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About the Fraternity Life Show

On this MTV show cameras will be in Buffalo, NY to follow the Sigma Chi Omega fraternity. On the second season the cameras will be in Santa Cruz, California to follow the Delta Omega Chi fraternity.

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News Articles about MTV Networks Fraternity Life


Mercury News 8/20/04 Service not carried out, fish thief goes to jail

Reality News Online 4/29/04 So What Ever Happened With the “Koi Fish Incident”?

Zap2It 4/19/04 'Fraternity Life' Fishnappers Sentenced

Santa Cruz Sentinel 4/17/04 Koi killers net probation

USA Today 4/17/04 Frat brothers avoid jail in MTV-taped killing of koi

Mercury News 4/17/04 Sentences in Santa Cruz fish prank

SF Gate 3/19/04 MTV tape helps convict fish thieves

Santa Cruz Sentinel 3/13/04 Ex-student pleads no contest in koi caper

Santa Cruz Sentinel 12/2/03 UC-Santa Cruz Won't Discipline Alleged Fish Griller

Reality News Online 11/24/03 Episode 10: Hell Week, Hell Night, Hell Day, oh What the Hell!

Reality News Online 11/17/03 Episode 9: How Many Pledges Can Depledge in a Half Hour?

Reality News Online 11/10/03 Fraternity Life 2, Episode 8: Dry Brownies and Wet Dreams

Reality Reel 11/4/03 Its A Hard Knock Life

Reality Reel 10/31/03 Fatal Attraction

Reality News Online 10/30/03 Fraternity Life 2, Episode 7: Eww, You NASTY!

Reality News Online 10/25/03 Fraternity Life 2, Episode 6: Sharie Is PSYCHO!

Reality Reel 10/21/03 Fights, threats, and a bag full of tightie whities

Reality News Online 10/17/03 Fraternity Life 2, Episode 5: Stolen Undies and a Tea Party

Reality Reel 10/15/03 Another one bites the dust

Reality News Online 10/10/03 Fraternity Life 2, Episode 4: Run Maggots, Run!

Reality Reel 10/8/03 Vegas Baby, Vegas :: Frat Life

Reality News Online 10/4/03 Fraternity Life 2, Episode 3: SHOTS!!

Reality Reel 10/1/03 These guys are cattier than the chics on Sorority Life!

Reality News Online 9/26/03 Fraternity Life 2, Episode 2: Shake My Hand!

Santa Cruz Sentinel 9/19/03 Frat’s MTV show hits


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