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About the Sorority Life Show

On this MTV show cameras will follow for 12 weeks the spring pledge class of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi. The third season will follow the Zeta Sigma Phi sorority of the University of Southern California.

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News Articles about MTV Networks Sorority Life


Reality News Online 11/25/03 Sorority Life 3, Episode 10: Crossing Over… Or Not

Reality News Online 11/20/03 Episodes 8 & 9: Please Be Good Pledges, Thank You Very Largely

Reality News Online 11/1/03 Hey, Carmen, Did You Know You Pledged a "Multicultural" Sorority?

Reality News Online 10/27/03 Sorority Life 3, Episode 6: Shopping for Sisterhood

Reality Reel 10/17/03 See-ya Meena!

Reality News Online 10/12/03 Sorority Life 3, Episode 4: The Ghost Pledge

Reality News Online 10/3/03 Sorority Life 3, Episode 3: My Kingdom for a Range Rover?

Reality News Online 10/1/03 Episode 1 & 2: Getting to Know You, Getting to Hate Everything About You

Reality TV World 9/17/03 'Sorority Life' and 'Fraternity Life' premiering new seasons tonight 6/1/03 Sorority Life: Episode 12 (5/28/2003)

Television Without Pity 5/31/03 Of Human Bahndage

Reality News Online 5/31/03 The Finale: This Is the End… of James Taylor’s Sanity 5/28/03 Sorority Life: Episode 12 (5/21/2003)

Reality News Online 5/26/03 Sorority Life 2, Episode 12: This Kiss

Television Without Pity 5/23/03 Make A Run For The Border

NY Times 5/18/03 Can 'Reality TV' Be Translated to Greek? 5/18/03 Sorority Life: Episode 11 (5/14/2003)

Reality News Online 5/17/03 Episode 11: We’re Not Hazing You, We’re Just Pledging You a Lot

Television Without Pity 5/16/03 You Dirty Rat

Journal News 5/16/03 Yonkers company severs ties to MTV reality shows

Reality News Online 5/16/03 Sorority Life 2, Episode 10: MTV Gets a New “Jackass” 5/11/03 - Sorority Life: Episode 10 (5/7/2003)

Television Without Pity 5/11/03 Jew Lez

Daily Illini 5/9/03 MTV shows draw flak; University greeks happy

Reality News Online 5/5/03 Episode 9: Womanhood Takes One in the Kisser


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