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Vue Weekly 5/31/07 Rock Star Tara Sloane

Chart Attack 5/30/07 Suzie McNeil: INXS Survivor

Celebrity Spider 5/23/07 INXS Battle Over Name Change

Ultimate Guitar 5/21/07 INXS To Hit The Studio In Autumn

Chart Attack 4/10/07 Suzie McNeil Rests While Working Six Nights A Week 3/27/07 Fortune 'pressured' in INXS

Toronto Star 3/10/07 Singer didn't look back from INXS rejection

Celebrity Spider 3/9/07 Mark Burnett Sued Over Rock Star Show

E! Online 3/8/07 Burnett Rocked by Plagiarism Suit 3/5/07 Hutchence brother defends sale

The West Australian 1/26/07 INXS at the WACA

TV Robot 12/30/06 Rock Star INXS Runners-up: Where are They Now?

Manila Standard Today 12/12/06 Mig Ayesa: now a full-fledged rockstar

INQ7 12/12/06 MiG originals have to wait

Philippine Entertainment Portal 12/8/06 Mig Ayesa releases his debut album

Desert Sun 12/1/06 Reversal of Fortune for INXS

Jam! 11/27/06 INXS frontman pens new album

Soul Shine 11/21/06 Rockstar INXS Star Suzie McNeil Supports Troups

Durham region news 11/17/06 J.D. Fortune exercises his demons in Oshawa show

Sky News 11/7/06 Whose ripped crotch?

Daily Record 11/4/06 The Razz: As Farriss INXS Goes 

This is London 10/13/06 Great Fortune is INXS's new Hutchence

Jam! 10/13/06 'Rock Star' singer's sweetest gig

Undercover 10/12/06 J.D. Fortune Urges Fans To Go Vegetarian

BBC 10/12/06 Talking Shop: Jon Farriss of INXS

Soul Shine 10/5/06 Suzie McNeil Plays Ottawa, Toronto and Releases New Tune

Times of India 10/5/06 INXS is here to rock you

Inside Pulse - 10/4/2006 - Ask Jessica: Rockstar INXS' Jessica Robinson Interviews Rockstar Supernova 's Storm Large

Celebrity Spider 10/2/06 Rock Star INXS Finalist Suzie McNeil to Release Album

Reality TV Magazine 9/29/06 Rockstar: INXS Finalist Suzie McNeil To Release Album

Stuff 9/27/06 Enjoyment in excess as INXS hit Taranaki

Stuff 9/21/06 INXS arrive in Christchurch with new singer

Jam! 9/20/06 INXS reportedly loses U.S. deal

UnderCover 9/19/06 INXS And New Sensation Tour Australia

NZ Herald 9/19/06 Knee knocks out INXS tour

TMZ 9/18/06 The Woes in the Life of a 'Rock Star'

Celebrity Spider 9/15/06 INXS Forced to Cancel European Concerts 9/15/06 New-look band rocks Thebarton

UnderCover 9/5/06 INXS Add Third London Concert

Courier Mail 9/2/06 Fortune renewed

Reality TV World 8/31/06 Former 'Rockstar: INXS' finalist MiG lands Universal Music record deal

BuddyTV 8/23/06 INXS Rock Star finalist Suzie McNeil Exclusive Interview

Manila Bulletin Online 8/19/06 Rock Star

Toronto Star 8/8/06 Marty moves on

Rock Star Go Home 7/28/06 Remember Marty Casey, The Mad Conductor

Celebrity Spider 7/21/06 INXS and Managers Clash in Court'

The Australian 7/21/06 Just keep talking, INXS told 7/19/06 Producers sue INXS

Dallas Morning News 6/30/06 Review: Fortune's so good for INXS

East Valley 6/22/06 New lead singer: INXS enjoying good Fortune

Winnipeg Sun 6/6/06 INXS: Fortunate voice

Seattle Times 6/2/06 Fortune smiles on INXS — and Marymoor

Jam! 5/31/06 Live Review: INXS in Edmonton

Jam! 5/30/06 Live Review: INXS in Calgary

Jam! 5/29/06 INXS singer fitting right in

Jam! 5/26/06 Canadian singer revives INXS

Morning Star 5/26/06 INXS is on a roll to The Bluff

Jam! 5/25/06 INXS experience renewed sensation

Celebrity Spider 5/17/06 Rockstar Host Dave Navarro Admits to Same Sex Encounters

Jam! 5/15/06 Live Review: INXS in Toronto

Canton Rep 5/12/06 INXS finds new success via TV

Montreal Gazette 5/9/06 INXS defends talent quest to find singer

Nashua Telegraph 5/4/06 INXS finds success with singer

Undercover 4/28/06 INXS To Tour Europe

Press of Atlantic City 4/27/06 New INXS lead singer J.D. Fortune was homeless & living out of his car before ‘Rock Star: INXS.

Columbus Dispatch 4/24/06 Contest-winning singer hits the road with INXS

The Enquirer 4/21/06 INXS rocks on rebound tour

Cincinnati Post 4/20/06 INXS is back with newfound Fortune

TVNZ 4/11/06 Fortune looks to buy in Sydney

New Zealand Herald 4/10/06 INXS lead singer has answer for critics

Edmonton Sun 3/17/06 Sunny daze for Suzie

The Age 2/24/06 It's unreal - INXS sued

Palm Beach Post 2/24/06 INXS, Fortune ready with 'What You Need'

Chart Attack 2/22/06 Marty Casey And Lovehammers Evade Stalkers And Decline Cash 2/18/06 It's a new sensation for INXS

Charlotte Observer 2/17/06 INXS gamble on singer pays off

Foxes on Idol 2/16/06 INXS Is Pretty in Vegas: A Concert Review

Virginian Pilot 2/16/06 Can a reality show breathe life into this ’80s band?

Foxes on Idol 2/16/06 INXS Is Pretty in Vegas: A Concert Review

Virginian Pilot 2/16/06 Can a reality show breathe life into this ’80s band?

AM New York 2/16/06 A vision of horror in INXS 'Rock Star'

NY Times 2/15/06 With New Lead, Much the Same Sound

Celebrity Spider 2/14/06 Van Halen to be Next Reality Rock Stars?

Undercover 2/14/06 And The Next Band To Use Reality TV To Find A Singer Is…

INQ7 2/13/06 MiG moves to LA for good

Pulse 2/13/06 Fortune smiled on INXS' risky TV venture 2/12/06 After INXS-Queen?

Boston Globe 2/10/06 INXS finds good Fortune

Daily Record 2/10/06 Lead singer competition has paid off for INXS

Press of Atlantic City 2/10/06 INXS debuts new ‘Rock Star’ at Borgata

The Age 2/8/06 Fortune smiles on INXS

Malaysia Star 2/8/06 Fortune smiled on INXS' risky TV venture

Toronto Star 2/7/06 This bad boy is for show

Chart Attack 2/7/06 Live: INXS Try To Win Over Real Life Crowd

Jam! 2/7/06 Good Fortune for INXS

Jam! 2/3/06 Fortune hits big time with INXS

Pioneer Press 2/2/06 Fortune smiled on INXS' risky tv venture

Chicago Tribune 2/2/06 Hammering it home

Pioneer Press 2/2/06 Cattle call will thin the 'Rock Star' wannabe herd

Hollywood Reporter 1/30/06 INXS

Denver Post 1/27/06 Aussie band's tour may erase its sellout label

LA Times 1/27/06 INXS' turn of good fortune

Mercury News 1/25/06 INXS's new singer shows talent, but he's no Hutchence

Celebrity Spider 1/23/06 INXS Have Found Their Man

Undercover 1/22/06 INXS Kick Off World Tour

Seattle PI 1/21/06 New INXS is a fresh sensation

London Free Press 1/20/06 Fortune nails first INXS show

Inside Bay Area 1/20/06 Marty Casey: Runner-up comes away with a pretty good deal

Seattle Times 1/20/06 Rock-star wannabe gives INXS a second chance

Inside Bay Area 1/20/06 'Rock Star' winner J.D. Fortune is living the American dream

NMC 1/19/06 On The Road With INXS

Jam! 1/19/06 New INXS frontman doesn't shy away from the band's hits at first Canadian show

Chicago Tribune 1/18/06 “Rock Star” fave Marty Casey and his local band get their shot at fame

Zap2It 1/18/06 CBS Rolls with Second 'Rock Star'

Jam! 1/18/06 INXS have Fortune on their side

Rolling Stone 1/18/06 Fortune Living Dream With INXS

Reality TV World 1/17/06 CBS renews 'Rock Star' for Summer 2006 but sequel's format still undecided

SF Chronicle 1/15/06 Pop Quiz: J.D. Fortune of INXS

Duluth News Tribune 1/12/06 In an altered state, INXS sounds familiar

The Trades 1/10/06 Rock Star: INXS The DVD

Pioneer Press 1/1/06 Jordis Unga: living a rock 'n' roll dream

New Zealand Herald 12/25/05 INXS: Switch

Mercury News 12/23/05 Band's New Fortune

Celebrity Spider 12/21/05 Brooke Burke and David Charvet Split

Stuff 12/19/05 INXS' quest for fame and Fortune

Herald Sun 12/14/05 Fortune to find love

Celebrity Spider 11/30/05 JD Fortune: "I Was INXS Show's Biggest Critic"

Manila Standard Today 11/30/05 Stand up, speak out, and stay alive!

Toronto Star 11/29/05 INXS enjoys its good Fortune

MTV 11/29/05 INXS' Fortune Admits He Was A Jerk On 'Rock Star' 11/29/05 INXS Featuring New Singer JD Fortune Hit New York City On November 29, 2005

Chart Attack 11/28/05 Fortune Impresses With INXS At MuchMoreMusic

Metro 11/28/05 J.D.-fronted INXS arrives

Jam! 11/25/05 INXS finalist McNeil moving on

Jam! 11/24/05 Good Fortune for INXS comeback

Celebrity Spider 11/22/05 INXS Pen Song for Michael Hutchence

Herald Sun 11/21/05 INXS honours Michael Hutchence

Manila Times 11/20/05 Back-to-back MiG Ayesa and Constantine Maroulis 11/19/05 Ooh, MiGgy I love your way 11/14/05 Rock Star INXS, American Idol finalists in Manila

Celebrity Spider 11/8/05 INXS "Switched On" Tour Sells Quickly, 7 More Dates Added

Celebrity Spider 10/23/05 Van Halen Won't Be Signing Up for Rock Star Show

MTV 10/20/05 Van Halen Will Not Be The Next 'Rock Star' Band

Reality TV World 10/20/05 Van Halen denies 'Rock Star' sequel involvement, MTV issues retraction

Reality TV World 10/19/05 Report: Van Halen to replace INXS if 'Rock Star' returns to CBS next summer

Celebrity Spider 10/18/05 Storms Wash Out INXS Performance

Reality TV World 10/17/05 INXS' new 'Pretty Vegas' debuts in Billboard's Top 40 singles chart

TVRules 10/17/05 The New INXS Debuts At Number 37 On Music Charts

Celebrity Spider 10/14/05 Hank Azaria Finds Love With Rockstar: INXS Reject

Zap2It 10/14/05 INXS Hits Top 40 with 'Rock Star' Winner

BBC 10/14/05 New singer leads INXS to US hit

Undercover 10/14/05 Marty Casey To Support INXS

Celebrity Spider 10/12/05 Marty Casey & The Lovehammers Confirmed to Open INXS Tour

Chicago Tribune 10/9/05 Who should be the band next time on `Rock Star'?

Reality TV Talk 10/7/05 Rock Star:INXS - Finale Recap! "Now That's What I Call a Roller Coaster Ride!"

Herald Sun 10/6/05 INXS manager sacked

Celebrity Spider 10/4/05 INXS to Launch 2006 World Tour in North America
Celebrity Spider 10/4/05 New Look INXS Go Live With Rooftop Show

Chart Attack 10/4/05 J.D. Fortune To Return Home With INXS

Newsday 10/1/05 Picking replacements that fit in nicely 9/30/05 Jon slams INXS

Daily Journal 9/29/05 'Rock Star' reality show helps ease tensions of reality

MTV 9/28/05 INXS Insist Finding J.D. Was An 'Organic' Process, Think 'Angels Got Together'

Undercover 9/28/05 Jon Stevens Sooks Up Over Rock Star: INXS

Reality TV Magazine 9/26/05 Will There Be Another Rock Star: INXS?

Metro 9/26/05 J.D. ready to front INXS

Celebrity Spider 9/25/05 Shirley Manson Slams INXS for Reality Show

Reality TV Magazine 9/25/05 Brooke Burke's Hot Pants And Other Rock Star: INXS Memorabilia Up For Auction 9/25/05 Can reality TV singer save INXS?

Grand Forks Herald 9/25/05 Will Fortune prevail for INXS?

Reality TV Calendar 9/24/05 INXS Might Wish He Were Here

Fans of Reality TV 9/23/05 Rock Star: INXS You Complete Me

Reality Reel 9/23/05 Rock Star: INXS: Finale: J.D. Is Crowned The Winner

Celebrity Spider 9/22/05 Rock Star: INXS Props and Memorabilia Up for Bid on eBay to Benefit Charity

Reality TV World 9/22/05 INXS says 'Rock Star' winner J.D. Fortune "just felt right" for the band

Calgary Sun 9/22/05 Good Fortune for Canucks on Survivor

Toronto Star 9/22/05 Whirlwind first day for Rock Star J.D. Fortune

Jam! 9/22/05 Cashing in on Fortune 9/22/05 J.D. looks ahead to life of the famous

This is London 9/22/05 INXS find Hutchence replacement

St Petersburg Times 9/22/05 Will Fortune prevail for INXS?

Jam! 9/22/05 INXS singer a 'rags-to-riches' story

Reality News Online 9/22/05 The SmarK Rant for 'Rock Star: INXS,' Finale

Jam! 9/22/05 Garbage singer slams INXS

Celebrity Spider 9/21/05 INXS Pick Good Fortune as New Lead Singer

Chart Attack 9/21/05 J.D. Fortune Wins Rock Star, INXS Now 1/6 Canadian 9/21/05 INXS selects J.D. Fortune as new singer

Rolling Stone 9/21/05 INXS Choose Lead Singer

The Trades 9/21/05 Rock Star: INXS: Finale

JokersUpdates 9/21/05 Rockstar :INXS - Marty Casey's Chat

JokersUpdates 9/21/05 Rockstar: INXS - Mig Ayasa's Chat 9/21/05 Did INXS Make The "Roit" Choice For Their Bahnd? Or, Not "A Moment Like This"

Reality TV Calendar 9/21/05 J.D. Fortune And INXS Get What They Want: Finale Recap

Reality TV World 9/21/05 INXS selects 'Rock Star' finalist J.D. Fortune as its new frontman

Reality TV Calendar 9/21/05 Final Photo Scoreboard and Rankings

Foxes on Idol 9/21/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Rock Star: INXS, The Finale

Reality TV Magazine 9/21/05 Rock Star: INXS Winner Is Controversial J.D. Fortune

Reality News Online 9/21/05 Rock Star: INXS, September 20 - Shining Star

Manchester Online 9/21/05 INXS name new singer

Undercover 9/21/05 J.D. Fortune Wins INXS Idol

Chicago Tribune 9/21/05 Marty rocks on

Chicago Sun Times 9/21/05 Chicagoan makes most of INXS close call

Jam! 9/21/05 Canada's J.D. Fortune wins INXS lead

BBC 9/21/05 Canadian to be new INXS frontman

Daily Telegraph 9/21/05 New sensation

The Age 9/21/05 INXS gets Canadian touch 9/21/05 Frontman chosen

Sydney Morning Herald 9/21/05 INXS fame for Fortune

Zap2It 9/20/05 'Rock Star: INXS' Claims Its Fortune

Sydney Morning Herald 9/20/05 INXS fame for Fortune

Undercover 9/20/05 J.D. Fortune Wins INXS Idol

Reality TV Talk 9/20/05 Rock Star: INXS - Week 10: "Second Impressions: I'm Going to be 100% Honest From Now On" 9/20/05 INXS defend reality TV singer search

Globe and Mail 9/20/05 From Nova Scotia to INXS: Fortune awaits

Chicago Tribune 9/20/05 Jam session -We talk to "Rock Star" co-host Dave Navarro 9/20/05 Rock Star finale: Sassy, slick or so-so

Toronto Star 9/20/05 INXS race at the wire

Reality TV Magazine 9/20/05 Rock Star INXS Finale – Who's Right For INXS?

Reality Reel 9/20/05 Rock Star: INXS: Preview For September 20th, 2005 - The Finale

NY Times 9/20/05 The Real Story Behind a Real Turnaround

Chicago Sun-Times 9/20/05 Chicago rocker to learn if he's INXS or out

JokersUpdates 9/19/05 Recap of Sunday, September 19 RockStar: INXS

Orwell Project 9/19/05 Rock Star: INXS -Sunday 9/18 "Behind the Scenes" Show

Reality TV Calendar 9/19/05 Working With INXS & The Last Supper: Episode 31 Recap

Reality News Online 9/19/05 Rock Star: INXS, September 18 - Searching

Reality Shack 9/19/05 Rock Star, INXS, September 18th - "No More Bottom 3"

Reality TV Magazine 9/19/05 Rock Star: INXS – J.D., Marty, & Mig Collaborate With Andrew Farris

Wireless Flash News Service 9/19/05 `Rock Star: INXS' Finale Marks New Beginning For House Band

Orlando Sentinel 9/19/05 Moment of truth for INXS hopefuls

Herald Sun 9/18/05 Dream on, white boys

National Post 9/18/05 Toronto singer's fortunes have changed as finalist on Rock Star: INXS

JokersUpdates 9/18/05 CBS Screwed Up! Janelle Won HOH Not Ivette!

JokersUpdates 9/18/05 Marty Casey's Ode to INXS

Chicago Tribune 9/18/05 ‘Rock Star’ reality check 9/16/05 Mig's Wiggle past

Reality News Online 9/16/05 The SmarK Rant for 'Rock Star: INXS,' Week 10

Sydney Morning Herald 9/16/05 Aussie INXS hopeful in final three

Undercover 9/16/05 INXS To Name New Singer Next Week

Reality TV World 9/15/05 'Rock Star: INXS' cuts Suzie McNeil, selects its three finalists

Reality Reel 9/15/05 Rock Star: INXS: Week 10: Suzie Just Isn't Right For The Band

Orwell Project 9/15/05 Rock Star - Wednesday 9/14 Results Show Recap

Reality Reel 9/15/05 Rock Star Go Home Exceeds Forecast By 300%

Reality TV Calendar 9/15/05 She Didn't Even Get A Car: Episode 30 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 9/15/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of Sept. 15th

Reality News Online 9/15/05 Rock Star: INXS, September 14 - What You Need

Curlio 9/15/05 Last female leaves RockStar: INXS

The Trades 9/15/05 Rock Star: INXS: Week 10 Results

Reality TV Magazine 9/15/05 Rock Star INXS – The Final Three

Couch Potato Rehab 9/14/05 Straight From the Couch - Week #10 Performances

Orwell Project 9/14/05 Rock Star: INXS -- Tuesday 9/13 Performance Night Recap

Reality TV Calendar 9/14/05 Four Leads - One Band: Episode 29 Recap

The Trades 9/14/05 Rock Star: INXS: Week 10

Reality Reel 9/14/05 Rock Star: INXS: Preview For September 14th, 2005

Foxes On Idol 9/14/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Rock Star: INXS, September 13

Reality News Online 9/14/05 Rock Star: INXS, September 13 - Hear That Sound

Reality TV Magazine 9/14/05 Rock Star INXS – J.D. Fortune Goes From Arrogant Troublemaker To Hip Rebel

Reality TV Magazine 9/14/05 Rock Star INXS – What is Brooke Burke Wearing?

Reality TV Talk 9/14/05 Rock Star: INXS Performances Sep. 13 "First Impressions: Marty, Will You Accept This Rose?"

Chicago Sun-Times 9/13/05 Chicago's hope tones down XSes

Reality Reel 9/13/05 Rock Star: INXS: Preview For September 13th, 2005

Reality TV Calendar 9/13/05 You Can Bid On VIP Finale Tickets

Fans of Reality TV 9/12/05 Rock Star: INXS: Dear Abby: My Interview Skills Suck

Fans of Reality TV 9/12/05 Rock Star: INXS: Dear Abby: My Interview Skills Suck

Reality TV Calendar 9/12/05 Interview By Candle Light: Episode 28 Recap

Reality News Online 9/12/05 Rock Star: INXS, September 11 - Listen Like Thieves

Reality TV Magazine 9/12/05 INXS Says Suzie Is The Best Singer As They Look For Reasons To Eliminate Her

Reality Shack 9/12/05 Rock Star: INXS, September 11th - "Definitely A Hard Decision"

Reality TV Talk 9/12/05 Rock Star: INXS Week 9 Recap "He Sings of the Trees and Blows Me Away!"

Wireless Flash News Service 9/12/05 INXS Member Considering Going With Two Lead Singers?

Zap2It 9/12/05 'Rock Star' Singers Get the Boot ... Camp

JokersUpdates 9/11/05 Recap of Rock Star: INXS Sunday, September 11 episode

Celebrity Spider 9/9/05 Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra Struggle to Schedule Children

Reality Reel 9/9/05 Rock Star: INXS: Week 9 - Jordis Gets The Boot

Reality Reel 9/9/05 Rock Star INXS: J.D. Is The INXS Man

Reality News Online 9/9/05 The SmarK Rant for 'Rock Star: INXS,' Week 9

Fans of Reality TV 9/8/05 Rock Star: INXS Don't Look At Me When I'm Leaving You

Reality TV Calendar 9/8/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of September 8th

Reality TV Calendar 9/8/05 Filler, Encores And The Final Four: Episode 27 Recap

Fans of Reality TV 9/8/05 Rock Star: INXS Look Out Tom Jones - Undies are Flying On This Stage, Too 9/8/05  9/6, 9/7: Smoking May Be Hazardous...

The Trades 9/8/05 Rock Star: INXS: Week 9 Results

Reality TV Magazine 9/8/05 Rock Star INXS – The Self-Destruction Of Jordis Unga

Couch Potato Rehab 9/7/05 Straight From the Couch - Week #9 Performances

Orwell Project 9/7/05 Rock Star: INXS -- Tuesday September 6, 2005 Performance Show

Reality TV Calendar 9/7/05 The Final 5 Perform: Episode 26 Recap

The Trades 9/7/05 Rock Star: INXS: Week 9

Foxes on Idol 9/7/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Rock Star: INXS, September 6

Reality TV Magazine 9/7/05 Rock Star INXS – Brooke In Her Pajamas, Jordis Throwing The Competition?

Reality News Online 9/7/05 Rock Star: INXS, September 6 - Old World New World 9/7/05 Youngest finalist goes home on Rockstar: INXS

Wireless Flash News Service 9/7/05 Lack Of `Outside Stimulus' Helps INXS Wannabe Get In Touch With Soul

Celebrity Spider 9/6/05 Brooke Burke Eyes Prince

Celebrity Spider 9/6/05 Brooke Burke Rocker Dreams

Reality TV Talk 9/6/05 Rock Star: INXS Article "Survivor: Rock Star"

Reality Shack 9/6/05 Rock Star: INXS, September 4th - "If That's No Rock And Roll, I Don't Know What Is"

Orwell Project 9/5/05 Rock Star: INXS -- Sunday September 4, 2005 "Behind the Scenes" Show

JokersUpdates 9/5/05 Is Cake Up Your *** A Good Thing?

Reality News Online 9/5/05 Rock Star: INXS, September 4 - Falling Down the Mountain

Reality TV Calendar 9/5/05 Food Fights, Hot Tubs & A Group Shower: Episode 25 Recap

Reality TV Magazine 9/5/05 Rock Star INXS – Mayhem In The Mansion, Jordis Being Set Up For A Fall

Fans of Reality TV 9/4/05 You Can Have Your Cake And Wear It Too!

Reality TV Talk 9/4/05 Rock Star: INXS Sunday Show Recap "The Jello Report for September 4"

Reality TV Talk 9/4/05 Rock Star: INXS Week 8 Recap "Glad You Are Here"

Reality Reel 9/2/05 Rock Star: INXS: 8/31/05 Preview

Reality Reel 9/2/05 Rock Star: INXS: Ty Gets The Boot

Reality News Online 9/2/05 The SmarK Rant for 'Rock Star: INXS' - Week Eight

Celebrity Spider 9/1/05 Rock Star: INXS Reach Ratings High for Third Week in a Row

Celebrity Spider 9/1/05 Ty Taylor is the Tenth Performer Eliminated On Rock Star: INXS

Fans of Reality TV 9/1/05 Have Your People Call My People

Reality TV Calendar 9/1/05 Can The Manipulated Drama - It's About The Music: Episode 24 Recap

Jam! 9/1/05 Canuck singers still in INXS game

Reality TV Calendar 9/1/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of September 1st

Reality News Online 9/1/05 Rock Star: INXS, August 31 - Never Tear Us Apart

Reality TV Magazine 9/1/05 Rock Star: INXS – Was It Racism?

Foxes on Idol 9/1/05 Rock Star: INXS: Ty Told it as 'twas


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