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News about Anna Kournikova

Telegraph 6/28/10 Wimbledon 2010: Anna Kournikova and Martina Hingis make up dream team 6/21/10 Anna Kournikova on lover Enrique Iglesias and her beauty tips

BBC 5/5/10 Martina Hingis & Anna Kournikova to return to Wimbledon

USA Today 3/19/10 Lifeline Live reader meets Anna Kournikova

Sun Sentinel 3/18/10 Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova dine at RACKS

TMZ 2/17/10 Felony Filed Against Anna Kournikova's Mom

People 1/20/10 Mother of Tennis Star Anna Kournikova Arrested
Post and Courier 12/12/09 Kournikova, McEnroe add flavor to tennis tournament

Celebrity Gossip 12/10/09 Anna Kournikova: Fitness Fan

Celebrity Gossip 10/21/09 Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias: Miami Date Night

Daily Mail 9/25/09 Advantage Anna! Ms Kournikova sends boyfriend Enrique into a spin with a little black dress

Just Jared 8/27/09 Anna Kournikova is Radiant On The Runway

E!Online 6/30/09 Anna Kournikova's Sin City Scuffle

Digital Spy 6/30/09 Kournikova 'involved in club argument'

Digital Spy 11/10/08 Enrique laughs off affair claims

Digital Spy 7/11/08 Anna Kournikova: 'I feel violated'
This Is London 5/16/08 Anna Kournikova flaunts sexy secretary look and forgets to button up her shirt revealing lacy bra

CNN 5/12/08 Anna Kournikova and SportsMates, Inc. Relaunch

OurSports Central 4/23/08 Kournikova adds WTT match in Newport Beach

Celebrity Spider 4/21/08 Anna Kournikova Ignores Enrique Iglesias' Proposals

Miami Herald 4/17/08 Anna Kournikova sweats it out

Celebrity Spider 4/16/08 Anna Kournikova Rules Out Marriage to Enrique Iglesias

Daily Mail 4/15/08 Kournikova loses her curves: tennis star turns into toned-up athlete

Earthtimes 4/3/08 Nadal heads Stuttgart field - Kournikova also present

ESPN 4/1/08 Grounded Kournikova finally has opportunity to enjoy "normal" life

Fox News 3/27/08 Pop Tarts: Anna Kournikova Sticks to Veggies, Coffee, Fruit and Wine

People 3/16/08 Anna Kournikova: 'I Feel Great When I Sweat'

Trend News 3/14/08 Anna Kournikova: K-Swiss Miss

Sportingo 3/13/08 Original tennis glamour girl Anna Kournikova to play for St Louis Aces

NineMSN 3/6/08 Kournikova 'plagiarised score for raunchy film'

TMZ 3/5/08 The Only Guy Who Hates Anna K's Calendar

Sacramento Bee 3/4/08 No Kournikova this year for Sacramento

Post-Dispatch 3/4/08 Kournikova to play 3 matches for Aces

ESPN 3/3/08 Kournikova to play for Aces during '08 TeamTennis schedule

Page Six 2/15/08 Anna and Enrique Set Sail

Gulf News 1/25/08 Kournikova adds glamour to Qatar Masters

Now Magazine 12/31/07 Enrique Iglesias wore red thong as Anna Kournikova's Christmas present

Celebrity Spider 12/5/07 Anna Kournikova Spotted Wearing Engagement Ring

TMZ 12/4/07 Open Wide

Daily News Analysis 10/19/07 Always in focus, Anna Kournikova

Celebrity Spider 10/11/07 Enrique Iglesias Refuses to Sing at Anna Kournikova Wedding

Trend News Agency 10/6/07 Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova in the sun

The People 10/6/07 Bitching At Anna

Set X 9/24/07 Anna Kournikova is Coming to Beaumont

The Highlander 9/21/07 Kournikova HSB visit postponed

The Ledger 9/5/07 Roddick, Kournikova to Aid Benefit

Toronto Star 8/14/07 Kournikova still turns heads

AHN 8/14/07 Star Anna Kournikova Plays Exhibition Game At Rogers Cup In Canada

Sportingo 8/10/07 Anna Kournikova, the girl who inspired the Russian Revolution in tennis

OSC 8/3/07 Smash Hits Will Feature Roddick, Davenport And Kournikova

Extra 8/2/07 Anna Kournikova Reveals Why She and Enrique Iglesias Haven’t Tied the Knot

CTV 7/31/07 Iglesias blasts tabloid rumours about Kournikova

Sports Illustrated 7/20/07 Enrique Iglesias on sports and life with Kournikova

Lincoln News Messenger 7/16/07 Kournikova still draws a crowd

Salisbury Post 7/13/07 Kournikova was about more than looks

Union Tribune 7/10/07 Chatting with Anna K.

Scripps News 7/6/07 Kournikova was about a lot more than looks

Daily Pilot 7/6/07 Q&A: Anna Kournikova 

Star Tribune 7/6/07 Kournikova, Sampras Lead World Tennis

TMZ 7/6/07 The Skinny on Anna Kournikova

Bob Larson Tennis News 6/27/07 Interview with Anna Kournikova

Telegraph 6/23/07 'Maria couldn't have happened without my cousin Anna'

Glam Scene 6/15/07 Q&A with Anna Kournikova

Slam! 6/12/07 Kournikova still a headliner

CNN 6/12/07 Kournikova to play in Legends Cup

Globe and Mail 6/11/07 Kournikova admits missing the bright lights

TSN 6/11/07 Kournikova to promote event in Toronto

Sky News 6/11/07 Enrique On Anna

Celebrity Spider 5/31/07 Enrique Iglesias: "I've Not Split From Anna Kournikova"

NY Post 5/31/07 Anna Keeps Them Guessing

People 5/30/07 Enrique Iglesias Only Joking About Anna Kournikova 'Divorce'

Celebrity Spider 5/29/07 Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova Split

Brisbane Times 5/29/07 Anna, Enrique end five-year romance

Hello! 5/28/07 Enrique joke prompts reports of split with Anna

AHN 5/28/07 Enrique "Escapes" From Relationship With Anna

Broadcasting & Cable 5/18/07 Cartoon Network and Anna Kournikova To Combat Childhood Obesity

Yahoo! News 4/21/07 "Anna would be an ideal mother," says Enrique Iglesias

NY Post 4/20/07 Return Smash

Celebrity Spider 2/26/07 Anna Kournikova Announced as K-Swiss Spokesperson

NC Times 2/25/07 Kournikova courts success ---- on Web

Ventura County Star 2/23/07 Kournikova to become representative for K-Swiss

Grand Haven Tribune 2/15/07 Kournikova the big name at G.R. tennis benefit

Chicago Sun Times 2/14/07 Anna and I make kiss-tory

Houston Chronicle 2/12/07 Kournikova only big WTT name headed to Houston

ESPN 2/7/07 Still from Russia with love

TMZ 1/31/07 Kournikova: Saving the World with Hash Browns

Chicago Sun Times 1/29/07 Call from Kournikova ahead of schedule, believe it or not

Kane County Chronicle 1/28/07 20 Questions: Anna Kournikova

Boca Raton News 1/15/07 Kournikova gives back to kids

Celebrity Spider 1/11/07 Anna Kournikova Visits Florida School to Promote Breakfast Program

Himalayan Times 1/1/07 Kournikova's Lingerie Feast for Iglesias

New Kerala 12/12/06 Enrique and Kournikova's million-dollar Hannuka performance in Israel

Daily India 12/11/06 Iglesias, Kournikova head for lavish holiday in Israel

Palm Beach Post 11/6/06 Kournikova has (and hits) Bush's back

Zaman 11/2/06 World-Famous Tennis Player Kournikova Arrives in Istanbul

TMZ 9/18/06 Cindy, Cybill and Anna Hit the Runway For Charity

Daily Record 9/15/06 Anna thinks it's gonna be a long long game

Celebrity Spider 8/9/06 Anna Kournikova Learns to Fence

Tennis X 8/4/06 Kournikova Announces Desire for Doubles-Only Return with Hingis

MSNBC 8/2/06 Kournikova gets comeback advice from Hingis

Tennis Magazine 7/28/06 Sampras, Roddick, Kournikova to play charity benefit

Sports Illustrated 7/21/06 Older, wiser Anna

Sacramento Bee 7/20/06 The net result? Anna charming

Celebrity Spider 7/12/06 Anna Kournikova Not Anorexic

Boston Globe 7/10/06 Kournikova doesn't distract Lobsters

Journal News 7/9/06 Fans happy to see Kournikova play

Sacramento Bee 7/9/06 Warburg, Kournikova steer Capitals to victory

Journal News 7/8/06 Kournikova still in the game

WBOC TV 16 7/7/06 Kournikova Makes First Delaware Appearance

Pravda 6/21/06 Anna Kournikova made the whole world respect Russia

Sports Illustrated 6/21/06 Hingis' comeback arouses Kournikova's interest

Hello! 6/14/06 Anna and Enrique gripped by action at basketball game

Mosnews 5/18/06 Russia’s Former Tennis Star Kournikova Ranked 72nd on Maxim’s Hot 100 List

MSNBC 5/6/06 Kournikova aids WTT’s throwback summer

AJC 5/5/06 Kournikova: 'I don't regret a thing that happened'

AJC 5/5/06 Tennis Kournikova-style

MegaStar 5/2/06 Anna 'nother scare story

Washington Business Journal 4/14/06 Kournikova returns to Sacramento Capitals

News Journal 4/12/06 Smash play host to Kournikova in opener

WTA Tour 4/7/06 Evert, Kournikova Lend A Hand to Courier's Kids

News Journal 3/29/06 Smash lands date with Kournikova

Sacramento Bee 3/29/06 Kournikova kept; debut for Sampras

Reading Eagle 3/15/06 Kournikova's beauty more than skin deep

Daily Telegraph 3/3/06 Frail frame

Hello 3/2/06 Anna Kournikova leads high-octane catwalk show

The Mirror 3/2/06 So What's Happened to Kourni Curvier?

Daily Record 3/2/06 From Grand Slam To.. Grand Slim!

Auto Spectator 3/2/06 Anna Kournikova, Hollywood Big Names and GM's Hottest Rides Model 5th Annual GM Ten Event

Commercial Appeal 2/22/06 Anna's altruism

Gwinnett Daily Post 2/22/06 Arena to host tennis tournament

Hello! 1/27/06 Enrique and Anna soak up the sun in St Barts

Daily Record 1/4/06 Enrique and Anna Sea In The New Year

Biloxi Sun Herald 12/16/05 Kournikova visits to help Coast, kids

AJC 12/10/05 Kournikova Doesn't Rule Out Return

BBC 12/10/05 Kournikova may yet revive career

Go Memphis 11/30/05 Kournikova to play for charity

Daily Record 11/4/05 Enrique shows his sweet side with Anna

Daily Record 11/2/05 Anna's Ex Wins Damages

MosNews 11/1/05 Russian Hockey Star Bure Wins Kournikova Libel Suit

NY Post 10/1/05 Anna's Grand Slam

News Tribune 9/29/05 There’s more to Kournikova than meets the eye

Mid Day 9/28/05 Anna comeback? Maybe

Richmond Times Dispatch 9/13/05 The Anna Kournikova show is headed here

Celebrity Spider 9/2/05 Jesse McCartney Eyes Anna Kournikova

Hello! 8/15/05 Anna and Paris Serve Up A Red Carpet Double

Palm Beach Post 8/12/05 Beau of Kournikova's mom a courtly baron

Baytown Sun 7/15/05 Billie Jean, Anna and me

Hartford Courant 7/14/05 No Bad Seats When Anna Plays

Bristol Press 7/14/05 Hartford out-Foxes Kournikova’s crew

Journal Inquirer 7/14/05 Where the boys are, there's Kournikova 7/14/05 Kournikova displays Russian superiority in beating Graf in doubles

Sacramento Bee 7/11/05 She came, fans saw, Anna conquered

KCRA-TV 7/11/05 Kournikova Joins Capitals For Match

Celebrity Spider 7/9/05 Anna Kournikova Delivers the Mail for Amazon

Daily Pilot 7/8/05 Kournikova shines on Newport

Mercury News 7/8/05 Anna, tennis a match?

ET Online 7/8/05 Anna Kournikova's Special Delivery

OurSports Central 7/7/05 Don't miss Anna Kournikova July 10th

OurSports Central 7/5/05 Roddick and Kournikova slated for Advanta WTT

Daily News 6/28/05 Graf, Kornikova to play in tennis league

Our Sports Central 6/23/05 Kournikova set to begin third WTT season

Khaleej Times 6/16/05 Kournikova launches countdown for Emirates Team NZ

Hello! 6/15/05 Anna Reaches New Heights In America's Cup

National Enquirer 6/14/05 Anna's Game, Set But Still Unmatched

Ottawa Citizen 6/8/05 Anna still star of the show

Ottawa Sun 6/8/05 Here comes Anna!

St. Petersburg Times 6/5/05 The funniest thing is Kournikova thinks she played well

Celebrity Spider 6/2/05 Anna Kournikova Likes to See Women Swoon Over Iglesias

Webindia123 6/2/05 Anna Kournikova to pose nude for US magazine

Celebrity Spider 6/1/05 Anna Kournikova "I'm Still Not Married"

Independent Tribune 5/29/05 Anna-mania takes over at Racefest

Mercury News 5/29/05 Me vs. Anna: Not a pretty sight

Celebrity Spider 5/24/05 Anna Kournikova's New Fitness Role

MosNews 5/24/05 Anna Kournikova to Advise Elle Readers on Dieting and Fitness

Mercury News 5/20/05 Anna Kournikova picks up another for her exhibition

Charlotte Observer 5/19/05 Festivities to include Kournikova

Charlotte Observer 5/18/05 Kournikova to play NASCAR drivers in match 5/9/05 Fashion Friendly

Washington Times 5/8/05 Anna Kournikova opens NYC Adidas store

Union Tribune 5/5/05 Did Anna put something on pitch to Giles?

The Back Page 5/2/05 In Defense of: Anna Kournikova

Celebrity Spider 4/15/05 Anna Kournikova Shows Off Her Singing Skills to Enrique's Voice Coach

Celebrity Spider 4/14/05 Anna Kournikova Writes Her Will  

Hello 4/11/05 Enrique and Anna hit the shops together

Celebrity Spider 4/7/05 Anna Kournikova Stalker Ruled Incompetent  

MosNews 4/7/05 Kournikova’s Stalker Too Crazy to Stand Trial

Biloxi Sun Herald 4/6/05 Alleged Kournikova stalker ruled unfit

E!Online 4/6/05 Anna's Accused Stalker Unfit

KCRA-TV 3/30/05 Capitals Select Anna Kournikova In WTT Draft

Celebrity Spider 3/24/05 Anna Kournikova Checks Out The View

SMH 3/22/05 Anna's family feud ends

Macon Telegraph 3/21/05 Attorney says Kournikova, parents working to settle dispute

Florida Panthers 3/21/05 Oh Anna!

Post-Dispatch 3/11/05 Singer Enrique Iglesias not marrying yet

Zap2It 3/9/05 Kournikova, Duff Land 'View' Fill-In Gigs for Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Daily Record 2/25/05 Anna Nut Is Told To Back Off

Contact Music 2/24/05 Anna Faces Her Stalker In Court

Zap2It 2/24/05 Kournikova Cross-Examined by Her Stalker

This is London 2/24/05 Anna faces 'naked' stalker in court 2/24/05 Kournikova stalker loses cool

E!Online 2/23/05 Kournikova Faces Stalker in Court

Miami Herald 2/23/05 Accused Kournikova stalker ordered away

Celebrity Justice 2/23/05 Kournikova Faces Alleged Stalker in Court

Extra 2/23/05 Anna Faces Alleged Stalker in Court

E!Online 2/22/05 Anna Admirer Pleads Innocent

Celebrity Justice 2/22/05 Alleged Anna Stalker's Scary Past 2/16/05 Kournikova headlines tennis exhibition at Office Depot Center

Contact Music 2/15/05 Hockey Star sues over Kournikova claims

Contact Music 2/15/05 Alleged Kournikova Stalker's Bail Raised

CBS 2/11/05 Bail Upped For Kournikova Stalker

NY Times 2/10/05 Hockey Star Sues Magazine Over Kournikova Report

Contact Music 2/9/05 Alleged Kournikova Stalker Arrested 2/9/05 Kournikova Says Alleged Stalker Ordered Her To 'Drop' Boyfriends 2/9/05 Alleged Kournikova stalker once stabbed sleeping college student

Sun Sentinel 2/9/05 Nude man swims across Biscayne Bay in search of Anna Kournikova

This Is London 2/9/05 Anna's 'stalker swam naked to her'

NY Daily News 2/9/05 Kournikova fan nabbed for naked ambition

E!Online 2/8/05 Anna's Ardent "Fan" Busted

Celebrity Justice 2/8/05 Anna Kournikova's Surprise Visitor

Zap2It 2/8/05 Kournikova's Tattooed Stalker Caught Nude

Bergen Record 2/8/05 Man Accused of Stalking Anna Kournikova

Houston Chronicle 1/30/05 Still the hottest draw in town

Daily Record 1/7/05 Ooh I Say!
Sunday Mail 1/1/05 Love Riddle As Anna Sports A Black Band

Palm Beach Post 12/27/04 Mother of tennis' Kournikova buys home in Palm Beach

USA Today 12/22/04 Anna creates a media racket

Contact Music 12/21/04 Iglesias Is 'Still A Bachelor'

Zap2It 12/21/04 Kournikova, Iglesias Still Playing Singles

Teen Hollywood 12/21/04 Iglesias Is 'Still A Bachelor'

This Is London 12/21/04 Friends deny Anna's secret wedding

E!Online 12/20/04 Anna, Enrique Still Playing Singles

Contact Music 12/15/04 Enrique Weds Anna?

Zap2It 12/15/04 Iglesias and Kournikova Finalize Love Match?

Teen Hollywood 12/15/04 Did Anna Kournikova marry beau?

E!Online 12/15/04 Anna & Enrique: Newlyweds or No?

MegaStar 12/15/04 Anna and Enrique wed?

This Is London 12/15/04 Kournikova 'in secret wedding'

Sky News 12/15/04 Anna 'Weds' Crooner Enrique

Launch 12/15/04 Enrique weds Anna

Digital Spy 12/15/04 Anna and Enrique's secret wedding

Ananova 12/15/04 Anna and Enrique married

NY Daily News 12/15/04 Anna & Enrique tie knot: mag

Contact Music 12/14/04 Kournikova Fuels Iglesias 'Husband' Reports

ESPN 11/21/04 Venus Williams beats Kournikova in singles 11/19/04 Night OWL Gala shaping up - Serena, Venus, Anna K. On Guest List

Sports Illustrated 11/12/04 Documentary tracks emergence of Russian stars from Anna to Maria 10/18/04 Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova are Hugh and Jemima fans 10/16/04 Anna Kournikova's romp with Enrique Iglesias on a seaside holiday

Herald Sun 10/13/04 Elton steps out with Anna Kournikova after grand slam

Hello 10/13/04 Sir Elton holds court with Andre and Anna

South Florida Business Journal 10/7/04 Kournikova founds Miami firm

Courier Journal 9/16/04 Venus, Serena, Anna to play Lexington event

Our Sports Central 9/8/04 Anna Kournikova joins line-up for WTT Smash Hits in Irvine

NY Times 8/30/04 A Movement in Tennis Rooted in Tolstoy and Kournikova 8/25/04 Anna and Enrique have no immediate wedding plans

The Cosmetic Site 8/23/04 Gillette, Kournikova announce contest winner

ESPN 8/11/04 Looks are everything

Business Wire 8/11/04 Anna Kournikova Reveals the Nation's Most ''Completely Irresistible Face''

Bradenton Herald 7/25/04 She's no longer 'Special K'

West Hartford News 7/15/04 Poster girl says she's not finished

West Hartford News 7/15/04 Fans came to see Kournikova, saw a FoxForce win

Times of India 7/14/04 Getting Hotter

Kansas City Star 7/13/04 Explorers hit the road without Anna

Kansas City Star 7/11/04 Anna, fans enjoy love-love relationship

Hartford Courant 7/10/04 Kournikova Busy Working On Her Return

Kansas City Star 7/10/04 Kournikova gives Russians role model

Farmington Valley Post 7/9/04 Tennis star coming to Blue Fox Run in Avon

Times Union 7/9/04 Buzz fans fall for Anna

Capital News 9 7/9/04 Anna Kournikova in town

Middletown Press 7/8/04 Spotlight, as always, on Kournikova

Albany Times Union 7/8/04 Still abuzz about Anna

Desert Sun 7/8/04 Sharapova needs to thank her predecessor

Independent 7/2/04 Russia's big draw puts Kournikova to shame

MegaStar 7/1/04 Anna's still an ace 6/25/04 Kournikova back on the circuit

Brock Press 6/22/04 Kournikova a smash hit in Hamilton

Kansas City Star 6/18/04 Kournikova wants to play singles

NY Times 6/18/04 Kournikova to Keep Plugging Away on Tennis Court

OurSportsCentral 6/17/04 Anna Kournikova Q&A

Toronto Star 6/13/04 Anna leaves 'em gawking

Slam Sports 6/13/04 Anna's got attitude

Globe and Mail 6/13/04 Kournikova comes off as a diva who happens to hit tennis balls

Toronto Star 6/9/04 Anna the exhibitionist

Ottawa Sun 6/9/04 Anna used to spotlight

Daily Record 6/9/04 Anna Splashes It All Kournik-Ova

The Sun 6/9/04 Anna takes Kova in sun

Times of India 6/3/04 Sea-sick Kourni turns camera shy!

The Mirror 6/2/04 Anna Makes Waves

Daily Record 6/1/04 All Anna On Deck

Yachting World 6/1/04 Anna Kournikova interview

Daily Record 6/1/04 All Anna On Deck

Business Wire 5/31/04 Anna Kournikova to Start The Transat 2004

Teen Music 5/28/04 Enrique and Anna Wedding Riddle

MegaStar 5/27/04 Anna and Enrique marry

Sky News 5/27/04 Star Couple Married

Ananova 5/27/04 Kournikova - married and pregnant?

Mosnews 5/24/04 Kournikova to Launch Transatlantic Regatta

Daily Record 5/20/04 Anna's Pitcher Perfect In Texas

China Daily 5/19/04 Kournikova goes in search of love nest!

Yachting World 5/19/04 Anna Kournikova to start Transat

Star Telegram 5/18/04 Today's sure thing ...

The Sun 5/18/04 Love nest is just round Kourna... 5/7/04 There's a pink ring on Anna Kournikova's engagement finger!

Hello 4/27/04 Anna Kournikova returns serve in row over mansion

IOL 4/26/04 Enrique and Anna escape the crowds

NY Lawyer 4/26/04 Anna Kournikova Sues Her Mom and Dad

The Star 4/26/04 Crowd jostles to get glimpse of glam duo

Washington Times 4/26/04 Kournikova sues parents over Miami home 4/25/04 Gran Says Anna To Marry

Ananova 4/25/04 Kournikova's granny says Anna and Enrique will marry soon

Daily Telegraph 4/24/04 Kournikova sues parents

Celebrity Justice 4/22/04 What's Really Behind Anna's Family Feud?

MegaStar 4/22/04 Anna court in the act

This is London 4/22/04 Kournikova sued by parents

Ananova 4/22/04 Kournikova's parents sue for share of her home

Ananova 4/22/04 Iglesias says he may never marry Anna

Gateway 2 Russia 4/20/04 Iglesias, Kournikova Arrive in Moscow Together

Teen Music 4/18/04 Enrique Snubs Anna

Times of India 4/15/04 Enrique snubs Anna Kournikova!

Launch 4/15/04 Enrique blocks Anna duet 4/15/04 Enrique 'Nyet' For Duet

Kansas City Star 4/7/04 Kournikova returning to Explorers

Houston Press 4/7/04 Love: Anna

MegaStar 4/5/04 Feeling Phwoar-nikova

New Straits Times 4/3/04 Anna serves up some sparklers

The Sun 4/3/04 Anna Hornykova

Khaleej Times 4/1/04 Anna And The Ring

Irish Examiner 3/30/04 Iglesias still mad about Anna

BBC 3/25/04 Kournikova vows to be back

Times of India 3/25/04 Kournikova goes up in smoke

The Mercury 3/25/04 Anna's smoking

Teen Music 3/20/04 Kournikova 'Up for Anything'

National Enquirer 3/20/04 Kournikova's Love Match

Hello 3/19/04 Anna and Enrique make kiddies' dreams come true

Teen Music 3/19/04 Iglesias And Kournikova Engaged?

MegaStar 3/18/04 Big up Anna's game 3/18/04 Enrique's Love For Anna 3/18/04 Why I love Anna: Enrique

Times of India 3/17/04 Kournikova is engaged to Enrique!

West University Examiner 3/17/04 Anna earns cameo spot at RO tourney 3/17/04 Enrique's Gift For Anna 3/17/04 Sexy Anna in gig limelight

The Sunday Mail  3/14/04 Enrique's touch of affection for Anna 3/13/04 Love match for Kournikova 3/11/04 Kournikova coming to Hamilton

Teen Music 3/9/04 Kournikova Still Romancing Enrique

Sky News 3/7/04 Anna's Love Match

Ananova 3/7/04 Enrique and I still an item says Anna

The Straits Times 3/7/04 Perseverance pays off for Kournikova fan

Today 3/6/04 Anna eyes a comeback

Channel News Asia 3/5/04 Russian star Kournikova arrives in Singapore

Irish Examiner 2/27/04 Kournikova gets back into swing of singles game

The Mirror 2/26/04 En Of The Road For Anna

Teen Music 2/26/04 Enrique Dumps Kournikova

Times of India 2/26/04 Anna's Marked, Enrique distraught

Hindustan Times 2/25/04 Anna serves a 'double-fault' to Enrique!

Chicago Sun-Times 2/25/04 You can't tell Kournikova's beaus without a scorecard

MegaStar 2/24/04 Anna takes the Mickey

AZ Central 2/23/04 Kournikova joins Rourke at Bellagio club

NY Daily News 2/23/04 Derek goes courtin'

The Spoof 2/15/04 Anna K's Valentine's Game

MegaStar 2/13/04 Anna and Kylie feel pants

Daily Record 2/12/04 Anna Surf's Up A Street

Teen Hollywood 2/12/04 Kournikova Thrilled With Sports Illustrated Shots

Arizona Republic 2/11/04 This time, Anna earned her spot. Really. Honest.

Straits Times 2/11/04 Kournikova and Serena turn Sports Illustrated swimwear models

ABC News 2/10/04 Sun, Sand and Anna Kournikova

Fox Sports 2/10/04 Kournikova to appear in SI swimsuit issue

Go Memphis 2/6/04 Kournikova to appear at KSJ again

Cincinnati Enquirer 1/25/04 Kournikova credited with Russian women's surge

Straits Times 1/25/04 Iglesias cheats on Anna with blonde

Times of India 12/27/03 Enrique, Anna affair over?

Daily Record 12/13/03 It's Madanna Kournikova

Forbes 12/12/03 Anna's Ace 12/12/03 Kournikova Lauches the OMEGA Bijoux Collection

USA Today 12/10/03 Surfers hitting on Bryant more than Anna

MegaStar 12/4/03 Kourn on the job

Teen Music 12/4/03 Enrique And Anna Split?

Baltimore Sun 12/3/03 Next Kournikova? These two focus more on game than looks

NY Daily News 11/25/03 Hot match

Times of India 11/21/03 Anna's Indian sojourn

Portland Tribune 11/21/03 Anna K. holds court off court

CNN/SI 11/20/03 Superset Tennis brings men's stars, Kournikova to Portland

Times of India 11/15/03 Winning ‘em all

Ananova 11/14/03 Kournikova eyes March comeback

Fox Sports 11/14/03 Kournikova eyes return in March

The Times of India 11/14/03 Anna Kournikova bids adieu

Indian Express 11/14/03 I’m an athlete first, says Anna 11/13/03 It's peace and quiet for Anna

Times of India 11/12/03 'Anna was a natural on the ramp'

Ananova 11/12/03 Iglesias wishes he was as tough as Kournikova

Indian Express 11/11/03 Driving Miss Kournikova

Times of India 11/11/03 Anna Kournikova holds court in India

New Zealand Herald 11/11/03 Tennis: Kournikova plays on

Times of India 11/10/03 Anna Kournikova comes calling 11/10/03 Kournikova considers surgery to play on

Indian Express 11/10/03 Anna gives it those ones

Deepika 11/10/03 Kournikova on four-day visit to India beginning tomorrow

Rediff 11/10/03 Kournikova arrives in India on Tuesday

The Advertiser 11/10/03 Kournikova refuses to quit

The Nation 11/10/03 Anna can still play: Just ask Tammy

Sky Sports 11/9/03 Anna Refuses To Call It A Day

BBC 11/9/03 Kournikova plans comeback

Times of India 11/9/03 Guess who’s coming to dinner?

The Nation 11/8/03 Anna Bowled Over By Thailand

The Sentinel 10/30/03 Anna Mirrors A Major Problem For TV Pundits

The Oregonian 10/29/03 For Kournikova,tennis is almost never the topic 10/25/03 No Wedding Bells

Daily Times 10/16/03 Anna in limbo but still pulling the strings

NZ City 10/16/03 Palmer still hopeful of signing Kournikova

USA Today 10/14/03 Kournikova considers retiring from tennis

BBC 10/14/03 Kournikova's career in pictures 10/14/03 Anna courts career in showbiz

BBC 10/14/03 Kournikova drops retirement hint 10/14/03 Anna Quits Tennis

MegaStar 10/14/03 Kourn but not forgotten

Ananova 10/14/03 Kournikova on the verge of giving up tennis

Deepika 10/13/03 Kournikova on verge of retirement if injury persists

The Sun 10/13/03 Al's match with Anna

Daily Record 10/8/03 It's Anna Kournicougher

The Nation 10/8/03 Tammy ready to take on Anna

Daily Times 10/7/03 Maria hops deftly ‘ova’ Anna’s stumbling block

BBC 10/5/03 Fears grow for Kournikova

The Age 10/5/03 Injury could spell the end for Kournikova

Guardian 10/5/03 Anna faces her final defeat

Statesman Journal 9/30/03 Kournikova, Coetzer to play in Portland

Daily Record 9/27/03 Racket Man Elton Belts 'Em All Kova

Edmonton Sun 9/20/03 Anna factor led to Fedorov's flight from the Red Wings

Fox Sports 9/17/03 $22m Anna No.221

Taipei Times 9/16/03 Russian tennis star will work despite her lack of permit

Daily Record 9/15/03 Cheeky Enrique's Prize Shot

MegaStar 9/9/03 Anna's tat tease

Washington Times 9/8/03 Reasonable facsimile

Evening Times 9/8/03 Anna looks simply ace as she steals the show 9/3/03 Pretty unfair

MegaStar 9/2/03 Anna's TV torment 9/1/03 Anna's TV Double Fault

Ananova 9/1/03 Kournikova loses TV job after gaffes

Zap2It 8/31/03 Kournikova Ends Time with USA

MSNBC 8/30/03 Kournikova quits job as TV reporter

Canada Newswire 8/28/03 Kournikova Unveils New Line of Xbox Sports Video Games

Sun-Sentinel 8/25/03 Forget Sampras, Anna should get the farewell

Seattle Times 8/25/03 Bezos no match for Kournikova

Teen Hollywood 8/24/03 Enrique Iglesias: I'm Not Marrying Anna

Time Europe 8/24/03 Tennis, Everyone?

Mercury News 8/24/03 Pete stepping on Anna's farewell

USA Today 8/22/03 Win or lose, drawing endorsements is key

MSNBC 8/22/03 Kournikova, Bezos tout sports bra

The Register 8/22/03 Anna K sends Amazon CEO into shock

ESPN 8/22/03 Tennis Starlet Hired to Provide 'Sizzle'

Zap2It 8/22/03 USA Will Provide Kournikova-copia of US Open News

Ananova 8/15/03 Anna Kournikova to be ambassador for "sex industry" resort 8/15/03 Kournikova's love match

MegaStar 8/15/03 Anna goes Thai

USA Today 8/1/03 Kournikova's humble, lucrative career may be ending


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