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News Articles about MTV Networks Fraternity Life


KSBW Channel 9/18/03 MTV Show Based On UC Santa Cruz Fraternity Debuts

Reality News Online 9/18/03 Fraternity Life 2, Episode 1: Getting to Know You

Reality TV World 9/17/03 'Sorority Life' and 'Fraternity Life' premiering new seasons tonight

Reality TV World 6/17/03 'Fraternity Life' frat has "recognition" permanently revoked by university

Zap2It 6/17/03 UC-Santa Cruz Boots 'Fraternity Life' Chapter

Santa Cruz Sentinel 6/14/03 UCSC boots frat after pet-koi barbecue

UCSC 6/13/03 UCSC revokes fraternity's recognition over fish incident

Reality TV World 6/11/03 MTV's 'Fraternity Life' in trouble with the law again

UCSC 6/9/03 Campus outcry follows MTV shoot 6/8/03 - Fraternity Life: Season 1 Finale

Santa Cruz Sentinel 6/8/03 Protest staged at fraternity

Zap2It 6/8/03 Something's Fishy with MTV's Next 'Fraternity Life' House

Santa Cruz Sentinel 6/7/03 Frat members face charges for killing fish

Television Without Pity 6/6/03 My Big Fat Greek Initiation

Santa Cruz Sentinel 6/4/03 Frat members kill pet koi 6/1/03 Fraternity Life: Episode 12 (5/21/2003)

Santa Cruz Sentinel 5/29/03 MTV copter broke no rules, FAA says

Television Without Pity 5/24/03 ...Welcome To Hell, Part II

NY Times 5/18/03 Can 'Reality TV' Be Translated to Greek? 5/18/03 Fraternity Life: Episode 10 (5/7/2003)

Television Without Pity 5/17/03 Earl Interrupted: Welcome To Hell, Part I

Journal News 5/16/03 Yonkers company severs ties to MTV reality shows

Television Without Pity 5/10/03 Table For Six

Daily Illini 5/9/03 MTV shows draw flak; University greeks happy 5/4/03 Fraternity Life: Episode 9 (4/30/2003) 5/4/03 Fraternity Life: Episode 8 (4/23/2003)

Television Without Pity 5/3/03 She Ain't Heavy, She's My Stalker

Zap2It 5/2/03 Greek is Still the Word for MTV

Santa Cruz Sentinel 4/27/03 UCSC fraternity gets an MTV life

Television Without Pity 4/27/03 Northern Exposure 4/20/03 Fraternity Life: Episode 7 (4/16/2003)

Television Without Pity 4/19/03 Boys On The Slide

Salon 4/17/03 "The Real World," with beer bongs

Santa Cruz Sentinel 4/15/03 MTV scouting UCSC frat for reality series 4/15/03 - Fraternity Life: Episode 6 (4/9/2003)

Television Without Pity 4/12/03 Earl's Gone Wild

Buffalo News 4/10/03 3 UB students arraigned in zoo break-in prank 4/6/03 Fraternity Life: Episode 5 (4/2/2003)

Television Without Pity 4/3/03 Prank Wankers 3/29/03 Fraternity Life: Episode 4 (3/26/2003)

Television Without Pity 3/28/03 How Alex Got His Groove Back

Zap2It 3/28/03 Zoo Not Monkeying Around with 'Frat Life' Pledges

WSTM 3/27/03 Fraternity Zoo Prank Investigation

Buffalo News 3/20/03 Fraternity featured on MTV suspected in hazing

Northern Star Online 3/20/03 Being Greek: Not how it looks on MTV 3/15/03 Fraternity Life: Episode 3 (3/12/2003)

Television Without Pity 3/13/03 Line Me Up, Line Me Down

Reality News Online 3/8/03 Episode 2: Pledges Come and Pledges Go

Television Without Pity 3/7/03 The Frat and the Furious

Media Fiends 3/6/03 Fraternity Life: Episode 2

Television Without Pity 2/28/03 Rush Week

Reality News Online 2/28/03 Fraternity Life, Episode 1: The Rush is On

Media Fiends 2/27/03 - 2.26.03 Fraternity Life

LA Times 2/26/03 MTV gives it the old college try

Television Without Pity 2/24/03 Meet The Greeks

Reality News Online 2/24/03 Sorority Life 2 / Fraternity Life: Meet the Greeks

Zap2It 2/6/03 It's All Greek to MTV

Buffalo News 8/24/02 UB students will star in two MTV series


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