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Digital Spy 11/3/07 Michelle McManus criticises 'X Factor'

Strathspey & Badenoch Herald 10/17/07 Pop Idol Michelle is a smash hit for hall

Glasgow Daily Record 10/12/07 Michelle McManus To Release A Dance Album

Easier 10/3/07 Just For You, the return of Michelle McManus

What's On Stage 9/19/07 McManus’ Discotivity Cancels West End Christmas

Strathspey Herald 9/12/07 Pop Idol winner set for Boat hall show

Glasgow Daily Record 8/19/07 Michelle feels like the hulk

Manchester Online 8/14/07 Why reality didn't bite for Zoe

Digital Spy 8/9/07 Waterman vows never to return to reality TV

Sky News 7/19/07 Michelle The Virgin

Dot Music 7/18/07 McManus to play disco Mary
Daily Mail 7/18/07 Pop Idol Michelle McManus to star as Virgin Mary (yes, really)

Digital Spy 6/29/07 McManus to star in disco pantomime

Dot Music 6/29/07 Nativity musical role for Idol star

Digital Spy 6/9/07 Gareth Gates: "McCartney owes me"

Daily Mail 6/8/07 So, Gareth can you Really be an idol for grown ups?

Digital Spy 6/6/07 Gareth Gates: 'People treat me unfairly'

Digital Spy 6/4/07 'Pop Idol' finalist auditions for 'The X Factor'

Evening Times 5/9/07 Michelle has her cake but won’t eat it

Sheffield Today 5/9/07 Sam's singing return will be no idol boast

Glasgow Daily Record 4/25/07 Michelle: Baby Test was Pal's

Daily Mirror 4/25/07 Gareth's not giving up

Yahoo 4/15/07 No top 10 comeback for Gareth Gates

Digital Spy 4/14/07 Gareth Gates hopes to prove himself

Celebrity Spider 4/12/07 Simon Cowell's Embarrassing TV Debut
Leeds Today 4/11/07 Fans turn out for pop idol Gareth 

Scotsman 3/27/07 Fundraisers urged to use Pop Idol pull

Daily Record 3/15/07 Running 5K is a Big Deal For Me But I'll Do It For Gran

Digital Spy 3/13/07 Gates: 'I don't regret dating Jordan'

Sky News 2/22/07 Gareth Is Back

icWales 1/23/07 Standing ovation for Will's theatre debut

Daily Mail 1/23/07 Will gets lost in The Vortex

Digital Spy 1/23/07 Foxy hopes for 'Pop Idol' return

Manchester Online 1/12/07 Will shapes up for The Vortex

The Sun 1/11/07 Michelle: Men say I'm sexy now

Belfast Telegraph 1/9/07 Michelle's food for thought

Digital Spy 1/3/07 Michelle McManus

Metro 1/2/07 60 Seconds: Michelle McManus

The Scotsman 12/28/06 Scots Pop Idol faces plastic surgery

Daily Record 12/19/06 It's Radio Ta-Ta for Michelle

Easier 11/29/06 Michelle McManus’ 10 Stone Weight Loss

The Sun 11/29/06 Gareth's Jordan confession

Daily Echo 11/27/06 Pop idol helps stammerers find their voice

Digital Spy 11/27/06 Will Young to headline charity ball

Digital Spy 10/24/06 Heaton and Scott Lee tie the knot

Blackburn Citizen 10/16/06 A change of track for pop mogul Pete

BBC 10/14/06 Pop Idol star Gates eyes comeback

Digital Spy 10/14/06 Gareth Gates plots comeback with documentary

The Sun 10/13/06 Pop Idol return planned

Digital Spy 10/12/06 Will Young lands 'Wicked' part

Daily Record 10/11/06 'I've ditched that cossie for a bikini'

Sky News 9/27/06 Michelle slimmer still?

Digital Spy 9/16/06 McManus disagrees with Elton's criticism

Manchester Online 9/15/06 Will at the Arena

Dot Music 9/11/06 Pop Idol Rik tips mate for X Factor

Digital Spy 8/19/06 Gareth Gates works on new album

Sky News 7/11/06 McManus Goes Mini

Digital Spy 7/10/06 'Pop Idol' winner to release fitness DVD

Digital Spy 6/25/06 Rik Waller blames fame for love life woes

Digital Spy 6/23/06 Will Young debuts on stage in 'The Vortex'

Daily Mail 6/22/06 Will Young to star in Coward play

Dot Music 6/22/06 Will Young lands Coward stage role

BBC 5/7/06 Will Young in Tower gig line up

Sky News 5/4/06 How Darius Bagged Natasha

Ananova 5/2/06 Will Young tops radio poll

Dot Music 5/1/06 Will Young UK's most popular artist

Daily Record 4/29/06 Exclusive: Love at First Light

In the News 4/23/06 Pop Idol boss on Rich List

Ananova 4/21/06 Will loves the Antiques Roadshow

Celebrity Spider 4/17/06 Will Young Slams Pop Idol Song

Reality TV World 4/17/06 TV show hosts seek money for 'Pop Idol' winner Will Young's video

Digital Spy 4/16/06 Will Young: I'm afraid of criticism

Daily Record 4/15/06 Darius' Million Pound Lovenest  

Digital Spy 4/15/06 Darius moves into girlfriend's mansion

The Guardian 4/14/06 Gareth Gates' idol status goes pop

Daily Record 4/14/06 Michelle McManus Loses Chicago Part to X-Factor Rival

BBC 4/13/06 Singer Gates axed by record label

Channel 4 News 4/13/06 Gareth is a reality flop

Ananova 4/13/06 Gareth dropped

MegaStar 4/11/06 Will's Single-d out

Ananova 4/10/06 Will's life after pop

Daily Mail 3/27/06 'Depressed' Will Young wants to find God

Celebrity Spider 3/19/06 Natasha Henstridge Caught in Steamy Encounter With Pop Idol Star

Ananova 3/17/06 Willy Elliott

Daily Record 2/15/06 Tuck for Michelle

Ananova 2/14/06 Will wants to sing at Brits

Digital Spy 2/9/06 Will Young admits he fancies girls

Celebrity Spider 2/6/06 Simon Fuller Hits Out Over Pop Idol Axing and The X Factor

Media Guardian 2/6/06 A tale of two celebrity ceremonies

Ananova 2/2/06 Will hates the Brits

Sky News 1/31/06 Michelle McManus' Baggy Skin

Daily Record 1/27/06 Michelle Goes Topless

Sky News 1/26/06 Ant & Dec's Pop Idol Plan

Celebrity Spider 1/19/06 Pop Idol Winner Will Young Slams The X Factor

Ananova 1/18/06 Will wants to join Take That

The Mirror 12/26/05 Michelle's McMan

The Sun 12/25/05 It's Michelle McManeater
Ananova 12/22/05 Will makes time for love

MSNBC 12/11/05 Music: An 'Idol' at the Movies

Digital Spy 12/10/05 Will Young: "I need to get a life"

Daily Record 12/3/05 Life Is On A Role For Darius

Celebrity Spider 11/29/05 Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller Settle

The Scotsman 11/27/05 It's never simple when Simons fall out

Celebrity Spider 11/25/05 Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller Seek Agreement

Sky News 11/25/05 Will Gets The Girls Going

Media Guardian 11/25/05 Fuller and Cowell put court battle on hold

Digital Spy 11/24/05 Young: I want to challenge people

Ananova 11/24/05 Will attends premiere

NY Post 11/24/05 Simon vs. Simon

The Independent 11/24/05 Simon vs Simon

BBC 11/24/05 Will Young targets screen success

Daily Record 11/24/05 'Copycat' Show Sparks Court Fightparks Court Fight

BBC 11/24/05 Lawyers 'to settle X Factor case'

Celebrity Spider 11/23/05 Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller Headed to Court

Metro 11/23/05 "American Idol" judge Cowell's court case delayed

Sky News 11/22/05 Michelle's Amazing Weight Loss

Ananova 11/22/05 Will and Charlotte do karaoke

Sky News 11/17/05 Is Will Off To Walford?

Ananova 11/16/05 Will wants to be Pat Butcher's love child

Celebrity Spider 10/24/05 Simon Cowell Faces His Trouser Demons

Broadway.com 10/19/05 Pop Idol Finalist Darius Danesh Joins Cast of Chicago in the West End

Dot Music 10/18/05 Darius to star in West End musical

Daily Mail 10/18/05 From pop flop to Chicago for Darius

Celebrity Spider 10/10/05 Fantasia Barrino is Simon Cowell's Favorite

Celebrity Spider 9/14/05 Simon Cowell Terrified TV Fame Would Reveal His Raunchy Past

Dot Music 9/14/05 Nell and Will pinch 'rear' trophies

Ananova 9/13/05 Will 'excited' about new single

Celebrity Spider 9/12/05 Simon Cowell Plans Talent Show Movie

Ananova 8/8/05 Will's charity auction

Ananova 8/3/05 Will loses lucky pants

Ananova 7/14/05 Will gets dancing tips from James Brown

MegaStar 6/23/05 Fat's your lot

BBC 6/23/05 'Shocking' Will Young photos

Manchester Online 6/21/05 McMammoth? Not me, says Michelle

Daily Record 6/7/05 I Will Never Get That Big Again

CBBC 6/4/05 Will Young back in Your Charts

Daily Record 5/28/05 Michelle suffers from malnutrition

Celebrity Spider 5/11/05 Simon Cowell Started Criticizing From an Early Age

Digital Spy 4/21/05 'Pop Idol' winner loses 5-and-a-half stone

Channel4.com 4/19/05 Pop Idol star launches 'hideout' for kids

This Is London 4/8/05 Life's a drag for Will Young

Daily Record 4/8/05 Will Pic Crooks Jailed

Launch 4/7/05 Will meet again

The Scotsman 4/7/05 Two Jailed for Possessing Stolen Photos of Will Young

MegaStar 4/6/05 Will meet again

Ananova 4/6/05 Will to headline VE Day concert

BBC 4/5/05 Will Young to play VE Day concert

Digital Spy 3/29/05 Gareth Gates plans a comeback

Ananova 3/29/05 Gareth plans his comeback

Sunday Mail 3/26/05 Weigh To Go

Beavers On Idol 3/25/05 How Success Can Destroy an Idol Competition

Ananova 3/24/05 Will to test new songs in the pub

Daily Record 3/22/05 In Better Nick Than Simon

Media Guardian 3/19/05 Pop Idol supremo sells empire to US group

Zap2It 3/18/05 'Idol' Creator Sold

Daily Record 3/18/05 I Helped Michelle Lose Four Stone

This Is London 3/18/05 Pop svengali's £100m windfall

BBC 3/18/05 Music mogul Fuller sells company

Ananova 3/18/05 Foxy to appear on Footballers' Wives

Daily Record 3/17/05 Will's Fagin It

Telegraph 3/7/05 Pop Idol wins vote over politicians

Daily Record 3/3/05 Pop Idol Michelle Goes On TV Diet

Sky News 3/2/05 Michelle's Diet Show

Sky News 2/18/05 Will Scared of Fancying Girls

Ananova 2/17/05 Political parties want Will

Daily Record 2/15/05 The Two Of Us

icBirmingham 2/2/05 Station's a hit with pop guru

Guardian 2/2/05 Talent spotting ... the making of a modern media mogul

Daily Record 1/25/05 Dishy Darius

Gay.com 1/11/05 Will Young, Scissor Sisters get Brits nod

The Scotsman 1/11/05 Pop Idol's hit is surprise contender for best song of past 25 years

Sky News 1/11/05 We Talk To Darius Danesh

Digital Spy 1/6/05 Pete Waterman's son dies at 33

This Is London 1/6/05 Pete Waterman's son dies

Sky News 1/6/05 Tragedy For Pop's Pete

Contact Music 1/5/05 Young Gets All His Stolen Items Back

This Is London 1/5/05 Will Young beats Beckham to top celeb bod

Contact Music 1/5/05 Young Falls In Love With Acting 

Digital Spy 1/5/05 Will Young has the sexiest body

Sky News 1/4/05 Will's Got The Loveliest Bod

Ananova 1/4/05 Will has the best body

Launch 12/31/04 Honour For Lucky Lucky Lucky Waterman

Sky News 12/31/04 Honour For Lucky Waterman

This Is London 12/31/04 Pop's star-maker gets OBE

Contact Music 12/31/04 Young Hires Branson's $19,000 Villa For Party

Digital Spy 12/29/04 Gareth Gates to entertain royalty

Ananova 12/29/04 Gareth Gates to sing for royalty

Ananova 12/29/04 Will to host £10k New Year's Eve party

BBC 12/23/04 Man guilty after 'Pop Idol plot'

The Mirror 12/22/04 Michelle McManus

This Is London 12/16/04 Will sings for royalty

News & Star 12/15/04 Can X-Factor Winner Steve Hope To Be Anywhere As Average as Fat Michelle?

Ananova 12/10/04 Will Young - an apology

Beavers On Idol 11/28/04 A Canadian Listens to Darius' Live Twice

Digital Spy 11/13/04 Sir Cliff criticises Michelle McManus

ic Renfrewshire.co.uk 11/10/04 Star Darius To Make Paisley Really Sparkle

Ananova 11/10/04 Madonna calls Pop Idol 'bad'

Ananova 11/10/04 Dame Judi praises Will

Evening Times 11/9/04 Darius lets the light in

Ananova 11/8/04 Elton hates The X Factor

Contact Music 11/5/04 Will Young 'Thieves' Appear In Court

BBC 11/4/04 Two charged over Will Young raid

Digital Spy 11/4/04 Will Young's drag pics stolen

Daily Record 11/4/04 What A Stallion

Contact Music 11/4/04 Will Young Burgled

MegaStar 11/4/04 Will's laptop swiped

This Is London 11/4/04 Burglars snatch Will's lyrics

Sky News 11/4/04 Will Young's Home Burgled

Launch 11/4/04 Will Young burgled

Ananova 11/4/04 Men charged over Will Young burglary

Glasgow Evening Times 11/2/04 Tears as Darius sings of his dad

Sky News 11/1/04 Geri 'Gets Spicy' With Darius

Digital Spy 11/1/04 Geri Halliwell dating Darius Danesh
This Is London 10/20/04 Will gets digi with it

Ananova 10/20/04 Will wins top award for second year running

Glasgow Evening Times 10/19/04 Stephanie is a hit with star Darius

The Mirror 10/19/04 So Young At Heart

ic Scotland.co.uk 10/17/04 Darius pops in to city store

Contact Music 10/15/04 Cowell And Fuller Settle Case Number One

Edinburgh Evening News 10/15/04 No idling for Darius as he pops in to HMV

Media Bulletin 10/15/04 Cowell and Fuller settle first of legal fights over Pop Idol

Media Guardian 10/14/04 First round of Fuller v Cowell fight declared a draw

The Advocate 10/7/04 Reports say pop star Will Young in romance with soccer player

Telegraph 10/5/04 'I'm smarter, more polished'

Beavers On Idol 9/29/04 Darius Danesh: The Unknown Pop Idol

The Scotsman 9/29/04 Stage role for Pop Idol

Malaysia Star 9/29/04 Will Young With Nitin Sawhney

Launch 9/28/04 Will goes east

ic SurreyOnline.co.uk 9/28/04 Pop Idol singer makes anti-drugs case

Evening Times 9/24/04 Michelle backed for MSP in online poll

The Mirror 9/13/04 Franz Slates Gates

E!Online 9/13/04 Simon versus Simon in Court

Ananova 9/13/04 Franz Ferdinand slates Gareth Gates

The Mirror 9/11/04 Fuller Sues Over Pop Idol 'Rip-Off'

Daily Record 9/11/04 It's Simon V Simon

BBC 9/10/04 Pop Idol mogul sues Simon Cowell

Contact Music 9/8/04 Cowell's Warning to Pop Idol Flop

Ananova 9/8/04 Martine and Denise both want to strip for Will

Glasgow Evening Times 9/8/04 Pop Idol Will set for extra SECC gig

Contact Music 9/3/04 Anastacia Shocked by Pop Idol Covers

Ananova 9/1/04 Will to be surrounded by naked girls

BBC 8/31/04 Cowell plans life after Pop Idol

The Scotsman 8/31/04 Pop Idol Craig sings out at the Gyle

Digital Spy 8/24/04 Cowell makes Shrek 2 DVD appearance

Ananova 8/24/04 Cowell to make cameo appearance in Shrek 2 DVD

MegaStar 8/19/04 Pop Idols to wed

Sky.com 8/19/04 Pop Idol Lovers To Marry

Digital Spy 8/19/04 'Pop Idol' contestants to wed

Ananova 8/19/04 Pop Idols to marry

Ananova 8/14/04 Will moping after moped

Digital Spy 8/11/04 Change of image for Gareth Gates

Digital Spy 8/2/04 Sam and Mark 'axed'

Digital Spy 8/2/04 Will Young 'in row over pay'

Ananova 8/2/04 Will Young says he's underpaid

Launch 7/30/04 Movie Idol

Sky.com 7/30/04 Willy... Or Won't He?

Ananova 7/30/04 Will Young lands first film role

Daily Record 7/29/04 Be Pop Idle, Simon

Ananova 7/29/04 Cowell 'should quit Pop Idol'

BBC 7/29/04 Pop Idol brother assault jury out

Digital Spy 7/28/04 Gareth Gates gets 'last chance' at success

BBC 7/28/04 Star's twin tells jury of strain

The Mirror 7/27/04 Idol Threats, Simon

Launch 7/27/04 Pop Idol in-fighting

Ananova 7/27/04 Simon Cowell in court battle with Simon Fuller

This Is London 7/26/04 Will Young's twin accused of attack

Digital Spy 7/25/04 Ant and Dec on board for next 'Pop Idol'

Media Guardian 7/25/04 Simon says ... Give me my rightful share of Pop Idol, Simon

ic Teesside.co.uk 7/23/04 Young at its heart

Sky.com 7/23/04 Young, Rich And Famous

Daily Mirror 7/22/04 A Matt Made In Heaven

ic Surrey Online 7/22/04 Designer love for Pop Idol Will

Mirror.co.uk 7/17/04 Where's It All Gone Wrong For Gareth?

Belfast Telegraph 7/16/04 Will Young to play Odyssey

RTE 7/16/04 Will Young announces debut Irish shows

Daily Record 7/15/04 Gates A Class Act As Speech Coach

ic Birmingham.co.uk 7/10/04 Solo tour for Will Young

BBC 7/9/04 Will announces first UK solo tour

Sky.com 7/9/04 Pop Idol's New UK Tour

Express and Star 7/8/04 Mum urges Mark to follow dream

Ireland Online 7/7/04 Young gets blessing from Brown

The Mirror 7/6/04 Pop Idol Will Still Wows Women

Irish Examiner 6/30/04 Cowell to return to Pop Idol

Philippine Star 6/29/04 2 idols making own names

Leeds Today 6/28/04 Join Will for a date in the park

ic Liverpool 6/18/04 Will wows his Empire

Daily Record 6/17/04 You Can Do It, Gareth

ic Teesside.co.uk 6/16/04 Will power

Preston Today 6/16/04 A healing touch for Will's aching muscles

Gay.com.uk 6/11/04 Will Young announces G-A-Y gig

ic Newcastle.co.uk 6/11/04 Always an optimist

Scotsman 6/11/04 Young pretender poised to claim stadium crown

ic Liverpool 6/11/04 Will - star with a brain

ic Coventry 6/10/04 Pop Idol's divine right to be star

Glasgow Evening Times 6/10/04 Soulless night as Will fails to Light My Fire

Sky.com 6/8/04 Rare Will Young Tape Lost

Telegraph.co.uk 6/8/04 Nice Will needs to let go

Ananova 6/8/04 Video footage of Will Young stolen

ic Teesside.co.uk 6/7/04 Will fits the bill

Daily Record 6/3/04 Michelle Pulls

Brand Republic 6/2/04 Foxy says there will be a third 'Pop Idol' series in 2005

This Is London 6/1/04 Pop Idol star's cancer trauma

BBC 6/1/04 Pop Idol star's cancer heartache

Sky.com 6/1/04 Return Of Pop Idol

Digital Spy 6/1/04 Confirmed: 'Pop Idol' back in 2005

Ananova 6/1/04 Pop Idol will return for third series

Mirror.co.uk 5/31/04 Pop Idol

This is Exeter 5/26/04 Pop Idol Star Lined Up for Powderham

Daily Record 5/24/04 Will Power

icWales 5/21/04 Will Young's identity crisis

Sky.com 5/13/04 Gareth's Exam Delight

Launch 5/13/04 Gates beats stutter

Ananova 5/13/04 Gareth Gates passes speech coach exams

The Mirror 5/12/04 Michelle's Love Life's On The Up

CBBC 5/12/04 Gareth Gates becomes speech coach

The Scotsman 5/12/04 Stuttering Star Qualifies as Speech Coach

BBC 5/12/04 Gareth Gates becomes speech coach

MegaStar 5/10/04 Gates closed for Gareth

Digital Spy 5/8/04 'Pop Idol' Gareth "dropped" by label

Sky.com 5/8/04 Gareth Shown The Door

Daily Record 5/8/04 Have One On Us, Birthday Idol

ic Liverpool 5/7/04 The reluctant pop idol

Weston & Somerset Mercury 5/5/04 Pop stars Sam and Mark pop in for a concert

ic NorthWales 4/30/04 Where there's a Will

Stirling Observer 4/28/04 Pop Idol’s A City Hit

Ananova 4/28/04 Jordan's rough sex with Gareth

Gay.com.uk 4/27/04 Will Young up for Ivor Novello

BBC 4/27/04 Young and Dido lead Novello list

Ananova 4/27/04 Will and Dido compete for best song

Daily Record 4/26/04 Wave Goodbye

MegaStar 4/26/04 Whale of a time

Peterborough Now 4/23/04 Will you be there to see a pop idol?

BBC 4/21/04 Education 'better than Pop Idol'

Webindia123.com 4/21/04 Gareth Gates gets high on booze!

The Evening Telegraph 4/19/04 Will you be there to see a pop idol?

Digital Spy 4/18/04 Young, Bunton to duet

Digital Spy 4/17/04 Will Young adds more tour dates

Ananova 4/16/04 Will Young adds summer shows to tour

Sheffield Today 4/14/04 'Sam the Man' makes hometown return

Gay.com.uk 4/13/04 Will Young takes on America

Sky.com 4/13/04 Jordan Or Me, Says Gareth

MegaStar 4/13/04 Michelle in pop hell

Digital Spy 4/11/04 'Idol' winner Michelle in single flop

Digital Spy 4/11/04 Will Young 'set to crack America'

Gay.com.uk 4/8/04 Will Young scoops awards

Mirror.co.uk 4/7/04 Mich Is A Flop Idol Mich Is A Flop Idol

CBBC 4/7/04 Michelle's single to miss top 10

Ananova 4/7/04 Will and Busted pick up two Capital FM Awards

Ananova 4/1/04 Fans pay over £200 to see Will in concert

CBBC 3/29/04 Gareth Gates to be stammer coach


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