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News Articles about CBS Networks Star Search


Reality News Online 1/19/04 Star Search, January 17 – Back for More in 2004

Reality Reel 1/18/04 Judges For Star Search Revealed

TVRules 1/18/04 Star Search Premiere Summary: They're Back!!!!!

Reality Reel 1/17/04 Performers Named For Star Search Premiere

Mobile Register 1/17/04 Star Search' back tonight on CBS

TV Barn 1/16/04 CBS PR: "Star Search" contestants

TV Barn 1/16/04 CBS PR: "Star Search" judges

Bangor Daily News 1/9/04 Caribou girl reprises 'Star Search' appearance

Reality News Online 1/9/04 The Return of Star Search

TVRules 1/8/04 Star Search Returns With A Twist

Reality Reel 1/7/04 New Twist In The Search For Stars

TV Barn 1/7/04 CBS PR: "Surprise twist" to new "Star Search"..

Reality TV World 1/6/04 'Star Search' returns with new 'Winners Circle' twist on January 17

Reality TV World 11/24/03 New 'Star Search' edition to premiere January 17, 2004

Marin Journal 6/10/03 Back to reality

Times-Star 5/26/03 'Star Search' contestant wants to sing on own terms

TV Rules 5/20/03 Star Search-Battle of the Champions Summary

Reality News Online 5/19/03 Tournament of Champions – Lost: Dogg. Answers to “Snoop Doggy”

Press of Atlantic City 5/17/03 Tiffany Evans, 10, of EHT is ‘Star Search’ champion

Union Tribune 5/17/03 Local boy's golden voice pays off big

Reality News Online 5/15/03 May 14: Countdown to the Tournament of Champions

TV Rules 5/14/03 Star Search: Hit Us With the Digits 5/14 Summary-The Final

Halifax Herald 5/14/03 Dartmouth comedian in Star Search final

Reality News Online 5/14/03 Star Search, May 9: Will Naomi Make “Hack” Runneth Over?

TV Rules 5/13/03 Star Search Finals: A Look at the Finalist

TV Rules 5/10/03 Star Search: Hit Us With the Digits Semi-Finals Summary 5/9 5/10/03 Ridgefield student finishes 'Star Search' in third place

Reality News Online 5/8/03 Star Search, May 7: Counting Down to the End

Reality News Online 5/5/03 Star Search, 5/2: A Good Night for Comedy, But Not for Adult Singers

Reality News Online 5/8/03 Star Search, May 7: Counting Down to the End

Reality News Online 5/5/03 Star Search, 5/2: A Good Night for Comedy, But Not for Adult Singers

TV Rules 5/3/03 Star Search: Hit Us With the Digits 5/2

TV Rules 5/3/03 Star Search: Hit Us With the Digits 4/30

Reality News Online 5/2/03 Star Search, April 30: Cracks About Crack

Sun Spot 4/30/03 Local talent hits high note in contest

The Call 4/29/03 Go Kelley!

Reality News Online 4/28/03 Star Search, April 25: Judges Say the Darnedest Things

TV Rules 4/25/03 Star Search 4/25 Hit Us With the Digits! Semi #2 Season #3

Reality News Online 4/24/03 April 23: Ben’s Montage and Naomi’s Mistake

TV Rules 4/23/03 Star Search-Hit Us With the Digits 4/23

Reality News Online 4/19/03 Star Search, April 18: What’s Ben Smoking?

Reality News Online 4/18/03 Star Search, April 16: Viewers’ Choice

Progress Index 4/17/03 PG teen auditions for Star Search

Star-Bulletin 4/16/03 Kiyan latest to make ‘Star Search’

TV Rules 4/16/03 Star Search: Hit Us With the Digits 4/16

Beaver County Times 4/16/03 Beaver Falls girl reaches for her Star

Press of Atlantic City 4/16/03 O.C.’s Evans lands role on ‘The District’

Lansing State Journal 4/15/03 Despite odds, "Star Search" hopefuls give it a try

Michigan Daily 4/14/03 'Star Search' aims to broaden demographic range

Reality News Online 4/13/03 Star Search, April 11: Bring on the Semis 4/12/03 Tacoma singer finds 'Star Search' loss is worth it

TV Rules 4/11/03 Star Search 4/11 Hit Us With the Digits!

Flyer Group 4/10/03 'Star Search' looks for talent at Diva Dance

Reality News Online 4/10/03 Star Search, April 9: Stinking Up the Joint

TV Rules 4/9/03 Star Search: Hit Us With the Digits! 4/9 Summary

WRC-TV 4/9/03 No. Va. Girl To Appear On 'Star Search'

TV Rules 4/8/03 Star Search: Hit Us With the Digits 4/4

News Tribune 4/8/03 'Star Search' show finds talented Tacoma singer

Reality News Online 4/7/03 Star Search, April 4: Quoth the Raven, That’s a Four

News Observer 4/5/03 Star Search scans for 'it'

Fayetteville Online 4/5/03 9-year-old falls short of stardom

Courier Journal 4/4/03 Comedy Caravan star on 'Search'

The Sun News 4/4/03 9-year-old N.C. girl to be on 'Star Search'

Reality News Online 4/3/03 Star Search, April 2: Time to Shine

TV Rules 4/2/03 Star Search Returns with the Finish & New Round 1 Competition Summary!

TV Rules 3/27/03 Star Search Do Over and New Season

Tribune Review 3/25/03 'Star Search' scouts get an earful of Pittsburgh talent

Reality News Online 3/20/03 Star Search, March 19: Half of the Finals

Deseret News 3/20/03 Utahns miss 2 star shows

Salt Lake Tribune 3/20/03 War Interrupts Utahns' TV Singing Success

TV Rules 3/19/03 Star Search Finale: Hit Us With the Digits 3/19

TV Rules 3/18/03 LeAnn Rimes To Serve As Celebrity Guest Judge on Star Search

CBS 3/17/03 Molly Gets 'A Piece Of Sky'

TV Rules 3/17/03 Star Search Finale Preview

Reality News Online 3/16/03 Star Search, March 14: Semifinals Round 2

TV Rules 3/14/03 Star Search: Hit Us With the Digits- Semi 3/14 Summary

Reality News Online 3/13/03 Star Search, March 12: Saving the Best for Last

TV Rules 3/12/03 Hit Us With the Digits 3/12

MSNBC 3/12/03 Foul from the mouth of Naomi Judd

Zap2It 3/11/03 Kim Coles Serves as Celebrity Judge on "Star Search"

San Bernardino Sun 3/11/03 'Star Search,' 'AI' singers have county connections

Reality News Online 3/8/03 Star Search, March 7: I’m Speechless!

TV Rules 3/7/03 Star Search: Hit Us With the Digits 3/7

CBS 3/6/03 'Star Search': The Singer And The Comic

Reality News Online 3/6/03 Star Search, March 5: Round Two Begins

TV Rules 3/6/03 Star Search: Hit Us With the Digits 3/5

Teen Music 3/4/03 Star Search CD In Stores

Deseret News 3/4/03 Utahn is great; Arsenio isn't

CBS 3/3/03 Surprise Twists On 'Star Search'

Philadelphia Inquirer 3/3/03 Seeking fame, performers put their wishes on 'Star'

Reality News Online 3/2/03 Star Search, February 28: Semifinals Round 1

Scranton Times 3/1/03 Peckville teen just misses on 'Star Search'

TV Rules 2/28/03 Star Search: Hit Us With the Digits-First Semi 2/28

Reality News Online 2/28/03 Star Search, February 26: Three Down, Five to Go
KOLR 2/27/03 The Star Comes Home

TV Rules 2/27/03 Star Search, A look at the Semi Final #1

TV Rules 2/27/03 Star Search: Hit Us With the Digits-2/26

Times Leader 2/26/03 Wishing for this Star

CBS 2/24/03 The Young And The Talented

Reality News Online 2/22/03 Star Search, February 21: Real Entertainment

TV Rules 2/21/03 Star Search, Hit Us With the Digits 2/21 Episode

CBS 2/20/03 Sizzling Song & Dance Win Stars

Reality News Online 2/20/03 Star Search, February 19: A First Impression

TV Rules 2/19/03 Star Search: Hit Us With The Digits! 2/19 Summary

CBS News 2/19/03 Ready For 'Star Search' Part II

Detroit News 2/19/03 Local dancers to compete tonight on 'Star Search'

Napa Valley Register 2/17/03 Angwin singer enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame

Chicago Tribune 2/14/03 Fame hasn't changed John Roy

Reality TV Talk 2/9/03 Star Search Finale Recap

CBS 2/7/03 New 'Stars' Are Born

Reality News Online 2/7/03 The Finals: The Best Performers Win It All

TV Rules 2/6/03 Star Search Finale: Hit Me With the Digits!

CBS 2/6/03 Big Night For 'Star' Seekers

Reality TV Talk 2/1/03 Star Search Week 4 Recap

Mobile Register 2/1/03 CBS shifts shows in, out for sweeps

Reality News Online 1/31/03 Star Search, Episode 8: Who Makes It to the Finals?

TVRules 1/31/03 Star Search: Move to the Finals

Reality News Online 1/30/03 Star Search, Episode 7: Final Picks

TV Rules 1/30/03 Star Search: Last chance for the Semifinal

Reality News Online 1/29/03 ‘Star Search’ May Push Back ‘Amazing Race’

Zap2It 1/28/03 CBS Continues 'Star Search'; 'Presidio,' 'Supreme' Yanked

Reality TV Talk 1/24/03 Star Search Week 3 Recap

Reality News Online 1/24/03 Episode 6: The Audience Shows Who’s Boss

TV Rules 1/24/03 Star Search: Round Two Week Two

CBS 1/23/03 Lisa, Jake Wow 'Search' Judges

Reality News Online 1/23/03 Episode 5: The Second Round Begins

TV Rules 1/22/03 Star Search: First Round Week Two

Reality News Online 1/20/03 Star Search: What Are the Judges Judging?

NY Daily News 1/20/03 'Idol' honchos dis 'Star' power

Reality TV Talk 01/18/03 Star Search Week 2 Recap

CBS 1/17/03 They're Perfect 20s!

TV Rules 1/17/2003 Star Search: Let's Get it Done and Move to the Finals!

Reality News Online 1/17/03 Episode 4: The First Semi-Finals

Reality News Online 1/16/03 Star Search, Episode 3: The First Tie

TVRules 1/15/2003 Star Search: Last Chance for the First Semifinal

CBS 1/15/03 Where Are They Now?

Zap2It 1/13/03 'Star Search' Takes Cues from 'American Idol'

Zap2It 1/13/03 'Star Search' Host Says Rappers Can't Compete

Reality TV Talk 01/11/03 Star Search Week 1 Recap

TV Rules 1/10/03 Star Search, First week ups and downs

Reality News Online 1/10/03 Star Search, Episode 2: It’s All Tiffany

Extra TV 1/10/03 'Star Search'

TV Rules 1/10/03 Star Search:Thursday Edition, January 9, 2003

Beacon Journal 1/9/03 Akron boy raps on `Star Search'

Dallas Morning News 1/9/03 'Star Search' mired in format that has lost its appeal

St Petersburg Times 1/9/03 Starless night

TV Rules 1/9/03 Star Search: Let the Singing, Dancing, Walking and Talking Begin

NY Daily News 1/9/03 It's a lost cause, so call off 'Search'

Reality News Online 1/9/03 Star Search, Episode 1: Let the Competition Begin!

Mobile Register 1/8/03 New Star Search' will get tougher

Milwaukee Journal 1/8/03 Hall steps back into spotlight for 'Search'

TV Rules 1/8/03 Meet The First 16 Star Search Contestants

Zap2It 1/7/03 'Star Search' Picks Its First 16

Rocky Mountain News 12/31/02 Saunders: 'Star Search' an old formula

Deseret News 12/28/02 Arsenio will search for the latest stars

Reality News Online 12/26/02 Host, Format Announced for Return of ‘Star Search’ in January

Beacon Journal 12/23/02 Arsenio will host new `Star Search'

Zap2It 12/20/02 Arsenio Hall to Host 'Star Search'

Washington Post 12/19/02 CBS's 'Star Search' Encore

NY Daily News 12/19/02 A tough, new 'Star Search'

Deseret News 12/4/02 Can 'Search' match 'Idol'?

Zap2It 11/27/02 CBS Searches for Stars Between 'Survivors'

St. Petersburg Times 11/25/02 Idol threat

OU Daily 11/20/02 Sooner student gets 'Star' struck

Dallas Morning News 11/14/02 'Idol' worship leads to copycat explosion

Extra TV 11/4/02 CBS's All-New Star Search Holding Open Auditions

New York Daily News 8/30/02 CBS' 'Idol' idea: A new 'Star Search'


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