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CJAD 11/24/04 25 players from across Canada remain in contention on Making the Cut

AHL 11/24/04 Wolves GM helping hopefuls make the cut

Reality News Online 11/23/04 Making the Cut, Episode 9: Last Chances

College Sports 11/18/04 Making the Cut with Miami Alum Todd Harkins

Whitehorse Star Daily 11/12/04 Local recalls Making the Cut tryout

Reality News Online 11/12/04 Making the Cut, Episode 8: The Grey and the White

York Region 11/11/04 Rink rat makes the cut

The Hockey News 11/8/04 Goalie faces reality TV

Reality News Online 11/3/04 Making The Cut, Episode 7: Slash and Burn

Reality News Online 10/29/04 Making the Cut, Episode 6: Lights, Camera... Fitness Tests?

Reality News Online 10/20/04 Making The Cut, Episode 5: Play Hard or Go Home

The Eyeopener 10/19/04 He's Making the Cut

Daily Herald 10/19/04 Reality hockey show gives players 2nd chance 10/14/04 Making The Cut's 17 finalists sworn to secrecy until December episode

Reality News Online 10/13/04 Making the Cut, Episode 4: On the Bubble

Reality News Online 10/7/04 Making the Cut, Episode 3: Checks, Injuries, and Attitudes

Reality News Online 10/6/04 Making the Cut, Episode 2: The First Cuts Team Bowman

Reality News Online 9/25/04 Making the Cut, Episode 1: Choosing the 68

Toronto Star 9/24/04 Leaf prospect out to make cut

Canada East 9/23/04 So far, so good for ex-Flame on CBC's reality hockey show

Slam Sports 9/22/04 That is a very deep Cut

Florida Panthers 9/21/04 Reality TV Show Gives Amateur Hockey Players Shot at NHL

Toronto Star 9/21/04 Series gives NHL hopefuls a reality check 9/18/04 No hockey, just reality TV show

Ottawa Sun 6/14/04 Ice try

Reality News Online 6/13/04 Making the Cut: A New Hockey Reality Show Coming to CBC

Edmonton Journal 6/12/04 Our man Dan barnes tries to ...Make The Cut

National Post 5/31/04 Reality hockey show tough, but victorious, grind for producers

Toronto Star 5/30/04 Hundreds turn out for reality hockey show

Globe and Mail 5/29/04 Dream of glory fails to survive scout's icy stare

Toronto Star 5/29/04 Chasing the hockey dream

Globe and Mail 5/29/04 Dream of glory fails to survive scout's icy stare

Toronto Star 5/29/04 Chasing the hockey dream

CBC 5/28/04 Hockey-flavoured reality TV hits Canada

Toronto Star 5/26/04 Keenan to stick with reality series

Globe and Mail 5/22/04 Reality bites Canada

The Sun 5/22/04 Show gives wannabes shot at bigs

Toronto Maple Leafs 5/14/04 Bell Making the Cut

Globe and Mail 5/11/04 If you like reality TV, you'll love next year's lineups

CBC 5/8/04 Hockey's reality: Can you make the cut? 5/7/04 Reality hockey show coming to TV

Globe and Mail 5/7/04 A chance to get voted off the ice

The Sun 5/7/04 Living Canada's dream

Toronto Star 5/7/04 NHL Idol?

CNW 5/6/04 Bell Canada Launches Landmark Event & Television Series Celebrating Canada's Favourite Game

Toronto Star 5/6/04 New reality TV show offers NHL tryout


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