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News Articles about HBO Networks Six Feet Under


Zap2It 8/23/05 'Six Feet Under' Ends on Ratings High Note

Chicago Tribune 8/23/05 The view from six feet under

Village Voice 8/22/05 Six Feet Under digs its own splendid grave

Boston Globe 8/22/05 A poignant, satisfying end for 'Six Feet Under'

NY Times 8/22/05 And They All Died Happily Ever After, Sort Of

Dallas Morning News 8/22/05 Heavenly end for 'Six Feet'

Chicago Tribune 8/22/05 `Six Feet Under' finale was a benediction

Entertainment Weekly 8/22/05 And They All Died Happily Ever After

Toronto Star 8/22/05 Fishers get proper burial

South Florida 8/21/05 We come not to bury Six Feet Under but to praise it

Mobile Register 8/21/05 'Six Feet Under' 2001-2005

Chicago Tribune 8/21/05 It was a dark and stormy series . . . 8/21/05 Good-bye, 'Six Feet Under'; hi, my new love

Detroit Free Press 8/21/05 'Six Feet Under' faces its mortality

Post Dispatch 8/21/05 A happy conclusion would be quite an undertaking for "Six Feet Under"

Jam! 8/20/05 Time to bury 'Six Feet Under'

Deseret News 8/20/05 'Six Feet Under' goes out on top 8/20/05 `Six Feet Under' expires

Washington Post 8/20/05 'Six Feet Under': Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

Knox News 8/20/05 'Six Feet Under' goes out while it's on top

Seattle PI 8/20/05 Fans, we feel your loss over 'Six Feet Under's passing

Providence Journal 8/20/05 Six Feet Under has been dying a slow, painful death

South Florida 8/20/05 Six Feet Under: It's last rites for the story of a family of funeral directors

Celebrity Spider 8/19/05 Six Feet Under Star Peter Krause To Celebrate Birthday All Month

Television Without Pity 8/19/05 Static

BBC 8/19/05 US viewers mourn Six Feet Under

CNN 8/19/05 End of the line for 'Six Feet Under'

Chicago Tribune 8/19/05 Drama's creator says characters haunt his dreams

Knox News 8/19/05 Some Fisher family insights, courtesy of 'Six Feet' creator

NY Daily News 8/19/05 'Six Feet Under' end is tops

Knox News 8/19/05 'Six Feet Under' turned dying into an art

Seattle Times 8/19/05 As it turns out, "Six Feet Under" wasn't deep enough

Boston Globe 8/18/05 Remembering 'Six Feet Under': It was honest, fearless, and never nice 8/18/05 He has mourned 'Six Feet Under' and is ready to go on

Newsday 8/18/05 Still a matter of life and death

USA Today 8'18/05 'Six Feet Under' at its last gasp

Toronto Star 8/17/05 Closing the lid on Six Feet

Entertainment Weekly 8/16/05 'Under' the Bridge

Knox News 8/16/05 A show about death became an exploration of life

Entertainment Weekly 8/15/05 Post-Nate Depression

Knox News 8/14/05 'Six Feet Under' closes lid on one of its best seasons

Television Without Pity 8/12/05 All Alone

Knox News 8/12/05 Grudge match: Elvis vs. Nate Fisher

NY Times 8/8/05 On 'Six Feet Under,' Grief and Authenticity

Television Without Pity 8/6/05 Ecotone

Entertainment Weekly 8/5/05 Keepin' It Funereal

The Monitor 8/5/05 Four episodes left: The death of Six Feet Under looms

Toronto Star 8/3/05 Illusion of joy buried on Six Feet Under

Celebrity Spider 8/2/05 Lead Six Feet Under Character Dies

NY Daily News 8/2/05 Death with dignity on '6 Feet'

Newsday 8/1/05 Nate kicks bucket on 'Six Feet Under'

Access Hollywood 8/1/05 'Six Feet Under' Character's Death Surprises Viewers

Television Without Pity 7/30/05 Singing for Our Lives

Bergen Record 7/29/05 Given an inch, she took 'Six Feet'

Chicago Sun Times 7/29/05 'Six Feet Under' to be exhumed, return to Sunday

Entertainment Weekly 7/28/05 Employee Discount

Television Without Pity 7/23/05 The Silence

Entertainment Weekly 7/22/05 Knocking on Heaven's Door

Television Without Pity 7/17/05 The Rainbow of Her Reasons

Entertainment Weekly 7/15/05 Mysteries of Love

Entertainment Weekly 7/11/05 Ladies' Night

Television Without Pity 7/9/05 Eat A Peach

Entertainment Weekly 7/5/05 Mother Night

Television Without Pity 7/2/05 Time Flies

San Francisco Chronicle 7/1/05 'Six Feet Under' to Return to Sundays

Globe and Mail 7/1/05 Seven Questions with Frances Conroy

Zap2It 6/28/05 HBO Beats 'Feet' Retreat to Sunday

Entertainment Weekly 6/28/05 All Fowled Up

Hollywood Reporter 6/28/05 'Six Feet' rises again in Sunday slot

Zap2It 6/27/05 'Six Feet Under' Co-Star Gives Birth

Television Without Pity 6/25/05 Hold My Hand

NMC 6/24/05 Coldplay Goes Six Feet Under

Entertainment Weekly 6/21/05 Storm Warnings

Television Without Pity 6/18/05 Dancing For Me
Entertainment Weekly 6/14/05 'Feet,' Don't Fail Us Now

Celebrity Spider 6/11/05 James Cromwell Upset With Mad Character on Six Feet Under

Television Without Pity 6/11/05 A Coat Of White Primer

Southern Voice 6/10/05 Burying ‘Six Feet Under’

Entertainment Weekly 6/7/05 Zinging in the Rain

Contra Costa Times 6/6/05 It's time to bury bleak 'Six Feet Under'

Mercury News 6/6/05 Once-great `Six Feet Under' tries to pull itself out of slump

The Oregonian 6/6/05 'Six Feet Under' digs way out of last season's hole

Knox News 6/6/05 Caretaker's plight raises 'Six Feet's' pulse

NY Times 6/6/05 Still Dead and Kicking to Lurid Beat

Union Tribune 6/6/05 'Six Feet Under' is still kicking as it heads into its final season

Detroit Free Press 6/6/05 Fishers face end with no regrets

Chicago Tribune 6/6/05 `Six Feet Under' is alive and well for final season

Chicago Sun-Times 6/6/05 'Six Feet Under' family back for final reunion

USA Today 6/6/05 'Six Feet Under' ready to close the lid on the coffin

NY Daily News 6/6/05 'Six Feet' won't rest in peace

Rocky Mountain News 6/6/05 Humor lies 'Six Feet Under'

Dallas Morning News 6/5/05 A show in need of burial

Toledo Blade 6/5/05 A series winds down: HBO's innovative 'Six Feet Under' opens its final season

Denver Post 6/5/05 End near, "Six Feet Under" shows new life

NY Times 6/5/05 Laying the Funeral Home to Rest

Mobile Register 6/5/05 'Six Feet Under' starts final season on HBO

Post Gazette 6/5/05 TV Reviews: Two shows make interesting comeback

Salon 6/4/05 Would it kill you to smile?

Detroit News 6/4/05 Although show has evolved, death remains its hook

Star Ledger 6/4/05 Last rites

Zap2It 6/4/05 Krause Dives 'Six Feet Under' One Last Time

SF Chronicle 6/3/05 'Six Feet Under' showing signs of life in final season 6/2/05 Monday is the beginning of the end for 'Six Feet Under'

Knox News 6/1/05 Catching up with 'Six Feet Under'

Entertainment Weekly 6/1/05 Family Plotlines

Knox News 5/31/05 'Six Feet Under' isn't dead and buried yet

Teen TV 5/29/05 Six Feet Under Kicks Off Its Fifth and Final Season

Sun Sentinel 5/15/05 Six Feet Under plugs spoil the surprises

Soul Shine 5/13/05 'Six Feet Under' Compiles Indie Gold

LA Daily News 5/6/05 Rodriguez juggling multiple films with 'Six Feet Under'

Washington Times 5/5/05 'Six Feet Under' shifts to Mondays

Zap2It 5/2/05 'Six Feet Under,' 'Queer Eye' Win GLAAD Awards

The Advocate 5/2/05 Kinsey, Six Feet Under honored by GLAAD

Courier-Post 3/31/05 HBO deep-sixes `Six Feet Under'

Daily Star 3/25/05 Actor rises from 'Six Feet Under'

Contact Music 3/6/05 Rachel Griffiths Was A 'Gossip Junkie'

The Advocate 2/25/05 HBO to move Six Feet Under to Mondays

Shopping News 2/18/05 Six Feet Under - The Complete Third Season DVD will be released May 17th
Zap2It 1/14/05 Final 'Six Feet' Season Rises in June

AZ Central 1/14/05 'Six Feet Under' actor Cromwell divorces wife of 18 years

Zap2It 11/24/04 It's Sort of a 'Six Feet' Reunion on 'Enterprise'

Boston Globe 11/17/04 'Six Feet Under' star chills out; having fun in Aspen

Mobile Register 11/10/04 R.I.P., Six Feet Under'; What next for HBO? 11/9/04 HBO will pronounce last rites for hit 'Six Feet Under'

Toronto Star 11/9/04 Six Feet Under to die young

BBC 11/9/04 Six Feet Under to come to an end

Media Life 11/8/04 Clumps of dark sod for 'Six Feet Under'

Contact Music 11/8/04 Six Feet Under Is Going Under

Herald Sun 11/8/04 Show to go under

Hollywood Reporter 11/6/04 HBO ready to bury 'Six Feet'

Zap2It 11/6/04 'Six Feet' Over at HBO

NY Times 11/6/04 HBO Ready to Bury 'Six Feet'


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