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News Articles about HBO Networks Six Feet Under

Television Without Pity 9/16/04 Untitled

Media Life 9/15/04 How to breathe life into 'Six Feet Under' 9/14/04 Where did '6FU' writers dig up that plot twist?

NY Times 9/13/04 In a Creepy World, Just Who Is Insane and Who Isn't?

Toronto Star 9/12/04 Life imitates art on Six Feet Under

Star Ledger 9/12/04 Keeping 'Six Feet Under's' head above water

Media Life 9/10/04 It's a chillier crypt for 'Six Feet Under'

Courier Journal 9/10/04 Bury yourself in this pop quiz on 'Six Feet Under' 9/10/04 "Six Feet's" muse

Television Without Pity 9/4/04 Bomb Shelter

Television Without Pity 8/27/04 The Black Forest

New Zealand Herald 8/26/04 The return of Six Feet Under

Television Without Pity 8/18/04 Grinding The Corn

AJC 8/16/04 Peter Krause's triple play: Stage, screen, TV

Television Without Pity 8/11/04 Coming And Going

Television Without Pity 8/4/04 The Dare

Television Without Pity 7/27/04 Terror Starts At Home

Mobile Register 7/25/04 TV's two faces of death

Television Without Pity 7/20/04 That's My Dog

Television Without Pity 7/13/04 Can I Come Up Now?
Sulphur Daily News 7/10/04 Sulphur native, Lynde, joins cast of HBO's 'Six Feet Under'

Dallas Morning News 7/9/04 Dead topics inspire a lively second season

Television Without Pity 6/29/04 Parallel Play

Tri Valley Herald 6/27/04 'Six Feet Under' needs to come up for air

Mobile Register 6/27/04 'Six Feet' in the dumps

Television Without Pity 6/22/04 In Case Of Rapture

Go Memphis 6/15/04 Perspective on life from 'Six Feet Under'

Zap2It 6/15/04 'Six Feet' Premiere Numbers Take a Dip

Television Without Pity 6/15/04 Falling Into Place

Mobile Register 6/13/04 'Six Feet Under' returns; 'Deadwood' ends season

Denver Post 6/13/04 "Six Feet" treks on TV's lonely terrain: grief

Oregonian 6/13/04 'Six Feet Under' no longer miraculous with its mortality

Washington Post 6/13/04 Formaldehyde Invitation

Hartford Courant 6/13/04 Time To Dig In To A Fourth Season Of `Six Feet Under'

St. Petersburg Times 6/13/04 New life for 'Six Feet Under'

NY Times 6/13/04 Formaldehyde Invitation

Palm Beach Post 6/13/04 Neurotics overwhelmed, 'Six Feet Under' unchanged

Plain Dealer 6/12/04 'Six Feet Under' alive and thriving

Detroit News 6/12/04 Morticians dig 'Six Feet Under'

Salon 6/12/04 Feet forward

Go Memphis 6/12/04 Annoying, compelling, 'Six Feet Under' returns

Contra Costa Times 6/12/04 'Six' foundation showing cracks

Star Ledger 6/12/04 Family plots; More changes for the Fishers in the return of 'Six Feet Under'

Rocky Mountain News 6/12/04 'Six Feet Under' darker than ever

Globe and Mail 6/12/04 The love of a good die job

ET Online 6/11/04 'Six Feet Under': Expect the Unexpected

Dallas Morning News 6/11/04 Pallor prevails as 'Six Feet Under' begins a new season

Kansas City Star 6/11/04 ‘Six Feet Under' won't bury storylines

Miami Herald 6/11/04 'Six Feet Under' Star Hopes to Lighten Up

Boston Globe 6/11/04 'Six Feet' continues to unearth brilliance

Post Gazette 6/11/04 TV Review: 'Six Feet Under' returns for summer, still drowning in depression

NY Times 6/11/04 No Business Like the Funeral Business

Toronto Star 6/11/04 Why can't TV always be this good?

Seattle PI 6/11/04 Good mourning to you: 'Six Feet Under' doffs despair for more quirky humor

SF Chronicle 6/11/04 'Six Feet Under' gives up the ghost -One of HBO's best goes over the edge

Mobile Register 6/11/04 'Six Feet Under' returns; 'Deadwood' ends season

Chicago Sun-Times 6/11/04 Deep in excess, 'Six Feet Under' digs its own grave

Hollywood Reporter 6/10/04 Six Feet Under

USA Today 6/10/04 HBO lightens up 'Six Feet Under'

NY Daily News 6/10/04 A new undertaking

USA Today 6/10/04 'Six Feet Under' gets fresh flesh

Detroit News 6/9/04 'Six Feet Under' Corpses Are No Accident 6/9/04 'Six Feet Under' producer sees no shortage of stories

Zap2It 6/8/04 Relationships in Flux on 'Six Feet Under'

Knox News 6/6/04 A death, a wedding, an unwanted pregnancy

NY Times 5/30/04 Death Becomes Her, Her and Her

TV Barn 5/13/04 "Six Feet Under" returns June 13

Zap2It 5/13/04 HBO Digs 'Six Feet' in June

Playbill 3/23/04 "Six Feet Under"'s Ambrose Join All-Star "Sunset Boulevard" Reading

Milwaukee Journal 3/12/04 'Six Feet Under' Star to Play Broadway

The Advocate 2/24/04 Charlize Theron, Angels in America, Six Feet Under big winners at SAG Awards

USA Today 1/15/04 Change afoot on 'Six Feet Under'

Zap2It 1/14/04 'Sex,' 'Six Feet' Dominate DGA Television Nods

Hollywood Reporter 1/14/04 Directors Guild has hots for 'Sex,' 'Six Feet' at HBO

BBC 1/14/04 Six Feet Under tops awards list

Zap2It 1/9/04 'Six Feet' Adds Guest Stars

Troy Record 1/9/04 Lili Taylor to return too 'Six Feet Under'

TV Barn 1/8/04 Guest stars/ new writers named for Sopranos, The Wire, Six Feet

Zap2It 12/17/03 Suvari Digs 'Six Feet Under'

Coming Soon 12/17/03 Mena Suvari to Guest Star in Six Feet Under

Hollywood Reporter 12/17/03 Suvari rises to occasion for 'Six Feet'

E!Online 11/26/03 "Six Feet" Star Delivers!

SMH 11/24/03 Six Feet Under 11/23/03 'Six Feet Under,' 'Friends' actress dead at 36

Film Jerk 11/15/03 Fourth Season of “Six Feet Under” Starts Filming December 1, Details Revealed

Hollywood Reporter 11/14/03 Spain digs 'Six Feet Under'

Tallahassee Democrat 9/21/03 'Six Feet Under'? FSU face may be on top tonight

Detroit News 9/20/03 'Six Feet Under'goes in with most Emmy nominations 9/17/03 'Six Feet Under' Tops Emmy Nominations

CNN 9/19/03 Gangsters, undertakers vie for Emmys

TeeVee 9/11/03 TeeVee Awards '03: Biggest Disappointment 9/1/03 Disconcerting ways to wrap up a series

New Zealand Herald 8/26/03 Disturbing lure of wrong life

SMH 8/25/03 Death becomes him

SMH 8/25/03 Six Feet Under

Calgary Sun 8/22/03 Serious undertaking

Media Guardian 8/13/03 C4 rapped over 'ironic' Six Feet Under campaign

BBC 8/13/03 Six Feet Under ads attacked

Ananova 8/13/03 Channel 4 criticised over Six Feet Under adverts

Globe and Mail 8/2/03 Under the skin of a role to die for

E!Online 7/17/03 Emmy Puts "Six Feet Under" on Top

BBC 7/17/03 Six Feet Under tops Emmys list

Ananova 7/17/03 Six Feet Under leads Emmy nominations

Dallas Morning News 7/17/03 'Six Feet Under' leads Emmy nominations

NY Daily News 7/3/03 Dig these nifty buried Extras!

E!Online 7/1/03 Stork Time for "Six Feet" Star

Boston Globe 6/30/03 Troubled 'Six Feet Under' character becomes doomed Caesar

LA Times 6/20/03 'Hard Word' is unstandard issue

Zap2It 6/13/03 Showtime May Find New Leader 'Six Feet Under'

TV Guide 6/12/03 Six Feet Guy Is Fearless

Television Without Pity 6/8/03 I'm Sorry, I'm Lost

Salon 6/2/03 One wedding and two funerals

New Zealand Herald 6/2/03 Six Feet Under: It's life in a living death

Toronto Star 5/31/03 Six Feet Under finale achieves closure

USA Today 5/30/03 'Six Feet Under' keeps finale under the lid

Zap2It 5/29/03 'Six Feet Under' Ads Banned in U.K.

Ananova 5/28/03 Six Feet Under posters banned

Television Without Pity 5/25/03 Twilight

WXXA 5/23/03 Rachel Griffiths Scared of Stalker

Edmonton Journal 5/22/03 Six Feet Under finally finding life in Canada

Knox News 5/22/03 'Six Feet Under' rights itself, builds to season finale

Toronto Star 5/22/03 Showcase to air Six Feet Under in August

Television Without Pity 5/14/03 Death Works Overtime

Ananova 5/13/03 Controversial ads launched for Six Feet Under

NY Times 5/12/03 Lili Taylor: Not Her Crabby HBO Self

Television Without Pity 5/11/03 Everyone Leaves

Television Without Pity 5/4/03 The Opening

Zap2It 4/28/03 GLAAD Salutes 'Will,' 'Six Feet Under'

Television Without Pity 4/27/03 Tears, Bones and Desire

Television Without Pity 4/19/03 Timing and Space

Television Without Pity 4/13/03 Making Love Work

Washington Post 4/13/03 'Six Feet Under' Gets the Three-Year Itch

Eufaula Tribune 4/11/03 Bennett twins will appear on HBO series

Psychology Today 4/10/03 Film Reviews: "Gum in My Hair" and "Six Feet Under"

Television Without Pity 4/6/03 The Trap

Zap2It 4/3/03 'Six Feet Under,' '9/11' Win Peabody Awards

Television Without Pity 3/31/03 The Trap

Daily News 3/24/03 Talk About Tough

Television Without Pity 3/23/03 Another Voice

Cinescape 3/19/03 Six Feet Under star earns another Paycheck

Ananova 3/19/03 Six Feet Under star joins Affleck movie

Television Without Pity 3/16/03 You Never Know 3/11/03 Mathew St. Patrick

Television Without Pity 3/9/03 Perfect Circles 3/7/03 Gaywatch: digging up dirt on "Six Feet Under"

Zap2It 3/6/03 Wrestling, 'Six Feet Under' Tops on Cable

Toronto Star 3/4/03 Six Feet Under keeps getting better

Globe and Mail 3/4/03 Mother Courage of the mortuary

Salon 3/3/03 Digging their way out

U-Daily News 3/2/03 A ghost of its former self

Beacon Journal 3/2/03 `Six Feet Under' keeps me irritated, watching

U-Daily News 3/1/03 Letting their 'Hair' down

Go Memphis 3/1/03 HBO breathes life into TV with brilliant Six Feet Under

Post Gazette 3/1/03 'Six Feet Under' thinks out of the box again

Seattle PI 3/1/03 The plot thickens as 'Six Feet Under' enters a third season

Milwaukee Journal 3/1/03 Third season with morbid family slow to charm

Globe and Mail 3/1/03 Underneath it all

Detroit News 3/1/03 'Six Feet Under' returns as full of life, death as ever

Mobile Register 3/1/03 Viewers, critics dig Six Feet Under'

Washington Post 3/1/03 Dead-On Drama

Knox News 2/28/03 'Under' character must get over depression

SF Chronicle 2/28/03 'SFU' enters its third season with new life, character twists

NY Times 2/28/03 A Faster Pace for Burial Rites

USA Today 2/28/03 Predictable soap stories could bury 'Six Feet Under' 2/27/03 'Six Feet Under'

SF Chronicle 2/27/03 Realism of sets gives life to scenes on 'Six Feet Under'

SF Gate 2/27/03 Frances Conroy digs playing the funeral-home matriarch on `SFU'

Chicago Sun-Times 2/27/03 Remains to be seen

NY Daily News 2/27/03 'Six Feet': To die for

USA Today 2/27/03 A more grounded 'Six Feet Under'

Mercury News 2/27/03 Quirky 'Six Feet' stays lively

TV Guide 2/25/03 Good Grief

USA Today 2/21/03 Cast is alive and kicking for 3rd 'Six Feet Under' run

Star-Telegram 2/7/03 Dead on

Seattle Times 2/7/03 'Six Feet Under' comes to video

Washington Post 2/2/03 'Six Feet Under' Comes Up a Winner

Independent 2/1/03 Undertakers thank 'Six Feet Under' for putting new life into business of death

Zap2It 1/7/03 March Gets Buried 'Six Feet Under'

Irish Examiner 1/6/03 Six Feet Under star marries childhood sweetheart

Zap2It 1/2/03 'Six Feet Under' Star Griffiths Weds

Mobile Register 12/1/02 HBO seasons are short, sweet

USA Today 10/18/02 Attitude adjustment on 'Six Feet Under'

Zap2It 9/22/02 'Wing' Shuts Out 'Six Feet Under' on Emmy Night

Dallas Morning News 9/22/02 'Six Feet' deep in Emmys?

Ananova 9/22/02 Six Feet Under favourite for Emmy

Seattle PI 9/18/02 'Six Feet Under' and 'Friends' look like Emmy contenders 9/10/02 Out From Under

New Zealand Herald 9/10/02 In mourning for the weird stuff

New Haven Register 8/27/02 'Six Feet' star, wife together on stage

Zap2It 8/10/02 Something 'Funk'y About 'Six Feet Under'

Independent 8/10/02 Writer sues over cult hit 'Six Feet Under'

Guardian 8/9/02 Legal row over Six Feet Under

E!Online 8/9/02 "Six Feet" Under Fire

Ananova 8/8/02 Six Feet Under trades humans for fake dead bodies

BBC 8/8/02 Writer 'sues' over Six Feet Under

Ananova 8/8/02 Screenwriter claims she wrote Six Feet Under

New York Daily News 7/19/02 Dead-letter day for 'Six Feet Under'

E!Online 7/18/02 Emmy Digs "Six Feet Under"

BBC 7/18/02 Six Feet Under leads Emmys race

Ananova 7/18/02 Six Feet Under leads the way at the Emmy Awards nominations

Ananova 7/12/02 Six Feet Under star heads to Broadway

Guardian 7/1/02 Six Feet Under resurrected for third series

Detroit Free Press 6/19/02 'Six Feet Under' gives good dose of reality

Guardian 6/16/02 Drop-dead wonderful

Dallas Morning News 6/15/02 'Six Feet Under' star is on cloud nine

Guardian 6/11/02 Six Feet Under

BBC 6/11/02 Six Feet Under: Your views 6/11/02 Six Feet Under

Television Without Pity 6/11/02 The Last Time

BBC 6/11/02 Drama at the funeral parlour

Sunday Herald 6/9/02 Death Warmed Up

Guardian 6/8/02 Esprit de corpse

Salon 6/5/02 Sex, death and other family matters

Independent 6/5/02 Six Feet Under: Death becomes them

E!Online 6/3/02 "Six Feet" Star Altar-Bound

Toronto Star 6/3/02 No last rites for Six Feet Under

Denver Post 6/2/02 To morticians, series lively topic

Bergen Record 5/31/02 Stuck in a family of morticians

Beacon Journal 5/30/02 'Six Feet Under' has made funeral directors trendy

Star Ledger 5/30/02 Claire's bright side

San Francisco Chronicle 5/29/02 Michael C. Hall buries preconceptions

Television Without Pity 5/26/02 I'll Take You

Zap2It 5/22/02 Claire's Art School Interview Goes Awry on Six Feet Under

Television Without Pity 5/14/02 The Liar and The Whore

Television Without Pity 5/12/02 The Secret

Zap2It 5/10/02 'Six Feet Under's' Nicki Micheaux Digs In

Television Without Pity 5/5/02 Someone Else's Eyes

E!Online 4/30/02 "Six Feet" Gets a Third Life

Hollywood Reporter 4/30/02 HBO digs up 3rd 'Six Feet' season

Zap2It 4/29/02 HBO Signs Up for More 'Six Feet Under'

Television Without Pity 4/29/02 It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Television Without Pity 4/21/02 Back to the Garden

Detroit Free Press 4/19/02 Inventive writing makes funereal series so cool

Oregonian 4/19/02 Playing dead

Washington Post 4/14/02 'Six Feet Under' Crafting a Gem of a Beginning

San Francisco Chronicle 4/9/02 Going 'Under'

Television Without Pity 4/7/02 In Place Of Anger

TV Guide 4/3/02 Six Feet Under: Rehashed?

Television Without Pity 3/29/02 Driving Mr. Mossback

Knox News 3/28/02 'Six Feet Under' opening represents life's 'closing'

Daily Nebraskan 3/27/02 Strong, versatile soundtrack stems from popular TV show

Television Without Pity 3/17/02 The Plan
Seattle PI 3/14/02 'Six Feet Under' starts off with a Seattle bang

CNN 3/12/02 'Six Feet Under': Twists 'n urns

Zap2It 3/11/02 'Six Feet Under' Creator 'Not a Very Good Sitcom Guy'

MSNBC 3/10/02 Six Feet Under Our Skin

Salon 3/9/02 Love and death

New Zealand Herald 3/5/02 Why undertakers dig 'Six Feet Under'

Globe and Mail 3/4/02 Buried deep in TV

Newsweek 3/4/02 TV’s Stiff Competition

Dallas Morning News 3/4/02 Cold flesh turns into hot trend in dramas

Hampton Roads 3/3/02 Dig in for 2nd season of ''Six Feet Under''

Bergen Record 3/3/02 Digging away at deep-rooted assumptions

Detroit Free Press 3/3/02 'Six Feet Under' digs deeper

Post Gazette 3/3/02 'Six Feet Under' returns for second season

Dallas Morning News 3/3/02 HBO's 'Six Feet Under' returns for a second season of dark dramedy

St. Petersburg Times 3/3/02 Digging in for the long run

San Francisco Chronicle 3/2/02 HBO's 'Six Feet' a dark gem

Contra Costa Times 3/2/02 'Six Feet Under' is alive and well

Spokesman Review 3/2/02 'Six Feet Under' rises for second season

Go Memphis 3/2/02 Human frailty returns to Six Feet 3/2/02 Gaywatch: Six Feet Under

Pop Politics 3/1/02 One Year In The Grave

Zap2It 3/1/02 'Six Feet Under' a Hit with Morticians

Rocky Mountain News 2/28/02 Saunders: 'Six Feet Under' maintains beachhead

Milwaukee Journal 2/25/02 That other big drama from HBO is back

New Zealand Herald 2/21/02 Funeral parlour family a surprise TV hit

Extra TV 2/18/02 'Six Feet Under'

Zap2It 1/19/02 It's All about Family for 'Six Feet Under' Creator
E!Online 1/10/02 HBO's "Six Feet" Digs In

Star Ledger 12/31/01 Alan Sepinwall's Top 10 TV shows

St. Petersburg Times 12/23/01 Television 2001: The quest for quality

Zap2It 12/10/01 'Six Feet Under' Lines Up Second-Season Directors

Zap2It 12/10/01 Second Season To Feature Director & Guest Star Kathy Bates & Lili Taylor

New York Times 8/27/01 Strange Glitches on HBO's "Six Feet Under

Mighty Big TV 8/26/01 A Private Life

Milwaukee Journal 8/22/01 HBO thrives with superior Sundays

Rocky Mountain News 8/21/01 'Six Feet Under' finds a life all its own

Zap2It 8/21/01 'Six Feet Under' Scores New Highs

Gist 8/20/01 Resting in Peace

Mighty Big TV 8/20/01 Knock, Knock

St. Petersburg Times 8/19/01 'Six Feet Under' buries the competition

Washington Post 8/19/01 'Six Feet Under': Grave New World

Florida Today 8/19/01 HBO deals realistically with gay relations

Spokesman Review 8/18/01 Conflicts climax at funeral home in 'Six Feet'

Mighty Big TV 8/17/01 The Trip

USA Today 8/17/01 Hollywood digs 'Six Feet Under'

Detroit Free Press 8/17/01 'Six Feet Under' digs deep into characters

USA Today 8/16/01 HBO's undertakers don't cover up

Star Ledger 8/15/01 'Six Feet Under' finds fans among the profession it skewers

Mighty Big TV 8/12/01 The New Person

Post Gazette 8/7/01 Munhall native relishes role on 'Six Feet Under'

Mighty Big TV 8/5/01 Life's Too Short

Washington Post 8/3/01 A Serious Undertaking

The Trades 7/30/01 Six Feet Under - HBO

Mighty Big TV 7/29/01 Crossroads

Times Union 7/24/01 Death in the Family

Mighty Big TV 7/22/01 Brotherhood

Milwaukee Journal 7/19/01 Alan Ball Digs In 'Six Feet Under'

Zap2It 7/11/01 'Six Feet Under' Gains Ground in Ratings

Milwaukee Journal 7/9/01 Ghosts Are Taking Over TV Shows

Mighty Big TV 7/9/01 The Room

Detroit Free Press 7/6/01 Family undertakers brighten up Sundays 7/3/01 Alan Ball brings darkly funny 'Six Feet Under' to HBO

Mighty Big TV 7/1/01 An Open Book

Salon 6/26/01 The HBO way of death

Mighty Big TV 6/24/01 Familia

Mighty Big TV 6/24/01 The Foot

Mighty Big TV 6/17/01 The Will

Zap2It 6/15/01 HBO Moves 'Six Feet Under'

TV Insite 6/12/01 Sex, Six score again for HBO

Mighty Big TV 6/10/01 Pilot

Zap2It 6/6/01 'Six Feet' of Separation

TV Insite 6/6/01 HBO’s Six Series Scores

Zap2It 6/6/01 'Six Feet Under' Writer Pokes Fun At ABC

Zap2It 6/5/01 'Sex,' 'Six' Enjoy Strong Premieres

Mighty Big TV 6/4/01 Pilot

Gist 6/3/01 Six Feet Under Digs Up Record Ratings

St. Petersburg Times 6/3/01 Cable: the good life

Star Ledger 6/3/01 "American Beauty" writer finds inspiration 'Six Feet Under'

Washington Post 6/3/01 'Six Feet Under': HBO Provides A Death Benefit

Zap2It 6/1/01 HBO Orders Second Season of 'Six Feet Under'

CNN 6/1/01 'Six Feet Under': Death takes a trip

Post Gazette 6/1/01 'Six Feet Under' dabbles in the daring, but it's still predictable

Seattle PI 5/31/01 'Six Feet Under' embraces death in a lively way

SF Chronicle 5/31/01 Dead-end jobs on 'Six Feet' HBO series takes family angst to new lows

NY Magazine 5/26/01 The Big Sleep

Fox News 5/4/01 ABC TV Honcho Is Dead Man in New HBO Series

CNN 11/15/00 HBO signs directors for new drama series

Soap Central 9/24/00 St. Patrick Leaving AMC for HBO


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