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This show is an update of the national talent search that aired from 1983 to 1995 and will consist of nine one-hour episodes featuring live competitions to find a winner in four categories: adult singer, junior singer, comic and supermodel.  Contestants will be culled from nationwide casting calls featuring musical acts, comedians and potential supermodels. The show's judges will come from diverse backgrounds.


News Articles about CBS Networks Star Search


CBS 7/7/06 From 'Star Search' To The Dance Club

CBS 3/15/04 'Star Search' Champs On Parade

Reality Reel 3/14/04 CBS, A&M Records & Napster Release Star Search Singles

Reality News Online 3/14/04 Star Search, March 13: The Grand Finale

Deseret News 3/13/04 2 BYU dancers vie in TV show finals

Reality TV Talk 3/12/04 Star Search Recap

Reality TV World 3/12/04 CBS/Napster make 'Star Search' finalists music available for online purchase

Reality News Online 3/8/04 Star Search, March 6: The End Is in Sight

Deseret News 3/6/04 3 Utahns lose grip on reality

Reality News Online 2/29/04 Star Search, February 28: You Have My Attention!

Brigham Young NewsNet 2/27/04 Students shine on Star Search

Reality News Online 2/22/04 Star Search, February 21: The Plot Thickens

Reality News Online 2/15/04 Star Search, February 14: The Winners’ Circle Showdown

Reality News Online 2/9/04 Star Search, February 7: Let Freedom Sing

Deseret News 2/7/04 Utahns get real

Reality Reel 2/2/04 The Contestants For Star Search On 1/31/04

Reality News Online 2/2/04 Star Search, January 31: The Last Hurrah?

Reality News Online 1/26/04 Star Search, January 24: May the Circle Be Unbroken

Reality News Online 1/19/04 Star Search, January 17 – Back for More in 2004

Reality Reel 1/18/04 Judges For Star Search Revealed

Reality Reel 1/17/04 Performers Named For Star Search Premiere

Reality News Online 1/9/04 The Return of Star Search

Reality Reel 1/7/04 New Twist In The Search For Stars

Reality TV World 1/6/04 'Star Search' returns with new 'Winners Circle' twist on January 17

Reality TV World 11/24/03 New 'Star Search' edition to premiere January 17, 2004


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