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News Articles about MTV Networks Sorority Life


Television Without Pity 5/4/03 It's In His Kiss 5/4/03 - Sorority Life: Episode 9 (4/30/2003)

Zap2It 5/2/03 Greek is Still the Word for MTV

Television Without Pity 4/29/03 Pledging Is, Like, Hard And Stuff

Reality News Online 4/29/03 Sorority Life 2, Ep 8: Pick ‘Em Off One by One 4/26/03 Sorority Life: Episode 8 (4/23/2003) 4/26/03 Sorority Life: Episode 7 (4/16/2003)

Television Without Pity 4/20/03 Timeo and Nicoliet

Reality News Online 4/20/03 Ep 7: Guys, I Think We’re in Trouble Now

Reality News Online 4/15/03 Ep 5 & 6: High School With Strict Parents 4/13/03 Sorority Life 2: Episode 6 (4/9/2003)

Television Without Pity 4/11/03 The Babbling Brooke

Television Without Pity 4/6/03 Battle Spoyale 4/5/03 Sorority Life 2: Episode 5 (4/2/2003) 3/29/03 Sorority Life 2: Episode 4 (3/26/2003)

Reality News Online 3/28/03 Sorority Life 2, Episode 4: Bonding?

Television Without Pity 3/22/03 Another Brick In The Wall

Northern Star Online 3/20/03 Being Greek: Not how it looks on MTV 3/16/03 Sorority Life 2:3 The Ikea house mutiny!

Television Without Pity 3/16/03 This Ain't Your Mother's Sorority 3/15/03 Sorority Life Episodes 1, 2: Way to go DZO!

Reality News Online 3/14/03 Sorority Life 2, Episode 3: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Media Fiends 3/13/03 - Sorority Life 2: Episode 3 (3/12/2003)

Daily Trojan 3/10/03 MTV reality show gets weak reception at USC

Reality News Online 3/9/03 Sorority Life 2, Episode 2: Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Television Without Pity 3/9/03 Ready, Set, Pledge

Media Fiends 3/8/03 - Sorority Life 2: Episode 2 (3/5/2003)

Reality News Online 3/3/03 Sorority Life 2, Episode 1: Will the Legacy Hold?

Television Without Pity 3/1/03 Puts The "Oh My God This Sucks" In "Buffalo"

Media Fiends 2/27/03 - 2.26.03 Sorority Life 2

Reality News Online 2/24/03 Sorority Life 2 / Fraternity Life: Meet the Greeks

Reality News Online 2/18/03 The Sorority Life Reunion

Zap2It 2/6/03 It's All Greek to MTV

The Arbiter 11/7/02 Boise State grad makes it big in Hollywood

California Age 10/3/02 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi: a sorority’s life after MTV

Brian X 9/30/02 Preview of MTV's Sorority Life 2

Brian X 9/30/02 Review of MTV's Sorority Life

Technique 9/27/02 Does MTV's Sorority Life portray an accurate view of greek life?

San Francisco Chronicle 9/18/02 Sorority Girls Ate My Brain

Media Fiends 9/10/02 Sorority Life Season Finale

Zap2It 8/27/02 Next 'Sorority Life' Shuffles Off to Buffalo

Media Fiends 8/27/02 Sorority Life - Episode 10 Formal Fallout

Buffalo News 8/24/02 UB students will star in two MTV series

Media Fiends 8/12/02 Sorority Life - Episode 9 Lame-Ass Formal

Media Fiends 8/12/02 Sorority Life - Episode 8

New York Daily News 8/9/02 Viewers rush to MTV's 'Sorority'

Media Fiends 8/6/02 Sorority Life - Episode 7 Little Sis

Media Fiends 7/30/02 Sorority Life - Episode 6

Media Fiends 7/25/02 Sorority Life - Episode 5

Nashua Telegraph 7/4/02 MTV’s ‘Sorority Life’ is ‘Survivor’ with lip gloss

Detroit News 6/26/02 'Sorority Life': Will sisterhood be powerful?

Sacramento Bee 6/25/02 Sorority, lies & videotape

Davis Enterprise 6/25/02 Community watches itself on television -- but is it realistic?


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