/07 Super Bowl clock ticking at Sky Harbor Terminal 4

AOL Sports 6/27/07 Woman Sues NFL, Claims She Was Groped During Super Bowl Commercial Pitch

Arizona Republic 6/24/07 State won't pay Super Bowl public-safety costs

Arizona Republic 6/24/07 Committee seeks coaches, kids for Super Bowl clinics

Arizona Republic 6/19/07 NFL, local officials working through Super Bowl details

Media Week 6/18/07 NFL Draws Rights Holders' Ire for Its Soft Super Bowl Assist
Arizona Republic 6/17/07 Sparks on Super Bowl radar

Arizona Republic 6/17/07 Many Super Bowl positions to fill

Tampa Bay Business Journal 6/15/07 Staubach to direct plays off the field for 2011 Super Bowl

Antioch Press 6/15/07 Lost bet puts man in pink for a year

Arizona Republic 6/14/07 Glendale faces $3.4 million in Super Bowl expenses

Arizona Republic 6/10/07 Economic boon, pride come with Super Bowl

Phoenix Business Journal 6/6/07 Fort Worth preparing to host Super Bowl events

Arizona Republic 6/3/07 Teaching the Super Bowl

Washington Business Journal 6/1/07 New report provides details on Super Bowl attendance, spending

Arizona Republic 5/27/07 Super Bowl to bring in big bucks

Times Picayune 5/27/07 Super Bowl bid sends Texas-sized message

Fort Worth Star Telegram 5/22/07 Super Bowl transportation plans dazzle

FOX Sports 5/22/07 Putting Super Bowl in Dallas was easy call

Fort Worth Star Telegram 5/22/07 North Texas lands 2011 Super Bowl

Fort Worth Star Telegram 5/22/07 The road to landing Super Bowl XLV

Arizona Republic 5/22/07 Arizona '11 Super Bowl bid fails

Sports Illustrated 5/22/07 Ranking the top 10 best host cities for the big game

Arizona Republic 5/22/07 Infighting clouds bid for Super Bowl in 2011

Indy Channel 5/21/07 Dungy Among 5 Making Indy's Super Bowl Pitch

Sports Illustrated 5/21/07 Staubach QBs Super Bowl bid

Indy Star 5/21/07 Hoosiers are hedging bets on Indy hosting Super Bowl

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette 5/21/07 Super Bowl host contenders

East Valley Tribune 5/20/07 Arizona eyes 2011 Super Bowl

Arizona Republic 5/18/07 Glendale learns soon if it gets 2011 Super Bowl

Indy Channel 5/18/07 Indy Puts Finishing Touches On Super Bowl Bid

Yahoo! News 5/15/07 Ottawa man with muscular dystrophy wins big role in Super Bowl ad

WTHR 5/15/07 Indy prepares for Super Bowl bid

Arizona Republic 5/13/07 Super Bowl volunteers show support for troops

Star Telegram 5/12/07 State might pick up share of Super Bill

USA Today 5/11/07 Super Bowl ad for $2.7M also buys MySpace posting

Arizona Republic 5/11/07 Fox, MySpace may join forces on Super Bowl ads

WCSH-TV 5/9/07 NFL Sends Shirts From Super Bowl Losers To Africa

Indy Star 5/8/07 NFL bans mayors from bid meetings

Daily News Sun 5/8/07 Surprise seeks piece of Super Bowl pie

Arizona Republic 5/8/07 Free Super Bowl workshop for businesses changes venue

Tucson Citizen 5/7/07 Super Bowl business workshop is Wednesday

WTHR 5/7/07 Finalized Super Bowl bid headed to New York

WFAA 5/4/07 Panel wraps up Super Bowl bid

Indy Star 5/4/07 Indy fine-tunes Super Bowl bid

East Valley Tribune 4/28/07 Many drawn to Super Bowl sign-up

Arizona Republic 4/22/07 You can get close to Super Bowl fun

Fox Sports 4/20/07 Super Bowl strives to be carbon-neutral

ESPN 4/20/07 NFL fines Urlacher $100K for Super Bowl hat

Indy Star 4/20/07 Lucas pledges $1 million to bring big game to Indy

Miami Herald 4/17/07 Bucs stadium to get Super Bowl makeover

Denton Record Chronicle 4/16/07 For Super Bowl hosts, it's a game of details

Star Telegram 4/16/07 Is the Super Bowl worth the price?

East Valley Tribune 4/10/07 Scottsdale, Glendale team up to court 2011 Super Bowl

Indy Star 4/10/07 Indy Super Bowl committee to meet with NFL

NBC5 4/10/07 North Texas Finalizes Super Bowl Bid

Arizona Republic 4/7/07 Key figure in Super Bowl bid resigns

Sun Sentinel 4/6/07 Broward tourism won big during '07 Super Bowl

Arizona Republic 4/3/07 Arizona 2011 Super Bowl bid is official

Business Journal 4/3/07 Former Super Bowl host committee exec to lead Tampa effort

FOX 28 4/2/07 Indianapolis to Present Super Bowl Bid

Dallas Morning News 4/1/07 Panel gets bid for Super Bowl rolling

Fox Sports 4/1/07 Indy pushing for 2011 Super Bowl

Arizona Republic 3/30/07 Glendale to pursue 2nd Super Bowl

Dallas Business Journal 3/29/07 Dallas City Council gives support for Super Bowl bid

Glendale Star 3/28/07 Council says yes to 2011 Super Bowl bid

Arizona Republic 3/26/07 Super Bowl panel to skip NFL talks

Celebrity Spider 3/21/07 Odd Complaints Filed Against Prince Superbowl Show

Florida Times Union 3/19/07 Super Bowl helped, if you can believe it

USA Today 3/18/07 History lesson for Super cities

Arizona Republic 3/17/07 Group asked to spend more on 2011 Super Bowl

CBS 3/16/07 Super Bowl Belly Ad Woman Gives Birth

WTHR 3/13/07 Indianapolis bidding for 2011 Super Bowl

AJC 3/11/07 Atlanta not chasing 2011 Super Bowl

Phoenix Business Journal 3/9/07 Glendale bucks odds in bid for 2011 Super Bowl

NY Post 2/27/07 'Born To Run' Would Be Natural For Super Bowl 

WISH 2/24/07 NFL's Combine Could Help Indianapolis' Bid For Super Bowl

Green Bay Press 2/18/07 Super Bowl ads bother super PC society

The Register 2/15/07 Super Bowl feeds illicit gambling

NY Post 2/13/07 Offensive Fouls Called Over Super Bowl Ads

USA Today 2/12/07 College whiz kid basks in Super Bowl glory

Star Telegram 2/12/07 City to consider resolution for Super Bowl bid 2/11/07 There's profit in protesting Super Bowl ads

Seattle Times 2/10/07 Automaker's ad offends suicide-prevention group

Mercury News 2/10/07 Readers turned off by Super Bowl ads

Chicago Tribune 2/9/07 For $2.6 million, Super Bowl ads need to live longer than 30 seconds

Post and Courier 2/9/07 Sports books set near-record for wagering on Super Bowl

Daily Record 2/9/07 Super Bowl commercials: what’s the big deal?

Charlotte Observer 2/9/07 Charlotte region tuned in Super Bowl

Celebrity Spider 2/8/07 NFL Denies "Phallic Symbolism" in Super Bowl Halftime Show

CNN 2/8/07 If Super Bowl proposal fails, ask her on local TV

MTV 2/8/07 Foo Fighters 'Have No Idea' Why Prince Covered Their Song At Super Bowl

Detroit News 2/8/07 GM urged to pull suicidal robot ad

Post and Courier 2/8/07 Super Bowl loss costs Bears' fan his name

CBS 2/7/07 Bloggers Bash Super Bowl Ads

USA Today 2/7/07 Snickers maker drops Super Bowl ad

Toronto Star 2/7/07 Snickers bicker feeds ad flap

MSNBC 2/7/07 Is a Super Bowl Ad Really Worth the Cost?

NY Daily News 2/7/07 In history, almost Super

Celebrity Spider 2/6/07 93 Million Watch Super Bowl Telecast on CBS

Detroit Free Press 2/6/07 Prince's Halftime Imagery Questioned

The Morning Call 2/6/07 Sizing up CBS' nine-hour Super Bowl colossus

Daily News of Newburyport 2/6/07 Former Port man makes Super Bowl ad

CNN 2/6/07 Snickers pulls plug on Super Bowl smooch ad

Washington Post 2/6/07 In Super Bowl Ratings Bonanza, Ads Are Minuses

Deseret News 2/6/07 Bowl winner: Coke's ad

The Trades 2/5/07 AdverBowl XLI

IGN 2/5/07 Top 10 Ads of Super Bowl XLI

E!Online 2/5/07 Super Ratings, Princely Reviews

Detroit News 2/5/07 Prince reigns with stellar halftime show

Chicago Sun Times 2/5/07 Purple rain turned super

Detroit News 2/5/07 Not so $uper $ellers

Orlando Sentinel 2/5/07 Super Bowl commercial highlights, lowlights

Tampa Tribune 2/5/07 Some Ads Score, Some Fumble

Detroit Free Press 2/5/07 Prince saves the day

Yahoo! News 2/5/07 Advertisers go for Super Bowl laughs

USA Today 2/5/07 No malfunctions with Prince show

CBS News 2/5/07 Pain, Humiliation Dominated Super Bowl Ads

Detroit Free Press 2/5/07 Big night has smaller hits, many misses

Knox News 2/5/07 The good, the bad and the ugly of Super Bowl ads

NY Post 2/5/07 No malfunction as Prince rocks halftime

Dallas Morning News 2/5/07 Where's the beef?

NY Post 2/5/07 Amateur ads follow Super Bowl tradition

NY Daily News 2/5/07 They ad to be funnier

The Trades 2/4/07 Super Bowl DVDs: Which Are The Winners and Losers?

Washington Post 2/4/07 The Game's Just the Cherry On This Sunday

CNN 2/4/07 Crowning achievement

Times Democrat 2/4/07 Prince Pours on the 'Purple Rain'

CBS News 2/4/07 Peyton's place in history includes Super Bowl MVP award

CBS 2/4/07 Super Bowl XLI stinks like a wet dog

Fox News 2/4/07 Colts, Bears Say They Are Ready for Super Bowl Come Rain or Shine

Washington Post 2/4/07 No Malfunction As Prince Rocks Halftime

Jam! 2/4/07 Football & babes on tonight's lineup

Chicago Sun-Times 2/4/07 K-Fed, monsters and Robert Goulet

Fox News 2/4/07 Stars Take Miami for Super Bowl Weekend

Chicago Tribune 2/4/07 Inquiring 'Minds' wants to know if time slot is Super

Contra Costa Times 2/4/07 Pros compete in Super Bowl, but amateurs create ad spots

Celebrity Spider 2/3/07 Kevin Federline Sorry for Super Bowl Ad

Beacon Journal 2/3/07 Ads during Super Bowl don't fit every game plan

NY Daily News 2/3/07 Coaches stay Super pals

Deseret News 2/3/07 No malfunctions during the Super Bowl, please

NY Daily News 2/3/07 Supe ads: There's a catch

ABC News 2/3/07 Chevy to Air Teen's Ad During Super Bowl

E!Online 2/2/07 Super Bowl XLI: Prince Goes Crazy, Goulet Gets Nuts

Chicago Tribune 2/2/07 Here's what $2.6 million can purchase

ET Online 2/2/07 Seeing Stars at the Super Bowl

USA Today 2/2/07 Super Bowling for big ratings

Entertainment Weekly 2/2/07 11 Memorable Super Bowl Commercials

Christian Science Monitor 2/2/07 A Super Bowl first: two black head coaches

Orlando Sentinel 2/2/07 Halftime show looks super blah

Hartford Courant 2/2/07 Roar Of Super Bowl Hype Machine Grows - For Commercials, This Time

Chicago Tribune 2/2/07 Burger King, Microsoft sitting out Super Bowl

Extra 2/2/07 Super Bowl XLI Brings Party People to Miami

Courier Journal 2/2/07 Matt Battaglia and wife score Super Bowl ads

Hollywood Reporter 2/2/07 Super Bowl drives NFL's rising revenues

NC Times 2/2/07 Year of the hi-def Super Bowl party: Fans snap up big TVs for big game

Deseret News 2/2/07 'Minds' gets super slot

Orlando Sentinel 2/2/07 Halftime show looks super blah

Hollywood Reporter 2/2/07 Prince demonstrates his game plan

CBS 2/1/07 Super Bowl Around The World

Guardian 2/1/07 Priciest Super Bowl shuns grassroots fans

USA Today 2/1/07 Super Bowl security on full alert in Miami

CBS 2/1/07 Super Bowl Bet In Iraq

ABC 2/1/07 How to throw a Rockin' Super Bowl Party

Baltimore Sun 2/1/07 Not all can stomach this Super Bowl ad

Hello! 2/1/07 Becks half-time highlight at Super Bowl

Washington Times 2/1/07 Miami hot for Super Bowl

Celebrity Spider 1/31/07 Super Bowl Safety Tips From The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson

MSNBC 1/31/07 NFL plants trees to offset Super Bowl emissions

Sports Illustrated 1/31/07 Indy takes aim at 2011 Super Bowl

Forbes 1/31/07 Super Bowl tops Forbes' most valuable brands

Yahoo 1/31/07 Super Bowl: Last-second save, and other ticket strategies

FOX News 1/31/07 Pharmaceutical Company Won't Mention Its Products in Super Bowl Ad

Birmingham News 1/31/07 The color of Super Bowl is avocado

San Francisco Chronicle 1/31/07 Super Bowl Games vs. Commercials; Are ads superior to game?

Cincinnati Enquirer 1/31/07 Super Bowl snacking, by the numbers

Celebrity Spider 1/30/07 Fans Flock Across the Country to See Super Bowl XLI

Zap2It 1/30/07 Movie Studios Ditch Super Bowl

Reuters 1/30/07 Super Bowl: Show me the money

Miami Herald 1/30/07 Super Bowl XLI: Football's gift to kids

TV Guide 1/30/07 Dan Marino Shares CBS' "Super" Plan! Plus: Bowl Party Tips

Indy Star 1/30/07 Indianapolis to bid on Super Bowl

NBC5 1/30/07 Super Bowl Security Serious Business

Daily Herald 1/30/07 Aurora woman's homemade Doritos commercial could air during the big game

Extra 1/29/07 Sneak A Peek at the Hottest Super Bowl Ads

Chicago Sun Times 1/29/07 Super Bowl reshuffle

Miami Herald 1/29/07 Super spending, super hype?

CBS 1/29/07 Bears Blow Into Miami

Chicago Tribune 1/29/07 Channel 2 offers HDTV hotline for Super Bowl

NY Times 1/29/07 At a Position Known for Greatness, Pretty Good Can Be Enough 1/29/07 P&G, Unilever Sit Out the Super Bowl

Chicago Tribune 1/28/07 Super Bowl 101: the ads

Courier News 1/28/07 Super Bowl ads may hit funny bone

Chicago Tribune 1/28/07 The Big Show

Variety 1/28/07 'Criminal' following Super Bowl

Mercury News 1/28/07 Super Bowl rarity: two personable coaches

NY Times 1/28/07 Between A.F.C. and N.F.C., Parity Is Only a Six-Letter Word

Sun Sentinel 1/28/07 Miami's poverty a grim backdrop to Super Bowl glitz

Chicago Tribune 1/28/07 NFL bars mass viewing of Super Bowl TV

Broadcasting & Cable 1/28/07 Affiliates Go Deep for Super Bowl

Detroit News 1/27/07 Buds' Super Bowl ads

Chicago Tribune 1/27/07 Super Bowl tickets fetch big bucks

Washington Post 1/27/07 Super Bowl's Economic Impact Debated

Milwaukee Journal 1/27/07 Ads the real stars of Super Bowl

First Coast News 1/27/07 The Super Bowl Commercials: A Sneak Peak

Celebrity Spider 1/26/07 Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Get Down for Super Bowl Bash

CBS 4 Miami 1/26/07 Tailgating Forbidden On Super Bowl Sunday

Chicago Sun Times 1/26/07 Manicures, lingerie -- and Super Bowl, too

ABC 1/26/07 Scalpers Put Super Bowl Tickets Online

CBS 1/26/07 Many Companies Mum About Pricey Super Bowl Ads

NY Post 1/26/07 'Super' Dreams of HDTV

ABC 1/26/07 The Super Bowl Ad Race, Starring You

Fox Sports 1/26/07 Staubach to head Super Bowl bid committee

KIRO 1/25/07 Woman Will Paint Ad On Pregnant Belly For Super Bowl Tickets

Boston Globe 1/25/07 Super Bowl ads are pricey, very risky, executives say

ET Online 1/25/07 The Super Bowl's Mystery Groom

FOX News 1/25/07 Anheuser-Busch Again Set to Be Largest Advertiser at Super Bowl

ET Online 1/25/07 Jessica's Super Bowl Secrets

Sun Sentinel 1/24/07 10 ways to enjoy Super Bowl XLI without a ticket to the game

E!Online 1/24/07 Federline Super Bowl Ad an "Insult"?

Union Tribune 1/24/07 Restaurant group objects to planned Super Bowl ad starring Kevin Federline as fast-food worker

Kansas City Star 1/24/07 Garmin's drive for recognition lands it in the Super Bowl ad race

CNN Money 1/24/07 Coke returns to the Super Bowl

ET Online 1/24/07 Jessica's Super Bowl Secrets

Times Online 1/24/07 Charter jets hot ticket for Super Bowl

CNN 1/24/07 Are Super Bowl ads worth the money?

MSNBC 1/24/07 The 10 worst Super Bowl ads of all time

Celebrity Spider 1/23/07 Billy Joel to Perform National Anthem February 4th at Super Bowl XLI

NBC 5 1/23/07 Cosmetic Surgeon Offers Free Services For Super Bowl Tickets

LA Times 1/23/07 A market for Super Bowl tickets

Media Life 1/23/07 On the matter of Super Bowl ad clutter

ABC 1/22/07 Super Bowl tickets are expensive

Washington Post 1/22/07 Super Bowl slowdown costs U.S. employers $800 million

Access Hollywood 1/22/07 Billy Joel To Perform National Anthem At Super Bowl

Celebrity Spider 1/21/07 David Beckham's Super Bowl TV Interview

Denver Post 1/21/07 Colts to meet Bears in Super Bowl

Fox News 1/21/07 Ultimate Romeo Plans Multi-Million Dollar Super Bowl Proposal

Chicago Tribune 1/21/07 CBS' dream Super Bowl omits Bears

Seattle Times 1/19/07 Super Bowl halftime will be a washout

NY Daily News 1/19/07 Super Romeo to toss $2.5M hail marry ad

CBS 1/19/07 Katie Couric Part Of Super Bowl Team On CBS

Detroit News 1/19/07 GM's Super Bowl ads: Think YouTube, not Madison Ave.

Chicago Tribune 1/19/07 NFL plans high-tech blitz to deliver Super Bowl to you

TMZ 1/18/07 Prince Needs Directions to the Super Bowl

BBC 1/18/07 Federline pokes fun at his career

Celebrity Spider 1/17/07 CBS to Air Special "Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials" Friday Feb 2

CNN 1/17/07 Britney's Fed-ex goes to the Super Bowl

Yahoo News 1/17/07 Super Bowl increasingly stuffed with ads, study says

IHT 1/17/07 Seductive, sleepless Miami gets ready to play Super Bowl host

NY Daily News 1/16/07 Brit's NFL ad gone in a flash


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