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News about Anna Kournikova


BBC 7/30/03 Kournikova's future in doubt

Fox Sports 7/30/03 Report: Agent fears for Kournikova's playing future

USA Today 7/29/03 Report: Agent fears for Kournikova's future

Union Tribune 7/29/03 She's not playing, only signing name

Pravda 7/26/03 Who is to Take Kournikova's Place?

ESPN 7/26/03 Kournikova, Penthouse settlement

BBC 7/24/03 Kournikova skips US Open

SF Chronicle 7/24/03 Williams sisters enter US Open; Kournikova out

Main Line Times 7/23/03 Kournikova wows Cabrini crowd in her WTT debut

Kansas City Star 7/22/03 Anna's absence casts a dark cloud over Explorers' match with Springfield

Kansas City Star 7/19/03 Kournikova fans come out in droves

Vancouver Sun 7/18/03 Promoter courts Anna for match in Vancouver

Kansas City Star 7/18/03 Explorers' Kournikova used to being the center of attention

Post Dispatch 7/18/03 Guarding Anna is a full-time job ... really

Kansas City Star 7/17/03 Explorers pick up a win, Kournikova star power 7/17/03 Freedoms crowd all agog over Anna

Daily Times 7/17/03 Kournikova causes quite a racket

Kansas City Star 7/16/03 Lights, camera, Kournikova 7/16/03 Kournikova coming to K.C. 7/16/03 Good lobs, great looks, and lots of loot

This Is London 7/16/03 Kournikova backs out again

Extra TV 7/16/03 Anna Kournikova

Pravda 7/15/03 Anna Kournikova Pregnant?

ESPN 7/15/03 Kournikova might return to WTA Tour mid-August

The Mirror 7/15/03 Kournikova away till mid-August

BBC 7/15/03 Kournikova still struggling

Post Dispatch 7/14/03 Kournikova keeps fame despite lack of a game

icBerkshire 7/11/03 I'm not married, says Enrique

Beaufort Gazette 7/9/03 Kournikova's license to drive almost expired

Ananova 7/9/03 Back injury sidelines Kournikova

Globe and Mail 7/8/03 Kournikova pulls out of Rogers AT&T Cup

Pravda 7/2/03 Russian Tennis Star Maria Sharapova Hates Being Compared to Kournikova

Mercury News 6/28/03 Unlike Kournikova, Sharapova could be for real

Kansas City Star 6/24/03 Kournikova says she's still coming to Kansas City

ESPN 6/24/03 Anna pledges to play World Team Tennis in July 6/24/03 Star Flogs Pad For 7.5M

NY Daily News 6/17/03 Kournikova backs out, Moya & Hass also exit

Ananova 6/16/03 Kournikova withdraws from Wimbledon 6/16/03 Anna Out Of Wimbledon

MegaStar 6/13/03 Kournikova gets married?

The Guardian 6/10/03 Kournikova's Wimbledon in doubt...

Daily Record 6/10/03 She's Back.. But Probably Not For Long

BBC 6/9/03 Kournikova backs out

Ananova 6/9/03 Kournikova is major doubt for Wimbledon

Sunday Mirror 6/8/03 My Anna Hs Not Married

The Age 6/6/03 Wedding rumours rife

Times of India 6/6/03 Iglesias denies marrying Kournikova

Evening Times 6/5/03 Anna's favourite store will be a smash-hit in Glasgow

Pravda 6/4/03 Kournikova Marries Iglesias, Ex-Husband Feels for the Latter

BBC 6/2/03 The DFS Classic returns to Edgbaston

Strait Times 6/1/03 Scud and Kournikova are sexiest 5/31/03 Anna's Secret Love Match

MSNBC 5/22/03 Kournikova out of French Open

BBC 5/22/03 Kournikova out of French Open

BBC 5/19/03 Kournikova eyes Classic

Independent 5/19/03 Kournikova confirms place at Birmingham

Ananova 5/19/03 Kournikova makes Birmingham date

MegaStar 5/16/03 Glamour Kournikova

Globe and Mail 5/16/03 Yzerman, Kournikova add video games to their sporting resumes

CNNSI 5/15/03 Kournikova ousted by qualifier at USTA event

BBC 5/15/03 Kournikova hits new low

The Olympian 5/12/03 Kournikova bails before semifinals

Buffalo News 5/10/03 Kournikova reaches semis

ESPN 5/9/03 Hey, have you seen Anna?

Fox Sports 5/9/03 Kournikova wins in Cloister Cup

Brunswick News 5/8/03 Anna wows crowd

Savannah Morning News 5/8/03 Kournikova enjoys 'laid-back' Sea Island tournament

Independent 5/8/03 Kournikova kicks off in the third division 5/8/03 Kournikova to play Charlottesville event

Jakarta Post 5/1/03 Kournikova to compete in Indonesia

Daily Record 4/29/03 It's All Over, Kournikova

FOX Sports 4/29/03 Kournikova hitting the small-time in Georgia

BBC 4/29/03 Kournikova to take backward step

Brunswick News 4/26/03 Kournikova to play in Sea Island tourney 4/25/03 Kournikova out of Berlin

Kansas City Star 4/22/03 Kournikova scheduled to play for Explorers July 18

BBC 4/17/03 Injury forces Kournikova out

Charlotte Observer 4/17/03 Kournikova Withdraws From Minor Event

Pravda 4/17/03 Anna Kournikova, Well Done!

Ananova 4/16/03 Kournikova and Capriati to play at Eastbourne

Daily Telegraph 4/16/03 Kournikova confirms Eastbourne

BBC 4/16/03 Back to basics for Kournikova 4/14/03 Kournikova to play in Berlin next month

Columbia Spectator 4/14/03 On Kournikova, Desperate Men, And Enrique

Ananova 4/9/03 Kournikova pulls out with injury

MSNBC 4/3/03 World TeamTennis picks Anna first

Bradenton Herald 3/29/03 Kournikova helps boost ticket sales

St Petersburg Times 3/25/03 Kournikova adds oomph to Classic

Herald Tribune 3/23/03 Kournikova's entry adds sizzle

Sunday Mail 3/23/03 Tennis beauty Anna hunts for Scots home

Independent 3/22/03 Kournikova philosophical after another quick exit

BBC 3/21/03 Kournikova falls in first round

UPI 3/20/03 Anna Kournikova falls in first round

Mercury News 3/7/03 Kournikova can't win in love or on the tennis court

MegaStar 3/4/03 Anna marriage Kourn to the dogs

Ananova 3/4/03 Kournikova marriage revealed 3/3/03 Kournikova's secret marriage

Sun-Herald 2/22/03 Anna shows losers are winners in fame game

This Is Grimsby 2/18/03 Experts Tell Us Why We Like Anna

BBC 2/14/03 Kournikova to miss Memphis

FOX Sports 2/14/03 Kournikova withdraws from tournament in Memphis

Miami Herald 2/13/03 Kournikova returning to Family Circle

MSNBC 2/12/03 Kournikova-Iglesias photo case dropped

Memphis Business Journal 2/3/03 Kournikova heats up interest for Kroger St. Jude tourney

Teen Hollywood 1/26/03 Iglesias And Kournikova Split

Miami Herald 1/24/03 Capriati, Kournikova Pull Out of Event 1/23/03 Anna's Love Match Over

BBC 1/14/03 Kournikova's chance to shine

Sports Network 1/14/03 Agassi, Venus, Kournikova highlight star-studded Day 3

Fox Sports 1/14/03 Kournikova, Paradorn win first-rounders at Aussie Open

MegaStar 1/14/03 Anna's Kourn plaster

Ananova 1/13/03 Kournikova ends losing Grand Slam streak

MSNBC 1/13/03 Kournikova denies having tattoo

Sky News 1/13/03 Anna's Game Set And Patch

Daily Times 1/11/03 Top 12 women and Kournikova headline WTA field in Miami

Ananova 1/8/03 Kournikova to act as film classification symbol 1/8/03 Anna K asked to promote Bali

Sydney Morning Herald 1/7/03 Anna's direct ticket to top 20 1/6/03 Anna's tattoo mystery

Miami Herald 1/6/03 Lawyers trying to subpoena Kournikova in restaurant scuffle

The Age 1/4/03 Fans love Anna's look

Chicago Sun-Times 12/30/02 Contemplating Anna and other moot points 12/19/02 No. 1 Google ogle: Beckham, not Kournikova

Winnipeg Sun 12/16/02 Surprise, Anna wins!

Sky News 12/16/02 Seles: No Kournikova Hatred

Ottawa Citizen 12/16/02 Kournikova beats Seles in exhibition tennis match in Winnipeg

Pioneer Press 12/14/02 Model or Tennis Player? You glow, girl

Hello 12/5/02 Anna Kournikova Swaps The Court For The Catwalk

New Zealand Herald 11/30/02 Anna coming to Sydney

BBC 11/28/02 Kournikova in Dublin date

Way More Sports 11/8/02 Kournikova set to warm up in Winnipeg

CBC 11/8/02 Winnipeg to host Kournikova-Seles exhibition 11/1/02 "My Point" on Anna Kournikova's success

IOL 10/18/02 Anna will set pulses racing in Dublin

Knox News 10/5/02 Lay off Anna Kournikova

Sky Sports 10/3/02 Double Blow and Kournikova and Williams Fall

Way More Sports 10/2/02 Kournikova injures ankle at Kremlin Cup

This is London 10/2/02 Kournikova faces Hingis conqueror

BBC 10/1/02 Russian double in Moscow

USA Today 10/1/02 Nalbandian loses, Kournikova wins

Ananova 10/1/02 Kournikova progresses in Kremlin Cup

BBC 9/29/02 Russian trio earn wild cards

Sky Sports 9/29/02 Kremlin Cup Wildcard For Anna

Slam! 9/19/02 Courting Anna, Monica

This is London 9/16/02 Tour title still eluding Kournikova

BBC 9/15/02 Kournikova denied first title

Ananova 9/15/02 Smashnova beats Kournikova in Shanghai final

BBC 9/15/02 Kournikova blows big chance

CNN 9/15/02 Kournikova still looking for first singles title

BBC 9/14/02 Kournikova into Shanghai final

Sky News 9/14/02 Kournikova on Target for First WTA Title

Ananova 9/14/02 Kournikova into Shanghai final

BBC 9/13/02 Kournikova closes on first title

Ananova 9/13/02 Kournikova reaches Shanghai Open semis

CNN 9/12/02 Kournikova reaches quarterfinals

Way More Sports 9/12/02 Kournikova reaches Shanghai quarters

This is London 9/12/02 Double delight as Kournikova bounces back

CBS 9/10/02 Smashnova, Kournikova advance at SWW Polo Open

Ananova 9/10/02 Kournikova eases into second round

Fox Sports 9/9/02 Kournikova, Lee win first match in Kiwi Open

Ananova 9/6/02 Anna Kournikova to bring out her own beauty products

BBC 9/4/02 Anger at glamour girl hoax 9/4/02 A Kournikova constant - crowds and a loss

Fox Sports 9/3/02 Anna Kournikova - the song!

Sunday Mail 9/1/02 Kournikova blows top as Enrique flirts with singer

Sky News 8/31/02 Kournikova Iglesias MTV Love Match 8/28/02 Kournikova: I was just not there 8/28/02 Kournikova needs less of the spotlight

CBS 8/27/02 Kournikova's stay at U.S. Open is short-lived

CNN 8/27/02 Lack of success tarnishes Kournikova's marketability

The Mirror 8/27/02 Flop Kournikova Is Pretty Useless

Times Online 8/27/02 Teenager inflicts latest torment on Kournikova

Ananova 8/27/02 Kournikova flops at US Open

Sky News 8/27/02 Kova And Out For Anna

BBC 8/16/02 Kournikova seeks Moscow wildcard

CNN 8/16/02 Kournikova needs wild card at Kremlin

Way More Sports 8/14/02 Kournikova fans go home disappointed

Globe and Mail 8/14/02 Kournikova serves up poor showing

BBC 8/13/02 Kournikova progresses in Canada

Ananova 8/13/02 Kournikova enjoys easy first round win

CBS 8/12/02 Kournikova easily advances in AT&T Cup

Extra TV 8/9/02 Anna Kournikova

Daily Record 8/8/02 Anna Parties With Enrique

Independent 8/5/02 Fatigued Kournikova blown away by Dokic

Ananova 8/4/02 Kournikova crashes out

BBC 8/3/02 Kournikova through to semis

Globe and Mail 8/1/02 Kournikova advances at Acura

Sky News 7/31/02 Kournikova Causes Tremors in San Diego

Bay Area 7/31/02 Confident Kournikova crushes Stevenson

BBC 7/28/02 Kournikova's injury blow

Ananova 7/27/02 Williams too strong for Kournikova 7/27/02 Williams beats Kournikova at Bank of the West

BBC 7/27/02 Williams proves strongest

BBC 7/26/02 Kournikova wins again

Ananova 726/02 Kournikova to face Williams in quarter-final 7/24/02 Something new for Kournikova _ a win

Ananova 7/24/02 Kournikova ends losing streak

San Francisco Chronicle 7/23/02 It isn't all fun and games for Anna Kournikova

Globe and Mail 7/16/02 Kournikova added to Rogers AT&T Cup

Guardian 7/7/02 Sounding out the real Kournikova

Ananova 7/6/02 Kournikova's title hopes dashed

CNN 7/5/02 Anna can keep winning off the court

Telegraph 7/4/02 Ray of sunshine for Kournikova

BBC 7/3/02 Kournikova impresses in doubles

Way More Sports 7/3/02 Kournikova an original

San Francisco Chronicle 7/3/02 Kournikova not purposely creating publicity

Independent 7/3/02 Kournikova's struggle to defeat the doubters

Telegraph 7/2/02 Kournikova angry at players' criticism

Knox News 6/28/02 We can't pull our eyes away from Anna 6/28/02 Kournikova knows she's a long way from top

Ananova 6/27/02 Kournikova won't look back in anger

This is London 6/27/02 "Treatment of Kournikova is too harsh" says Evert

Independent 6/26/02 Kournikova interview row escalates

Guardian 6/26/02 BBC accused of set-up over stormy Kournikova interview

CBC 6/26/02 Anna Kournikova irked by BBC interviewer

This is London 6/25/02 'Pathetic' Anna blasted for flare-up

Ananova 6/25/02 WTA unhappy with BBC's interview of Kournikova

NY Times 6/25/02 Kournikova Loses Match, Then Loses Cool

BBC 6/25/02 Grumpy Kournikova 'in denial'

Telegraph 6/25/02 Anna loses her cool and crown to a rival beauty

Guardian 6/25/02  Papers give it their best shot as Kournikova crashes out 6/25/02 Kournikova is yesterday's news with British tabloids

Times Online 6/25/02 Kournikova happy to accept familiar fate

Ananova 6/24/02 Kournikova upbeat despite defeat

BBC 6/24/02 Kournikova crumbles on day one

Ananova 6/24/02 Another early exit for Kournikova

This is London 6/24/02 Anna outstripped in all departments 6/23/02 S-mart Money On Anna

Irish Examiner 6/19/02 Kournikova stumped over career slump

Ananova 6/18/02 Kournikova admits poor form

GQ 6/18/02 Love-Nil to Kournikova 

Ananova 6/18/02 Kournikova stumbles in Eastbourne

Independent 6/12/02 The tennis racket

Ananova 6/5/02 Duo granted Eastbourne entry

GQ 5/30/02 It Aint Kournikova

BBC 5/29/02 Kournikova crashes out

Ananova 5/29/02 Kournikova loses to Aussie wild card

MegaStar 5/24/02 Anna finally wins

Ananova 5/24/02 Anna wins the battle of the babes

This is London 5/24/02 Anna is Sexiest Woman In The World

Ananova 5/21/02 Kournikova beaten in first round

CBS 5/21/02 Bounced in France, Kournikova gets another early exit

E!Online 5/21/02 "Penthouse" Settles "Pornikova" Tiff

Guardian 5/21/02 Penthouse settles in 'Pornikova' row

Ananova 5/21/02 Penthouse settles lawsuit over 'topless Anna' blunder

Telegraph 5/16/02 Russian adds to WTA woe

Smoking Gun 5/16/02 Anna Kournikova Lawsuit

Ananova 5/15/02 Man apologises for topless 'Kournikova' photos

Guardian 5/14/02 Venus rises on Kournikova's horizon

Bay Area 5/14/02 Sunbather mistaken for Kournikova due to nipples 5/13/02 Pierce, Kournikova win first-round matches

BBC 5/13/02 Kournikova sets up Venus clash

Independent 5/12/02 Anna and the fall of a porn king

Guardian 5/9/02 Penthouse admits 'Pornikova' blunder

BBC 5/8/02 Penthouse rues topless pics gaffe

Toronto Star 5/8/02 Penthouse caught with its pants down

Ananova 5/8/02 Penthouse apologises over Kournikova 'topless photos' fiasco

CBS 5/8/02 Tennis Star Sues Penthouse

BBC 5/7/02 Kournikova injury woe

E!Online 5/7/02 The Kournikova Cover-up

Ananova 5/7/02 Temporary ban for Penthouse over 'Kournikova pictures' 5/6/02 Judge calls Penthouse reckless and blocks further distribution of photos

CBS 5/6/02 Benetton daughter-in-law sues Penthouse

Ananova 5/6/02 'I wish' says Enrique of Anna romance claims

BBC 5/2/02 Another defeat for Kournikova

This is London 5/2/02 Kournikova seeks inspiration from Mario

Ananova 5/2/02 Kournikova out in second round

BBC 5/2/02 Another defeat for Kournikova

This is London 5/2/02 Kournikova seeks inspiration from Mario

Ananova 5/2/02 Kournikova out in second round 4/30/02 All right Anna, tell us the naked truth

BBC 4/30/02 Kournikova ends losing run

CBS 4/30/02 Kournikova moves to second round in Croatia

Guardian 4/29/02 Kournikova threatens Penthouse over topless pics

Ananova 4/29/02 Kournikova to sue over topless photos

San Francisco Examiner 4/29/02 Kournikova in the nude for love (or money)? 4/26/02 Agent: Kournikova did not withdraw or pose topless

CBS 4/25/02 Struggling Kournikova drops out of Berlin, Hamburg tourneys

BBC 4/17/02 Kournikova handed shock defeat

Ananova 4/17/02 Kournikova makes another early exit

CBS 4/16/02 Kournikova bounced in first round of fourth straight tourney 4/14/02 Dressed to thrill 4/10/02 Kournikova makes earliest exit

Guardian 4/4/02 Kournikova's sponsors finally discover that beauty will only ever be skin deep

BBC 4/3/02 Kournikova's crisis deepens

BBC 3/22/02 Kournikova draws another blank

Ananova 3/12/02 Kournikova recreates risque Monroe pose in latest ad

Sports Network 3/21/02 Kournikova sent home at Key Biscayne

BBC 3/7/02 Kournikova crashes out

The Sun 3/4/02 Anna's breeze wheeze

BBC 3/2/02 Kournikova wilts in Acapulco

BBC 3/1/02 Kournikova poised for maiden title

BBC 2/28/02 Kournikova cruises past Garbin

Fox Sports 2/28/02 Kournikova Advances in Acapulco

Ananova 2/28/02 Kournikova through to third round

Sports Network 2/27/02 Coetzer, Kournikova advance in Acapulco

Vnunet 2/22/02 Curlers sweep Kournikova aside

BBC 2/20/02 Top seeds progress in Dubai

Independent 2/20/02 Kournikova triumphs in diva's drama

Ananova 2/20/02 Williams topples Kournikova in Dubai 2/19/02 Kournikova advances to second-round match against Venus Williams

CBS 2/19/02 Kournikova wins to earn match with Venus

Gulf News 2/17/02 Kournikova works off jet lag on the court

The Sun 2/16/02 It's Anna leg-ova

iAfrica 2/15/02 Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova?

Ananova 2/15/02 Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova 'spending time together'

BBC 2/13/02 Williams dismisses Kournikova

CBS 2/13/02 Williams overpowers Kournikova to reach quarterfinals

BBC 2/12/02 Kournikova sets up Venus clash

Ananova 2/12/02 Kournikova lines-up Williams showdown

CBS 2/12/02 Kournikova to face Venus Williams

iAfrica 2/12/02 Kournikova no-show is setback for desert venue

BBC 2/7/02 Seles through, Kournikova out

Ananova 2/1/02 Seles to face Kournikova in semi-finals

CNN 1/31/02 Anna advances

CBS 1/31/02 Kournikova wins; No. 2 seed Dokic upset

BBC 1/29/02 Kournikova safely through

CBS 1/29/02 Kournikova romps in first round of Pan Pacific

BBC 1/25/02 Doubles joy for Martina and Anna

Ananova 1/25/02 Hingis and Kournikova win Aussie title

Sky Sports 1/25/02 Hingis and Kournikova Win Doubles

Macon Telegraph 1/24/02 Kournikova finally in match worth photos

The Sun 1/20/02 It's Kour-nickerova

Ananova 1/17/02 Glamour girls make easy progress

Independent 1/16/02 Kournikova's exit signals Russian retreat

This is London 1/15/02 Kournikova lasts just 81 minutes

BBC 1/15/02 Kournikova falls to Henin

BBC 1/8/02 'Anna fever' hits Australia

BBC 1/7/02 Kournikova sets up Williams clash

BBC 1/4/02 Kournikova smashed out

Ananova 1/4/02 Kournikova crashes out in Auckland 1/3/02 Smashnova upends Kournikova in New Zealand tournament

Telegraph 1/3/02 Kournikova in fighting form

CBS 1/3/02 Kournikova Advances To Semifinals

San Francisco Chronicle 1/3/02 Kournikova advances to semifinals

Telegraph 1/2/02 Kournikova marches on

NZoom 1/2/02 Anna upbeat despite verbal attack

National Business Review 1/1/02 Kournikova in, Martinez out in day one of ASB Classic

Ananova 1/1/02 Kournikova on the trophy trail

Ananova 12/30/01 Kournikova and Roddick get wild cards

Post Gazette 12/30/01 Kournikova remains biggest hit on the Internet

Ananova 12/27/01 Anna is the internet's number one

The Times 12/20/01 Kournikova talks a good game as lack of success raises questions

Sports Network 12/17/01 Kournikova beats Capriati in Tampa exhibition

Telegraph 12/15/01 Time for the beauty queen to deliver

CNN 12/15/01 Kournikova spoils Capriati homecoming with exhibition win

Detroit News 12/11/01 Kournikova talks tennis, not Fedorov

Detroit Free Press 12/11/01 Kournikova talks tennis, not Sergei

Sports Network 12/10/01 Capriati meets Kournikova on Friday

Rocky Mountain News 11/29/01 Kournikova's career monitored

Detroit Free Press 11/14/01 Kournikova and Coetzer to play Palace exhibition

Ananova 11/12/01 Kournikova defeated in exhibition match

Ananova 11/9/01 Kournikova off to winning start

iAfrica 11/8/01 Kournikova takes centre stage in Durban

Business Day 11/8/01 I'm not just a tennis sexpot: Anna

News 24 11/7/01 Anna wants to recover fully

News 24 11/7/01 SA wildlife aces Kournikova

Business Day 11/6/01 I'm not just a tennis sexpot: Anna

News 24 11/5/01 Anna has what it takes 

iAfrica 11/2/01 Coetzer fires a salvo at Kournikova critics

BBC 10/26/01 Clijsters stops Kournikova

Sports Network 10/26/01 Clijsters outduels Kournikova in Luxembourg

BBC 10/25/01 Kournikova back on track

USA Today 10/25/01 Kournikova wins again in SEAT Open

BBC 10/23/01 Kournikova ends losing streak

Alabama Live 10/23/01 Kournikova ends run of defeats

News 24 10/22/01 Kournikova / Coetzer tickets selling well

iAfrica 10/18/01 Kournikova's glamour should fill stadia

Independent 10/16/01 Kournikova denies hiring Hingis' mother as coach

BBC 10/16/01 Kournikova crashes out

Ananova 10/16/01 Kournikova - Hingis' mother is not my coach

Guardian Unlimited 10/15/01 Anna Kournikova eyes up James Bond

Ananova 10/10/01 Kournikova slumps once more

BBC 10/7/01 Doubles delight for glamour couple

BBC 10/2/01 Kournikova crashes out

BBC 10/1/01 Kournikova takes it easy

CNN 10/1/01 Kournikova returns

ZDNet 9/28/01 'Kournikova' virus creator gets community sentence

Globe and Mail 9/27/01 Kournikova ousted in comeback

Sports Network 9/26/01 Kournikova returns Thursday in Germany

Chicago Sun Times 9/18/01 Return to form the norm with Anna

ZDNet 9/14/01 Anna virus writer's trial begins

Sportsline 9/7/01 Kournikova to play Seles in benefit event

Detroit Free Press 8/23/01 Kournikova didn't look hurt dancing in Pontiac

Ananova 8/23/01 Kournikova out for three months

BBC 8/22/01 Where now for Hingis and Kournikova?

Bloomberg 8/21/01 Anna Kournikova Withdraws From U.S. Open With Broken Left Foot

This is London 8/21/01 Kournikova out of US Open

BBC 8/21/01 Stars to miss US Open

Ananova 8/20/01 Kournikova pulls out of the US Open

BBC 8/8/01 Kournikova pulls out again

CBS 8/8/01 Kournikova withdraws from next week's Rogers AT&T Cup

Globe and Mail 8/7/01 Kournikova withdraws from Toronto event

Independent 8/6/01 Kournikova limits her partners to Hingis

Ananova 8/6/01 Kournikova injured again

BBC 8/2/01 Kournikova issues marriage plea

Ananova 8/1/01 Kournikova loses comeback match

Independent 8/1/01 Kournikova loses in comeback match

This is London 8/1/01 Hingis wins as Anna denies rumours

Ananova 7/31/01 Kournikova seen wearing 'wedding ring'

BBC 7/31/01 Doubles win seals Kournikova return

Ananova 7/31/01 Kournikova makes comeback

This is London 7/31/01 Kournikova shows off her ring

CBS 7/27/01 Kournikova to return to competition in San Diego

Detroit News 7/25/01 Marriage has the right ring for Fedorov

BBC 7/23/01 Kournikova 'has not wed'

This is London 7/23/01 Guessing game over Kournikova

CBS 7/19/01 Agent says Kournikova won't play in tourneys until fully fit

BBC 6/21/01 Kournikova virus suspect faces court hearing

BBC 6/18/01 Kournikova and Seles pull out

Globe and Mail 6/18/01 Kournikova pulls out of Wimbledon

San Francisco Chronicle 6/13/01 Kournikova in doubt for Wimbledon .

ESPN 6/8/01 Kournikova pulls out of another event

CNN 6/7/01 Kournikova still not ready

BBC 6/4/01 Kournikova set for Surbiton date

Way More Sports 6/3/01 Krasnoroutskaya no friend of Kournikova's

Telegraph 5/26/01 Kournikova left dancing in shadows again as young guns take centre stage

Sportsline 5/15/01 Foot injury forces Kournikova to pull out of French Open

BBC 4/26/01 Kournikova delays injury comeback

Sports Network 4/26/01 Kournikova delays return

CNN 4/26/01 Kournikova still hurting

San Francisco Chronicle 4/22/01 Surviving Anna Kournikova and a naked wife

San Francisco Chronicle 4/11/01 Here's a Hot Idea: Kournikova on 'SNL'

Sunday Times 4/8/01 Stars may soon be down to their last private jet

ESPN 4/7/01 Foot injuries sideline Seles, Kournikova

CNN 4/5/01 Kournikova first pick in World Team Tennis draft

USA Today 3/27/01 Kournikova snags $10M Lycos ad deal 3/19/01 Terra Lycos Serves Up Kournikova

Newsbytes 3/16/01 Kournikova Charges The Net In $10M Lycos Ad Deal

ESPN 3/14/01 Kournikova nursing stress fracture

ZDNet 3/12/01 Hacker updates Anna Kournikova virus generator

Bloomberg 3/8/01 Hamm, Kournikova at Top Most Appealing Female Endorser List

Newsbytes 3/1/01 Anna Kournikova Virus Tops February Virus Report Chart

Guardian 2/26/01 Kournikova came to stay - and bugged us all day long

BBC 2/24/01 Kournikova gets unlucky break

ESPN 2/23 Kournikova to miss at least 2 events

ZDNet 2/17/01 Kournikova virus suspect may have job

BBC 2/14/01 Fan 'confesses' to Kournikova virus

UK Register 2/13/01 Anna Kournikova bug drops harmlessly onto the Net

InfoWorld 2/13/01 Alleged Anna Kournikova worm writer steps forward

BBC 2/13/01 Kournikova virus hits computers

ESPN 2/12/01 E-mail virus circulating rapidly

CNN 2/12/01 Watch out for Anna

Russia Today 2/10/01 Mauresmo Rallies to Beat Kournikova

BBC 2/9/01 Kournikova crumbles again

ESPN 2/9/01 Mauresmo overcomes ailing Kournikova

Sports Network 2/8/01 Kournikova's still alive in Paris

ESPN 2/8/01 Mauresmo's next for Kournikova

Sports Network 2/8/01 Kournikova glows in City of Lights

BBC 2/5/01 Gough bowls over Anna

ESPN 2/2/01 Davenport ousts Kournikova in three sets

CBS 1/31/01 Hingis, Kournikova advance to Pan Pacific Open quarters

iAfrica 1/31/01 'Hey, I'm still young' - Kournikova

The Times 1/23/01 Kournikova swept away - again

UK Telegraph 1/23/01 Kournikova falls to Davenport

BBC 1/22/01 Caution for Kournikova flare scare

Sports Network 1/22/01 Agassi, Rafter, Kournikova highlight Day 9 action

This is London 1/22/01 Kournikova in security scare 1/20/01 Without Anna Kournikova, Barbara Rittner Would be Anonymous

This is London 1/19/01 Golden girl Anna is backing dress code

Sportsline 1/18/01 Kournikova scrapes into Australian Open fourth round

Sky Sports 1/17/01 Kournikova Seals it With a Kiss

CBS 1/17/01 Kournikova strolls into Australian Open third round

New Jersey Online 1/17/01 Kournikova impressed by her play at Australian Open

BBC 1/15/01 Anna regains focus to win

This is London 1/15/01 Anna's new kit steals the show

BBC 1/15/01 Australian Open women's singles - in pictures

CBS Sports 1/14/01 Stylish Kournikova too much for Hantuchova

The Scotsman 1/13/01 Kournikova destined never to be belle of the ball

UK Telegraph 1/10/01 Kournikova takes another step backwards

BBC 1/9/01 Kournikova denies Hingis rift

The Scotsman 1/9/01 Kournikova denies split with Hingis led to tears

ESPN 1/9/01 Kournikova: Doubles split with Hingis part of life

CNN 1/6/01 Kournikova fails to win Hong Kong exhibition

CBS Sports 1/5/01 Kournikova advances to final of exhibition tournament

Peoples Daily 1/4/01 Kournikova Wins at Hong Kong Women's Challenge

CBS Sports 1/3/01 Kournikova advances to face Capriati in Hong Kong

BBC 12/31/00 Kournikova dumped by Hingis

BBC 12/29/00 Kournikova believes win is near

Salon 11/29/00 Oops, she lost again

UK Telegraph 11/20/00 Doubles success lifts Kournikova

CNN 11/18/00 Hingis will square off with Seles in Chase final

UK Telegraph 11/18/00 WTA Chase Championship: Kournikova's new maturity

BBC 11/17/00 Hingis and Kournikova advance

CNN 11/17/00 Doubles partners Hingis, Kournikova will meet again

Bergen Record 11/15/00 Kournikova claims first Garden success

CNN 11/14/00 Hingis, Kournikova easily advance to quarterfinals

Ananova 11/11/00 Win Anna Kournikova's used tennis shoes

CNN 11/9/00 Russian meets Swiss Miss

New Jersey Online 11/9/00 Kournikova advances at Advanta Championships

CNN 11/8/00 Kournikova has no problems winning in Philadelphia

Sportsline 11/7/00 Kournikova advances in Advanta Championships

Sportsline 11/6/00 Kournikova among latest to qualify for Chase Championships

BBC 11/5/00 Kournikova slammed by ex-coach

BBC 11/5/00 Clijsters denies Kournikova

BBC 10/27/00 Kournikova sets up Tauziat clash

BBC 10/11/00 Kournikova keeps dream alive

CNN 11/4/00 Kournikova's hopes of first title thwarted again

CNN 11/1/00 Kournikova continues quest for first title

UK Telegraph 10/4/00 Kournikova still waiting for first title

BBC 10/3/00 Kournikova falls at first hurdle

CNN 9/30/00 Kournikova just two wins from first title

BBC 9/30/00 Kournikova slumps to defeat

CNN 9/29/00 Kournikova just two wins from first title

Sportsline 9/21/00 Away from Olympics, Kournikova plots first title

BBC 9/12/00 Beauty beats brawn

UK Telegraph 9/10/00 A Russian girl who is finally looking the part

CBS Sportsline 9/2/00 Blond wigs, worldly appeal: Kournikova Mania hits Open

BBC 8/9/00 Kournikova refuses Olympic place

CNN 8/2/00 Confident Kournikova

Salon 8/1/00 Sports magazines start to sweat

CNN 7/31/00 Kournikova opts not to play in Olympics

CNN 7/27/00 Just warming up

BBC 7/3/00 Streaker storms Kournikova match

BBC 6/28/00 Kournikova crumbles again

Salon 6/27/00 Anna Kournikova: Winless superstar

BBC 6/26/00 Anna: Tennis's one love

Salon 6/26/00 Wonderbra of Wimbledon

BBC 6/26/00 Kournikova ousts seeded Testud

BBC 6/11/00 Young guns

CNN 6/5/00 Advantage, Kournikova

BBC 6/1/00 Kournikova bows out

BBC 5/31/00 Kournikova escapes Webb

CNN 5/10/00 Kournikova, Sanchez-Vicario among victims in Berlin

CNN 3/5/00 Classic rivalry

BBC 2/29/00 Ice ace nets Kournikova

CNN 2/28/00 British tabloid reports Kournikova to marry Bure

CNN 2/1/00 Kournikova advances at Pan Pacific Open

BBC 1/22/00 Kournikova keeps them guessing

BBC 1/21/00 Kournikova battles back

BBC 6/30/99 Williams sends Kournikova crashing

BBC 6/23/99 Kournikova survives scares

BBC 1/29/99 Hingis and Kournikova claim crown

BBC 6/22/98 Thumbs down for Kournikova


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