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News Articles about the Super Bowl and Super Bowl Advertising


First Coast News 5/12/04 City Approves Super Bowl Entertainment Zone

Gainesville Sun 5/12/04 School district asks for delay in testing because of Super Bowl

First Coast News 5/12/04 Lottery System to Determine Super Bowl Boat Parking

WVEC 5/10/04 Bush welcomes Super Bowl champions to White House

Ananova 5/5/04 Janet brings US government into 'Nipplegate'

South Bend Tribune 5/2/04 Detroit sprucing up for Super Bowl 4/30/04 Projects boost Detroit's Super Bowl readiness, officials say

USA Today 4/12/04 Risqué may be too risky for ads

First Coast News 4/12/04 Donation Leads To Couple Landing First Super Bowl Tickets
Ananova 4/11/04 Janet's joke flash

NY Times 4/11/04 Janet Spoofs Super Bowl Flash on 'SNL'

First Coast News 4/10/04 Business Owners Want Fans To Step Out of "Super Bowl Party Zone"

Glendale Star 4/10/04 City moves quickly on Super Bowl plans

First Coast News 4/10/04 Hotels Filling Up Fast for Super Bowl XXXIX 4/1/04 Super Bowl Cancelled? April Fool's!

Jacksonville Business Journal 4/1/04 Super Bowl hoax annoys host committee

First Coast News 3/30/04 Beaches Form Own Super Bowl Committee

Washington Post 3/30/04 Janet Jackson, Back After The Flash

BBC 3/30/04 Janet Jackson flash 'accidental'

Jam! 3/30/04 Jackson's TV flash 'an accident'

TVTechnology 3/26/04 The Aesthetics of Super Bowl Ads

NY Daily News 3/25/04 A flashback, and backlash

Jacksonville Business Journal 3/22/04 City looking for Super Bowl 'brand'

NBC13 3/18/04 Utah Man Sues Over Super Bowl 'Wardrobe Malfunction'

First Coast News 3/18/04 Super Bowl Site Scores Touchdown With Renters

Business Journal 3/16/04 Va. company to help book Super Bowl hotel rooms

Milwaukee Journal 3/12/04 'Wardrobe Malfunction' Is Top Phrase

Business Journal 3/10/04 Gate signs on as Super Bowl sponsor

Times of India 3/6/04 Exposure was an accident: Janet

Houston Chronicle 3/5/04 Jackson sticking with her 'malfunction' story

Teen Music 3/4/04 Janet Jackson: My Apology Was Edited

Seattle PI 3/3/04 Nipplegate: Lawmakers thunder, media shrugs

The Smoking Gun 3/2/04 The Super Bowl 

Teen Music 2/29/04 Timberlake's Mother Speaks Of Super Bowl Shock

Business Journal 2/27/04 Super Bowl organizers reach out to small businesses

Ananova 2/26/04 Janet Jackson's £10m boob

KHOU 2/25/04 NFL says Houston's good for another Super Bowl

First Coast News 2/25/04 Small Businesses Cashing in on the Super Bowl

NY Daily News 2/25/04 Flash fallout

WJXX 2/24/04 Push to get JTB Construction Done By Super Bowl

Boston Channel 2/23/04 Formal Probe Of Super Bowl Riots Launched

Tribnet 2/21/04 Few think Janet Jackson exposure was illegal, poll shows

Glendale Star 2/21/04 Officials already gearing up for 2008 Super Bowl

Jacksonville Business Journal 2/20/04 Two more ships add 500 rooms for Super Bowl

WVEC 2/19/04 Proposed Virginia resolution on Super Bowl show evokes cries of racism

First Coast News 2/18/04 CKPR To Promote St. Johns County For Super Bowl

Billings Gazette 2/17/04 Super Bowl blamed for attrition at health clubs

NY Times 2/15/04 My Hero, Janet Jackson

MSNBC 2/13/04 Jax planners daunted by Super Bowl crowd

MSNBC 2/13/04 City puts on good game face for Super Bowl

Star Ledger 2/12/04 Immoral outrage

Teen Music 2/12/04 P Diddy: Janet Attack Is 'racist'

BBC 2/12/04 Politicians' fury at Janet flash

CBS 2/12/04 Blame Game Over TV Indecency

NY Daily News 2/12/04 Execs call nipplegate unbareable

USA Today 2/11/04 Super Bowl advertisers' Web sites get super boost

The Oregonian 2/11/04 Super Bowl turns out to be the right moment to bare the paradox of pop culture

Teen Music 2/11/04 Jackson Sources: Super Bowl Fiasco Was Timberlake's Fault

BBC 2/11/04 Janet Jackson legal case dropped

Media Life 2/10/04 Winning streak for a non-Super Bowl ad

Jam! 2/10/04 Janet to write song about breast mishap?

Hollywood Reporter 2/10/04 Super Bowl flap makes NFL, CBS look like boobs 2/10/04 NFL Picks UNF As Super Bowl Practice Site

Zap2It 2/10/04 Nipplegate Suit Withdrawn

Rolling Stone 2/10/04 Jackson Suit Dropped

Globe and Mail 2/10/04 Woman drops lawsuit over Janet Jackson's breast

NY Daily News 2/10/04 All Justin's fault, sez Janet's buddy

Guardian 2/10/04 Shadow of Super Bowl hangs over Grammys

KTRK 2/9/04 HPD says Super Bowl safety costs came in under budget

Zap2It 2/9/04 Oscar Nominees Sound Off About 'Nipplegate'

Teen Music 2/9/04 Jackson And Timberlake Sued Over Super Bowl Exposure

TV Week 2/9/04 TiVo's News Flash

SF Chronicle 2/9/04 Ripping the top off of naked greed

Times of India 2/9/04 Janet opts out of Grammys

CBS 2/8/04 Showtime At The Super Bowl

Chicago Sun-Times 2/8/04 Super Bowl motto: In money we trust

First Coast News 2/8/04 Super Bowl Road Projects On the Fast Track

Chicago Tribune 2/8/04 Super Bowl fallout won't result in lasting change

Fox News 2/8/04 Janet, Justin Invited Back to Grammys 2/8/04 Nipplegate's Aussie link

The Sun 2/8/04 Babe Janet 'fixed stunt'

NY Daily News 2/8/04 Grammy flip-flop

Deseret News 2/8/04 Too far! 'Malfunction' ignites a hot debate

Independent 2/8/04 Focus: Shock in the USA! Anarchy in the UK!

Zap2It 2/7/04 Nipplegate Leaves FCC Flooded with Complaints

Deseret News 2/7/04 Networks vow to foil Jackson repeat 2/7/04 First 'nipplegate' lawsuit launched

Chicago Daily Herald 2/6/04 Class dissects Super Bowl on a sociological level

Broadcast Newsroom 2/6/04 Super Bowl Follies: Ads Good and Bad

San Francisco Chronicle 2/6/04 Let's get real about boob tube

Washington Post 2/6/04 Jackson's Flash Has an Afterimage That Won't Fade

Seattle PI 2/6/04 The latest on 'Boobgate'

DC Military 2/6/04 Some Soldiers missed the Super Bowl

Mercury News 2/6/04 Super Bowl advertisers take their complaints to the NFL

Internet News 2/6/04 Super Bowl Ads Supercharge Online Traffic

Nashua Telegraph 2/6/04 Recovering from the Super Bowl

Ananova 2/6/04 Fetish shop angry with Janet Jackson

Ananova 2/6/04 TV viewer sues Janet Jackson over boob

Zap2It 2/5/04 Nipple's Ripples Hit Pro Bowl, Oscars

This is London 2/5/04 Janet banned from Grammys

CNN/SI 2/5/04 Super Bowl champs coming back to Portland 2/5/04 Super Bowl Volunteers Begin Rallying For Next Year

Extra 2/5/04 Janet Jackson

Zap2It 2/5/04 Suit Alleges Super Bowl Show Caused Injury

TV Barn 2/5/04 CBS PR: Final Super Bowl nationals

Times of India 2/5/04 Janet show busts TV, Net records

NY Times 2/5/04 Bracing for Fallout From Super Indignation

USA Today 2/5/04 Banned from the Grammys?

Deseret News 2/5/04 Halftime hysteria isn't going to help

Teen Music 2/5/04 Timberlake Fuming At Jackson Boob

Deseret News 2/5/04 Spike calls incident a 'new low'

Washington Post 2/5/04 Flags Keep Dropping on Super Bowl Stunt

BBC 2/5/04 Justin's 'shocked and appalled'

NY Daily News 2/5/04 Janet a Grammy goner

Ananova 2/5/04 Timberlake's family shocked over Jackson stunt

NMC 2/4/04 Tim Mcgraw's Super Pre-Super Bowl Show

Defy Magazine 2/4/04 Jackson Stunt Stunts Oscar

Zap2It 2/4/04 Forget Nipplegate, Prepare for Ponchogate

BBC 2/4/04 US apoplexy over Jackson flash

Scotsman 2/4/04 Janet's Super Bowl Boob: Funny Side Is Lost on America

Guardian 2/4/04 Super Bowl-Winner Patriots in Son's Name

Ananova 2/4/04 Janet Jackson's boob makes internet history

The Sun 2/4/04 Janet boob makes history 2/4/04 Some Soldiers missed Super Bowl

Family News 2/4/04 The Real Super Bowl Scandal

Zap2It 2/4/04 AOL May Ask CBS For Super Bowl Refund

Digital Spy 2/4/04 AOL reportedly wants Super Bowl refund

BBC 2/4/04 Grammys avoid Janet-style flash

BBC 2/4/04 Janet Jackson films video apology

Daily Herald 2/4/04 Shock that sells: Will Super Bowl ads backfire?

Georgetown Record 2/4/04 Super Bowl prediction was right on

Orlando Sentinel 2/4/04 Flash of insight: You're in control

Washington Post 2/4/04 CBS Scores Big With Super Bowl, 'Survivor' Debut

Indiana Statesman 2/4/04 ISU Super Bowl commercial proves school's rich basketball tradition

Ananova 2/4/04 Jackson 'nipplegate' leads to Grammys delay

Beacon Journal 2/4/04 Breast fallout grabs readers

Hollywood Reporter 2/4/04 FCC puts indecency eye on entire Super Bowl halftime

NY Times 2/3/04 After Flash of Flesh, CBS Again Is in Denial

NBC 13 2/3/04 Janet Jackson Reveals What She Meant To Show

CNN 2/3/04 AOL may ask for Super Bowl money back

Herald News 2/3/04 Super Bowl win a boon for retailers

WCNC 2/3/04 Super Bowl: NFL gives Houston high marks

Seattle PI 2/3/04 Boston fetes Super Bowl champion Patriots

BBC 2/3/04 US apoplexy over Jackson flash

Teen Music 2/3/04 Justin and Janet "Flash" the Super Bowl

Star Tribune 2/3/04 Super Bowl ads: high cost and low brow

Zap2It 2/3/04 Nipplegate Is Most-TiVo'ed Moment Ever

Extra 2/3/04 Janet's Grammy Controversy

Borowitz 2/3/04 Ashcroft Detains Janet Jackson’s Right Boob

Plain Dealer 2/3/04 A different way to break things down

NY Times 2/3/04 After Flash of Flesh, CBS Again Is in Denial

Post Gazette 2/3/04 Super Bowl leaves a taste that was definitely less filling

Rolling Stone 2/3/04 Janet Apologizes for Flash 2/3/04 Singers 'Sorry' Over Boob

TV Barn 2/3/04 CBS PR: 33.3 mil stayed up for "Survivor"; 99M watched end of game

NY Times 2/3/04 MTV Blames Janet Jackson for Super Bowl Incident

USA Today 2/3/04 Jackson's halftime stunt fuels indecency debate

Oklahoma Daily 2/3/04 Super Bowl ads fumble this year

USA Today 2/3/04 'Wardrobe malfunction' flashes silver

Media Guardian 2/3/04 Singers' boob sparks outrage in US

Press of Atlantic City 2/3/04 Super ads

The Trades 2/3/04 Advertisement Bowl XXXVIII

Deseret News 2/3/04 Best, worst of Super TV ads

Deseret News 2/3/04 FCC orders probe into halftime show

CBS 2/3/04 Apology Enough After Janet Stunt?

Hollywood Reporter 2/3/04 Boob tube ploy raises FCC ire

Washington Post 2/3/04 FCC Is Investigating Super Bowl Show

St Petersburg Times 2/3/04 Unwelcome exposure

The Sun 2/3/04 Timberlook!

Hollywood Reporter 2/3/04 Super Sunday: CBS execs grin after nail-biter

Jam! 2/3/04 Janet apologizes for strip incident

Washington Post 2/3/04 CBS Gave 90 Million An Eyeful

Ananova 2/3/04 Janet Jackson admits bare truth

NY Daily News 2/3/04 Janet's sorry for Supe strip

BBC 2/3/04 Janet's Superbowl strip no accident

SF Chronicle 2/3/04 FCC inquiry, uproar over Super Bowl halftime peepshow

BBC 2/3/04 Inquiry into Janet Jackson flash

NY Daily News 2/3/04 Peak hour no time for peekaboo

Chicago Sun-Times 2/3/04 Cover story so bad, even FCC sees through it

NY Daily News 2/3/04 Tags wonders how XXXVIII became XXX

NY Daily News 2/3/04 Jackson's stunt exposes league

TV Barn 2/2/04 TiVo: Janet-Justin was most TiVoed moment EVER

TV Barn 2/2/04 CBS PR: Superest ratings since 2000 2/2/04 Pepsi's Download Fizz

NewsHax 2/2/04 Janet Jackson’s Breasts Duds Say Fireworks Experts

Washington Post 2/2/04 Incomplete!

Digital Spy 2/2/04 Super Bowl Halftime show generates controversy

Rolling Stone 2/2/04 Justin Sorry for Janet Strip

Extra 2/2/04 Janet's Revealing Halftime Show

Rolling Stone 2/2/04 Justin Sorry for Janet Strip

TV Week 2/2/04 CBS Affils Denounce Halftime Antics 2/2/04 Probe on Super Bowl boob

Zap2It 2/2/04 FCC Investigating Jackson's Super Bowl Strip

Extra 2/2/04 Super Bowl Parties

Zap2It 2/2/04 Super Bowl Sets Ratings Record

Slate 2/2/04 The Super Bowl Special

Detroit News 2/2/04 Cute monkeys, cursing kids punctuate Big Three commercials

CNN/SI 2/2/04 What more could you want?

Teen Music 2/2/04 Beyonce's Super Bowl Scare

Baltimore Sun 2/2/04 Super Bowl ads caught up in law of averages

NBC13 2/2/04 FCC To Investigate Jackson Breast Exposure Incident

NY Times 2/2/04 It Did Not Remain Dull for Long 2/2/04 Statement regarding the Super Bowl halftime show

SF Chronicle 2/2/04 Super Bowl ads strain for cheap laughs

NY Times 2/2/04 During Halftime Show, a Display Tailored for Video Review

Milwaukee Journal 2/2/04 Super Bowl halftime's breast-baring stunt spurs CBS apology

This Is London 2/2/04 Janet's revealing performance

Globe and Mail 2/2/04 CBS says ratings for Super Bowl up slightly

NY Times 2/2/04 During Breaks in Game, Satire and Silliness

The Sun 2/2/04 Janet flashes Super Bowl

Orlando Sentinel 2/2/04 There's no defense for offensive ads

BBC 2/2/04 Justin strips Janet Jackson at Superbowl

CBS 2/2/04 Pats Get Leg Up, Win Super Bowl

USA Today 2/2/04 NFL upset by halftime show; CBS apologizes

Orlando Sentinel 2/2/04 MTV halftime stunt amuses no one

Launch 2/2/04 Jackson Super Bowl Super Boob

Hollywood Reporter 2/2/04 Super Bowl ad show cool, funny at $75k per second

St Petersburg Times 2/2/04 Commercials lack creativity

Seattle PI 2/2/04 Jackson's 'flop' wasn't the only one on this night

BBC 2/2/04 Janet Jackson left exposed on TV

Ananova 2/2/04 Timberlake apology for Janet Jackson boob

NY Daily News 2/2/04 Ads went for the safety

Santa Cruz Sentinel 2/2/04 Lex van den Berghe: The Skinny

NY Daily News 2/2/04 Janet's pop shocker!

Zap2It 2/2/04 Janet Jackson Busts Out at Super Bowl Halftime

Hartford Courant 2/2/04 Halftime Exposed By Live TV

Rocky Mountain News 2/2/04 Super Bowl streaked with exposed flesh

CNN 2/2/04 Super Bowl ads amusing, but missing wackiness of past years

Boston Globe 2/2/04 Perhaps best Super Bowl ever played

Indy Star 2/2/04 There was plenty to take note of on Super Bowl Sunday 2/2/04 Super Bowl takes grip

Zap2It 2/1/04 Super Bowl Ads Aim Low

CBS 2/1/04 Super Bowl: A Made-For-TV Holiday 2/1/04 Best bets on the Net

Zap2It 2/1/04 Janet Jackson Busts Out at Super Bowl Halftime

BBC 2/1/04 Super Bowl preview
Baltimore Sun 2/1/04 Even rejected ads get some Super Bowl glow

Salt Lake Tribune 2/1/04 Pizzerias see big dough in Super Bowl

BBC 2/1/04 Super Bowl players to watch

Modesto Bee 2/1/04 Houston: Texas-size Super Bowl city can't shake its sprawl-and-mall image

NY Daily News 2/1/04 Super match? Don't bet on it

Press Enterprise 2/1/04 XXXVIII things you'll see at Super Bowl 38

NY Daily News 2/1/04 Super Bowl XXXVIII Scouting Report

NY Daily News 2/1/04 Just play the game already

NY Times 2/1/04 For Houston, It's Party First, Game Second

CTV 1/31/04 Illegal music downloader in Super Bowl Ad

The Oregonian 1/31/04 Switch from the stupor bowl for some really marginal TV

CBS 1/31/04 Marketing, not game planning, take biggest stage

Deseret News 1/31/04 CBS gets Super

BBC 1/31/04 Making a fortune from Super Bowl ads

News 8 Austin 1/31/04 Official Super Bowl poster unveiled

AJC 1/31/04 Super Bowl coattail ad

Globe and Mail 1/31/04 NFL breaks up Super Bowl bashes

USA Today 1/31/04 Super Bowl recipe requires many ingredients

Globe and Mail 1/31/04 The teams of Super Bowl XXXVIII

Washington Post 1/31/04 Marathon Cures For Those Super Bowl Blues

USA Today 1/31/04 Don't penalize Super Bowl assistants

NY Times 1/31/04 For the Football Anti-Fan: Aliens, Lovers, Lingerie

Seattle PI 1/31/04 Tune in for a full day of Super TV

NY Daily News 1/31/04 N.Y. dome could bring Bowl home

NY Daily News 1/31/04 Super coaches take center stage

Hartford Courant 1/31/04 It's Super Bowl Eternity

CSM 1/30/04 The Super Bowl team I own

Tee Vee 1/30/04 Military Intelligence, Jumbo Shrimp, Super Bowl

The Louisville Channel 1/30/04 Super Stars Arrive In Houston For Super Bowl

SF Gate 1/30/04 Jacksonville tries to build city around Super Bowl

CSM 1/30/04 These days even at the Super Bowl, offense is overrated

Fox News 1/30/04 Super Bowl is 'Perfect American Holiday'

Arizona Republic 1/30/04 Super Bowl crowd draws celebrities, corporate stars

Extra 1/30/04 Super Bowl Stars

Zap2It 1/30/04 MoveOn Urges One-Minute Boycott of CBS

Milwaukee Journal 1/30/04 Have a ball!

Seattle Times 1/30/04 A Super Bowl primer for everything but the game

Seattle PI 1/30/04 Surviving Super Bowl Sunday is a challenge

NY Daily News 1/30/04 Ready to kick ads

NY Daily News 1/30/04 Fewer gimmicks would be Super

CSM 1/30/04 The women are watching

NY Times 1/29/04 In Houston, Football Mania and a Shuttle Tribute

ESPN 1/29/04 The $2.3 million commercial risk 

Extra 1/29/04 Janet Jackson

MSNBC 1/29/04 Super Bowl stock superstition

NMC 1/29/04 Toby's Super Bowl Football Weekend T.V. 

Fox News 1/29/04 Super Snacks Scrap Carbs

New Castle News 1/29/04 The Super Bowl: Facts and figures

SF Chronicle 1/29/04 Let them play

USA Today 1/29/04 Bad food sets the mood

Denver Post 1/29/04 Sunday's Super ads look like a Viagra-fest

NY Daily News 1/29/04 Super Moments

CSM 1/29/04 Sunday best: Houston's Super Bowl face-lift

CNN 1/29/04 Super what?

NY Daily News 1/29/04 TV for those who pass on football

MTV 1/28/04 Janet Jackson's Super Bowl Show Promises 'Shocking Moments'

Newsday 1/28/04 Subway plans Super Bowl commercial

CBS 1/28/04 Super Bowl Sunday

Extra 1/28/04 Super Bowl Ads

Zap2It 1/28/04 Pepsi, Bud Spend Big on Super Bowl
Newsday 1/28/04 Now, These Commercials

Newsday 1/28/04 Halftime Super-Sized

Newsday 1/28/04 The Lingerie Bowl

Newsday 1/28/04 The Half of It

Ad Week 1/28/04 Grey: That's Some Spicy Pringles Chip

Daily Northwestern 1/28/04 Super Bowl ad falls victim to media control

NY Daily News 1/28/04 Worst Super teams

NY Daily News 1/28/04 Super coaches left out

SF Chronicle 1/27/04 Super Bowl Trivia Quiz

NY Times 1/27/04 Super Bowl I on HBO: 2 Teams and 2 Networks

CNN 1/27/04 Vegas could be Super Bowl loser

Star Telegram 1/27/04 Super Bowl week hardly a dull time

Slate 1/27/04 New England sets Super Bowl record!

Deseret News 1/27/04 Execs hope 'Super' ads bowl us over 1/27/04 Aussie babe Bowls 'em over

Ad Week 1/26/04 A Super Bowl Peek

AJC 1/26/04 Houston Stars Kick Off Super Bowl Week

Forbes 1/26/04 Finally, A Super Bowl For The Wives

News 24 1/26/04 Super Bowl 'Ambush Advertising' frustrating NFL officials

USA Today 1/26/04 A year as big as all Texas

Boston Globe 1/26/04 Houston is hoping Super Bowl will bring infusion of respect

Times and Democrat 1/26/04 Extra Super Bowl week can be critical for a lot of reasons

San Mateo County Times 1/26/04 Super spectacle captivates America

NY Daily News 1/26/04 Janet nabs Super spot

NY Daily News 1/26/04 Panthers roar into Houston

NY Daily News 1/26/04 In eye of media storm, HC's game plan is to not get Bowled over

NY Daily News 1/26/04 Super Moments

Milwaukee Journal 1/25/04 HBO offers context on first Super Bowl

Washington Post 1/25/04 The Super Bowl, Again Super-Sized

Chicago Sun Times 1/25/04 Super Bowl not what it used to be

MSNBC 1/25/04 Bowled over by the Super Bowl

NY Daily News 1/25/04 Super moments

Corpus Christi Caller Times 1/25/04 Houston already looking to host another Super Bowl

WAWS 1/24/04 Groups Headed to Houston for Super Bowl

Statesman Journal 1/24/04 Wieden+Kennedy in Super Bowl

Daily News 1/24/04 Hotels cashing in on Super Bowl

NBC 13 1/22/04 NBC Bets On Poker For Super Bowl Sunday

Hollywood Reporter 1/22/04 Blue-chips firm up Super spots

NY Times 1/22/04 Baseball Makes a Play for the Super Bowl Audience

NY Daily News 1/22/04 Super family affair

Chicago Sun-Times 1/21/04 At first, the Super Bowl was anything but super

USA Today 1/21/04 Extra week proves popular

SF Chronicle 1/21/04 Much has changed since Patriots' last Super Bowl

CNN 1/21/04 Super Bowl ticket prices soar online

WESH 1/21/04 No Vacancies At Houston Hotels For Super Bowl

Seattle Times 1/21/04 Super Bowl: Two weeks help hype, hurt game

KHOU 1/21/04 Thousands of police to patrol Super Bowl

Boston Globe 1/21/04 Super Bowl run means big bucks for Charlotte retailers

USA Today 1/21/04 Two weeks off is luxury Super Bowl teams can afford

BBC 1/21/04 Patriots relishing extra time

Chicago Sun-Times 1/21/04 Charmin ad to roll out on Super Bowl

Hollywood Reporter 1/21/04 Nelson, Keith, Groban on Super Bowl team

NY Daily News 1/21/04 After Unitas, pass the Supe

AJC 1/20/04 Houston Gives Details of Super Bowl Plans

News 8 Austin 1/20/04 Local firm peps Houston up for Super Bowl XXXVIII

Fox 1/20/04 Czar: Defenses will steal show in Super Bowl

Union Tribune 1/20/04 It's hard to find stars among Pats, Panthers

KHOU 1/20/04 Restaurants hungry for Super Bowl workers

Ad Week 1/20/04 Anti-Tobacco TV Fits Upbeat Mood of Super Bowl

Boston Globe 1/20/04 Opening flop didn't stop run to Super Bowl

BBC 1/20/04 Patriots issue Super Bowl warning

NY Daily News 1/20/04 Belichick admits he's a Super dad

USA Today 1/19/04 Super Bowl hype: Part of the game

AJC 1/19/04 Will the Super Bowl be a snoozer?

Chicago Tribune 1/19/04 Breaking down the Super Bowl

WSOC 1/19/04 Home City Of A Super Bowl Team

Globe and Mail 1/19/04 Panther's sole Canadian looking for Super Bowl

WSOC 1/19/04 Super Bowl Fever Hits Charlotte

CNN/SI 1/19/04 AFC title game most watched program since Super Bowl

Zap2It 1/19/04 NBC Counters Super Bowl with 'Queer Eye'

TV Week 1/19/04 VT2 Prepares for Super Bowl Post-Production

Ad Age 1/19/04 Pizza Hut To Kick Off $50 Million Ad Push On Super Bowl

CBS 1/19/04 Patriots, Panthers Super-Bound

Macon Telegraph 1/19/04 Eagles fail again in third straight NFC championship game

NY Daily News 1/19/04 Super Patriot 'D' crushes Manning

NY Daily News 1/19/04 For Carolina, nothing finer

BBC 1/18/04 Patriots into Super Bowl

Reality TV World 1/18/04 NBC to air 'Queer Eye' marathon on Superbowl Sunday

SF Chronicle 1/18/04 Advertisers pull out all stops for Super Bowl

KHOU 1/17/04 Super Bowl volunteer drive - short on numbers, but set to score

News Journal 1/17/04 Super Bowl tickets possible, but pricey

USA Today 1/16/04 Pizza people prepare Super Bowl blitz

NMC 1/16/04 Beyonce, Groban, More For Super Bowl

USA Today 1/16/04 Are you ready for some premium prices?

Ad Age 1/16/04 Viagra, Cialis Buy Super Bowl Spots

Media Guardian 1/16/04 Super Bowl ads go for record $2.3m

Zap2It 1/16/04 CBS Shuns PETA, MoveOn Super Bowl Ads

NBC10 1/15/04 Nelson, Keith To Perform In Super Bowl Pregame Show

CNN 1/15/04 Super Bowl ads: Image is everything

WIS 1/15/04 Super Bowl sod a project 2 years in the making

Ad Age 1/15/04 CBS Rejects Anti-Bush Super Bowl Commercial

Media Guardian 1/15/04 Advertisers take punt on Super Bowl

Rolling Stone 1/15/04 Nelly, Diddy to Do Super Bowl

NBCMV 1/14/04 NBC to Air 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' Marathon on Super Bowl Sunday, 2/1

USA Today 1/14/04 Houston rolls out welcome mat for Super Bowl

Las Vegas Sun 1/14/04 Vegas again exploiting ban on Super Bowl ads

KHOU 1/14/04 Can Houston handle Super Bowl emergencies?

News4Jax 1/14/04 Super Bowl Attraction Planned On Contaminated Ground

MTV 1/14/04 Diddy, Nelly, Kid Rock Added To Super Bowl Halftime Show

Billboard 1/14/04 Super Bowl Draws Superstar Entertainment

TV Barn 1/14/04 CBS PR: Hip-Hop Halftime Super Show

Launch 1/14/04 Bono "inappropriate"

Ananova 1/14/04 Bono snubbed by Super Bowl

Press of Atlantic City 1/14/04 Eagles’ Super Bowl quest drives sales of team-logo foods

CNN 1/13/04 Super Bowl ads fetch a record $2.3M

CNN 1/13/04 Lingerie Bowl has new sponsor

KTRK 1/13/04 Teams could determine if Houstonians make big Super Bowl bucks

Rolling Stone 1/13/04 Bono Rebuffed by NFL

People 1/13/04 Bono Not Welcome at the Super Bowl

Media Life 1/12/04 This Super Bowl, with the $s back

TV Week 1/12/04 Super Bowl, Grammys Give CBS Promo Clout

Click 2 Houston 1/12/04 Visit The NFL Experience at Super Bowl XXXVIII

Forbes 1/12/04 Laughs alone not enough to win Super Bowl ad battle

Launch 1/12/04 U2 Frontman's Super Bowl AIDS Spotlight Scrapped 1/12/04 Likely Superhero Super Bowl TV Spot Candidates

Ad Age 1/12/04 Super Bowl Ad Prices Set New Record

TV Week 1/12/04 Fuse Launches Super Bowl Contest

News 24 1/11/04 Come Super Bowl weekend, expect to see lots of fancy rides on Houston's streets

News 24 1/11/04 Houstonians scoop up anything, everything Super Bowl

News 24 1/9/04 Houston has Super Bowl past

KTRK 1/9/04 Super Bowl events don't have to cost a bundle

KHOU 1/9/04 Downtown restaurants cook up Super Bowl game plans

KHOU 1/8/04 Parking plans for Super Bowls parties

News 24 1/8/04 Looking back at Houston's road to Super Bowl 2004

Zap2It 1/7/04 Beyonce Scores Super Bowl Honor

Ananova 1/7/04 Beyonce to sing anthem at Super Bowl

NY Daily News 1/7/04 NFL nixes pro Bono at Bowl

NY Times 1/6/04 Beyonce Knowles to Sing at Super Bowl

NY Times 1/4/04 In Houston

Ananova 1/2/04 Lingerie models to clash during Super Bowl 12/26/03 Disregard Downturn -- Dotcom Super Bowl Ads Live

Deseret News 12/25/03 Super Bowl most watched event in '03

KTRK 12/23/03 City of Houston to sponsor Super Bowl to tune of $475,000

Star Tribune 12/23/03 Magazine goofs on Super Bowl venue

News24 12/23/03 Super Bowl tickets hard to come by, don't get scammed 12/22/03 Super Bowl Bickering Begins

Star Telegram 12/21/03 Are we having Fun City yet ?

BBC 12/20/03 Super Bowl sensations

Jam! 12/20/03 Janet Jackson set for 2004 Super Bowl

Zap2It 12/19/03 Janet Jackson Joins Super Bowl Halftime Show

TV Barn 12/18/03 CBS PR: We can't make this stuff up!

Media Life 12/18/03 Chrysler backs off lingerie football

KTRK 12/18/03 City council considers $500,000 Super Bowl sponsorship

NY Times 12/15/03 Please, No Super Bowl in a Stadium Where It Could Snow

Digital Spy 12/14/03 Super Bowl XXXVIII to broadcast in HDTV

Media Life 12/12/03 A hipper Super Bowl this year?

USA Today 12/12/03 TV's Super Bowl buffet offers all day grazing

Ad Age 12/11/03 Top Marketers Return For Super Bowl Sponsorships

NY Daily News 12/10/03 Super Bowl hands off halftime show to MTV

Local 6 12/9/03 MTV To Produce 2004 Super Bowl Halftime Show

Hollywood Reporter 12/9/03 AOL scores Super Bowl show

WJXX 12/7/03 Super Bowl VIPs Up Close and Personal

NY Times 12/7/03 A Tale of Two Troubled Turnarounds

Cincinnati Enquirer 12/6/03 Charmin wins Super Bowl ad

KHOU 12/5/03 Gala to open Super Bowl week

KHOU 12/5/03 Super opportunity for new businesses

Oakland Press 12/4/03 Patterson: Hotel taxes could fund Super Bowl

Business Wire 12/4/03 H&R Block Returns as Super Bowl Advertiser

Detroit News 11/28/03 Casino-hotels may not be ready for 2006 Super Bowl

Coming Soon 11/23/03 Which Films Will Have Spots on the Super Bowl?

Post Dispatch 11/22/03 Super Bowl teams often struggle the next season

Zap2It 11/17/03 All-Star 'Survivor' Gets Post-Super Bowl Spot

USA Today 11/17/03 'Survivor' kicks off on Super Bowl Sunday 11/13/03 Job-Cutting CSX To Buy $1 Million In Super Bowl Tickets

Arizona Republic 11/9/03 Super Bowl bid in hand; work's next

NY Times 11/3/03 Most TV Spots Sold 3 Months Before Super Bowl

KXXV 11/1/03 Houston has secret weapon with Super Bowl - food

MSNBC 10/30/03 Arizona awarded 2008 Super Bowl 10/30/03 Washington to Continue Super Bowl Pursuit

Washington Times 10/30/03 Another loss for D.C.

Business Journal 10/27/03 Super Bowl Committee, Waste Management cleaning up

Arizona Republic 10/26/03 Officials do homework in Super Bowl blitz

Daily News 10/26/03 Super Bowl mania sweeping island

The Courier 10/26/03 Super Bowl boost in county: It's a coin toss

News24 10/25/03 Super Bowl Countdown: Residents work to 'Keep Houston Beautiful' 10/24/03 100 Days Left Until Super Bowl XXXVIII Kickoff

WJXX 10/24/03 Volunteers needed for the Super Bowl

Business Wire 10/23/03 Monster Makes it to the Super Bowl for Sixth Straight Year

USA Today 10/21/03 Seasoned pro drives Super Bowl ad sales 10/19/03 Detroit mayor wants auto show, Super Bowl to overlap

Pioneer Press 10/18/03 Houston plans weeklong Super Bowl celebration

NY Daily News 10/17/03 Super Bowl bid put off

AJC 10/16/03 Giants, Agency Drop 2008 Super Bowl Bid

Arizona Republic 10/11/03 Valley may get '08 Super Bowl

Arizona Republic 10/10/03 Arizona has strong support to host 2008 Super Bowl, paper reports

Washington Post 10/9/03 D.C. Appears Unlikely to Get 2008 Super Bowl

Oakland Press 10/9/03 County to be asked for Super Bowl cash

Washington Times 10/9/03 Phoenix in lead for '08 Super 10/5/03 Mascot Announced For 2005 Super Bowl In Jacksonville

Washington Times 10/4/03 Skins seek to host Super Bowl in 2008

Business Courier 9/29/03 P&G: 8 brands up for Super Bowl ad

Sports Business News 9/28/03 AOL buys into Super Bowl

NMC 9/26/03 Faith And Tim At Superbowl?

NY Daily News 9/24/03 Renovation deal revives Meadowlands Super hope

USA Today 9/23/03 N.Y./N.J. Super Bowl in 2008 may not come to pass

Star Telegram 9/22/03 NFL official tours Houston's preparations for Super Bowl

Arizona Republic 9/20/03 Houston sees Super Bowl as way to enhance image

NY Daily News 9/18/03 Miami serves up Supe in '07

CBS 2 9/12/03 Super Bowl Coming To Jersey? 9/12/03 County bids on 2008 Super Bowl for FedEx Field

Washington Post 9/11/03 Dernoga Defends Vote Against Super Bowl Bid for FedEx Field

Daily Record 9/10/03 Super Bowl will bring new attitude, says Lad Daniels

Star Telegram 9/9/03 Houston seeks 10,000 Super Bowl volunteers

Washington Time 9/8/03 6,000 seats to be added for a FedEx Super Bowl

KTRK 9/8/03 Super Bowl XXXVIII looking for key volunteers to share sports history

Washington Post 9/5/03 Johnson Pledges Pr. George's to Super Bowl Bid

Business Journal 9/1/03 Super Bowl hosts to hold NFL kickoff

Forbes 8/29/03 Super Bowl Teams Go Deep--In Their Pockets

MSNBC 8/25/03 Rough Road to Super Bowl 8/20/03 Lingerie Bowl To Be Held During Super Bowl Half Time

The Times 8/17/03 Superdome still viable Super Bowl option

Tribune-Review 8/14/03 Teamwork will get officials to Super Bowl 8/14/03 Super Bowl Tickets To Be Auctioned

News 24 Houston 8/11/03 Countdown to the Super Bowl: Hilton Americas-Houston, NFL HQ

MSNBC 8/11/03 Host committee has Super Bowl win

Jam! 7/27/03 Lingerie Bowl set to tackle halftime

Daily Record 7/24/03  JAA newest Super Bowl sponsor

Business Journal 7/24/03 JAA donates $300K for Super Bowl

WJXX 7/22/03 Super Bowl Host Committee seeks unique identity for city

Business Journal 7/14/03 Nonprofits make Super Bowl game plan

News24 7/9/03 Super Bowl Host Committee wants locals to participate in the big event

Daily Record 7/8/03 Super Bowl fever starting to build

Amarillo Globe News 7/6/03 Is 'Preparation H Super Bowl' a possibility?

Chicago Sun Times 7/3/03 Procter & Gamble buys Super Bowl spot

Houston Chronicle 6/22/03 Downtown shaking off the dirt

Orlando Sentinel 6/20/03 Free burgers, car wash part of Super Bowl membership

Glendale Star 6/2/03 Glendale up for 2008 Super Bowl

WJXT 5/30/03 Jacksonville Super Bowl Organizers Plan Entertainment District

Business Journal 5/26/03 Miami to host 9th Super Bowl

Savannah Morning News 5/23/03 Jacksonville's Super Bowl plans 'on schedule'

Arizona Republic 5/20/03 Valley in running with 3 cities for '08 Super Bowl

NY Daily News 5/21/03 Clock ticking on N.Y. Super bid

Washington Post 5/21/03 D.C. Makes Short List for Super Bowl

NY Daily News 5/18/03 N.Y. Bowl hitting Super snags 5/15/03 Super Bowl brought $367 million into economy, report finds

Washington Post 4/27/03 D.C. in Running for '08 Super Bowl

WJXX 4/24/03 Host Committee gives update on local Super Bowl projects

Houston Chronicle 4/18/03 Super Bowl to give boost to business

Las Vegas Business Press 4/18/03 Super Bowl wagering improves

FOX Sports 4/16/03 Super Bowl hero hit with police charge 4/5/03 San Diego police say bulk of tab spent on overtime

FOX Sports 3/25/03 Arizona makes its case to host Super Bowl

Arizona Republic 3/23/03 NFL meetings to examine OT format, Ariz. Super Bowl bid

Orange County Register 3/20/03 Rose Bowl has shot at Super Bowl in 2008

AZ Central 3/12/03 Super Bowl pumps up revenues at Nevada casinos in January

Detroit Free Press 3/6/03 2-person team tackles Detroit's Super Bowl

NY Times 2/3/03 Some Are Defeated by Super Bowl Pressure

Connecticut Post 2/2/03 Super Bowl full of subplots, some good, some bad

Internet News 1/31/03 Super Bowl Ads Use Web to Maintain Buzz

St. Petersburg Times 1/31/03 Local Bucs coverage wasn't always super

New Jersey Online 1/29/03 Group uses Super Bowl trip to plan for 2006

Teevee 1/28/03 Super Bowl XXXVII: No Sale

Globe and Mail 1/28/03 Canadians' Bud ads dominate Super Bowl

Zap2It 1/28/03 Super Bowl Pushes ABC to No. 1

NY Daily News 1/28/03 ABC's field day in the Nielsens

Hollywood Reporter 1/28/03 Super Bowl up, but postgame sinks; 'Alias' cold

Washington Post 1/28/03 The Ad Bowl: 89 Million Watch Super Sales Pitches

CBS 1/28/03 Super Bowl Ad Sites Fumble

Salon 1/27/03 Brewskis, butt jokes and reefer madness

Zap2It 1/27/03 Super Bowl Ratings Up from Last Year

Extra 1/27/03 Super Bowl Parties

Seattle Times 1/27/03 Super Bowl ads pitch power to the people

Milwaukee Journal 1/27/03 Super Bowl ads offer little surprise, creativity

St Petersburg Times 1/27/03 Ads didn't live up to former glory

San Francisco Chronicle 1/27/03 TV ads were anything but super

Washington Post 1/27/03 Overhyped and Overgrown

NY Daily News 1/27/03 Simply Super night for Buccaneers

Zap2It 1/27/03 Super Bowl Ads: We're Not Buying

NY Daily News 1/27/03 Checkmate, Bucs

Beacon Journal 1/26/03 Trivia about today is, well, Super

NY Daily News 1/26/03 Forecast for a Super game

ABC News 1/25/03 Buccaneers, Raiders Set to Plunder Super Bowl XXXVII

NY Daily News 1/25/03 Making a Super effort

St. Petersburg Times 1/25/03 And now, a word about the sponsors

St. Petersburg Times 1/25/03 Super commercials?

FOX News 1/24/03 Super Bowl Spots: Touchdowns or Fumbles?

USA Today 1/24/03 ABC is going long for its pregame show

Extra 1/24/03 The Super Bowl

Deseret News 1/24/03 Whazzup? Lots more super ads

BBC 1/24/03 Blockbusters centre stage at Superbowl

Globe and Mail 1/24/03 ABC wires two players to record Super Bowl talk

SF Gate 1/23/03 Whales, potties and palms Sun-splashed San Diego has a lot to offer

CNN 1/23/03 Super Bowl ads not yet sold out

Post-Crescent 1/23/03 Here’s everything you need to know about the Super Bowl

Globe and Mail 1/23/03 Super Bowl ads can jingle loudly, depending on region

CBS News 1/23/03 Car Crashes Soar After Super Bowls

Milwaukee Journal 1/22/03 Divas will reign at the big game

Net Music Countdown 1/22/03 Will Willie Shave On Super Sunday?

MSNBC 1/22/03 Veteran brands to rule Super Bowl

Zap2It 1/21/03 Osbournes Featured in Super Bowl Ad

The Hollywood Reporter 1/21/03 It's easy being green on Super Bowl Sunday

MSNBC 1/20/03 One-hit wonders, fabulous failures

USA Today 1/20/03 Some corporate giants back away from Super Bowl ads

NY Daily News 1/20/03 Bucs treasure 1st Super haul

Seattle Post 1/20/03 Super Bowl Dip Fad Boosts Avocado Sales

NY Daily News 1/20/03 Super Raiders give Bowl a Silver lining

NJ Online 1/19/03 Week before Super Bowl, San Diego hotels still have room 1/18/03 Big Date For Robbie

CBS 1/17/03 Empty Air

Seattle Post 1/17/03 Bulk of Super Bowl Ads Sold As Game Nears

CBS 1/17/03 San Diego: Sporty or Not

Zap2It 1/17/03 NBC Sends in 'SNL' at Super Bowl Halftime

CBS 1/17/03 The Perils Of Officiating

Zap2It 1/16/03 ABC Sports Presents Super Bowl XXXVII (01/26/03)

CNNSI 1/15/03 The ordinary bowl

CNN 1/14/03 SNL taking on Super Bowl

Delaware Online 1/10/03 Michael Jordan's back in Super Bowl ads 1/10/03 Dion Officially Added To Super Bowl Lineup

Times-Leader 1/9/03 The 'Big Boys' to Reign Over Super Bowl Ads

Zap2It 1/9/03 Chan Joins Jordan for Super Bowl Ad

USA Today 1/8/03 Jordan heads band of famous faces in Super Bowl ads

Zap2It 1/6/03 Post-Super Bowl 'Alias' Features Hawke

San Francisco Gate 1/3/03 Attorney for disabled activist asks court to block Super Bowl

Philadelphia Daily News 1/3/03 Mayor wants Philly to host a Super Bowl

Net Music Countdown 1/3/03 Super Chicks At Super Bowl

Jacksonville Business Journal 12/27/02 Super Bowl preparation to become transparent

Star-Telegram 12/26/02 Ad sales are strong for Super Bowl

Channel 4000 12/18/02 Police Prepare For Super Bowl Crowds

Desert Sun 12/15/02 Super Bowl Sod: Durable green stuff in big rolls

At New York 12/13/02 Super Bowl Ads: Some Suit Up, Some Don't

NBC4 12/12/02 No-Fly Zone To Be Enforced For Super Bowl

Washington Post 12/12/02 'Alias' After the Super Bowl, aka ABC Getting Sensible

NY Daily News 12/12/02 The big postgame fare: 'Alias'

The Arizona Republic 12/11/02 Valley leaders seeking Super Bowl

Phoenix Business Journal 12/10/02 Committee planned for Super Bowl bid

The Miami Herald 12/10/02 Miami may host '07 Super Bowl

Zap2it 12/9/02 Super Bowl Ads on the Upswing

The New York Times 12/9/02 Ad Rates Are Up for Super Bowl

Media Life 12/3/02 Don't read too much into Super Bowl

CNN 11/25/02 ABC to get Super Bowl kick

Daily Standard 11/21/02 Weather or Not: The Super Bowl, Outside, in the Cold

Bergen Record 11/19/02 Hyping Blizzard Bowl '08

Business Journal 11/18/02 Jacksonville launches Super Bowl Web site

Arizona Republic 11/14/02 Cards seek to host '07 Super Bowl

Business Journal 11/13/02 Hoteliers confident about Super Bowl goals

Washington Post 11/1/02 Response Encourages Snyder

New York Daily News 10/31/02 N.Y. makes Super bid

NY Times 10/31/02 Proposal Puts Super Bowl Outdoors, in the Cold

NY Daily News 10/30/02 Giants, Jets make Super pitch today

Signs on San Diego 10/30/02 NFL owner: Super Bowl in L.A. not a done deal

NY Daily News 10/27/02 A Super shot for N.Y.

Phoenix Business Journal 10/18/02 Lawsuit could derail Valley's '08 Super Bowl bid

First Coast News 10/18/02 Super Bowl Organizers focus on practice facilities

Ad Age 10/7/02 ABC on Fast Pace to Sell Out Super Bowl

Sign on San Diego 9/27/02 City in charge of Super Bowl safety

NY Daily News 8/18/02 Tagliabue: City could be Super

Biz Report 2/11/02 PVR Users Post 'Surprising' Stats During Super Bowl

Sacramento Bee 2/8/02 Big advertisers scored Super Bowl goals

Hollywood Reporter 2/8/02 Analysis: Super Bowl can't reach TV's goal line

Hannibal Courier Post 2/7/02 Many marketing opportunities for Super Bowl MVP

Washington Post 2/6/02 XXXVI's LXXXVII Million Viewers Tops in 'II

Seattle Times 2/6/02 Super Bowl gate-crasher strikes again

Las Vegas Sun Times 2/5/02 Nevada sports books post low Super Bowl win

Naples Daily News 2/5/02 Fresh off Super Bowl win, Brady visits Disney World

Digital Spy 2/5/02 TiVo publishes Superbowl usage report

Zap2It 2/5/02 Super Bowl Propels FOX to Ratings Victory

Washington Post 2/5/02 NFL Clock Management, Fox-Style

Post Gazette 2/5/02 5 things we learned: Super Bowl XXXVI

San Francisco Chronicle 2/5/02 New England shows NFL how it's done

Zap2It 2/4/02 Super Bowl Ads an Uneven Bunch

Zap2It 2/4/02 Patriotic Super Bowl Scores 86.8 Million Viewers

St. Petersburg Times 2/4/02 Boring ads only add to jingoism

The Trades 2/4/02 Super Bowl Advertising 2002: There are Strength in Numbers for Films

Ad Week 2/4/02 Advertisers Put on Sunday Best

Zap2It 2/4/02 Super Bowl Beats Playmates on Sunday

San Francisco Chronicle 2/4/02 The biggest upset -- game beats ads

Washington Post 2/4/02 For Patriots Everywhere, a Super Super Bowl

CNN 2/4/02 New England shocks St. Louis to win Super Bowl XXXVI

Florida Times Union 2/4/02 All of New Orleans not sharing Super bonanza

BBC 2/4/02 Shock win for New England

Milwaukee Journal 2/3/02 Super Bowl offers tasteful tribute to victims of terror attacks

USA Today 2/3/02 Celebs dig into a bowl of fun at pregame bashes

Santa Cruz Sentinel 2/3/02 Get your Super Bowl lingo down pat

New York Times 2/3/02 Super Bowl Breakdown

Santa Cruz Sentinel 2/3/02 Super Bowl ads a breed apart

Macomb Daily 2/3/02 Super Bowl Sunday is a sports 'holiday' 2/2/02 City learns to make a Super impression

Milwaukee Journal 2/2/02 Striving for music of Super substance

Time 2/2/02 Super Bowl XXXVI Q&A

Reality News Online 2/2/02 Superbowl Ads -- Now That's Real TV

Seattle Times 2/2/02 Tagliabue says extra security is permanent

Sun Herald 2/2/02 Queen won't bow to Super Bowl

Way More Sports 2/2/02 Security tight for Super Bowl

Nola 2/2/02 Groundhog Day: Predicting spring's arrival, Super Bowl victor

Louisville Channel 2/2/02 Super Bowl Ads: What You Should Watch For

Seattle PI 2/2/02 MetLife drops suit to block AT&T from airing 'mlife' Super Bowl ads

Cnet 2/1/02 Super Bowl ads return to offline giants

Zap2It 2/1/02 CNN/Money Web Site Special Covers Business of Super Bowl

Salt Lake Tribune 2/1/02 Super Bowl a Dry Run for Law Enforcement

San Francisco Chronicle 2/1/02 Real Super Bowl action will be in the booth

Star Ledger 2/1/02 On Super Bowl Sunday, football is taking a back seat

IGN 2/1/02 Super Bowl Ad Preview

Seattle Times 2/1/02 Show them the trophy — then the money 1/31/02 Super lesson in supply-side economics

People 1/31/02 Super-Sized Music Stars for Super Bowl

Times Picayune 1/31/02 Ad execs latch onto NFL's high profile without paying fees

CNN 1/31/02 Economic impact not super

St. Petersburg Times 1/31/02 Super Bowl sponsors turn nostalgic

Washington Post 1/31/02 Security Agencies Challenged By Series of High-Profile Events

This is London 1/31/02 New Orleans gears up for Super Bowl

Zap2It 1/30/02 Britney, Coens Lead Super Bowl Ad Parade

Sport Telegraph 1/30/02 Super Bowl put into perspective

Contra Costa Times 1/30/02 It's the perfect Super Bowl city

This is London 1/30/02 Time to bowl over America

Chicago Sports 1/29/02 New Orleans feels like prime target

Modesto Bee 1/29/02 Let the hype begin

News Net 5 1/29/02 Pick Spears' Pepsi Commercial For Super Bowl

Seattle Times 1/29/02 Secret Service has secured Superdome

Pawtucket Times 1/29/02 Fans snag precious Super Bowl ducats

BBC 1/28/02 Britney to star in Super Bowl ads

St. Petersburg Times 1/27/02 Super Bowl sand sculpture at center of rift wins award

Business Week 1/25/02 Supe XXXVI's Not-So-Super Ad Sales 1/25/02 Oddsmakers Say Rams, Steelers Would Get Most Bets

This is London 1/24/02 Satirical game plan for Super Bowl

Motor Trend 1/24/02 Cadillac to 'Break Through' at Super Bowl

USA Today 1/23/02 'Malcolm' in the post-Super Bowl huddle

Times Online 1/22/02 Fans booking Super Bowl plans

US DOT 1/22/02 Consumers Cautioned on Super Bowl Air Travel Ticket Scams

The Trades 1/22/02 Market Pulse

Observer Reporter 1/22/02 Punxsutawney Phil offering prediction on Super Bowl

Zap2It 1/21/02 Super Bowl Ads a Tough Sell for FOX

Zap2It 1/21/02 Super Bowl Takes on Patriotic Flavor

Bergen Record 1/18/02 Bergen Super Bowl? Hope, but no promises

Zap2It 1/18/02 CBS Kicks Off Super Bowl Weekend with 'Bowl Bash'

Zap2It 1/18/02 Sting and No Doubt Among Performers for Super Bowl Bash

USA Today 1/17/02 Report: Giants Stadium a lock for 2007 Super Bowl

Zap2It 1/16/02 Super Bowl Adopts "Heroes, Hope & Homeland" Theme

USA Today 12/18/01 'Fear Factor' faces off against Super Bowl

Zap2It 12/17/01 Playmates 'Factor' into NBC's Super Bowl Plans

NY Times 12/17/01 NBC to Show Playmates During Super Bowl

Globe and Mail 12/16/01 Attacked cities may get Super Bowl

San Francisco Chronicle 12/13/01 Super Bowl ad revenue going head to head with Olympics

Sun Herald 12/4/01 Agencies plan Super Bowl security

Alabama Live 12/4/01 Fox reports 30 percent of Super Bowl game ads still available

USA Today 12/3/01 Secret Service to run Super Bowl security

Zap2It 11/12/01 'Malcolm' Wins Post-Super Bowl Slot

Nola 11/8/01 U.S. aid pledged for Super Bowl

BBC 10/1/01 New York could host Super Bowl

Zap2It 8/17/01 Fox Wants Big Bucks for Super Bowl Ads

Florida Times Union 5/13/01 Super Bowl: Game hastens road work

Florida Times Union 4/14/01 Super Bowl affecting plans for Butler

Florida Times Union 4/12/01 Super Bowl will help local cruise effort

St. Petersburg Times 2/26/01 Super Bowl equals super sales

Zap2It 2/16/01 Clinton Declined Super Bowl Spot

Michigan Live 2/2/01 Super Bowl an exploration of time, values

Orlando Sentinel 1/31/01 CBS ends up in super shape

Zap2It 1/29/01 CBS Reaches 143 Million with Super Bowl, 'Survivor'

Alabama Live 1/29/01 Super ads: Best, brightest, dullest

Cincinnati Enquirer 1/28/01 CBS tonight's big winner

Capital Journal 1/27/01 Big names name their favorites for the big game 1/27/01 TV's Super Sunday: Bowlful or belly-full?

BBC 1/27/01 Tampa throws sports' biggest party

ESPN 1/26/01 Super Bowl vs. Survivor

Globe and Mail 1/26/01 Canadian viewers demand their American rights

Post Gazette 1/26/01 The post-game show

ABC News 1/26/01 Advertising’s Super Sunday

Milwaukee Journal 1/24/01 Key to American life found in Super Bowl commercials

Zap2It 1/24/01 7-UP Debuts New Ads During Super Bowl

LJ World 1/24/01 Super Bowl is TV endurance test

Zap2It 1/23/01 'Charlie's Angels' Director Shoots Super Bowl Commercial

BBC 1/23/01 Super Bowl teams given the party line

Globe and Mail 1/22/01 Super Bowl drama underway

Milwaukee Journal 1/22/01 Sting Will Perform at Super Bowl

New Jersey Online 1/20/01 Memories of Super Bowl past for Tampa

Milwaukee Journal 1/18/01 Super Bowl Brings Super Ratings

CNN 1/15/01 Super Bowl: Stocks win

CNN 1/14/01 Ravens' legendary unit shuts down Raiders' running game

Globe and Mail 1/13/01 Long shots remain in Super Bowl hunt

Florida Today 1/12/01 Shuttle crew to miss Super Bowl during mission

Internet News 1/11/01 Dot-Coms Smart to Avoid Super Bowl

CNN 1/9/01 CBS: Super Bowl ads on target

Wired News 1/8/01 Dot-Coms Punt in Super Bowl

CNN 1/7/01 Ravens-Raiders, Vikings-Giants battle for title berths

St. Petersburg Times 1/5/01 A Super Bowl paradise

St. Petersburg Times 1/3/01 Wanted: Super Bowl tickets

The Register 1/2/01 Super Bowl is dotcom kiss of death 12/31/00 Super galas, Super Bowl and socials to be talk of the town

Zap2It 12/30/00 Cable Channels Plan Alternatives To Super Bowl

The Standard 12/29/00 Super Bowl Ads Not a Super Idea

St. Petersburg Times 12/29/00 City gussies up for Super Bowl

Seattle Times 12/28/00 Veteran ad players take the field for Super Bowl

Zap2It 12/21/00 Sting Headlines Super Bowl Pregame Show

Zap2It 12/18/00 Aerosmith and N Sync Perform During Super Bowl

Cnet 12/14/00 Most dot-coms sitting out the big game

NFL 12/14/00 Backstreet Boys among performers at Super Bowl XXXV

Seattle PI 12/7/00 Fewer dot-com sponsors, higher prices for Super Bowl ads

Biz Journals 12/4/00 Super Bowl numbers just don't add up

Biz Journals 12/4/00 Dot-coms tuning out Super Bowl TV advertising

St. Petersburg Times 12/3/00 Homeowners hope to win with rentals for Super Bowl

Zap2It 12/3/00 CBS Super Bowl Plans Span Days, Networks

Zap2It 11/30/00 "Super Bowl XXXV" Weekend On CBS (1/26-1/29/01)

St. Petersburg Times 11/22/00 Commissioner loses perk for Super Bowl

Biz Journals 11/20/00 Bucs selling extra Super Bowl tickets to suite holders

Taunton Gazette 11/19/00 B-P blown out of game, then knocked out of Super Bowl

CBS Market Watch 11/18/00 Super Bowl to have fewer Internet ads

Salon 5/3/00 - Super Bowl Ads

Salon 1/31/00 Super Bowl Ads, Winners and Losers

Cnet 1/27/99 Intel sacks Super Bowl ads

Channel 3000 1/18/99 Falcons, Broncos Prepare For Super Bowl

Sports Server 1/26/98 Close game helps Super Bowl rating

Athens Daily News 1/24/98 Super Bowl nothing to take for granted


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