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News Articles about FOX Networks Joe Millionaire show


Reality TV World 11/27/03 The Next Joe Millionaire - Episode 9 summary

Fans Of Reality TV 11/25/03 JM2 Finale: Don't Bet the Ranch There'll Be A Joe Three

Crazy4RealityTV Magazine 11/25/03 Melissa Jo "MOJO" Hunter Interview

The Trades 11/25/03 The Real Thang- The Next Joe Millionaire - Season Finale

Reality TV World 11/25/03 Cowboy David Smith picks Linda, wins ranch as 'Joe Millionaire' wraps up

Reality News Online 11/25/03 The Next Joe Millionaire Finale: Off into the Sunset

TV Lovequest 11/25/03 Insights regarding the main characters.

NY Daily News 11/25/03 David picks Linda on 'Joe Millionaire'

Zap2It 11/25/03 Clueless 'Joe' Gets His Wishy-Washy Gal

Reality TV World 11/24/03 Fox chief says network decision to make 2nd 'JM' was "greedy"

NY Times 11/24/03 Fox Chief Says Second 'Joe' Was Greedy

Hartford Courant 11/24/03 Enough Already Of `Millionaire;' Another Twist On `Average Joe'

Star Ledger 11/24/03 Why 'Joe' flopped

Television Without Pity 11/23/03 Aquamarine Necklace And Diamond Bracelet

San Angelo Standard-Times 11/21/03 West Texas rodeo performer is 'Joe Millionaire' 11/21/03 Joe Millionaire's Zora... and  Becomes NutriSystem Spokesperson

Reality TV World 11/20/03 The Next Joe Millionaire - Episode 7 summary

Reality TV World 11/20/03 The Next Joe Millionaire - Episode 8 summary

Fans Of Reality TV 11/19/03 JM2 Episode 8: And Linda Makes Three

Fans of Reality TV 11/19/03 I'm Lying Here ... With Linda On My Mind

Reality News Online 11/19/03 The Next Joe Millionaire, Episode 6, Part 2: Linda’s Return

Elites TV 11/18/03 Joe Millionaire’s Twist

The Trades 11/18/03 The Real Thang -The Next Joe Millionaire - Episodes 7 & 8

TV Lovequest 11/18/03 Insights regarding the main characters.

Reality News Online 11/18/03 Episode 6, Part 1: Some Fancy Brand of Flip Flops

TVRules 11/17/03 Joe Millionaire:11/17- 9:00 Episode Summary

TVRules 11/17/03 Joe Millionaire:11/17- 8:00 Episode Summary

Television Without Pity 11/16/03 Ruby And Diamond Necklaces, Again

Reality TV World 11/14/03 Back-to-back episodes of 'Joe Millionaire' continue to flounder for Fox

Fans Of Reality TV 11/13/03 Episode 6: A Bitter Swede Farewell.

Fans Of Reality TV 11/13/03 The Best Little Reality TV Show (With A Texan).

Reality TV World 11/12/03 The Next Joe Millionaire - Episode 6 summary

Reality TV World 11/12/03 The Next Joe Millionaire - Episode 5 summary

Reality News Online 11/12/03 The Next Joe Millionaire, Episode 5, Part 2: Cat Fight

The Trades 11/11/03 The Real Thang -The Next Joe Millionaire - Episodes 5&6

Reality News Online 11/11/03 Episode 5, Part 1: Like a Rat, But Much Nicer

TV Lovequest 11/11/03 Insights regarding the main characters.

TV Rules 11/10/03 Joe Millionaire: 11/10-9:00 Episode Summary

TVRules 11/10/03 Joe Millionaire:11/10- 8:00 Episode Summary

Reality TV World 11/10/03 Is 'Joe Millionaire' David Smith REALLY poor?

Dallas Morning News 11/10/03 Bobbing for bachelors

Television Without Pity 11/9/03 Emerald Necklace, Again

TVRules 11/7/03 Fox Burning Off Joe Millionaire Episodes

Reality TV World 11/6/03 The Next Joe Millionaire - Episode 4 summary

Fans of Reality TV 11/6/03 I'm Not This Gucci Boy, I'm a Cowboy!

Reality News Online 11/5/03 ‘Next Joe Millionaire’ Changes Its Schedule Yet Again

Reality News Online 11/5/03 Viewers Say Average Joes Better than a Millionaire Joe

Reality News Online 11/5/03 The Next Joe Millionaire, Episode 4: Ciao, Linda

Reality TV World 11/4/03 FOX revises 'JM' schedule, back-to-back episodes to air on Mondays

The Trades 11/4/03 The Real Thang- The Next Joe Millionaire: Episode 4

TV Lovequest 11/4/03 Insights regarding the main characters.

TVRules 11/3/03 Joe Millionaire: FOX Nixes Tuesday Night Showings

Reality TV World 11/3/03 Fox shifts 'The Next Joe Millionaire' to Monday night....

Reality Reel 11/2/03 Joe Boringnair?

Fans Of Reality TV 11/1/03 Like Kicking a Buddy Out of My Truck

Elites TV 10/31/03 Searching for Love or Just Weeding Out the Gold Diggers?

Reality News Online 10/31/03 ‘Next Joe Millionaire’ Pulled from Tuesdays

Reality TV World 10/31/03 'The Next Joe Millionaire' bombs on back-to-back nights

Zap2It 10/31/03 Fox Cuts 'Joe Millionaire' Losses

Washington Post 10/31/03 A Little Less 'Joe Millionaire' to Love

Reality TV World 10/30/03 The Next Joe Millionaire - Episode 3 summary 10/30/03 - Planes, Trains and Bicycles

Reality TV World 10/30/03 The Next Joe Millionaire - Episode 2 summary

Reality News Online 10/30/03 ‘Next Joe Millionaire’ Viewership Continues to Slide

Reality News Online 10/30/03 The Next Joe Millionaire, Episode 3: It’s So American

The Gate 10/29/03 The Scoop: "Joe Millionaire"

Reality News Online 10/29/03 ‘Next Joe Millionaire’ Ratings Down for Second Straight Week

The Trades 10/29/03 The Real Thang -The Next Joe Millionaire - Episodes 2 and 3

NY Daily News 10/29/03 'Next Joe Millionaire' is foreign to viewers

TV Lovequest 10/29/03 Insights regarding the main characters.

Elites TV 10/29/03 Premature Elimination?

The Gate 10/29/03 The Scoop: "Joe Millionaire"

Hollywood Reporter 10/29/03 Demo yawn for 'Skin,' 'Joe'

TVRules 10/28/03 Joe Millionaire Summary: Shall We Dance? 10/28/03 - Getting to Know You

Fans of Reality TV 10/28/03 Of Course My Horse Can Fly

Reality News Online 10/28/03 The Next Joe Millionaire, Episode 2: An Abundance of Riches

Zap2It 10/28/03 'Joe' Bestows 11 Pearl Necklaces

Hernando Today 10/28/03 The economic wisdom of Joe Millionaire

Fans Of Reality TV 10/27/03 A Real Live American Cowboy 10/27/03 - From Grits to Polenta

Tufts Daily 10/27/03 This time, it's an international affair

USA Today 10/27/03 Could it be the end of the trail for 'Joe' and his ilk?

ET Online 10/27/03 Round 2 of 'Joe Millionaire'

Mobile Register 10/27/03 Next Joe' tanks, new Joe' looms

Television Without Pity 10/26/03 Meet David Smith

Elites TV 10/24/03 Where Nice Guys Get Washed Away with the Snow and the Rain

Reality News Online 10/23/03 Why Are Ratings Low for a Second ‘Joe’?

Elites TV 10/23/03 Joe Millionaire 2: Is the Scene Set For Failure?

Reality TV World 10/23/03 The Next Joe Millionaire - Episode 1 summary

Reality News Online 10/23/03 Can The Next Joe Millionaire Pull It Off? 10/22/03 Battle of the Joes 10/22/03 New 'Joe Millionaire' stuns Fox with its clunker debut

Zap2It 10/22/03 'Millionaire' Fails to Find Love, Viewers Shun 'Skin'

USA Today 10/21/03 'Next Joe Millionaire' gets bargain-basement ratings

E!Online 10/21/03 "Joe Millionaire" Goes Bust

Reality TV World 10/21/03 'The Next Joe Millionaire' tanks in the ratings, places fifth in timeslot

TVRules 10/21/03 The Next Joe Millionaire: Meet the Ladies

TVRules 10/21/03 Joe Millionaire: Joe Left At The Starting Gate

The Trades 10/21/03 The Real Thang- Episode 1: Cowboy up!

TV Lovequest 10/21/03 Insights regarding the main characters.

Dallas Morning News 10/21/03 Bellville cowboy looks queasy on 'Next Joe Millionaire'

ET Online 10/21/03 'Joe Millionaire': The Morning After

Zap2It 10/21/03 'Joe' Makes Hay with Hurricane

Media Life 10/20/03 Expect a poorer 'Joe Millionaire'

Salt Lake Tribune 10/20/03 'Next Joe Millionaire' hinges on gaining the trust of its audience 10/20/03 The real 'Millionaire' man the show's butler, Paul Hogan

Orlando Sentinel 10/20/03 'Joe Millionaire' rides again

Reality News Online 10/20/03 Are You Ready for ‘The Next Joe Millionaire’?

Houston Chronicle 10/20/03 New 'Millionaire' just your average Bellville cowboy

Boston Herald 10/20/03 Bull: Fox rustles up another phony for `The Next Joe Millionaire'

Newsday 10/20/03 Fox Banks on 'Joe's' Millions

Seattle Times 10/20/03 Will this 'Joe Millionaire' be Fox's next big power hitter?

ET Online 10/20/03 Joe Meets Joe!

Beacon Journal 10/19/03 New 'Joe' saddles up; butler back

Inside VC 10/19/03 From the rodeo to love

Zap2It 10/18/03 'Joe Millionaire' Hits the International Dating Market

Fox News 10/17/03 'The Next Joe Millionaire' Just a Down-Home Cowboy

TVRules 10/17/03 The Next Joe Millionaire: An International Affair

Knox News 10/17/03 Getting to know Joe Millionaire

Knox News 10/17/03 International male

USA Today 10/17/03 'Joe Millionaire' moseys on over to Italy

Seattle PI 10/17/03 Fox bets 'Joe Millionaire' fills the post-playoff viewer void

Elites TV 10/16/03 The Next Joe Millionaire: Saddling Up for another Adventure in Deception

People 10/15/03 The New Joe Goes Euro

Extra 10/15/03 'Joe Millionaire'

NY Daily News 10/15/03 The new Joe Millionaire

Chicago Sun-Times 10/15/03 Who's worried about 'Joe'? We, we are

Reality TV World 10/11/03 Fox releases names and photos of the women on 'The Next Joe Millionaire'

Extra TV 10/8/03 'Joe Millionaire'

Newsday 10/5/03 From the Rodeo Ring To Fox's Stable

Reporter News 10/2/03 The next Joe Millionaire once pitched for McMurry

TVRules 10/1/03 The Next Joe Millionaire Takes the World By the Horns

Reality News Online 9/29/03 Joe Millionaire Sequel Fools International Women

Zap2It 9/26/03 'Joe Millionaire' Takes Deceit Global

Reality TV World 9/26/03 Fox confirms rodeo cowboy David Smith is the star of the next 'JM'

TV Barn 9/25/03 Fox PR: "The Next Joe Millionaire" 9/25/03 Broke cowboy is new 'Joe Millionaire'

Reality Reel 9/23/03 The "Twist" For Joe Millionaire 2 Revealed

Reality TV World 9/23/03 Has the identity of Fox's next 'Joe Millionaire' been uncovered?

Miami Herald 9/11/03 'Joe Millionaire 2' Promo to Be Aired

Reality TV World 9/10/03 FOX to reveal the next 'Joe Millionaire' during sneak peak trailer 9/19

Reality TV World 9/5/03 Fox's 'Joe Millionaire 2' may feature women from overseas

Digital Spy 9/5/03 'Joe Millionaire' goes twice weekly

Zap2It 9/4/03 Fox Doubles Up on 'Joe Millionaire'

Reality TV World 9/4/03 FOX announces full 'Joe Millionaire 2' airing schedule, ...

NY Daily News 9/4/03 'Joe Millionaire' has double vision

TV Barn 9/3/03 How Could We Do It Again?

Extra TV 8/18/03 Evan Marriott

Deseret News 8/5/03 Fox keeping quiet about second 'Joe'

Teen Hollywood 7/31/03 'Joe Millionaire' Blows His Cool

Reality TV World 7/25/03 'Joe Millionaire 2' to premiere on October 20 on FOX

Reality TV World 7/24/03 Butler Paul Hogan returns for Fox's 'JM 2'; other plans secret

Dallas Morning News 7/21/03 Uncle Barky's Hollywood Stories: Chapter 3

The Oregonian 7/19/03 Why is mainstream TV's most creative network resorting to "JM II"?

Zap2It 7/18/03 Even on the Homefront, Kelley Battles Reality TV

Zap2It 7/17/03 Marriott, De La Hoya, Lewis Provide 'Simpsons' Voices

Reality TV World 7/17/03 'JM' star Evan Marriott gets Oscar -- the role, not the award

Zap2It 7/16/03 Evan Marriott Captures Oscar

Brampton Guardian 7/11/03 Brampton's Birdcage snags Joe Millionaire

National Enquirer 7/10/03 'Joe Millionaire' Runner-Up: 'I Was Really There for the Free Trip' 6/30/03 Mojo's 'Millionaire' loss didn't hurt

Reality TV World 6/19/03 Evan Marriott suggests producers "fixed" Zora Andrich as the winner

Zap2It 6/19/03 Hogan to Make Daytime Butling Cameo

Toronto Star 6/8/03 He's no Joe Nobody ... yet

Toronto Sun 6/8/03 He's a genuine Joe 6/3/03 Back to reality


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