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News Articles about FOX Networks Joe Millionaire show


Washington Post 10/22/03 At Fox, Unhappiness Is a Thing Called 'Joe' 10/22/03 So, who wants to SEE ' Next Joe Millionaire'?

Reality News Online 10/22/03 The Next Joe Millionaire, Episode 1: And You Can Be My Cowgirl

NY Daily News 10/22/03 Say it ain't so, 'Joe'!

Hollywood Reporter 10/22/03 Fox can't cash in on 'Millionaire'

Fox News 10/17/03 'The Next Joe Millionaire' Just a Down-Home Cowboy

TVRules 10/17/03 The Next Joe Millionaire: An International Affair

Knox News 10/17/03 Getting to know Joe Millionaire

Knox News 10/17/03 International male

USA Today 10/17/03 'Joe Millionaire' moseys on over to Italy

Seattle PI 10/17/03 Fox bets 'Joe Millionaire' fills the post-playoff viewer void

Elites TV 10/16/03 The Next Joe Millionaire: Saddling Up for another Adventure in Deception

Extra 10/15/03 'Joe Millionaire'

NY Daily News 10/15/03 The new Joe Millionaire

Chicago Sun-Times 10/15/03 Who's worried about 'Joe'? We, we are

Reality TV World 10/11/03 Fox releases names and photos of the women on 'The Next Joe Millionaire'

ET Online 10/9/03 The Return of 'Joe Millionaire'

Extra TV 10/8/03 'Joe Millionaire'

Reporter News 10/2/03 The next Joe Millionaire once pitched for McMurry

TVRules 10/1/03 The Next Joe Millionaire Takes the World By the Horns

Reality News Online 9/29/03 Joe Millionaire Sequel Fools International Women

Zap2It 9/26/03 'Joe Millionaire' Takes Deceit Global

Reality TV World 9/26/03 Fox confirms rodeo cowboy David Smith is the star of the next 'JM'

TV Barn 9/25/03 Fox PR: "The Next Joe Millionaire" 9/25/03 Broke cowboy is new 'Joe Millionaire'

Reality Reel 9/23/03 The "Twist" For Joe Millionaire 2 Revealed

Reality TV World 9/23/03 Has the identity of Fox's next 'Joe Millionaire' been uncovered?

Miami Herald 9/11/03 'Joe Millionaire 2' Promo to Be Aired

Reality TV World 9/10/03 FOX to reveal the next 'Joe Millionaire' during sneak peak trailer 9/19

Reality TV World 9/5/03 Fox's 'Joe Millionaire 2' may feature women from overseas

Digital Spy 9/5/03 'Joe Millionaire' goes twice weekly

Zap2It 9/4/03 Fox Doubles Up on 'Joe Millionaire'

Reality TV World 9/4/03 FOX announces full 'Joe Millionaire 2' airing schedule, ...

NY Daily News 9/4/03 'Joe Millionaire' has double vision

TV Barn 9/3/03 How Could We Do It Again?

Extra TV 8/18/03 Evan Marriott

ET Online 8/15/03 Joe Millionaire - Monday 8:00 p.m.

Deseret News 8/5/03 Fox keeping quiet about second 'Joe'

Teen Hollywood 7/31/03 'Joe Millionaire' Blows His Cool

Reality TV World 7/25/03 'Joe Millionaire 2' to premiere on October 20 on FOX

Reality TV World 7/24/03 Butler Paul Hogan returns for Fox's 'JM 2'; other plans secret

Dallas Morning News 7/21/03 Uncle Barky's Hollywood Stories: Chapter 3

The Oregonian 7/19/03 Why is mainstream TV's most creative network resorting to "JM II"?

Zap2It 7/18/03 Even on the Homefront, Kelley Battles Reality TV

Zap2It 7/17/03 Marriott, De La Hoya, Lewis Provide 'Simpsons' Voices

Reality TV World 7/17/03 'JM' star Evan Marriott gets Oscar -- the role, not the award

Zap2It 7/16/03 Evan Marriott Captures Oscar

Brampton Guardian 7/11/03 Brampton's Birdcage snags Joe Millionaire

National Enquirer 7/10/03 'Joe Millionaire' Runner-Up: 'I Was Really There for the Free Trip'

Reality TV World 6/19/03 Evan Marriott suggests producers "fixed" Zora Andrich as the winner

Zap2It 6/19/03 Hogan to Make Daytime Butling Cameo

Toronto Star 6/8/03 He's no Joe Nobody ... yet

Toronto Sun 6/8/03 He's a genuine Joe 6/3/03 Back to reality

Bonita Daily News 5/25/03 Evan 'Joe Millionaire' Marriott plays host to local music festival

Jam! 5/16/03 Fox bares its lineup

FOX News 5/15/03 Joe Millionaire 2 to Be on Fox Next Season

NZ Herald 5/8/03 Joe's millions hook the NZ viewers

Broadside Online 5/5/03 Sarah Kozer Exclusive

NZ Herald 5/5/03 Joe Millionaire: Rich vein of fascination in contrived fairytale

Green Bay Press-Gazette 5/2/03 ‘Joe Millionaire’ loses his luggage but not his charm in area visit

Reality TV World 4/30/03 'Joe Millionaire' Evan Marriott criticized on speaking circuit

Reality TV World 4/30/03 'JM' Evan Marriott: "I'm still interested in dating Sarah Kozer"

Daily Freeman 4/30/03 Love wasn't in (or on) the air, but she had a Ball

Reality TV World 4/28/03 'J. Millionaire' runner-up Sarah Kozer to grace cover of 'Playboy' magazine

MSNBC 4/21/03 Joe Millionaire goes to college

Green Bay Press-Gazette 4/19/03 Pavilion Nights has ‘Millionaire’ pitchman

Farmington Valley Post 4/3/03 Valley residents, others enjoy lunch with rich celebrity

The Beacon 4/2/03 Zora enjoys '15 minutes of fame'

Extra 4/2/03 Evan Marriott

Zap2It 3/31/03 'Zora Day' Raises Controversy

The Trentonian 3/30/03 Lambertville salutes Zora

The Trentonian 3/29/03 Zora parade expected to be toned down

Penn Live 3/28/03 Reality show star to show charity begins at home

CT Valley News 3/27/03 Visit by 'Normal Joe' creates big stir in the Valley

Sun Herald 3/24/03 What the butler saw

Zap2It 3/22/03 Splitsville for Evan and Zora

Extra 3/18/03 Evan Marriott

Reality News Online 3/18/03 Fox Trying to Decide Details on ‘J Millionaire’ and ‘AI’ Sequels

QC Times 3/15/03 TV’s ‘Joe Millionaire’ is coming to the Q-C

News Transcript 3/12/03 Joe Millionaire’s Zora wins raceway hearts

Zap2It 3/10/03 KFC Finds Reality Stars Product-Shillin' Good

Virginian Pilot 3/7/03 Evan Marriott of ''Joe Millionaire'' fame arrives in Norfolk

The Beacon 3/5/03 City planning Zora Day

Las Vegas Sun 3/5/03 'Joe Millionaire' winner promotes casino company

NY Daily News 3/4/03 Sun sets on Zora fairy tale

Television Without Pity 3/3/03 The Aftermath

Deseret News 3/3/03 Oh, no! More 'Joe Millionaire'

Virginian Pilot 2/28/03 Joe Millionaire can consult dad for investing advice

Zap2It 2/27/03 This 'Joe Millionaire' for Hire

The Smoking Gun 2/27/03 Joe Millionaire 

Reality News Online 2/27/03 JM’s Evan & Zora: Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Philadelphia Daily News 2/27/03 Zo' now we know, 'Joe' lost the girl

Washington Post 2/27/03 Happy Fox Conceives 'Joe Millionaire' Jr.

Reality News Online 2/27/03 The Horse Is Dead and We’re Still Beating It

NY Daily News 2/26/03 'Joe' rates another shot

E!Online 2/26/03 "Joe Millionaire," Part Deux?

Zap2It 2/26/03 FOX Figures Out How to Have More 'Joe,' '24'

Indiana Statesman 2/26/03 'Joe Millionaire' final episode proves to be Fox let down

Extra TV 2/25/03 'Joe Millionaire'

Fans of Reality TV 2/25/03 The Aftermath - Who's Your Daddy?

Elites TV 2/25/03 Zora Snora, Joe Shmoe

Media Fiends 2/25/03 Zora on 'Regis'

Media Fiends 2/25/03 Joe Millionaire: The Aftermath

TV Rules 2/25/03 Joe Millionaire - Happily Ever After?

Reality TV Talk 2/25/03 Love prevails with a little money on the side

NY Daily News 2/25/03 'Joe Millionaire' couple more like buds

Philadelphia Inquirer 2/25/03 Here's the reality: Zora has 'had enough'

Zap2It 2/25/03 'Joe' and Zora Remain Noncommittal

Zap2It 2/24/03 Hogan To Give Anna Nicole A Good Butling

Television Without Pity 2/24/03 Secrets of the Women of Joe Millionaire

Salem News 2/24/03 Beverly native found Joe Millionaire a home

The Trentonian 2/24/03 Love at 1st Flight

Philadelphia Daily News 2/24/03 Way back when, local film guy cast his eye on Zora

FOX News 2/24/03 Love, Money, Good Looks

NY Daily News 2/24/03 The truth about Joe & Co.

Runecast 2/24/03 A Fairytale Plotted by a Legendary Fiend?

Philadelphia Inquirer 2/23/03 Helene and Zora: Why Jersey girls win on reality TV

NY Daily News 2/21/03 'Millionaire' loser sore

Trentonian 2/21/03 Unhappily Ever After?

The Trentonian 2/20/03 Zora’s Pinup Past:Andrich appeared in racy calendars

Contra Costa Times 2/19/03 'Joe Millionaire' pays up with hopeful ending

Television Without Pity 2/19/03 Diamond Ring

Zap2It 2/19/03 'Joe' Public: 'Millionaire' Finale Draws Huge Ratings

The Express-Times 2/19/03 Bachelor's choice seen as surprise

Lambertville Beacon 2/19/03 City woman chosen by 'Joe Millionaire'

The Trentonian 2/19/03 Zany For Zora: But where has she gone?

Lambertville Beacon 2/19/03 Media descends on Zora’s Lambertville

Star Tribune 2/29/03 Forget Joe, Melissa says, what about the jewels?

USA Today 2/19/03 For Fox, 'Joe Millionaire' breaks the ratings bank

Reality TV Hall of Shame 2/19/03 Heidi from ‘JM’ Makes It Even Worse for Herself

BBC 2/19/03 Joe Millionaire set for comeback

NY Daily News 2/19/03 'Joe,' Zora miles apart

NY Times 2/19/03 'Joe Millionaire' Is Fox's Biggest Hit

NY Daily News 2/19/03 Set for a 'Joe'-less existence

NY Daily News 2/19/03 Viewers fall hard for a not-so-ordinary 'Joe'

NY Daily News 2/19/03 'Millionaire' was low-rent, but who cared?

Fans of Reality TV 2/18/03 The Finale Recap, "Twists and Turns"

Extra 2/18/03 'Joe Millionaire' Finale

TV Rules 2/18/03 Joe Millionaire, The Happy Ending

San Diego Tribune 2/18/03 'Joe Millionaire' brings ratings bonanza to Fox

The Salon 2/18/03 I want my two hours back

The Oregonian 2/18/03 Phony tycoon gets The Good Girl-and a sack of gold

Fans of Reality TV 2/18/03 Bambi's Diary, Last Entry: "The Final Choice!"

The Trades 2/18/03 Joe Millionaire

Zap2It 2/18/03 Dueling Jackson Specials No Match for 'Joe'

Reality News Online 2/18/03 Ep 7, Part 2: In With a Bang, Out With a Whimper

Media Fiends 2/18/03 - Joe Milionaire Finale

Reality News Online 2/18/03 Ep 7, Part 1: The Women Speak Out

Elites TV 2/18/03 Zora! Zora! Zora!

E!Online 2/18/03 "Joe Millionaire" Ditches Gold-Digger

Toronto Star 2/18/03 Joe gets the girl and the bucks. The end.

The Times 2/18/03 `Joe Millionaire' picks local girl

Philadelphia Daily News 2/18/03  Zora makes mark on Evan

The Trentonian 2/18/03 Joe’$ Jer$ey Girl

Philadelphia Daily News 2/18/03 'Joe Millionaire' on a shoestring

Dallas Morning News 2/18/03 'Joe Millionaire' does the twist

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 2/18/03 'Joe M.' finale drags to climax

Detroit Free Press 2/18/03 'Joe Millionaire' picks teacher for his mate

Pioneer Press 2/18/03 Finale for 'Joe Millionaire'? Hardly

St Petersburg Times 2/18/03 And Joe Millionaire selects ... Zora

BBC 2/18/03 TV's Joe Millionaire picks his lady

Star-Telegram 2/18/03 No shocker: 'Millionaire' is average Joe

Mercury News 2/18/03  Fan favorite wins prize on `Millionaire'

Ananova 2/18/03 Joe Millionaire winner revealed

USA Today 2/18/03 'Joe' sums it up: Evan, Zora and $1 million

NY Daily News 2/18/03 A million-dollar ending

CBS News 2/18/03 It's Zora For Average 'Joe'

NY Daily News 2/18/03 Long wait, but worth it

Zap2It 2/18/03 Joe M Chooses Zora, Refuses To Be Tickle-Me-Evan

Washington Post 2/18/03 Millionaire Or Not, 'Joe' Still Gets His Girl

USA Today 2/17/03 'Joe' sums it up: Evan, Zora and $1 million

TV Rules 2/17/03 Joe Millionaire: Once Upon a Time...Happily Ever After.. 2/17/03 Evan picks Zora, but fireworks lacking

Milwaukee Journal 2/17/03 'Joe Millionaire' finale drags to climax

Extra TV 2/17/03 'Joe Millionaire'

The Express Times 2/17/03 Finalist is 'happy' with reality show

The Express Times 2/17/03 Lambertville rooting for hometown celebrity

The Trentonian 2/17/03 Ready for a shocker on ‘Joe Millionaire’?

The Trentonian 2/17/03 The Winner Is ...

Philadelphia Inquirer 2/17/03 'Joe' may end like fairy tale

Salt Lake Tribune 2/17/03 'Joe Millionaire' Finale Promises Amusement

Contra Costa Times 2/17/03 Will Joe make us twist and shout tonight?

Daily Camera 2/17/03 Boulder High grad vies for 'Millionaire'

Seattle Post 2/17/03 Poor Joe has a big fan in supermodel Bush

Globe and Mail 2/17/03 Will Joe really give us a twist?

Deseret News 2/17/03 Fox lies about 'Millionaire'

San Francisco Chronicle 2/17/03 Caught in a lie, and loving it

NY Daily News 2/17/03 Dear Joe: Thanks a million

USA Today 2/17/03 Evan, Trista about to go separate ways

Dallas Morning News 2/17/03 Plastic hearts & flowers

USA Today 2/17/03 'Joe' making most of his 15 ticks

Pittsburgh Tribune 2/16/03 Fifty ways to end Joe Millionaire

Reality News Online 2/16/03 A Reality TV Addiction

Star-Ledger 2/15/03 In Lambertville with 'Joe Millionaire's' girl next door

Television Without Pity 2/14/03 Filler Necklace

Philadelphia Inquirer 2/14/03 Why is 'Joe' parading around without Zora?

Manly Thoughts 2/14/03 JM Pseudo-Episode 6: Taking the Viewers for Granted

Reality TV Planet 2/13/03 Possibilities for the Twist

NY Daily News 2/12/03 No end of gripes for 'Joe'

USA Today 2/11/03 'Joe' cliffhanger gets ratings, complaints

Fans of Reality TV 2/11/03 Bambi's Diary #6, Down to the Wire

Fans of Reality TV 2/11/03 "Episode" 6, An Hour of My life I'll Never Get Back

TV Rules 2/11/03 Joe Millionaire, What A Fairy Tale

The Oregonian 2/11/03 Who wants to watch 'Joe Millionaire'?

The Trentonian 2/11/03 Diamonds & Trust: No winners on Joe Dough this week

The Slate 2/11/03  I don't know from gnocchi either, and I love Joe

Zap2It 2/11/03 FOX's Cup of 'Joe' Wins Monday

Elites TV 2/11/03 FOX S..t..r..e..t..c..h..e..s Out Joe Millionaire Finale!

The Slate 2/11/03 10 reasons ... Joe Millionaire isn't my dream date

Philadelphia Daily News 2/11/03 'Joe' didn't make up his mind

Reality News Online 2/11/03 Episode 6: Used Like a Cheap Whore

TV Rules 2/11/03 Joe Millionaire - The Flashback Joke

Zap2It 2/11/03 'Joe Millionaire': It's Going to End in Tears

National Post 2/10/03 Will it end in tears? Or hoofed gonads?

Media Fiends 2/10/03 - 2.10.03 Joe Millionaire

Extra 2/10/03 'Joe Millionaire'

Media Fiends 2/10/03 - 2.10.03 Joe Millionaire

The Trentonian 2/10/03 After tonight Zora could be ‘the one’

Plain Dealer 2/10/03 Truth is, poor Joe Millionaire' is the real deal..or so he says

TV Guide 2/10/03 Millionaire's "Mercenary" Mistress Speaks!

Beacon Journal 2/10/03 This reality show much funnier than fiction

Globe and Mail 2/10/03 Hey Joes and Janes, how's your brains?

National Post 2/7/03 Joe Millionaire's reality is swiftly approaching

National Review Online 2/7/03 More Wrestling Than Dancing

PC Magazine 2/7/03 Reality TV and the Public Trust

TV Guide 2/7/03 Joe Millionaire's Unhappy Ending

TV Guide 2/6/03 Tool Time for Joe Millionaire

Manly Thoughts 2/6/03 Episode 5: Evan Gets Distracted

Zap2It 2/5/03 Find Out If It's for Love or Money on the 2-Hour Season Finale of Joe Millionaire

Media Fiends 2/5/03 - 2.3.03 Joe Millionaire

San Francisco Chronicle 2/5/03 Spanking Joe Millionaire

New York Daily News 2/5/03 Bound to be a winner

Dallas Morning News 2/5/03 Fox now rules roost in battle for ratings

Television Without Pity 2/5/02 Diamond Necklace

NY Observer 2/5/03 Fox TV’s Volpone In a Hard Hat: Joe Millionaire

Star Tribune 2/5/03 Hey, Melissa, take a grammar lesson before coming back to 'Joe Millionaire'

The Oregonian 2/4/03 Who wants to watch 'Joe Millionaire'?

National Post 2/4/03 Even a penniless schmo should know better

Elites TV 2/4/03 Melissa Misses!

Extra TV 2/4/03 'Joe Millionaire'

Fans of Reality TV 2/4/03 Episode 5, Leaving on a Jet Plane

The Trades 2/4/03 Joe Millionaire Episode 5

Reality News Online 2/4/03 Joe Millionaire, Episode 5: Breasts and Evil Stepsisters

TV Rules 2/4/03 Joe Millionaire Summary 2/3

Fans of Reality TV 2/4/03 Bambi's Diary #5, A Pendant is a Necklace, Right?

Zap2It 2/4/03 She's a Ho, 'Joe'

Star Tribune 2/4/03 'Millionaire' gives Melissa the boot 2/4/03 Zora draws closer to faux 'Joe'

Extra TV 2/3/03 'Joe Millionaire'

Trentonian 2/3/03 Is Zora the one with big bucks?

Salon 2/3/03 Sarah's dirty feat

NY Daily News 2/3/03 Resume time for Fox's Joe

Gainesville Sun 2/3/03 'Joe Millionaire' Ponders Future in TV

Star Tribune 2/3/03 Metro's 'Joe Millionaire' girl serves me a mean Shirley Temple

Wichita Eagle 2/3/03 Mrs. Millionaire?

KPTV 2/3/03 Joe Millionaire reveals all February 17

Inside VC 2/2/03 For 'Joe,' it's just a dumb perception

Manly Thoughts 2/2/03 Episode 4: Slurp Slurp - Evan Does Disney

Ventura County Star 2/2/03 For 'Joe,' it's just a dumb perception

Zap2It 2/1/03 'Millionaire' Mom Okay with 'Silly' Bondage Films

Miami Herald 2/1/03 Psst! Chat rooms screen 'Joe' and his women

Pittsburgh Tribune Review 2/1/03 Contestant finds no restraints on hype

Tribune Review 1/31/03 'Joe Millionaire' finalist is Hempfield grad

Extra TV 1/31/03 'Joe Millionaire'

The Trentonian 1/31/03 Zora The Bore?

Seattle PI 1/31/03 Show-it-off Joe could get in a bind with Sarah

Media Fiends 1/31/03 - "Joe Millionaire" & Family on 'The Pulse'

Reality News Online 1/31/03 Fox’s ‘The Pulse’ Talks to Joe Millionaire and His Parents

E!Online 1/31/03 Joe's "Dirty Soled" Girl Comes Clean

Louisville Channel 1/30/03 'Millionaire's' Sarah Defends Bondage Movie Past

Washington Post 1/30/03 A 'Joe Millionaire' Contestant Who Knows the Ropes

Philadelphia Daily News 1/30/03 'Millionaire' finalist has local ties

Reality News Online 1/30/03 Joe Millionaire: I Want More-A Zora

NY Daily News 1/30/03 Sarah hoped to go from gags to riches

Television Without Pity 1/29/03 Ruby Necklace

Reality News Online 1/29/03 'Joe'’s Sarah Revealed as Kinky Film Star

Smoking Gun 1/29/03 Bound For Victory?

Star Tribune 1/29/03 Our metro girl on 'JM is allergic to cooking

The Trades 1/29/03 Joe Millionaire

National Post 1/29/03 Sure, you can put her in the Bachelor's shoes ...

The Age 1/29/03 Hogan, not Hoges, a ratings winner for Murdoch

NY Daily News 1/29/03 On 'Joe,' it's now a 3-for-all

USA Today 1/29/03 Secret of Joe's success: Big ratings

Reality News Online 1/29/03 Episode 4: Mojo Go-Goes Bye-Bye

Elites TV 1/28/03 MoJo is a no go!

Fans of Reality TV 1/28/03 Episode 4, I got a ruby! Na-na-na-naaaa-na!

TV Rules 1/28/03 Joe Millionaire Ep 4:Close your mouth, you're drooling

Extra 1/28/03 'Joe Millionaire'

Fans of Reality TV 1/28/03 Bambi's Diary #4, There's no place like the chateau

Media Fiends 1/28/03 - 1.27.03 Joe Millionaire

Media Fiends 1/28/03 MoJo on FOX Morning News

Hollywood Reporter 1/28/03 'Millionaire' still butters Fox's bread Monday

The Trentonian 1/28/03 Zora Fever!

Extra 1/27/03 'Joe Millionaire'

Lansing State Journal 1/27/03 The look that's worth a 'Joe Million' bucks

Deseret News 1/27/03 Hey, everybody lies on 'Joe'

Chicago Sun-Times 1/27/03 Are we hearing 'Joe's' true story?

Manly Thoughts 1/26/03 Episode 3: The many shades of Evan

Elites TV 1/25/03 Caffeine Addiction - Just Another Cup Of Joe

Television Without Pity 1/24/03 Emerald Necklace

The Mercury News 1/24/03 The prince's white steed always comes up lame

Media Fiends 1/23/03 - 1.20.03 Joe Millionaire

The Trades 1/22/03 Joe Millionaire

Daily Freeman 1/22/03 Saugerties native eliminated from 'Joe Millionaire'

Zap2It 1/22/03 'Joe Millionaire' Was Once Joe Pro Wrestler

NY Daily News 1/22/03 Ratings for 'Joe' don't lie

Fans of Reality TV 1/21/03 Episode 3, Did you get free soup with that hat?

TV Rules 1/21/03 Joe Millionaire - Taking on Paris

Extra 1/21/03 'Joe Millionaire'

Fans of Reality TV 1/21/03 Bambi's Diary #3, An American In Paris

The Oregonian 1/21/03 Who wants to watch 'Joe Millionaire'

Reality News Online 1/21/03 Episode 3: When the Truth Hurts

NY Daily News 1/21/03 Greedy? Say it ain't so, 'Joe'

Houston Chronicle 1/20/03 Reality show 'millionaire' talks about life as a regular Joe

Washington Post 1/20/03 Don't Cry for the Misled Misses of 'Millionaire'

The Globe and Mail 1/20/03 Better value in person

Post Gazette 1/20/03 With 'Joe Millionaire' ratings high, Fox thinks itself not so dumb

USA Today 1/20/03 Just don't treat him like 'Joe' Schmo

The Oregonian 1/20/03 Fox hopes jubilation for 'Joe' will carry over to 3 new comedies

Zap2It 1/19/03 Is 'Joe' Really Faux?

The Trentonian 1/19/03 Zora making big impression

Dallas Morning News 1/19/03 Joe is rolling in fame

The Age 1/19/03 A triumph of lust, greed and voyeurism

Milwaukee Journal 1/18/03 Is 'Joe Millionaire' loaded? That's rich, he says

Washington Post 1/18/03 'Joe Millionaire' TV Fib OK, Fox Says

Daily Freeman 1/17/03 Saugerties native among 5 finalists on 'Joe Millionaire'

Reality TV Hall of Shame 1/17/03 Acting Like a Two-Year-Old: Heidi of ‘Joe Millionaire’

BBC 1/17/03 Women's group attacks reality show

Television Without Pity 1/17/03 Sapphire Necklace

Manly Thoughts 1/16/03 Joe Millionaire Episode 2: Shoveling the Schtick

Tee Vee 1/16/03 Say It Ain't So, Joe Millionaire

Reality News Online 1/16/03 Joe Nineteen-Thousandaire

Washington Post 1/16/03 Truth and Booty

NY Daily News 1/16/03 Host: 'Millionaire' gals are not 'gold diggers'

The Trentonian 1/15/03 Zora hangs tough on ‘Joe Dough’

NY Daily News 1/15/03 For young, single types, 'Joe' is the catty's meow

Milwaukee Journal 1/14/03 Joe viewers tune in for more 'Millionaire'

Fans of Reality TV 1/14/03 Bambi's Diary #2, "Cinderella, For Sure!"

Fans of Reality TV 1/14/02 Episode 2, "Couldn't find that bag fast enough"

The Oregonian 1/14/03 Who wants to watch 'Joe Millionaire'

Reality News Online 1/14/03 Missing Charity and Spoiling the Viewer Romance?

The Trades 1/14/03 Joe Millionaire

Reality News Online 1/14/03 Episode 2: Bitchslapped, Shellshocked, and Totally Dissed

Media Fiends 1/14/03 - 1.13.03 Joe Millionaire

Reality News Online 1/14/03 Joe Millionaire’s Evan Marriott: Professional Wrestler?

TV Rules 1/13/03 Joe Millionnaire - Then there were 5

Ventura County Star 1/13/03 Ah, sweet revenge, thy name is 'Joe Millionaire'

Media Life 1/13/03 Better we call him 'Joe Hollywood'

USA Today 1/13/03 Dumb and dumber love

NY Daily News 1/13/03 To serve and protect

Chicago Sun-Times 1/13/03 A cup of Joes

New York Daily News 1/12/03 A regular guy? Oh, that's rich 1/12/03 Joe Millionaire: The Butler Did It

Reality News Online 1/12/03 Joe Millionaire: A New Favorite Show 1/12/03 Katy: Jilted Joe Millionaire Suitor

WSET 13 1/11/03 Joe Millionaire Hargrave Alumni 1/11/03 Fox TV Reality Show Elevates Liars And Gold Diggers

Toronto Star 1/11/03 Who wants to beat up a millionaire?

Dallas Morning News 1/11/03 Love, reality style

Newsweek 1/11/03 Getting to Know ‘Joe’

Asheville Times 1/10/03 Local cousin of `millionaire' bachelor says Evan is just your average `Joe'

Television Without Pity 1/10/03 The Butler Did It

Christian Science Moniter 1/10/03 Singles weigh in on 'Millionaire,' 'Bachelorette'

Extra TV 1/10/03 'Joe Millionaire'

Reality News Online 1/9/03 Did the ‘Joe Millionaire’ Women Know About the Money Ahead of Time?

Manly Thoughts 1/9/03 Episode 1: I just want someone to like me for me

Oregon Daily Emerald 'Joe Millionaire' oozes 'absurdity,' 'skullduggery'

The Oregonian 1/8/03 Turning the appetite for love into blood sport

NY Times 1/8/03 Ersatz Eligible 'Joe Millionaire' Gives Fox a Needed Ratings Hit

Washington Post 1/8/03 'Joe Millionaire': Not Worth a Plugged Nickel

NY Daily News 1/8/03 No ordinary 'Joe' for Fox

Reality News Online 1/8/03 In Defense of Women Who Seek Out Their Prince Charming

Zap2It 1/7/03 'Joe Millionaire' Debut Cashes In; WB's 'Reunion' Also Scores

American Prospect 1/7/02 Scary Tale

Fans of Reality TV 1/7/03 Episode 1 Recap, "Hi Ho Silver... Away!"

Extra TV 1/7/03 'Joe Millionaire'

Fans of Reality TV 1/7/03 Bambi's Diary #1, "Meeting the Sugar Daddy"

Reality News Online 1/7/03 Joe Millionaire, Episode 1: Enter the Gold Diggers

The Trades 1/7/03 Telly Vision: Joe Millionaire

St Petersburg Times 1/7/03 Surprisingly boring

Star Telegram 1/7/03 Fox's 'Joe Millionaire' series pretty much bankrupt rip-off

Media Fiends 1/7/03 1/6/03 Joe Millionaire

Denver Post 1/7/03 Boulder grad vies for ‘Joe

Macon Telegraph 1/7/03 Macon woman eliminated from reality show

NY Daily News 1/7/03 That's rich: Fox fakery deceptively appealing

TV Rules 1/6/03 Joe Millionnaire - Let the Fairytale Begin

TV Rules 1/6/03 Meet The Girls Of Joe Millionaire

TV Rules 1/6/03 Joe Millionaire: Ratings Feast Or Famine?

The Smoking Gun 1/6/03 Joe Millionaire 

Reality News Online 1/6/03 RNO Roundtable: Is ‘Joe Millionaire’ Fair to the Women?

Chicago Sun-Times 1/6/03 Looking for love in all the wrong places

Mobile Register 1/6/03 'Joe Millionaire' debuts on Fox

Minneapolis Star Tribune 1/3/03 C.J.: Is a Minnesotan hustling 'Joe Millionaire'?

Fans of Reality TV 1/3/03 Joe Millionaire Preview

The Globe and Mail 1/3/03 Love & money

The Smoking Gun 1/2/03 Joe Millionaire 

Zap2It 1/2/03 'Joe Millionaire' a Toll Dodger

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Press Release 7/18/02 The Big Choice Casting Call


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