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Toronto Sun 4/9/06 'Rock Star' shows us anyone is replaceable

TeeVee 8/31/05 'Rock Star' Puts 'Idol' to Shame

Fans of Reality TV 8/31/05 Elvis Has Definitely Left The Building

The Trades 9/1/05 Rock Star: INXS: Week 8 Results

Couch Potato Rehab 8/31/05 Straight From The Couch - Week 8 Performances

Reality TV Calendar 8/31/05 An Incredible Performance Show: Episode 23 Recap

The Trades 8/31/05 Rock Star: INXS: Week 8 8/31/05 - J.D. Flubs; Is Suzie A Queen?

Foxes on Idol 8/31/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Rock Star: INXS, August 30

Reality News Online 8/31/05 Rock Star: INXS, August 30 - Heaven Sent

Reality TV Magazine 8/31/05 Rock Star INXS – Is It Time For J.D. Fortune To Go?

Reality Reel 8/30/05 Rock Star: INXS: Preview Of Tuesday, August 30th's Episode

Reality TV Talk 8/30/05 Rock Star: INXS - Special Report on the Live CD Taping on Aug 28 - "Marty at the Mayan"

Jam! 8/30/05 Canucks rock on INXS reality show

Reality TV Talk 8/30/05 Rock Star: INXS Week 7 Elimination Wednesday "A Change is as Good as a Rest" 8/30/05 ‘Rock Star: INXS’ has found its groove

Wireless Flash News Service 8/30/05 `Rock Star: INXS' Marty Wants To Go From Songwriting Student To Teacher

Wireless Flash News Service 8/30/05 `Rock Star' Wannabe Has Drive But Misses Driving

Orwell Project 8/29/05 Rock Star Recap 8/28

Fans of Reality TV 8/29/05 Myriad Musings on Mucus and Music

Reality TV Calendar 8/29/05 Classics And Train Wrecks: Episode 22 Recap

Reality News Online 8/29/05 Rock Star: INXS, August 28 - Good & Bad Times

Reality TV Magazine 8/29/05 Rock Star INXS – A Brand New INXS Song

Reality TV Talk 8/29/05 Rock Star: INXS - Week 8 - The Jello Report for Sunday, August 28

Wireless Flash News Service 8/29/05 Will Aussie-Filipino Background Make `Rock Star' Wannabe `INXS-Able'?

Manila Standard Today 8/29/05 Rock on, super Mig!

Zap2It 8/29/05 'Rock Star: INXS' Waxes Rhapsodic

Reality Shack 8/28/05 Rock Star: INXS August 28th - In The Studio

Toronto Star 8/28/05 Rock Star: INXS 8/28/05 Reality Of Being J.D. Fortune

JokersUpdates 8/27/05 Why Marty Casey Won’t Win Rock Star INXS

Fans of Reality TV 8/27/05 Rock Star: INXS

Jam! 8/27/05 Canadians flood reality TV shows

INQ7 Interactive 8/27/05 Ayesa survives toughest week

Reality Reel 8/26/05 Rock Star: INXS: Deanna Just Isn't Right For The Band

Reality Reel 8/26/05 Rock Star INXS: The Band With No Balls

Reality News Online 8/26/05 Rock Star: INXS - Why J.D. Will Win

Couch Potato Rehab 8/26/05 A take on the 8/23 Show

Couch Potato Rehab 8/25/05 Straight From The Couch: Week #7 Performances

Celebrity Spider 8/25/05 Rock Star INXS Delivers It's Most Watched Wednesday Broadcast

Digital Spy 8/8/05 'Real World' confirmed for Florida

Reality TV Calendar 8/25/05 Encores and Elimination: Episode 21 Recap

Orwell Project 8/25/05 Rock Star - Wednesday 8/24 Results Show Recap

Reality TV Calendar 8/25/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of August 25th 8/25/05 Rock Star: INXS Results 8/24/05

Reality News Online 8/25/05 The SmarK Rant for 'Rock Star: INXS' - Week Seven

Reality News Online 8/25/05 Rock Star: INXS, August 24 - The One Thing

The Trades 8/25/05 Rock Star: INXS: Week 7 Results

Reality TV Magazine 8/25/05 Rock Star INXS Results – The Queen of the Bottom Three

Curlio 8/25/05 Queen of the Bottom Three on RockStar: INXS stays safe

Fans of Reality TV 8/24/05 - Well-Oiled Hunk Skin and the Shrieking Shame

Reality Reel 8/24/05 Rock Star: INXS: Preview For August 24th's Episode

The Trades 8/24/05 Rock Star: INXS: Week 7

Reality TV Calendar 8/24/05 Rock Star: INXS: Solo Work, Team Work & Talent: Episode 20 Recap

Foxes on Idol 8/24/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Rock Star: INXS, August 23 8/24/05 - Wake Up, Little Suzie

Reality News Online 8/24/05 Rock Star: INXS, August 23 - Don't Change

Reality TV Magazine 8/24/05 Rock Star: INXS – Will Jordis Unga Be In The Bottom Three?

Wireless Flash News Service 8/24/05 INXS Teaches Singer To Smoke, Not Burn

Chicago Tribune 8/23/05 ‘Rock Star’ reality check

Wireless Flash News Service 8/23/05 Rocking The Boat Not Hurting INXS Applicant

Orwell Project 8/23/05 Rock Star: INXS -Sunday 8/21 "Behind the Scenes" Show

Reality Reel 8/23/05 Rock Star: INXS: Preview Of August 23rd's Episode

Celebrity Spider 8/22/05 Rock Star INXS To Air Special One Hour Episode on Wednesday

Reality TV Calendar 8/22/05 Originality And The Classics

Reality News Online 8/22/05 Rock Star: INXS, August 21 - New Sensation?

Reality Shack 8/22/05 Rock Star: INXS August 21st - "Mad Creativity"

Fans of Reality TV 8/22/05 Songsmithing Shenanigans

Reality TV Talk 8/22/05 Rock Star: INXS Sunday/Monday Night Show "At The House" Recap & Discussion

Reality TV Magazine 8/22/05 Rock Star: INXS Offers Up Original Songs Week

Reality TV Talk 8/22/05 Rock Star: INXS Week 6 Performance Recap "Marty, I Love Your Way!"

Celebrity Spider 8/19/05 Wednesday Edition of Rock Star: INXS Gaining Ratings Momentum

Fans of Reality TV 8/18/05 Rock Star:INXS - Oooh, Baby I Love Your Spontaneity

Orwell Project 8/18/05 Rock Star - Wednesday 8/17 Results Show Recap

Reality TV Calendar 8/18/05 Photo Scoreboard and Ranking as of August 18th

Reality TV Calendar 8/18/05 Unplugged Results: Recap and Commentary

Reality Reel 8/18/05 Rock Star: INXS: Week 6: Jessica Says Goodbye

The Trades 8/18/05 Rock Star: INXS: Week 6 Results

Reality News Online 8/18/05 Rock Star: INXS, August 17 - Shine Like It Does

Reality TV Magazine 8/18/05 Rock Star INXS – Will Voters Sabotage the Rock Singers?

Reality News Online 8/18/05 The SmarK Rant for 'Rock Star: INXS' - Week Six

Reality Shack 8/17/05 Rockers Unplugged – Rock Star: INXS, 8-16-05

Reality Reel 8/17/05 Rock Star: INXS Preview And Review

Couch Potato Rehab 8/17/05 Straight From The Couch – Week #6 Performances

Orwell Project 8/17/05 Rock Star: INXS - Tuesday 8/16 Performance Night Recap

Reality TV Calendar 8/17/05 Unplugged: Episode 17 Recap

Reality News Online 8/17/05 Rock Star: INXS, August 16: The Gift 8/17/05 - Pop Night

The Trades 8/17/05 Rock Star: INXS: Week 6

Foxes on Idol 8/17/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Rock Star: INXS, August 16

Fans of Reality TV 8/17/05 Elvish Pianists and Lethal Spears

Reality TV Magazine 8/17/05 Rock Star INXS is Heating Up

Foxes on Idol 8/16/05 Rock Star: INXS - In Defense of J.D.

Reality TV Calendar 8/16/05 It's A Group Effort - Not A Solo Act: Episode 16 Recap

Reality TV Talk 8/16/05 Rock Star INXS Week 6 Sun/Mon Show Recap "Make It Stop'N'Go Away Songwriting"

Reality Reel 8/15/05 Rock Star: INXS: Preview For Tuesday, August 16th's Episode

Fans of Reality TV 8/14/05 There is no "JD" in "Team"

Reality News Online 8/15/05 Rock Star: INXS, August 14 - Not Enough Time

Reality Shack 8/15/05 Rock Star: INXS, August 14th - Collaborating or Competition?

Reality TV Talk 8/14/05 Rock Star: INXS Article "Blogapalooza"

Reality TV Talk 8/14/05 Rock Star: INXS - Week 5 Performances Recap "Baby, It IS All Over Now" 8/13/05 Brandon Calhoon Eliminated From INXS: Rock Star 8/12/05 INXS hopeful out - but not down Beaverton native aims to put out CD

Fans of Reality TV 8/11/05 I Sing The Songs That Make The Whole World Vote

Reality Reel 8/11/05 Rock Star: INXS: Week 5: Brandon Goes Home

Reality Reel 8/11/05 Rock Star INXS: Getting Nirvana Wrong Like Everything Else

Reality Reel 8/11/05 Last Night's Rock Star: INXS Episode In Review

Orwell Project 8/11/05 Rock Star - Wednesday 8/10 Results Show Recap

Reality TV Calendar 8/11/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of August 11th

Reality TV Calendar 8/11/05 You Can't Forget The Words! Episode 15 Recap

Reality News Online 8/11/05 The SmarK Rant for ‘Rock Star: INXS’ – Week Five

Reality News Online 8/11/05 Rock Star: INXS, August 10 - Don't Lose Your Head
The Trades 8/11/05 Rock Star: INXS: Week 5 Results

Reality TV Magazine 8/11/05 Rock Star: INXS – Is Brooke Burke The New Ryan Seacrest?

The Trades 8/10/05 Rock Star: INXS: Week 5

Reality Reel 8/10/05 What You Didn't See On Last Night's Rock Star: INXS Episode

Reality Shack 8/10/05 The Cream is Rising – Rock Star: INXS, 8-9-05

Orwell Project 8/10/05 Rock Star: INXS - Tuesday 8/9 Performance Night Recap

Reality TV Calendar 8/10/05 Misunderstood....Not Difficult: Episode 13 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 8/10/05 Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone: Episode 14 Recap

Foxes on Idol 8/10/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Rock Star: INXS, August 9

Reality News Online 8/10/05 Rock Star: INXS, August 9 - This Time 8/10/05 - Amateur Night at Rockstar: INXS

Fans of Reality TV 8/10/05 The Passion of the Ty

Reality TV Magazine 8/10/05 Rock Star: INXS – Will Brooke Burke's Short Skirts Help the Ratings?

Reality Reel 8/9/05 Tara Slone Was The Sixth Performer Eliminated From Rock Star: INXS Last Week

Orwell Project 8/9/05 Rock Star: INXS - Monday 8/8 "Behind the Scenes" Show Now on VH1

Reality TV Talk 8/9/05 Rock Star: INXS Week 5 "Behind The Scenes" Show Recap: "This is my Life!" 8/9/05 Canucks lose one on Rock Star: INXS

Mobile Register 8/9/05 For CBS, Rock Star' proves not to be addictive

Epoch Times 8/9/05 Rock Star: INXS Worth a Second Look

Celebrity Spider 8/8/05 Rockstar: INXS Mocked by Hank Azaria

Reality Reel 8/8/05 Exclusive Preview From The Taping Of Tuesday's Episode (8/9)

Couch Potato Rehab 8/8/05 Monday Show Recap: Weirdest thing...

Union Tribune 8/8/05 'Rock Star: INXS' encumbered by contestants' surprising excellence

Reality News Online 8/8/05 Rock Star: INXS, August 7 - Bitter Tears

Reality Shack 8/8/05 Rock Star: INXS, August 7th - Who Needs PR The Most?

Fans of Reality TV 8/8/05 Those Drunken Kids and Their Crazy Music

JokersUpdates 8/7/05 Why Marty Casey Will Win RockStar INXS

Reality TV Talk 8/6/05 Rock Star: INXS Week 4 Performances Recap "A LIttle Bit Country/Metal, Not Enough INXS" 8/5/05 Not what INXS need

Reality Reel 8/4/05 Rockstar: INXS: Week 4: Lessons In Voice Control

Reality TV Calendar 8/4/05 Potential Counts: Episode 12 Recap

Reality Reel 8/4/05 Rock Star INXS: Rock Stars In A Pop Nightmare

Reality Shack 8/4/05 Kick or Get Kicked – Rock Star: INXS, 8-3-05

Reality TV Calendar 8/4/05 High Risk Females…and Brandon: Episode 11 Recap

Orwell Project 8/4/05 Rock Star - Wednesday 8/3 Results Show Recap

Reality News Online 8/4/05 Rock Star: INXS, August 3 - Beautiful Girl

Reality News Online 8/4/05 The SmarK Rant for 'Rock Star: INXS,' Week 4

Reality TV Magazine 8/4/05 Surprising Bottom Three on Rock Star: INXS

Reality News Online 8/4/05 'Rock Star' Mondays Moving to Sundays

Reality TV Calendar 8/4/05 Passion, Talent & Training: Episode 10 Recap

Celebrity Spider 8/3/05 Monday Edition of Rock Star: INXS on the Move to VH1

Fans Of Reality TV 8/3/05 Stage Diving for Dummies

Fans of Reality TV 8/3/05 Goosebumps Begetting Goosebumps

USA Today 8/3/05 No lighters are held aloft for 'Rock Star'

Orwell Project 8/3/05 Rock Star: INXS - Tuesday 8/2 Performance Night Recap

Reality Shack 8/3/05 We Will Rock You – Rock Star: INXS, 8-2-05

Reality TV World 8/3/05 CBS drops the Monday broadcast of  'Rock Star: INXS', episodes to air Sundays on VH1

Couch Potato Rehab 8/3/05 Straight From The Couch - Week #4 Performances 8/3/05 Who Is Right For Our Band, INXS? 8/3/05 Bye, Ty

Foxes on Idol 8/3/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Rock Star: INXS, August 2

Reality News Online 8/3/05 Rock Star: INXS, August 2 - Taste It

Reality TV Magazine 8/3/05 Rock Star: INXS – What If They Hired A Mean Judge? 8/2/05 - The Girl Who Will Rule The World

Reality Shack 8/2/05 Where's My Baby Brother? – Rock Star: INXS, 8-1-05

Orwell Project 8/2/05 Rock Star: INXS - Monday 8/1 "Behind the Scenes" Show Recap 8/2/05 - Vocal Clinic 8/2/05 Canadians hanging tough on Rock Star

Reality News Online 8/2/05 Rock Star: INXS, August 1 - Deliver Me

Reality TV Talk 8/2/05 Rock Star INXS Week 4: "Monday's Recap: Double Reward, Vocal Clinic and Fighting For Songs"

Ottawa Citizen 8/2/05 INXS reality show hardly a new sensation

Windsor Star 8/2/05 It's good to see Canadians competing on reality show

Fans of Reality TV 8/1/05 Voice Lessons: Fighting Nodes Since 1582

Reality TV Magazine 8/1/05 Rock Star: INXS Singers Blog About the Show

Reality TV Talk 7/31/05 Rockstar: INXS Article "Seconds, Anyone?" 7/31/05 Barnes attacks INXS

Celebrity Spider 7/30/05 Brooke Burke and Extreme Makeover Surgeon Husband Split

Reality Reel 7/30/05 Rock Star INXS: Mark Burnett's Glam Rock Shock Flop

Reality TV Talk 7/30/05 Rock Star; INXS "Week 3 Recap: A Set of New Sensations: Shock & Wow and WTF?

Fans of Reality TV 7/29/05 Two For The Price Of One 7/28/05 Shocking Double Elimination On CBS's Rock Star: INXS

Reality Reel 7/28/05 Rock Star: INXS: Week 3: A Shocking Double Elimination

Zap2It 7/28/05 'Rock Star' Host Burke Splits with Hubby

Couch Potato Rehab 7/28/05 Straight From The Couch: Week 3 Performances

Reality TV Calendar 7/28/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of July 28th

Orwell Project 7/28/05 Rock Star - Wednesday 7/27 Results Show Recap

Reality TV Calendar 7/28/05 A Double Dose Of Bad News: Episode 9 Recap

Reality News Online 7/28/05 The SmarK Rant for 'Rock Star: INXS,' Week 3

Reality News Online 7/28/05 Rock Star: INXS, July 27 - By My Side

Reality TV Magazine 7/28/05 Rock Star INXS – Surprise Double Elimination

Reality TV World 7/28/05 'Rock Star' hostess Brooke Burke divorcing 'Extreme Makeover' hubby 7/27/05 - You Better Step Up

Orwell Project 7/27/05 Rock Star: INXS - Tuesday 7/26 Performance Night Recap

Fans of Reality TV 7/27/05 There's Killed, and then There's Murdered

Reality TV Calendar 7/27/05 Some Champions - Everybody Else Hurts: Episode 8 Recap

Foxes on Idol 7/27/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Rock Star: INXS, July 26

Reality News Online 7/27/05 Rock Star: INXS, July 25 - What You Need 7/27/05 - Wham Bam, Thank You Ma'am!

Reality TV Magazine 7/27/05 Rock Star: INXS – Still Waiting For a Breakout Performance

Reality Reel 7/27/05 Neal Carlson Is The Third Performer Eliminated From The Competition 7/26/05 - Total Nirvana

Reality Shack 7/26/05 My Ears Are Bleedin’ - Rock Star: INXS, Episode 8

Fans of Reality TV 7/26/05 Turn On The Heartlight

Orwell Project 7/26/05 Rock Star: INXS - Monday 7/25 "Behind the Scenes" Show Recap

Reality TV Calendar 7/26/05 All About J.D., Well Almost: Episode 7 Recap 7/26/05 - We Are A Kiss Up

Reality News Online 7/26/05 Rock Star: INXS, July 25 - The Strangest Party

Reality TV Magazine 7/26/05 Rock Star: INXS – Is J.D. the Star of the Show? 7/25/05 A new reality for INXS

Reality Shack 7/25/05 We Are the Champions ... NOT – Rock Star: INXS, Episode 7

Reality TV Talk 7/24/05 Rock Star INXS: Week 2 Recap "A Drop of (Dis) Satisfaction in an Ocean of Promising Rock Talent"

Celebrity Spider 7/23/05 Rock Star INXS Uses All Elements of a Perfect Online Marketing Campaign

TVRules 7/23/05 Neal Carlson Eliminated From Rock Star: INXS

Happycrumb 7/22/05 CBS Rock Star: INXS - Week 2 Neal Eliminated

MSNBC 7/22/05 INXS rolls the dice with reality TV move

Inside Pulse 7/21/05 Rock Star: INXS - Recap

Fans of Reality TV 7/21/05 Neal Down To INXS

Reality TV Calendar 7/21/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of July 21st

Orwell Project 7/21/05 Rock Star - Wednesday 7/20 Results Show Recap

Reality Shack 7/21/05 Mystify, Stupify Me – Rock Star: INXS, Episode 6

Reality TV Calendar 7/21/05 It's All About INXS Rock: Episode 6 Recap

Reality Reel 7/21/05 Rockstar: INXS: Week Two: Neale Gets The Boot

Reality News Online 7/21/05 The SmarK Rant for 'Rock Star: INXS,' Week 2

Reality News Online 7/21/05 Rock Star: INXS, July 20 - Disappear

Curlio 7/20/05 Rockstar: INXS, everyone tried to show their diversity

Montclair Times 7/20/05 Montclair’s Ty Taylor hopes to become ‘Rock Star’s new sensation

Reality TV Magazine 7/20/05 Neal Carlson Eliminated from Rock Star: INXS

Couch Potato Rehab 7/20/05 Straight From The Couch: Week #2 Performances

Reality Shack 7/20/05 What I Like About You – Rock Star: INXS, Episode 5

Orwell Project 7/20/05 Rock Star: INXS - Tuesday 7/19 Performance Night Recap

Reality TV Calendar 7/20/05 Untapped Potential And Very Diverse Styles: Episode 5 Recap 7/20/05 - INXS playing favorites?

Fans of Reality TV 7/20/05 How To Lose Friends and Generally Make an Arse of Yourself

Reality News Online 7/20/05 Rock Star: INXS, July 19 - Original Sin

Foxes on Idol 7/20/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Rock Star: INXS, July 19

Reality TV Magazine 7/20/05 Rock Star: INXS – J.D. Cops An Attitude

MTV 7/19/05 INXS Rebuilding 'Family' With Televised 'Rock Star' Audition 7/19/05 - The One I Love

Fans of Reality TV 7/19/05 Do You Have What It Takes To Peacock? 7/19/05 - No One Loves R.E.M.

Reality Shack 7/19/05 This One Goes Out To the One I Love – Rock Star: INXS, Episode 4

Orwell Project 7/19/05 Rock Star: INXS - Monday 7/18 "Behind the Scenes" Show Recap

Reality TV Calendar 7/19/05 Free Guitars, Peacocks, and Mansion Sing-A-Longs: Episode 4 Recap

Reality News Online 7/19/05 Rock Star: INXS, July 18 - Devil Inside

Soul Shine 7/19/05 INXS Can't Pull Ratings, Autobiographize

Celebrity Spider 7/18/05 Dave Navarro Pities Future INXS Frontman

Reality TV Talk 7/17/05 Rockstar:INXS Article "Lest We Fool Ourselves . . ."

Reality Reel 7/18/05 New Game And Twist For Rock Star: INXS

Reality TV Talk 7/17/05 Rock Star: INXS - Week 1 Recap "You're Just Not Right For Our Band"

Celebrity Spider 7/16/05 Dave Navarro Thrilled to be Working With Carmen Electra Look-alike Brooke Burke

ET Online 7/15/05 So You Want to be A 'Rock Star'? 

Reality Reel 7/15/05 Wil Seabrook Is The Second Performer Eliminated From "Rock Star: INXS

News Review 7/15/05 Reality TV INXS is bad for you

Fans of Reality TV 7/14/05 Imitate, Deliberate, Eliminate

Fans of Reality TV 7/14/05 How to Become a Superstar in Three Months!

Reality TV Calendar 7/14/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of July 14th

Orwell Project 7/14/05 Rock Star - Wednesday 7/13 Results Show Recap

TVRules 7/14/05 Wil Is Elminated on Rock Star: INXS 7/13/05

Reality Shack 7/14/05 Where There's a Wil, There's a Row of Screaming Women – Rock Star: INXS, Episode 3

Reality TV Calendar 7/14/05 Perception Defines Reality, Even For Rockers: Episode 3 Recap

Reality Reel 7/14/05 Rock Star: INXS Post Double Digit Gains Over Monday Premiere

Reality Reel 7/14/05 Rock Star: INXS To Air Encores Saturday, July 16th

Reality News Online 7/14/05 Rock Star: INXS, July 13 - Suicide Blonde

Jam! 7/14/05 'Rock Star' has sluggish ratings debut

Reality Reel 7/14/05 Rock Star: INXS: Week 1: The Competition Begins

Morganton News Herald 7/14/05 Rock Star Wannabe Hails From Burke County

Fans of Reality TV 7/13/05 Elvis may be Dead, but Rock and Roll is Alive and Well

Reality TV Magazine 7/13/05 Rock Star: INXS – Wil, You're Just Not Right for Our Band INXS

Celebrity Spider 7/13/05 Dave Navarro Impress With INXS' Tim Farriss

Couch Potato Rehab 7/13/05 Straight From The Couch: Week #1 Performances

Reality TV Calendar 7/13/05 I Want You To Want Me: Episode 2 Recap

Orwell Project 7/13/05 Rock Star - Episode 2 Performance Night Recap

Reality News Online 7/13/05 Rock Star: INXS, July 12 - Need You Tonight 7/13/05 - Idol Left In The Dust

Foxes on Idol 7/13/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Rock Star: INXS, July 12 7/13/05 Rockstar: INXS rocking out

Toronto Star 7/13/05 A kinder, gentler `reality' TV

Dot Music 7/13/05 INXS's 'pop idol' search for singer

Reality Shack 7/12/05 Where is Simon Cowell When You Need Him? - Rock Star: INXS, Episode 2

Reality TV Magazine 7/12/05 Rock Star: INXS – Is Ty Taylor the Early Favorite?

Dot Music 7/12/05 INXS's 'pop idol' search for singer

Reality Shack 7/12/05 Like Church, But With Alcohol – Rock Star: INXS, Premiere

Reality TV Calendar 7/12/05 Those Of You About To Rock, We Salute You! Episode 1 Recap

Orwell Project 7/12/05 Rock Star: Inxs- Episode 1 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 7/12/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of July 12th

Hollywood Reporter 7/12/05 CBS' 'Rock Star' ratings don't roll Monday

Reality TV World 7/12/05 'Rock Star: INXS' to begin its viewer voting with tonight's second episode broadcast

Reality TV Magazine 7/12/05 Dana Robbins Screams Her Way Off Rock Star INXS

Reality News Online 7/12/05 Rock Star: INXS, July 11 - Are You Ready for a New Sensation?

Couch Potato Rehab 7/12/05 Rock Star: INXS Episode 1 Ramblings "Finally"

Media Life 7/12/05 Gong and a bonk for CBS's 'Rock Star'

Manchester Online 7/12/05 Pop Idol search for new INXS singer

Sydney Morning Herald 7/12/05 Sultans of sing

The Star 7/12/05 A rock star is born...through reality TV

ET Online 7/11/05 So You Want to be A 'Rock Star'?

Charlotte Observer 7/11/05 Charlotte-area rocker hopes reality TV leads to INXS gig

Zap2It 7/11/05 'Rock Star' Voting Goes Global

Reality TV Calendar 7/11/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings

Chicago Daily Southtown 7/11/05 Local guy vies to be rock's new sensation

Deseret News 7/11/05 So you wanna be a 'Rockstar'?

Newsday 7/11/05 No mere Idols, they want to rock INXS

Boston Globe 7/11/05 INXS search rocks out a familiar format 7/11/05 An excess of groups in same boat as INXS 7/11/05 Burnett rocks with summer reality series 7/11/05 Rock Star: INXS exhumed

Reuters 7/11/05 'Rock Star: INXS'

Beacon Journal 7/11/05 `Rock Star: INXS' really rocky

Chicago Tribune 7/11/05 'Rock Star' risks becoming too much of a good thing

Orlando Sentinel 7/11/05 'Idol' hands at work

NY Post 7/11/05 Rock 'N' Roll 'Idol'

TV Guide 7/11/05 INXS Catches a Rising Star

LA Times 7/11/05 Keepin' it real ... odd

Star Telegram 7/10/05 INXS needs you tonight

Zap2It 7/9/05 'Rock Star: INXS' Offers Reality of Rock 'n' Roll

Reality Reel 7/9/05 Viewers To Have A Voice In The Outcome Of Rock Star: INXS

Reality Reel 7/9/05 15 Hopeful Performers Move Into The Rock Star Mansion Monday, July 11 

Herald Sun 7/9/05 Rocking woman

Reality TV Calendar 7/8/05 The Search Begins Monday

Chart Attack 7/8/05 INXS Sign Deal With Epic Records

USA Today 7/8/05 'Star' turn: Rock music in excess

Celebrity Spider 7/7/05 MSN Launches Official Site for Rock Star INXS

E!Online 7/7/05 INXS Gets What It Needs

Montclair Times 7/7/05 Montclair singer Ty Taylor to perform on ‘Rock Star: INXS’

Pioneer Press 7/7/05 St. Paul rocker makes final cut in upcoming CBS reality show 7/6/05 Wanted: Michael MkII 7/5/05 New sensation

Herald Sun 6/22/05 INXS gets real

Gladwin County Record 6/21/05 Local man vies for slot as rock star 6/21/05 Star push for Mick

The Age 6/19/05 Michael Hutchence? Get real 6/17/05 INXS to face music

Undercover 6/9/05 Odds of an INXS Winner 6/7/05 Miguel 'Hutchence' 6/6/05 Pinoy-Aussie in CBS' rock star search finals

Wireless Flash News Service 6/3/05 Dave Navarro Warns Aspiring INXSers: `Talent Alone Won't Cut It'

Sydney Morning Herald 6/2/05 This reality show is INXS

Reality TV World 5/31/05 CBS reveals the identities of its upcoming 'Rock Star: INXS' contestants

Herald Sun 5/30/05 An INXS success

Fans Of Reality T.V. 5/27/05 CBS Announces Names of "Rock Star: INXS" Finalists 5/26/06 INXS cattle call

Celebrity Spider 5/25/05 Dave Navarro Joins Brooke Burke in Search for INXS Frontman  

Fans of Reality TV 5/24/05 CBS Announces Rockin' Hosts for Rock Star: INXS

New York Daily News 5/25/05 This reality host is rock solid

Reality TV World 5/24/05 Brooke Burke and Dave Navarro to co-host CBS's 'Rock Star: INXS' reality series

TVRules 5/24/05 Dave Navarro Joins Brooke Burke As Co-Hosts Of Rock Star: INXS

Zap2It 5/24/05 Rock Star to Host CBS' 'Rock Star'

Reality News Online 5/20/05 Rock Star: INXS - CBS Standing on the Rock

Undercover 5/16/05 INXS Reality Show Goes Straight To Cable

C21Media 5/16/05 Foxtel grabs Rock Star: INXS

Herald Sun 5/10/05 No deal for INXS show

Reality TV World 5/9/05 CBS to premiere Mark Burnett's 'Rock Star: INXS' reality show on July 11

NY Daily News 5/7/05 CBS rides reality wave

Zap2It 5/6/05 CBS Pulls Triple Double with 'Big Brother,' 'Rock Star' 5/2/05 To Find A 'Rock Star,' Mark Burnett, MSN Will Search High And Far

Malden Observer 3/3/05 Singer says music is her reality

Geelong Advertiser 3/3/05 INXS gig a tough sell

NY Times 2/26/05 Wanted: Struggling 80's Rock Band Seeks Star. No Experience Necessary.

News Tribune 2/22/05 INXS singer search comes to Seattle

Pioneer Press 2/15/05 INXS Reality Show Makes Stop in Nebraska

Fox News 2/10/05 Bands Replace Dead Pop Stars -- on TV

Boston Globe 2/9/05 INXS reality show beckons: Slide over here, audition

Contact Music 2/8/05 INXS Searching For Hutchence Replacement

BBC 2/8/05 What makes a good frontman?

BBC 2/8/05 Rock band INXS hunt for UK singer

Jam! 2/5/05 INXS frontman search comes to T.O.

Chart Attack 2/4/05 Canadians Flock To Audition For The Chance To Lead INXS

Jam! 2/4/05 Burnett hunts for next INXS frontman 2/4/05 INXS reality show visits Toronto

Chart Attack 2/2/05 Reality TV Search For INXS Lead Singer Hits Toronto On Friday

Star Tribune 2/2/05 An excess of wannabes

Sunday Mail 1/30/05 Secret INXS auditions

Media Guardian 1/26/05 Reality TV searches for new Hutchence

Zap2It 1/25/05 CBS Begins 'Rock Star' Casting

Undercover 1/23/05 Who Wants To Be The New INXS Singer?

Tennessean 1/22/05 Veteran rockers seek lead singer for long-term commitment 1/21/05 Hunt for INXS singer comes to T.O.

Reality TV World 1/18/05 Mark Burnett's upcoming CBS INXS 'Rock Star' series set to begin open auditions

Tribune-Review 1/12/05 Casting calls reel in reality show hopefuls

Saginaw News 1/7/05 Residents take the stage for their shot at stardom

Globe and Mail 1/6/05 INXS auditions to come to Toronto

Press Release 12/7/04 Casting Call - INXS Rockstar

Reality News Online 11/30/04 ‘Rock Star’ Open Auditions Announced! 11/28/04 Wanted: singer with talent excess

The Age 10/6/04 INXS reality show

Detroit News 7/6/04 Reality TV hits a new note: Competing to join R&B band

TVRules 6/28/04 CBS To Pick Up Burnett's Rock Star

Herald Sun 6/28/04 CBS picks up INXS hunt

Zap2It 6/25/04 Reality Producers Engage in Battle of the Bands

Journal Gazette 6/25/04 Fox uses TLC in wrangling with reality-TV mogul

Milwaukee Journal 6/25/04 Mark Burnett Emcees New 'Rock Star' Show

Reality Reel 6/24/04 New Reality Show The Next Great Rock Star

Reality News Online 6/25/04 Are You Ready for the ‘New Sensation’?

AZ Central 6/24/04 A twist in TV reality wars

E!Online 6/24/04 "Rock Star" Eyes CBS Slot

TV Barn 6/24/04 CBS PR: Burnett's "Rock Star"

Zap2It 6/24/04 CBS Wins Bidding for Burnett's 'Rock Star'

NY Times 6/24/04 CBS Bid Wins Rock Star Reality Show

Pioneer Press 6/18/04 Put a halo on Burnett and call him 'real' music's savior

Stuff 6/16/04 INXS to search for singer in reality show

USA Today 6/16/04 Reality TV's new sensation: Remaking the band

Chart Attack 6/15/04 INXS Revealed As The Mystery Band On Rock Reality Show

KTVU 6/15/04 Reality Show Seeks New Singer For INXS

E!Online 6/15/04 INXS, Burnett Seeking New Sensation

Zap2It 6/15/04 Burnett's 'Rock Star' Is What INXS Needs

Launch 6/15/04 INXS search for singer

Ananova 6/15/04 'New Michael Hutchence' to be found in TV show

The Australian 6/14/04 Reality blights INXS's credibility

Billboard 6/14/04 Reality Show To Yield New INXS Singer

BBC 6/14/04 INXS to star in reality TV show

The Trentonian 6/14/04 New reality show isn’t rock worthy

Reality News Online 6/14/04 Burnett’s Rock Star Band Revealed? 6/13/04 INXS to star in a reality TV show

Access Hollywood 6/11/04 Reality Producer Burnett Will 'Rock' You

Reality News Online 6/11/04 Mark Burnett Brings Us the Next Big Rock Star

Chart Attack 6/10/04 Loose Ends: Rock ‘N’ Roll Survivor Coming Your Way

Miami Herald 6/10/04 'Survivor' creator pitches 'Rock Star'

Access Hollywood 6/9/04 Reality Producer Burnett Will 'Rock' You

Zap2It 6/9/04 Burnett Hunts for a 'Rock Star' 6/9/04 Mark Burnett Reveals Details Of 'Rock Star' On Access Hollywood

TV Barn 6/9/04 Burnett's latest brainstorm: "Rock Star"

NY Times 6/9/04 Reality Producer Announces Plan For a Hip Rival to `American Idol'

E!Online 6/8/04 Mark Burnett: Rock Star Wanted


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