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News Articles about Pop Idol and Pop Idol II


Ananova 3/29/04 Gareth Gates in training to be voice coach

The Mirror 3/29/04 Will Young Up For Awards

Ananova 3/29/04 Will Young says new book makes him look boring

Ananova 3/28/04 Big mouth strikes again

Ananova 3/26/04 Will Young London tickets sell within hour

Suffolk Evening Star 3/26/04 Will Young fans storm Regent

Scottish TV 3/26/04 Michelle McManus - New Single

MTV 3/25/04 Will Young UK Tour

Digital Spy 3/25/04 Will Young announces solo tour

Scottish tv 3/25/04 Michelle McManus - New Single

Ananova 3/24/04 Pop Idol failure picked for opera

Ananova 3/24/04 Pop Idol finalist could have part in Corrie

Digital Spy 3/24/04 'Pop Idol' contestant could appear on Corrie

This Is Hull 3/23/04 From Pop Idol To Soap Princess?

Bedford Today 3/21/04 Helen comes home for a spectacular show

The Mirror 3/19/04 Gareth Skates

icBerkshire 3/19/04 Is Gareth about to get the chop?

Evening Times 3/16/04 Michelle proves she's top of the pop idols

Daily Record 3/16/04 Michelle In Tears Onstage

Sky.com 3/16/04 Waterman Drops Idol

This Is London 3/16/04 Pete takes break from Pop Idol

Digital Spy 3/16/04 Waterman to quit 'Pop Idol'

Ananova 3/16/04 Pete takes Pop Idol break

Digital Spy 3/15/04 Michelle's second single announced

BBC 3/15/04 Waterman to take Pop Idol break

BBC 3/12/04 Darius leads Scots anthem

ic Birmingham.co.uk 3/11/04 Local boy Mark vows the crowds

Daily Record 3/10/04 Campbell: I Wish I'd Voted For Michelle

Press Enterprise 3/9/04 Simon says sing

Ananova 3/9/04 George 'gets lippy over Will's lisp'

BBC 3/8/04 Will Young's Game video

MegaStar 3/8/04 Gates gig hell

Ananova 3/8/04 Gareth could 'revamp image'

Ananova 3/5/04 Dr Waterman's so lucky, lucky, lucky

Ananova 3/4/04 Declan Donnelly says split from girlfriend was "painful"

Ananova 3/4/04 Ant and Dec deny they have millions

Digital Spy 3/3/04 Jackson: "American singers are better"

Sheffield Today 3/3/04 Are pop gates set to slam shut on Gareth?

Ananova 3/2/04 Cowell claims he fixed Pop Idol result

Sky.com 3/2/04 Cowell: I Fixed Pop Idol

Gay.com.uk 2/24/04 Has Will Young found a boyfriend?

Ananova 2/24/04 New man for Will?

ic Scotland.co.uk 2/24/04 I can't wait to fly solo on tour

The Mirror 2/24/04 Will This Be Young Love?

Sky.com 2/22/04 Pop Idols' Hopes Busted

BBC 2/19/04 Pop Idol's Cowell joins Simpsons

Gay.com.uk 2/17/04 Will Young hits out at "pink pound" exploitation

Evening Times 2/17/04 Gimme five as Pop Idol greets our winners

Daily Record 2/17/04 Michelle's Grand Tour

The Scotsman 2/17/04 Pop Idol meets her Scots fans

Ireland Online 2/16/04 McManus gets hero's welcome in Edinburgh

BBC 2/16/04 Pop Idol duo top the charts

Evening Telegraph 2/16/04 Dundee fans go pop idol crazy

Sky.com 2/16/04 Losers Are Chart Winners

Evening Times 2/16/04 Michelle salutes her Scots fans

BBC 2/16/04 Review: Michelle's The Meaning of Love

Ananova 2/16/04 Pop Idol winner launches album with tour

The Scotsman 2/16/04 Pop Idol Michelle: My Fans are Wonderful

BBC 2/16/04 Pop Idol stars in chart triumph

Digital Spy 2/15/04 'Pop Idol' duo top the charts

CBBC 2/15/04 Sam and Mark celebrate number one

Ananova 2/15/04 Pop Idol duo straight in at No 1

NY Times 2/15/04 A Little Help Gets Sam & Mark to Top of UK Charts

Sunday Mail 2/15/04 Pop Idol Blasts Health Rumours

The Scotsman 2/13/04 An emotional wreck

Evening Times 2/13/04 Your chance to meet Pop Idol Michelle on her tour

Sheffield Today 2/10/04 Pop hero Sam meets just a few thousand friends

ic Ayrshire.co.uk 2/8/04 Idol star heads to home city

The Scotsman 2/7/04 Michelle set to pop in

Sheffield Today 2/7/04 Two's company as Sam marks launch of single

Ananova 2/5/04 Jordan wants to audition for Pop Idol

This is London 2/4/04 'Stick to cruise ships Michelle'

The Scotman 2/4/04 Gareth Gates Broke My Heart Says Jordan

Sheffield Today 2/3/04 Play it again Sam as pop hero returns

MegaStar 2/3/04 Big Mc and fried

Ananova 2/3/04 Popstars judge's withering attack on Michelle McManus

Digital Spy 2/3/04 Louis Walsh slates 'Idol' Michelle

Ananova 2/3/04 Jordan talks about Gareth's love by SMS

Gay.com.uk 2/2/04 Will Young admits to Pop Idol drunken ego booster

BBC 2/2/04 'No Idol without Cowell' says Fox

Ananova 2/2/04 Dr Fox says Pop Idol should end if Cowell quits

Ananova 2/2/04 Will likes to watch videos of his Pop Idol appearances

Launch 2/1/04 Pop Idol Knocked Off Top Spot

BBC 2/1/04 Michelle loses hold on top spot

Ananova 2/1/04 Pop Idol's Michelle slips down charts

Digital Spy 1/29/04 'Pop Idol' contestants move in together

Ananova 1/27/04 Jordan says she was besotted with 'virgin' Gareth

Ananova 1/27/04 Dr Fox lined up for prime-time show

Digital Spy 1/26/04 Michelle spends third week at No1

Daily Record 1/26/04 Yob Idol: I'm Sorry

Sky.com 1/26/04 Pop Idol Stays On Top

MegaStar 1/26/04 Chart 'chelle shock

BBC 1/26/04 Michelle still at No.1

Ananova 1/26/04 All This Time...and Michelle's still No 1

CBBC 1/25/04 Michelle holds on to number one

BBC 1/25/04 Michelle holds out at number one

The Spoof 1/23/04 Bush to Enter Pop Idol to Revive Flagging Popularity

Digital Spy 1/23/04 Pete Waterman: "Michelle is rubbish"

Ananova 1/23/04 Waterman says Pop Idol winner is 'rubbish'

This Is London 1/22/04 Gareth: 'vote Jordan off'

Ananova 1/22/04 Gareth Gates to vote Jordan out of I'm A Celebrity

Digital Spy 1/19/04 Michelle to appear on 'John Daly' tonight

Billboard 1/19/04 Michelle, Dido Still Rule U.K. Charts

Belfast Telegraph 1/19/04 Pop Idol star on song for Belfast

This Is London 1/19/04 Michelle's still top of the pops

Ananova 1/19/04 Pop Idol number one for second week

CBBC 1/18/04 Michelle stays at top of charts

Digital Spy 1/18/04 Michelle's album release delayed

NY Times 1/18/04 'Pop Idol' Winner Tops British Pop Chart

Digital Spy 1/18/04 Michelle 'not speaking' to manager Nicki

Daily Record 1/17/04 `We Can't Let That Fat Bitch Be No 1 Again'

News.com.au 1/14/04 Spot the Idol

Gay.com.uk 1/13/04 Will Young up for Brit

Daily Record 1/12/04 Pop Your Cork Idol

The Mirror 1/12/04 Michelle's Top Idol

Scotsman 1/12/04 Pop Idol Scot's debut single sets record

Daily Record 1/12/04 It's Money Money Money All The Way Now

Evening Times 1/12/04 Michelle's a No.1 record breaker

BBC 1/12/04 Pop Idol winner's record-breaking No.1

Digital Spy 1/12/04 'Pop Idol' winner at top of charts

Ananova 1/12/04 Number one record for Pop Idol Michelle

CBBC 1/11/04 Pop Idol Michelle is number one

Sky.com 1/11/04 Michelle's Chart History

BBC 1/11/04 Pop Idol's Michelle tops charts

Ananova 1/10/04 Michelle's snoring puts off the fellas

BBC 1/7/04 Pop Idol duet

Digital Spy 1/7/04 Mark, Sam to form 'Idol' duo

MegaStar 1/7/04 Michelle eyes No1 pie

Digital Spy 1/6/04 'Idol' winner Michelle heading for No1

Evening Times 1/6/04 Michelle bids for top spot

This Is London 1/6/04 Pop Idol heads for no.1

Daily Record 1/6/04 Diet Club Plea To Michelle

Ananova 1/6/04 Fans' messages crash Pop Idol winner's website

Evening Times 1/5/03 Star Michelle aims for a No.1 hit with debut single

The Observer 1/4/04 Power Idol? Now politicians audition for votes

This Is Exeter 1/2/04 Will Loses World Idol To 'Hobbit' Kurt

This Is London 1/2/04 Plumber beats Will to world title

Digital Spy 1/2/04 Will finishes fifth in 'World Idol' contest

Digital Spy 12/30/03 'Idol' finalist Mark to play local gig

This Is Hull 12/27/03 Roxanne Proves The Idol's Idol

Daily Record 12/24/03 Big Thank You

Sky.com 12/23/03 Toothy Grin For Michelle?

Reality TV World 12/23/03 "Plus-size" contestant wins Pop Idol, as judge Pete Waterman walks out

Ananova 12/23/03 Michelle helps lift obscure carol to nation's No 1

Ananova 12/23/03 I'm getting my teeth fixed, says Pop Idol Michelle

BBC 12/23/03 Idol carol 'is festive favourite'

Ananova 12/23/03 Kelly ahead of Will in running for World Idol

The Mirror 12/22/03 And The Real Winners Are...

Media Guardian 12/22/03 Pop Idol hits a false note

ReadABet.com 12/22/03 Pop Idols Favourites For Christmas Charts

Anorak 12/22/03 Fat Chance

icBirmingham 12/22/03 You did us proud, Mark

Evening Times 12/22/03 Pop Idol mum's Christmas wish

BBC 12/22/03 Pop Idol winner is 'role model'

This Is London 12/22/03 No time for men, says Pop Idol

MegaStar 12/22/03 Mighty Michelle wins

BBC 12/22/03 Pop Idol attracts audience of 12m

Ananova 12/22/03 12 million see Michelle crowned Pop Idol

Daily Record 12/22/03 Let's All Chellebrate

Sky.com 12/21/03 Pop Idol Beats Bookies

Ananova 12/21/03 Michelle's win should herald new dawn for Scotland

BBC 12/21/03 Michelle captures Pop Idol crown

Ananova 12/21/03 Bookies 'taken to cleaners' by Michelle win

Ananova 12/21/03 Waterman disgusted as Michelle wins Pop Idol

News.com.au 12/21/03 'Too big' contestant wins Idol

Scotsman 12/21/03 Pop Idol Michelle Proves Size Doesn't Matter

This Is London 12/21/03  Michelle steals Pop Idol crown

Scotsman 12/21/03 Michelle McManus is on song to storm to victory in Pop Idol final

Sunday Mail 12/21/03 Gutsy Singer Is Guaranteed Success: Will Size Matter For The Scot?

Independent 12/21/03 Judge walks out after Michelle wins 'Idol'

Digital Spy 12/20/03 Michelle wins Pop Idol 2003

Sky.com 12/20/03 'I've Done It'

CBBC 12/20/03 Pop Idol pair face final showdown

Ananova 12/20/03 Pop Idol contender gets his own ale

BBC 12/20/03 Pop Idol pair face final battle

Digital Spy 12/19/03 Idols still on course for No5

icBirmingham 12/19/03 Come on Mark, you're our idol!

Evening Times 12/19/03 School pals in TV plea for Michelle

MegaStar 12/19/03 Michelle Meats her match

Ananova 12/19/03 Michelle odds-on favourite to win Pop Idol

Evening Express 12/19/03 Tears And Cheers At Idol Final

Ananova 12/19/03 Pop Idol has become freak show, says Waterman

BBC 12/19/03 The eve of Pop Idol 2

Ananova 12/19/03 Pop Idol's Mark hoping for help from Nan

Ananova 12/19/03 Meat Loaf blasts back at 'lookalike' Michelle

Daily Record 12/19/03 Your Idol Needs You

BBC 12/18/03 Pop Idol Mark on campaign trail

Evening Post 12/18/03 Pop Idol delights poorly children

Evening Times 12/18/03 Michelle's big night to be beamed live to fans

Ananova 12/18/03 Pop Idol's Mark gets Michelle back for dirty tricks

Digital Spy 12/18/03 Will insulted by 'World Idol' judges

CBBC 12/17/03 Pop Idol Michelle slams critics

Mirror.co.uk 12/17/03 Michelle: I Don't Look Like Meatloaf

MegaStar 12/17/03 What a Shane for Pop Idol

BBC 12/17/03 Pop Idol Michelle on campaign trail

MegaStar 12/17/03 Idol banter

Ananova 12/17/03 Shane Richie and Adam Rickitt for Celebrity Pop Idol

Digital Spy 12/17/03 Richie, Rickitt wanted for celebrity 'Pop Idol'

Ananova 12/17/03 Pop Idol's Mark hits back at Dr Fox's comments

Ananova 12/17/03 Michelle hits back at weight jibes

Guardian 12/17/03 'One of the papers actually wrote: Stunning Michelle. I nearly fell over!'

Digital Spy 12/17/03 Idols slip to number 5 in midweek charts

Daily Record 12/17/03 Michelle's Secret Single

Evening Times 12/16/03 Michelle gives her loyal fans a treat

Irish Examiner 12/16/03 Nothing but Darkness for Pop Idols

Daily Record 12/16/03 Will Dubs World TV Contest Prat Idol

Digital Spy 12/16/03 Darkness ahead of Idols in Xmas No1 race

BBC 12/16/03 Pop Idol judges criticise TV vote

This is London 12/15/03 The new face of Pop Idol

BBC 12/15/03 Another Pop Idol shock as Sam is voted off

Ananova 12/15/03 Judges slam Pop Idol eviction

MegaStar 12/15/03 Idol pops out

Sky News 12/15/03 Pop Idol Campaign Opens

BBC 12/14/03 Pop Idol loser thinking positive

Ananova 12/14/03 Sam 'gutted' at Pop Idol failure

Digital Spy 12/14/03 Michelle installed as new 'Pop Idol' fave

Ananova 12/14/03 Michelle and Mark square up for Pop Idol final

This is London 12/14/03 Michelle and Mark in Pop Idol final

Scotland on Sunday 12/14/03 Scots singer reaches final of Pop Idol

Digital Spy 12/13/03 No longer Sam's game in 'Pop Idol'

icSouthLondon 12/12/03 Cancer all-clear for Pop Idol star

Daily Examiner 12/12/03 School is rooting for `their' Pop Idol Sam
MegaStar 12/12/03 Massive Attack on Pop Idol

MegaStar 12/12/03 Cowell branded a 'joke'

Independent 12/11/03 Simon Cowell: You ask the Questions

Ananova 12/11/03 Mr Nasty's a joke, says Duran star

Ananova 12/11/03 Pop Id l evictees 'backing Michelle'

Ananova 12/11/03 Pop Idol Lennon cover 'utterly repugnant'

The Mirror 12/10/03 'Too Shy' Pop Idol Sam's Love Split

NME 12/10/03 Beware False Idols

MegaStar 12/10/03 Thorny issue for Kate

Ananova 12/10/03 Ricky Gervais despairs of reality TV

Ananova 12/10/03 Obsessed Pop Idol fan threw herself in front of car

Ananova 12/10/03 Pop Idol presenter 'mortified' over Cowell sex rumours

The Advocate 12/10/03 Will Young tops U.K. chart for second week

Shropshire Star 12/9/03 Family rooting for Pop Idol hopeful Mark

The Mirror 12/9/03 Pop Idol Michelle: Weight Taunts Drive Me

Ananova 12/9/03 Sam is now hottest Pop Idol favourite ever

Ananova 12/9/03 Pop Idol finalists to embark on UK tour

Digital Spy 12/9/03 'Idol' finalists to go on tour

Digital Spy 12/8/03 Sam still favourite for 'Idol' victory

Mirror.co.uk 12/8/03 Pop Idol Mark: I'll Win It For My Nephew

Evening Times 12/8/03 Bets rush for Michelle in Pop Idol

Sheffield Today 12/8/03 Sam's so close as he keeps his nerve

Daily Record 12/8/03 Pop Out To The Bookies For A Bet On Chelle

MegaStar 12/8/03 Poop idols

BBC 12/8/03 Pop Idol's Chris - out but not down

Ananova 12/8/03 Will makes it a charts double

BBC 12/7/03 Singer Young scores chart double

Digital Spy 12/7/03 Two more 'Pop Idol' episodes planned after final

BBC 12/7/03 Pop Idol race down to final three

Digital Spy 12/7/03 The Vicar bows out in 'Pop Idol'

Sunday People 12/7/03 Pop Idol TV Xmas Cracker

Daily Record 12/6/03 Michelle A Top Idol For Kids

The Mirror 12/6/03 Cowell's $100,000 Question

Edinburgh Evening News 12/6/03 City star tips Pop Idol win

Digital Spy 12/6/03 Cowell apologises to Waterman

BBC 12/5/03 Parker attacks Fame 'rip-offs'

BBC 12/5/03 'Talent beats looks in Pop Idol'

MegaStar 12/5/03 Have a heart, Simon

Digital Spy 12/5/03 Will Young heading for album number one

Sheffield Today 12/4/03 Spiky Sam is a cut above all the rest...

North Devon Journal 12/4/03 Pop Idol Susanne Is Voted Off Show

Ananova 12/4/03 Pop Idols tipped for Christmas top spot

Sheffield Today 12/3/03 Sam signs up to help with our Christmas toy appeal

Digital Spy 12/3/03 'Idol' Roxanne: "I fancied Sam"

Ananova 12/3/03 Pop Idol's Susanne says no to Playboy TV offer

Ananova 12/3/03 Green says Pop Idol contestants 'won't make a penny'

Digital Spy 12/2/03 'Idol' finalist Michelle returns to Glasgow

BBC 12/2/03 Sam odds-on for Pop Idol victory

Ananova 12/2/03 Sam is hot favourite to win Pop Idol

Evening Post 12/2/03 Our girl waves goodbye

Digital Spy 12/1/03 Sam still favourite to take 'Idol' crown

BBC 12/1/03 Will Young gets his fourth No. 1

Evening Times 12/1/03 Michelle takes city tour

Scotsman 12/1/03 Weight Insult Claims 'Cost Me Pop Idol Votes'

DeHavilland 12/1/03 Cowell's pop at Idol judge Pete

MegaStar 12/1/03 Dec 'sex woe'

Daily Record 12/1/03 Scott Idol: Michelle's Feeling Good Now

MegaStar 12/1/03 Will rules the chart

Ananova 12/1/03 Susanne denies bullying Michelle

Ananova 12/1/03 Dec denies affair with PR agent

Digital Spy 12/1/03 Will Young tops singles chart

BBC 12/1/03 Pop Idol Susanne: I'm no bully

Teen Music 11/30/03 Pop Idol finalists "stupid"

Digital Spy 11/30/03 Time called on Susanne in 'Pop Idol'

Sunday Mail 11/30/03 Will: I Wanted Out: Pop Idol: The Showdown

Digital Spy 11/29/03 'Idol' flops spoof Band Aid track

Digital Spy 11/29/03 Help the Aged back 'Idol's' Chris

The Mirror 11/29/03 Pup Idol

BBC 11/29/03 Pop Idol is a winner in Your Charts

Evening Post 11/28/03 Susanne sends her thanks to Reading fans

BBC 11/28/03 Ant and Dec will host World Idol

Gay.com.uk 11/28/03 Demand for Will Young outstrips supply

Mirror.co.uk 11/28/03 Foxy's Pop At Pete

Digital Spy 11/28/03 Sales blunder "scuppers Will's No1 chances"

Ananova 11/28/03 Pop Idol judge says Waterman is jealous of Cowell

Digital Spy 11/27/03 Mark "mobbed" on Midlands homecoming

BBC 11/27/03 Will Young set to make number one

Ananova 11/27/03 Pop Idol's Mark scared by fans

Ananova 11/26/03 Playboy offer to Pop Idol contestant

The Mirror 11/26/03 Plot Idol: They're Out To Get Susanne

MegaStar 11/26/03 Cowell pant hell

Ananova 11/26/03 Pete Waterman claims Pop Idol conspiracy

Sheffield Today 11/25/03 'Idol' Sam pops home and gets hero's welcome

Ananova 11/25/03 Pop Idol contestants have 'sick bucket' by stage

Ananova 11/25/03 Susanne 'in tears over claims of rift with Michelle'

Ananova 11/25/03 Pop Idol finalists to both get record deal

Digital Spy 11/25/03 Waterman in £1m bet claim over 'Idol' finalist

Ananova 11/25/03 Waterman offers £1m bet over Pop Idol contestant's future

Mirror.co.uk 11/24/03 Pop Idol Rivals In Blazing Row

Evening Times 11/24/03 Glasgow girl in Pop Idol final five spot

This Is Hull 11/24/03 Roxanne's Dream Is Over... For Now

BBC 11/24/03 Tensions in the Pop Idol house?

Ananova 11/24/03 Pop Idol's Michelle and Susanne not on speaking terms

BBC 11/23/03 Roxanne's Pop Idol dream ends

Evening Post 11/21/03 Susanne is out to fashion a victory

Foxes On Idol 11/21/03 ‘American Idol’ Dipping into ‘Pop Idol’ for Fourth Judge

Ananova 11/21/03 Ronan plays live for charity music marathon

The Scotsman 11/21/03 Pop Idol Judges Bid to Cut Mr Nasty Down to Size

Ananova 11/21/03 Cowell 'scares' Top Gear presenter

Ananova 11/21/03 Pop Idol's Andy grateful for girlfriend's support

BBC 11/20/03 Pop Idol Andy stays positive

Digital Spy 11/19/03 Waterman "to join" Cowell on 'American Idol'

Ananova 11/19/03 Waterman in American Idol talks

Ananova 11/18/03 Pop Idol finalists would struggle without show

Ananova 11/18/03 Dr Fox shocked Chris survived Pop Idol eviction

BBC 11/17/03 Ricky Gervais, celebrity Pop Idol?

Irish Examiner 11/17/03 Will Young to vie for World Idol status

BBC 11/17/03 Andy gets the chop from Pop Idol

Ananova 11/17/03 Sam clear favourite to win Pop Idol

Ananova 11/17/03 Kelly Clarkson tips Roxanne to win Pop Idol

Ananova 11/17/03 Cowell and Foxy in special Millionaire show

Digital Spy 11/16/03 Andy fails to rock the 'Idol' dancefloor

Ananova 11/16/03 Andy gets the chop from Pop Idol

Daily Record 11/15/03 Michelle Is A Karaoke Joke

BBC 11/15/03 Pop Idol tipped as top Xmas game

This Is Hull 11/15/03 Roxanne Gets In The Game

icCoventry 11/14/03 Pete pours scorn on Pop Idol hopeful

This Is Hull 11/14/03 Don't Forget To Vote

The Advocate 11/14/03 Will Young to take on international Idol winners

BBC 11/13/03 Will limbers up for 'World Idol'

Ananova 11/13/03 Chris is favourite to be next Pop Idol evictee

Digital Spy 11/13/03 Will confirmed for 'World Idol'

Ananova 11/13/03 Will squares up for world-wide Pop Idols battle

Ananova 11/13/03 Pop Idol's Michelle loses three stone

Ananova 11/13/03 Pop Idol's Roxanne dismayed by near miss

This Is Hull 11/12/03 Pop Idol Roxanne In Deal Rumours

Foxes On Idol 11/12/03 ‘World Idol’ May Air in December

Sky.com 11/12/03 Geri Won't Be A Pop Idol

Digital Spy 11/12/03 'Celebrity Pop Idol' in the works

Ananova 11/12/03 Fuller 'planning World Idol'

Ananova 11/12/03 Geri Halliwell banned from Celebrity Pop Idol

Digital Spy 11/11/03 "No clear winner" says 'Idol' judge Foxy

BBC 11/10/03 Pop Idol's Kim reunited with kids

BBC 11/10/03 Will Young is back...

Digital Spy 11/9/03 Kim's no Elton in 'Pop Idol'

Evening Mail 11/6/03 Barrow Pop Idol Stars In Two Glossy Mags

Ilford Recorder 11/6/03 Pop Idol loser Marc speechless

Evening Telegraph 11/5/03 Dundee MP defends stance on Pop Idol

Digital Spy 11/5/03 Elton meets 'Pop Idol' finalists

Ananova 11/5/03 Simon Cowell says Pete Waterman is 'barking mad'

Daily Record 11/5/03 Pop Idol's New Rocket Man

BBC 11/4/03 MPs have a pop at Pop Idol

MegaStar 11/4/03 Slime-on Cowell

Media Guardian 11/4/03 MPs turn on Pop Idol judges

This Is Grimsby 11/3/03 Tears of Joy as Pop Idol Entry Gets Through to Next Final

News Shopper 11/3/03 Simon Cowell: interviewed November 2003

BBC 11/3/03 Pop Idol judges criticised by MPs

MegaStar 11/3/03 Ant 'n Dec to Pop off?

BBC 11/2/03 Brian and Marc get Pop Idol boot

Digital Spy 11/2/03 Time's up for Marc, Brian in 'Pop Idol'

The Mirror 11/1/03 Stop Idol

Sky.com 11/1/03 Ant And Dec To Quit?

Digital Spy 11/1/03 Ant and Dec to quit 'Pop Idol'?

Daily Record 10/31/03 MPs' Fat Rant

Sky.com 10/31/03 Cowell's Pop Idol Millions

Gay.com.uk 10/31/03 "Coming out was the best thing I've done", says Will Young

North Devon Journal 10/30/03 Pop Idol Susanne Reaches Top Ten

ic Coventry 10/30/03 Pop idol Gareth to top Skydome bill

ic Southlondon 10/30/03 Andy's Pop Idol survival

MegaStar 10/30/03 Marsh on Cowell

Digital Spy 10/30/03 Simon backs Susanne, Dec backs Sam

Mirror.co.uk 10/29/03 Iain's RI:SE 'N Pine

BBC 10/29/03 Pop Idols move into flash house

ic Berkshire 10/29/03 Beatles boss slams Pop Idol

The Mirror 10/29/03 Tot Idols

Digital Spy 10/29/03 Cowell tips girl for 'Pop Idol' win

Ananova 10/29/03 Pop Idol contestants move into secret mansion

Ananova 10/29/03 Simon Cowell says a girl will win Pop Idol

Evening Times 10/28/03 Pop Idol Will is mobbed in city

Kettering Today 10/28/03 Pop Idol reject says: I didn't kiss girl rival

Sunday Mail 10/28/03 Kirsty Cries As Viewers Kick Her Out

Evening Post 10/27/03 Susanne’s odds song favourite

Evening Times 10/27/03 Michelle is on song to survive Pop Idol vote

Western Morning News 10/27/03 Pop Idol Contestant Susanne In Next Round

Sky.com 10/27/03 Awards For Idols

BBC 10/27/03 Britney hits out at Idol's Cowell

BBC 10/27/03 Pop Idols dominate music awards

Digital Spy 10/26/03 'Pop Idol' Roxanne dumps Jason

ic SurreyOnline 10/25/03 Pop Idols hope to enter top ten

Sunday Mail 10/25/03 Michelle's Back On Song After Voice Scare

Digital Spy 10/25/03 Two down, nine to go in 'Pop Idol'

The Mirror 10/25/03 Pop Idol: Don't Slim.. You Could Make It Big

Daily Record 10/25/03 Net Bid To Ditch Thug

icBirmingham 10/25/03 Pop Idols hope to enter top ten 

Daily Record 10/25/03 Scot's Voice Agony

BBC 10/24/03 Pop Idol stars hope for Xmas hit

BBC 10/24/03 Pop Idol finalists to release Christmas single

Ananova 10/24/03 Pop Idol finalists favourites for Christmas number one

BBC 10/24/03 Pop Idols release Lennon war song

Digital Spy 10/24/03 Kim's odds drift further

Digital Spy 10/22/03 Roxanne, Sam lead 'Pop Idol' odds

Mirror.co.uk 10/20/03 Pop Idol Pair Face Eviction

Evening Post 10/20/03 Jason Pops Out of Idol

BBC 10/20/03 Gareth rumour 'completely untrue'

MegaStar 10/20/03 Doors slam on Gates

Digital Spy 10/20/03 "Crisis talks" over Gareth's future

BBC 10/20/03 Gareth Gates 'not facing axe'

The People 10/19/03 Xmas Final's 5 Days Early

The People 10/19/03 Pop Idyll!

Digital Spy 10/19/03 Sam, Susanne complete Idol's final lineup

Digital Spy 10/19/03 BBC "makes £6m bid" to lure back Ant & Dec

ic Birmingham 10/18/03 Rebecca gets another chance

ic Southlondon 10/17/03 Pop Idol Kelly in breast cancer scare

Edinburgh Evening News 10/17/03 Real Idol is teacher from my old school

Digital Spy 10/17/03 Odds tighten in wildcard race

North Devon Journal 10/16/03 Pop Idol Susanne A Song From Stardom

This Is Derbyshire 10/16/03 A Wonder-Ful Chance To Win

Ormskirk Advertiser 10/16/03 Danielle steps closer to Pop Idol final cut

Digital Spy 10/16/03 'Idol' confusion over Xmas No1 race

Digital Spy 10/15/03 Cowell: "No idea" on Pop Idol 3

This Is Hull 10/14/03 Roxanne Is Hot Tip

BBC 10/14/03 Roxanne is the Pop Idol favourite

South London Press 10/14/03 Pop Idol hopeful makes it to final

Digital Spy 10/13/03 Sam favourite for wildcard place

Ananova 10/13/03 Roxanne now clear Pop Idol favourite

Digital Spy 10/13/03 Neil Fox lands primetime show

icWales 10/11/03 Andy goes for it

Digital Spy 10/11/03 It's boys night in 'Pop Idol'

Daily Record 10/11/03 The Hunk Versus The Punk

Digital Spy 10/11/03 Massive backing for Mark in 'Pop Idol'

Edinburgh Evening News 10/10/03 Can Craig make it to Pop Idol's Top Ten?

Digital Spy 10/10/03 Tamsin, Craig lead bookies for qualification

Gay.com.uk 10/9/03 Christina and Will - music's odd couple?

Daily Record 10/9/03 Give Me Your Votes Not Your Sympathy

Ananova 10/7/03 New single and album for Will Young

Ananova 10/6/03 Will Young celebrates life of murdered Milly

Evening Post 10/6/03 Danielle Just Misses Out

People 10/5/03 Laura Sobs at Simons 'COD' Insult

icBerkshire 10/3/03 Our Sarah sings for Pop Idol stardom

MegaStar 10/3/03 Cowell plays Fame game

Ananova 10/3/03 Simon Cowell to create fictionalised Pop Idol

BBC 10/2/03 Gareth Gates announces UK tour

Ananova 10/2/03 Mum of 3 odds-on favourite to qualify in Pop Idol

Ananova 10/2/03 Gareth Gates announces first solo tour

The Guardian 10/1/03 Is Fox hunting for a new job?

Newham Recorder 10/1/03 Mother swears by son's talent

BBC 10/1/03 Who will be Christmas number one?

Daily Record 10/1/03 Pop Idol Craig Is In Gear To Make His Merc

Croydon Guardian 10/1/03 Pop Idols pop down Asda

This Is London 10/1/03 Dr Fox may quit Capital

Ananova 10/1/03 The Darkness and Pop Idol winner favourites for Xmas No 1

Express and Star 9/30/03 Idol hopeful Mark gives up day job

Mirror.co.uk 9/30/03 Pop Idol Finalist's Assault Victim's Fury
Evening Telegraph 9/30/03 Pop Idol Entry Set To Wow With Preacher Man Hit

BBC 9/29/03 Has Gareth become a flop star?

Daily Record 9/29/03 Crying All The Way To The Bank

This Is Grimsby 9/29/03 Crunch Time for Kim as She Faces the Public Vote

This Is Hull 9/29/03 Rising Star Roxy Thanks Her Fans

Daily Record 9/29/03 Loser Kieran Sings Praise of Rival

ic Liverpool 9/29/03 Rachel's night to shout about

MegaStar 9/29/03 Singing a few bars

Ananova 9/29/03 Pop Idol finalist was jailed for soldier attack

Digital Spy 9/28/03 Tears aplenty as more 'Idol' wannabes qualify

Sunday Mail 9/27/03 Sick Fan's Visit From Her Prince Chalm-Ing

Watford Observer 9/27/03 Suzanne's Pop Idol dream comes to an end

Mirror.co.uk 9/27/03 Cowell: I Love Fame Academy

Liverpool Echo 9/26/03 Rachel in line for Pop Idol stardom

Leeds Today 9/26/03 A mum...and a Pop Idol

Guardian 9/26/03 Poster girl’s wildcard hope

MegaStar 9/25/03 Idol boast

Digital Spy 9/25/03 Late backing for Sam in 'Pop Idol'

Evening Gazette 9/25/03 A dream come true for Melanie

Evening Times 9/24/03 Gareth in special gig for fans

Kettering Today 9/24/03 Odds are looking good for Kirsty

South London Press 9/23/03 Brian's a 4/1 Pop Idol

Kettering Today 9/23/03 Mum's joy at Kirsty's TV victory

Digital Spy 9/22/03 Suzanne, Kieran odds on for 'Idol' qualification

BBC 9/22/03 Pop Idol ad criticised

Daily Record 9/22/03 Pop Idol Kirsty's A Gem Simon Says

BBC 9/22/03 Pop Idol tortoise ad 'upsetting'

Daily Record 9/22/03 Pop Idol: My Girl Can Win The Title, Insists Mother

Ananova 9/22/03 Simon Cowell tortoise stunt 'upset children'

Ananova 9/21/03 Gareth crowned children's favourite

Digital Spy 9/20/03 Another two through to Idol's top twelve

The People 9/20/03 She's Done Idol Double With Brian

The People 9/20/03 Pop Idol's Pete Does A Callous Cowell Act

Mirror.co.uk 9/20/03 Pop Idol Girl's' Ad For Votes

Sky.com 9/20/03 Gareth Is Kids' Choice

icSouth London 9/19/03 Little Sister wants to be Pop Idol

Express and Star 9/19/03 Sam battles to become Pop Idol

icNorthWales 9/19/03 Back our Samantha for Pop Idol say proud grandparents

This Is Derbyshire 9/19/03 Pop Idol Star Joins Charity Sing-Along

Kettering Today 9/18/03 Kirsty hits a high note with voters

Digital Spy 9/18/03 Brian favourite for 'Idol' on Saturday

BBC 9/17/03 Flop Idols back Outta Sync

Ananova 9/17/03 Brian favourite to qualify from Pop Idol heat

Ananova 9/17/03 Pop Idol rejects form band called Outta Sync

Digital Spy 9/17/03 Flop Idols form a group

Daily Record 9/16/03 Fox on Run Over Michelle Size Jibe

Manchester Online 9/16/03 Jodie fosters pop idol dream

This Is Derbyshire 9/16/03 'Final' Chance for Wannabe

Digital Spy 9/16/03 Wildcard show confirmed for 'Pop Idol'

BBC 9/16/03 Pop Idol 'losers' get second bite

Daily Record 9/15/03 Mr Nasty Goes Nice

This Is Devon 9/15/03 Susanne Sings To Become Pop Idol

This Is Derbyshire 9/15/03 Jason Misses Out On Pop Idol Finals

Watford Observer 9/15/03 Suzanne's a dream chaser

Express & Star 9/15/03 Let's hear it for Pop Idol Mark

Digital Spy 9/15/03 New 'Pop Idol' hopefuls step forward

Digital Spy 9/14/03 Gareth enters at number three

Digital Spy 9/13/03 Talent outshines image in 'Pop Idol'

Mirror.co.uk 9/13/03 Darius on How He Survived Reality TV

icBirmingham 9/13/03 Pop Idol star: I dream of NEC gig

The People 9/13/03 Darius's Drink Shame

Ananova 9/13/03 Darius tells of booze battle

Digital Spy 9/12/03 'Pop Idol's' vicar holds strong

Sheffield Today 9/12/03 Pop Idol Jade hits campaign trail

EDP24 9/12/03 Helen hopes for TV fame

Digital Spy 9/11/03 Chris still favourite in 'Pop Idol'

The Guardian 9/11/03 Bradford shines bright in my book, claims pop star

ReadABet.com 9/11/03 Pop Idol Eviction Odds

Daily Record 9/11/03 I'll Stall Dreams Of Being Doc For Pop

ic Birmingham 9/10/03 Make me a star!

Ananova 9/10/03 Gareth is proud of his Bradford roots

ic Liverpool 9/10/03 Pop idol star is so scouse proud

Newham Recorder 9/10/03 Singer is a hit on TV show

Digital Spy 9/10/03 Michelle tops 'Idol' poll in The Sun

Digital Spy 9/9/03 Chris favourite for 'Pop Idol' win

This Is Hertfordshire 9/9/03 Pop idol Darius drives fans wild

Daily Record 9/9/03 Pop Star's Boyfriend Gets Chance At Fame

Grimsby Telegraph 9/8/03 Kim Makes The Cut To Final 50 Hopefuls

Daily Record 9/8/03 Singing Scots In Race For Pop Star Finals

Sunday People 9/6/03 Gareth Sister Sobs At TV Axe

The Mirror 9/6/03 Pete has a pop at Mr Nasty

Digital Spy 9/6/03 'Pop Idol' judge loses her cool

Digital Spy 9/2/03 'Pop Idol' loser pens bitter song

Evening Post 9/1/03 Pop Idol is hitting all the right notes

Sunday Mail 8/31/03 Pop Idol Thug Left Dad Of 2 For Dead

Digital Spy 8/31/03 ITV2 plans daily 'Extra' show for 'Idol'

Digital Spy 8/31/03 Chapman backs girls for 'Idol' win

Mirror 8/30/03 Haley: Pop Flop Who Made Cowell Howl

Ananova 8/29/03 Pop Idol favourite to top festive chart

The Mirror 8/28/03 TV Loser Is A Gigolo... And I Buy Him Lunch

Digital Spy 8/27/03 'Pop Idol' Brendan working as male escort

Ananova 8/27/03 Pop Idol reject exposed as male escort

Gay.com 8/27/03 Simon Cowell: feminine but not gay

Mirror.co.uk 8/26/03 My Great Pop Blunders

Media Guardian 8/26/03 Pop Idol sprints clear of Fame Academy

Sky.com 8/26/03 Simon Says Amanda's Cute

Digital Spy 8/26/03 Cowell: "Pete was my biggest influence"

The Mirror 8/25/03 Simon Cowell: How I Made My First £1m

Sunday Mirror 8/24/03 Nicky's Dream Goes Pop Again

The Mirror 8/23/03 What Bananaman Sang To Pop Idol Judges.. 

Redbridge Guardian 8/22/03 Gareth relies on Honey for support

BBC 8/20/03 Now anyone can be put down by Simon Cowell

BBC 8/20/03 Replica Simon is just as nasty

BBC 8/20/03 Want to be Bill or Gareth Gates?

Ananova 8/20/03 Simon Cowell waxwork unveiled

BBC 8/20/03 Waxwork Cowell judges the public

Ananova 8/19/03 Simon Cowell wants his own US chat show

Media Guardian 8/18/03 Pop Idol trounces Fame Academy

Ananova 8/18/03 Pop Idol reject 'wasn't drunk'

BBC 8/18/03 Idol 'made singers look drunk'

Digital Spy 8/17/03 'Pop Idol' contestant "to sue" over portrayal

The Mirror 8/16/03 Dan Spooks Judges

The Mirror 8/16/03 Suits You, Sis

BBC 8/15/03 I auditioned for Simon Cowell!

South London Press 8/15/03 Topless model Carla get more punishment from Pop Idol

Media Guardian 8/14/03 Cowell's £30m propels him to the top of the idol rich league

BBC 8/14/03 Cowell tops celebrity rich list

Ananova 8/14/03 Cowell is Britain's highest-earning celebrity media owner

MegaStar 8/13/03 Shrinks slam Pop Idol

Digital Spy 8/13/03 'Flop Idol' Warren signed up for Frosties ad

Ananova 8/13/03 Psychologists say Pop Idol put-downs are dangerous

Extra TV 8/12/03 Simon Cowell

Digital Spy 8/12/03 'Popstars' winner warns 'Pop Idol' hopefuls

Media Guardian 8/12/03 Kindness and cruelty

BBC 8/11/03 Pop Idol gets off to flying start

Media Guardian 8/11/03 Pop Idol makes strong start against rival

This Is London 8/11/03 Pop cried-all

Daily Record 8/11/03 Pop Idol Ratings Blow For Fame Academy

MegaStar 8/11/03 Rival talent shows

The Mirror 8/11/03 Cowell: I'm No Bully

Digital Spy 8/11/03 Walsh slates 'Pop Idol' judge Waterman

Sunday Mail 8/10/03 Pop Banana

The Mirror 8/10/03 No Mor, Thanks

Digital Spy 8/10/03 'Pop Idol' takes early lead over 'Fame Academy'

BBC 8/10/03 Pop Idol beats Fame Academy

Ananova 8/10/03 Pop rivals happy with viewing figures

BBC 8/9/03 Pop Idol gets off to flying start

BBC 8/8/03 Q&A: Fame Academy v Pop Idol

BBC 8/8/03 Pop Idol 2 hits the screens

BBC 8/6/03 Simon Cowell on Pop Idol 2

Ananova 8/6/03 Will Young tries to enter new Pop Idol series

Internet Magazine 8/6/03 O2 brings Pop Idol to your handset

Net Imperative 8/4/03 Pop Idol gets more interactive

The People 8/3/03 Pop Idol 2: £122m For TV Ratings Champion

Sunday Mirror 8/3/03 Gareth Crates

Digital Spy 8/3/03 Cowell: New Pop Idol will have "real talent"

Sunday Mail 8/3/03 Pop Idol 1: Mr Nasty: Idol Brits Bore Me

Digital Spy 8/1/03 'Pop Idol' to go interactive

BBC 8/1/03 Cowell pulls no punches as Pop Idol 2 approaches

Ananova 8/1/03 Simon Cowell condemns Big Brother 'instant fame seekers'

MegaStar 7/31/03 Idol, Academy play for time

BBC 7/31/03 ITV1 reveals Idol plans

Media Guardian 7/30/03 Pop Idol launches pre-emptive strike against BBC rival

Digital Spy 7/30/03 ITV1 fights back over Fame Academy clash

icNorthIreland 7/29/03 Laura Out to Prove She's a Class Act

Co-Operative News 7/28/03 TV stars pop in

Ananova 7/27/03 Gareth cancels festival appearance

Ananova 7/23/03 Pop Idol creator signs Beckhams global brand deal

This Is London 7/21/03 Fallen Idol

Kettering Today 7/17/03 Darius to return

BBC 7/17/03 Fame or Idol - the battle of reality TV

Digital Spy 7/17/03 ITV/BBC in row over pop show clash

Media Guardian 7/16/03 TV talent shows go head to head

MegaStar 7/16/03 He was just 17

Media Guardian 7/16/03 Advertisers lambast BBC over Fame Academy

Ananova 7/16/03 Anger over Fame Academy clash with Pop Idol

Ananova 7/15/03 Fame Academy and Pop Idol competition hotting up

BBC 7/15/03 Fuller is 'music industry leader'

BBC 7/15/03 Gareth admits Jordan fling

Ananova 7/15/03 Gareth admits relationship with pregnant Jordan

Sky.com 7/15/03 Gates' Fling With Jordan

Digital Spy 7/13/03 Pop Idol 2: Neil Fox turning "nasty"

Ealing Times 7/10/03 Partying in the park with Gareth

Daily Record 7/10/03 Idol Deal Lures Cowell To US

Digital Spy 7/8/03 Cowell signs up for three more 'American Idol'

New Zealand Herald 7/8/03 Music manager not idle after idol

The People 7/7/03 Picasso My New Idol Says Cowell

Daily Record 7/7/03 Cowell: I'd Make William A Royal Pop Idol

Daily Record 7/1/03 Darius Is Soap Idol

NY Times 7/1/03 'Idol' Creator Busy with Next Big Music Idea

Sky.com 6/27/03 Mum Says 'Stop The Binges'

Telegraph 6/22/03 Pop Idol's 'insatiable' impresario craves cash

SMH.com 6/20/03 Fuller himself

Evening Times 6/18/03 Pop Idol fever hits city as hopefuls queue up for fame

BBC 6/18/03 Simon Fuller: Guiding pop culture

BBC 6/18/03 Fuller equals US chart record

Daily Record 6/16/03 Mr Nasty Told Me I Was A Flop Idol

The People 6/15/03 Mr Nasty's Deal Nets Him £25M

Guardian Unlimited 6/12/03 'I'm one of the best in the world'

Extra TV 6/12/03 'Pop Idol'

Foxes On Idol 6/9/03 Déjà Vu from Across the Ocean

Extra TV 6/6/03 Simon Cowell

Ananova 6/3/03 Darius allowed girlfriend to shave manhood

BBC 5/31/03 Gareth Gates fails his driving test. Again

Sunday Mail 5/31/03 Idol Rich

The People 5/25/03 Cruel Cowell May Say No To Pop Idol 2

icBirmingham 5/24/03 Darius helped save my life

icCoventry 5/21/03 Hot tips from mogul Pete

BBC 5/21/03 Pop Idols: Where are they now?

Ananova 5/18/03 Singles sales plummet

Manila Times 5/17/03 Q&A with Darius

CNN.com 5/16/03 Man claims 'Idol' was his idea, sues Fox

Daily Record 5/9/03 Darius Is A Pop Angel

Daily Record 5/9/03 Britons `Hate' Pop Idol Gates

The Mirror 5/5/03 Will Young's Brother Beat Me Unconscious

Northern Scot 5/5/03 Emma tunes up for bid to become a TV Pop Idol

Sky News 5/2/03 Popstars: Fab Four Flops

Ananova 5/2/03 Pop Idols' Beatles cover is voted one of the worst

Media Guardian 4/25/03 Fuller amasses £90m fortune

BBC 4/16/03 Pop Idol for PS2

Gay.com 4/7/03 Gay Pop Idol, Will Young to headline Exeter Festival

Ananova 2/21/03 Simon Cowell confirms end of Pop Idol

Sky News 2/9/03 Will's Sympathetic Ear

Ananova 2/7/03 Applications double for second Pop Idol series

Sky News 2/6/02 Gates is a ToyBoy

BBC 1/24/03 Zoe Birkett hopes for Idol success

Ananova 1/8/03 Ant and Dec's audition fools Pop Idol's Mr Nasty

Ananova 1/1/03 Viewers tiring of TV talent shows, says Nicki Chapman

BBC 12/20/02 Will Young wins TV prize

BBC 12/11/02 Pop Idol bosses deny series delay

BBC 12/2/02 Darius shrugs off Pop Idol

BBC 11/29/02 Awards double for Young

BBC 11/25/02 Pop Idol reject's deal with Rod

BBC 11/24/02 Young misses out on top spot

BBC 11/1/02 Pop Idol 'nets founder £30m'

BBC 10/31/02 Pop Idol creator turns back time

BBC 10/28/02 Gareth Gates's album: Your views

BBC 10/28/02 Gates debut is teens' delight

BBC 10/11/02 Pop Idol fashions impress prince

Guardian 10/10/02 Pop Idol Gates loses his fizz

BBC 10/10/02 Pepsi denies 'axing' Gareth Gates

BBC 10/7/02 Pop Idol Will makes his mark

BBC 10/7/02 UK Pop Idol releases album

BBC 9/29/02 Pop Idol duet hits top

Guardian 9/26/02 Pop Idol guru may become Sky pilot

BBC 9/23/02 Pop Idol duet lacks harmony

Guardian 9/5/02 US acclaim for Pop Idol creator

Guardian 7/30/02 Pop Idol goes global

BBC 7/28/02 Idols to compete for world pop crown

BBC 7/15/02 Pop Idol judge lands BBC deal

Guardian 6/24/02 US Pop Idol puts Ford in driving seat

BBC 6/2/02 Interview with Will Young

BBC 6/2/02 Will Young scores second number one

BBC 5/28/02 Pop Idol's fire heads higher

BBC 5/24/02 Pop idols teaming up at gig

Guardian 5/15/02 Pop Idol 'nearly went to BBC'

BBC 5/10/02 Rik Waller 'to enter US Pop Idol'

BBC 4/29/02 Global worship of TV's pop idols

BBC 4/27/02 Pop Idol wins Golden Rose of Montreux

BBC 4/24/02 Cowell to write stardom manual

BBC 4/10/02 Gates on course to outlast Young

BBC 4/7/02 Britney fails to topple Gareth

BBC 4/7/02 Pop Idols in youth charity concert

BBC 3/31/02 Gates holds number one spot

BBC 3/24/02 Pop Idol's Gareth is number one

BBC 3/20/02 Young throws in the towel

BBC 3/19/02 Gates fails to match Young's debut

BBC 3/18/02 Chart battle for Pop Idol finalists

BBC 3/18/02 Gates records karaoke classic

BBC 3/17/02 Will top Idol for third week

BBC 3/15/02 Glossy debut for Pop Idol stars

BBC 3/15/02 Fan frenzy for Pop Idols

BBC 3/15/02 Press views: Pop Idols unpolished

BBC 3/15/02 Pop Idol concerts: Your views

BBC 3/14/02 Idol Will to sing on TOTP

BBC 3/12/02 Pop Idol Will set for hat-trick

Guardian 3/11/02 Pepsi signs Pop Idol's Gareth

BBC 3/10/02 Pop Idol Will: 'I'm gay'

BBC 3/10/02 Young stays top of the pops

BBC 3/8/02 Pop Idol managers 'naive'

BBC 3/7/02 Pop Idols sing by royal appointment

BBC 3/7/02 Pop Idol battles Norton at Montreux

BBC 3/6/02 Will Young website: Your views

BBC 3/5/02 Young set to stay at number one

BBC 3/5/02 Will's label rejects TOTP offer

BBC 3/4/02 Jimmy Young backs Gareth Gates

Guardian 3/4/02 Pop Idol Will faces Top of the Pops ban

BBC 3/4/02 Syrupy debut for Pop Idol's Rik

BBC 3/4/02 Young's label sticks to TOTP guns

BBC 3/3/02 Idol singer picked for Eurovision

BBC 3/3/02 Young scores record number one

BBC 3/1/02 Will takes web by storm

Guardian 2/27/02 TV bosses disqualify wannabe Pop Idol

BBC 2/26/02 Pop Idol single 'flying off shelves'

BBC 2/25/02 Will Young's solo gamble

Guardian 2/25/02 Will challenges Westlife's web supremacy

Guardian 2/19/02 For us romantics, Pop Idol was the last straw

BBC 2/18/02 Pop Idol 'sold to US'

Guardian 2/18/02 Pop Idol creator may pocket £10m from US sale

BBC 2/13/02 Pop Idol: Can Will make it?

BBC 2/13/02 Westlife dismiss Pop Idol song

BBC 2/12/02 Moody makeover for Will

Guardian 2/12/02 Pop Idol brings extra viewers to ITV2

Guardian 2/12/02 Claims of Pop Idol vote-rigging laughed off as media hype

BBC 2/11/02 Pop Idol voting 'delayed ambulance'

Guardian 2/11/02 Pop Idol beats BBC at ratings game

Guardian 2/11/02 Voting problems 'did not affect outcome', Pop Idol organisers insist

Guardian 2/11/02 Pop Idol in voting row

Guardian 2/11/02 15m see Pop Idol Will voted pin-up of the year

Guardian 2/11/02 Celebrities get set for Pop Idol sequel

BBC 2/11/02 Pop Idol's career hots up

BBC 2/11/02 Pop Idol inspires vote push

BBC 2/10/02 Will 'must strive' for lasting success

BBC 2/10/02 Will wins Pop Idol

Guardian 2/9/02 No real losers in Pop Idol duel - yet

BBC 2/9/02 William conquers Pop Idol

BBC 2/9/02 Gareth remains Pop Idol favourite

BBC 2/6/02 Head-to-head: Pop Idol finalists

BBC 2/6/02 Pop Idol hits the road

BBC 2/4/02 Final hurdle for Gareth Gates

BBC 2/4/02 William aims to conquer Pop Idol

BBC 2/4/02 Pop Idol stars campaign for votes

BBC 2/2/02 Rik faces Pop Idol legal threat

BBC 2/2/02 Darius out of Pop Idol

BBC 2/1/02 Pop Idol Rik 'signs record deal'

BBC 2/1/02 Darius gains on Gareth in Pop Idol battle

BBC 1/28/02 Pop Idol audience reaches 10 million

BBC 1/26/02 'Star performer' Zoe out of Pop Idol

BBC 1/25/02 Second chance for failed Pop Idol

BBC 1/23/02 Pop Idol: What's all the fuss about?

BBC 1/22/02 Pop Idol final four meet the press

BBC 1/21/02 Bickering judges given a roasting

BBC 1/20/02 Hayley out of Pop Idol

BBC 1/14/02 Pop Idol's Rosie set for record deal

BBC 1/13/02 Rosie loses out on Pop Idol

BBC 1/10/02 Cowell may head to US

BBC 1/6/02 Pop Idol loser feels a 'winner'

BBC 1/6/02 Laura loses pop idol dream

BBC 1/2/02 Fans demand second chance for Aaron

BBC 12/29/01 'Pop Idol judges are shocking'

BBC 12/24/01 Big Rik may lose his voice for good

BBC 12/23/01 Jessica voted off Pop Idol

BBC 12/23/01 Pop Idol: Darius survives, Jessica's out

BBC 12/22/01 Pop Idol's Rik bows out

BBC 12/21/01 Last minute decision for Pop Idol Rik

BBC 12/21/01 Pop Idol Rik's big decision

BBC 12/20/01 Idol's Rik to see specialist

BBC 12/19/01 Darius may get another chance on Pop Idol

BBC 12/16/01 Korben's out of Pop Idol

BBC 12/16/01 Pop Idol pair win over audience

BBC 12/14/01 Pop Idol loser wins record contract

BBC 12/13/01 Final countdown for Pop Idol hopefuls

BBC 12/12/01 Rik may not make Pop Idol final

BBC 12/2/01 Rik and Aaron reach Pop Idol final

BBC 11/29/01 'Music saved us' say Pop Idols

BBC 11/19/01 Idol's Rik waits on voice

BBC 11/18/01 Pop Idol wannabes reach finals

BBC 11/18/01 Welsh Pop Idols win through

BBC 11/17/01 Under-age Pop Idol hopeful rumbled

BBC 11/17/01 Pop Idol contestant booted out

BBC 11/12/01 Pop Idol's dad goes vote crazy

BBC 11/11/01 Two more reach Pop Idol final

BBC 10/16/01 Take That manager attacks Pop Idol

BBC 10/16/01 Korben ejected from Pop Idol

BBC 10/14/01 One more chance for popflop Darius

BBC 10/14/01 Another chance for pop hopeful Darius

BBC 3/23/01 TV hunt to find solo star


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