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News Articles about NBC Networks Fear Factor


SB Sun 2/25/04 Fear Factor

Fans Of Reality TV 2/25/04 Fear Factor "Plenty of Cheese" 02-23-04

Summit Daily News 2/24/04 Breck man wins "Fear Factor'

TVRules 2/23/04 Fear Factor: All Women Show 3/1

Statesman Journal 2/23/04 Salem man faces ‘Fear’ to find love

Star Telegram 2/21/04 The way to their stomachs is through their bankbook

Paintball Channel 2/20/04 Fear Factor looking for contestants

Times Picayune 2/19/04 We're fearless

Fans of Reality TV 2/19/04 Why Buy the Cow? 02/17 Recap

Twin Cities 2/18/04 'Fear Factor' helps NBC to solid week

TVRules 2/18/04 Fear Factor: Couples Part VII Finale Summary 2/16

TVRules 2/18/04 Fear Factor: Couples Part VI Summary 2/9

Miami Herald 2/18/04 'Fear Factor' Helps NBC to Solid Week

Fans of Reality TV 2/17/04 Couples - Finals (2/16 recap)

Reality TV World 2/17/04 'Couples Fear Factor' finale draws best 'Fear Factor' ratings ever

NBCMV 2/17/04 Growing 'Fear' Hits Another All-Time High

The Hawk Eye 2/17/04 Woman to compete on 'Fear Factor'

TVRules 2/16/04 Fear Factor: Another Four Stunt Show 2/23

NY Daily News 2/16/04 Grossly underrated

Palm Beach Post 2/12/04 Delray duo gross $20,000 in gross-out

TVRules 2/12/04 Fear Factor: Four Stunt Show 2/17

Fans of Reality TV 2/11/04 Couples, Round 5

NBCMV 2/10/04 'Fear' Is At An All-Time High

Go Erie 2/10/04 'Fear Factor' couple make final round

TVRules 2/9/04 Fear Factor: Couples Part VII Preview 2/16

TV Barn 2/9/04 No backend for reality TV? Think again: FX-"Fear" deal

TVRules 2/4/04 Fear Factor: Couples Part V Summary 2/2

Fans of Reality TV 2/3/04 "Couples - Round #4" (2-2-04 recap)

TV Barn 2/3/04 NBC PR: "Fear" is sucking "Idol" dry!!

TV Week 2/2/04 'Fear' Puts Viewers Closer to Reality

TVRules 2/2/04 Fear Factor: Couples Part VI Preview 2/9

Sun News 1/29/04 Fear is just not a factor for daring twin sisters

Fans Of Reality TV 1/27/04 Fear Factor "Couples Round #3" 01-26-04 recap

TVRules 1/27/04 Fear Factor: Couples Part IV Summary 1/26

NBCMV 1/27/04 NBC Wins Monday Night as 'Fear Factor' Flexes Ratings Muscle in its 4th Season

TVRules 1/26/04 Fear Factor: Couples Part V Preview 2/2

Fans of Reality TV 1/21/04 Couples Fear Factor, Round 2

TVRules 1/20/04 Fear Factor: Couples Part III Summary 1/19

TVRules 1/20/04 Fear Factor: Couples Part II Summary 1/19

TVRules 1/20/04 Fear Factor: Couples Part IV Preview 1/26

USA Today 1/16/04 'Fear Factor' not afraid of the doctor

Fans of Reality TV 1/14/04 Couples - Round 1 (1/12/04 recap)

TVRules 1/13/04 Fear Factor: Couples Summary 1/12 Part I

Go Erie 1/13/04 Fear no factor

Palm Beach Post 1/13/04 Fear doesn't factor into couple's pursuits

Chicago Sun-Times 1/13/04 You can't eat intestines, but brains still on some menus

TVRules 1/12/04 Fear Factor: Couples Preview 1/12

TVRules 1/12/04 Fear Factor: Couples Part II Preview 1/19

TVRules 1/12/04 Fear Factor: Couples Part III Preview 1/19

Media Life 1/12/04 Couples counseling through 'Fear Factor'

Milwaukee Journal 1/11/04 Couple ready to factor in the fear

Dallas Morning News 1/8/04 North Texans vie for fame, fortune on Fear Factor

Fans Of Reality TV 1/7/04 Fear Factor: Seeing Double

TVRules 1/6/04 Fear Factor: Twins Summary 1/5/04

Dallas Morning News 1/6/04 A stomach-churning love story

Beacon Journal 1/2/04 `Fear Factor' strikes area

TVRules 1/1/04 Fear Factor (1/5 Preview)

Mercury News 12/30/03 'Fear Factor' Host Gets Real Doing Stand-Up

Reality TV World 12/18/03 NBC to air 7 episode million dollar 'Couples Fear Factor' series starting 1/12

Reality Reel 12/18/03 9 Couples, Testing Their Love for 1 Million Dollars

Fans of Reality TV 12/17/03 Ho Ho Ho (12/8 recap)

TVRules 12/17/03 One Fear Factor Couple Could Win $1 Million

NBCMV 12/17/03 9 Couples Test Their Love in a Special 7-Episode 'Couples Fear Factor'

TV Barn 12/17/03 NBC PR: "Fear Factor" meets "Temptation Island"

NBCMV 12/16/03 'Fear Factor' Scares Off the Competition, Ranks #1 in Virtually All Key Categories

Pioneer Press 12/14/03 Winner of $50,000 'Fear Factor' prize practiced holding his breath

Fans Of Reality TV 12/10/03 Fear Factor "Ho Ho Ho" 12-08-03 recap

Star Telegram 12/7/03 Texans show no fear at TV show's Grapevine auditions

TVRules 12/6/03 Fear Factor Preview, December 8

Fans Of Reality TV 12/3/03 Fear Factor "Good Guys Finish First" 12-01-03 recap

NBCMV 12/2/03 'Family' Fare Warms NBC's Holiday Week

Fans of Reality TV 11/27/03 Family Matters

NBCMV 11/25/03 Update: 'Fear' Hits An Eight-Month High

Boston Herald 11/21/03 The Friday Rant- Fear Factor

Herts Advertiser 11/20/03 Fishy business

Fans Of Reality TV 11/19/03 Fear Factor "Faster and Furiouser" 11-17-03 recap

NBCMV 11/18/03 'Fear,' 'Vegas' and 'Average Joe' Keep the Pressure on Monday's Rivals

TVRules 11/17/03 Fear Factor Family Style

Stamford Advocate 11/17/03 Stamford native faces fears on TV show

PE.com 11/16/03 Riversiders get air time

Reality Reel 11/15/03 Yuck! Just Plain Yuck!

West Central Tribune 11/15/03 Former H-R winner hits jackpot on ‘Fear Factor’

Digital Spy 11/14/03 NBC plans family-friendly 'Fear Factor'

TV Barn 11/13/03 NBC PR: Family-friendly "Fear Factor"

Fans Of Reality TV 11/12/03 It's in the Bag: Fear Factor 11-10-03

NBCMV 11/11/03 'Fear,' 'Vegas' and 'Average Joe' Keep NBC Hot on Monday Night

News Star 11/11/03 Monroe native faces 'Fear Factor' Monday

News Star 11/10/03 Facing his fears

Reality TV World 11/8/03 NBC taking applications for special 'Kids Fear Factor' edition

Fans Of Reality TV 11/6/03 Fear Factor "Brain Food" 11-04-03 recap

NBCMV 11/5/03 NBC Hits Season Highs Tuesday With 'SVU' and 'Fear'

Reality Reel 11/4/03 All Female...Meow

Fans of Reality TV 11/4/03 Girls' Night Out (11/03/03 recap)

USA Today 11/4/03 'Fear Factor' knows how to survive

Fans of Reality TV 10/30/03 Happy Halloween (10/27 recap)

NBCMV 10/28/03 NBC Rocks With 'Radio Music Awards' And 'Fear Factor'

Reality Reel 10/28/03 Cow Eyeballs And Pig Hearts, Oh My

TVRules 10/27/03 Fear Factor November Sweeps Preview

TVRules 10/25/03 Fear Factor-October 20 Summary

Reality TV World 10/24/03 'Fear Factor' continues its ratings growth, dominates 'The Next Joe Millionaire' 

Fans of Reality TV 10/22/03 Yes, Another Helicopter (10/20 recap)

NBCMV 10/21/03 'Fear Factor' and 'Las Vegas' Keep on Rolling Despite Rival Premieres

Business Wire 10/20/03 Fear is Not a Factor for BREW-Enabled Phones

TVRules 10/17/03 Halloween Fear Factor Style

Fans Of Reality TV 10/14/03 Fear Factor "Slippery When Wet" 10-13-03 recap

TVRules 10/14/03 Fear Factor Summary 10/13

Houston Chronicle 10/14/03 Maggots? No biggie, says Houstonian of 'Fear Factor' stunt

Reality TV World 10/12/03 NBC schedules additional 'Fear Factor' episodes for November sweeps

TVRules 10/9/03 Fear Factor: October 13 Preview

Fans of Reality TV 10/7/03 Vegas, Part 2 Recap

The Michigan Daily 10/7/03 Big winner

Fans Of Reality TV 9/30/03 Fear Factor "Return to Vegas - part 1"

TVRules 9/30/03 Vegas Fear Factor Part II Preview

Grand Forks Herald 9/30/03 Hillsboro native advances on reality show 'Fear Factor'

Detroit Free Press 9/29/03 U-M student finds fame by frolicking in pig guts

Kansas City Star 9/29/03 Be very afraid of `Fear Factor'?

Hillsboro Banner News 9/28/03 Johnson faces the Fear Factor challenge

Springfield News 9/26/03 There's no reason to allow kids to watch 'Fear Factor'

Fans Of Reality TV 9/24/03 Fear Factor "For a million" 09-22-03 recap

Reality TV World 9/23/03 Special two-hour premiere of 'Fear Factor' draws 13.8 million viewers

TVRules 9/23/03 Fear Factor Premiere Summary, September 22

Tri-City Herald 9/23/03 Kennewick man reaches 'Fear Factor' final round

PMN.co.uk 9/23/03 Versaly to market Fear Factor mobile products

NewsOK.com 9/22/03 Moore woman to compete on 'Factor'

TVRules 9/22/03 Fear Factor Premiere Preview

News Record 9/12/03 City native tests nerves on next 'Fear Factor'

TBO 9/9/03 Hillsborough Women Factor In When `Fear Factor,' `The Bachelor' Return

Reality TV World 9/4/03 'Fear Factor' scores highest summer rating in nearly two years

NBCMV 9/3/03 'Fear' Grows To A Two-Year Summer High

TVRules 8/29/03 Fear Factor Renewed Thru 2005

Reality TV World 8/28/03 NBC renews 'Fear Factor' for three more years

NBCMV 8/27/03 NBC Renewal Deal For Hit Reality Series "Fear Factor"

Zap2It 8/27/03 Wages of 'Fear' Include Extra Season, Syndication

E!Online 8/27/03 NBC Ups Its "Fear Factor"

Ananova 8/15/03 Pig's bottom challenge to win £20,000

ET Online 8/15/03 Fear Factor - Monday 8:00 p.m.

NBC4 7/28/03 Behind The Scenes Of 'Fear Factor'

TVRules 7/9/03 Fear Factor Returns To Las Vegas

NBCMV 7/8/03 NBC’s ‘Fear Factor’ ‘Doubles Down’ In Las Vegas...

Review Journal 7/7/03 Warm welcome prompts `Fear Factor' to return to Las Vegas

Reality TV World 6/4/03 4th season of 'Fear Factor' to feature special editions...

NBCMV 6/2/03 Production Has Begun On The 4th Season Of NBC's 'Fear Factor'

United Entertainment Media 5/23/03 Autonomy Sets Mood for 'Best of Fear Factor'

IOL 5/18/03 Tough SA model wins US Fear Factor

Grand Forks Herald 5/18/03 Reality Television: No guts, no glory

NBCMV 5/16/03 Fear Factor™ Video Games Take Extreme Challenges To New Levels

Fans of Reality TV 5/13/03 Fear Factor Grand Championship

TV Rules 5/13/03 Fear Factor 5/12: The Finale Summary

Fans of Reality TV 5/6/03 Fear Factor Championship Round 2 Recap

TV Rules 5/5/03 Fear Factor: Tournament of Champions Part Two

The Villager 5/1/03 Restaurant to host Fear Factor viewing for local contestant

TV Rules 4/30/03 Fear Factor Tournament Part One

Fans of Reality TV 4/29/03 Championship Round 1 Recap

Netscape 4/25/03 Top Ten Reality Celebs - Joe Rogan

Salt Lake Tribune 4/25/03 'Fear Factor': Our Weekly Dose of Gross

Knox News 4/22/03 Factor in amazement

Psychology Today 4/22/03 Real Fear: Why we love "Fear Factor"

TV Rules 4/21/03 Fear Factor Semi-Finals Part I

Fans of Reality TV 4/8/03 Fear Factor 4/7 "Bug Juice"

TV Rules 4/7/03 Fear Factor Summary 4/7-Kerplunk?!

Fans of Reality TV 3/25/03 Fear Factor "Miss USA"

TV Rules 3/25/03 Fear Factor: 3/24 Miss USA meets Fear Factor

Media Life 3/17/03 'SpongeBob,' make room for 'Fear Factor'

Chicago Sun-Times 3/17/03 It's only [bleeping] TV, but he likes it

NBCMV 3/14/03 NBC Brings Out the Beast in Beauties from 'Miss USA 2003'....on Fear Factor'

NBCMV 3/14/03 NBC Rolls 'Access Hollywood' Down in 'The Making of 'Fear Factor'' on 3/23

NBCMV 3/11/03 'Fear Factor' Soars To Record Highs

Fans of Reality TV 3/11/03 Fear Factor "Viva Las Vegas" 

TV Rules 3/11/03 Fear Factor: Fun in Sin City 

Kansan.com 3/10/03 Student to be on `Fear Factor´

News Herald 3/9/03 'Fear Factor' sets tryout in LHC

San Bernardino Sun 3/8/03 Showing no fear in Monday night's "Fear Factor" Series

Knox News 3/6/03 'Fear Factor' raises its stunts to new heights

Stuff 3/4/03 US's Fear Factor wants wild Kiwi food

The Sentinel 3/4/03 'Fear Factor' winner former area resident

NBCMV 3/4/03 Update: 'Fear' and 'Folks' Fly High

Fans of Reality TV 3/4/03 Tastes Like Chicken - March 3 episode

TV Rules 3/4/03 Fear Factor: Four Stunt Show

The Sentinel 3/1/03 Mechanicsburg native to appear on 'Fear Factor'

Nation News 2/28/03 Fear Not A Factor For Olivia

State Hornet 2/26/03 Sac State graduate Cary Williams-Nunez on 'Fear Factor'

NBCMV 2/25/03 'Fear' Equals Its No. 2 Rating of the Season

Fans of Reality TV 2/25/03 Full of Bull - February 24 Episode

TV Rules 2/25/03 Fear Factor 2/24: Bull Stuff

The Jersey Journal 2/24/03 Ex-Hobokenite tests his mettle on 'Fear Factor'

Summit Daily News 2/24/03 "Fear is not a factor'

Salt Lake Tribune 2/23/03 'Fear Factor' Wannabes Try to Be Lovable -- or Booed

Summit Daily News 2/21/03 Seeking Summit's fascinating and fearless

Zap2It 2/20/03 'The Man Show' Names New Hosts

NBCMV 2/20/03 NBC's 'Fear Factor' Determines Who's 'Leaving Las Vegas' 

NBCMV 2/19/03 NBC's Reality Show 'Fear Factor' Assumes New 'Identity'

TV Rules 2/18/03 Fear Factor: Buried Alive!

Fans of Reality TV 2/18/03 The Worms Crawl In, 02-17 episode

NBCMV 2/11/03 'Fear' Grows To Record Levels

Fans of Reality TV 2/11/03 The Couples Episode, 02-10

TV Rules 2/10/03 Fear Factor: Romance Fear Factor Style 

Dayton Beach News 2/10/03 Daytona Beach seems to boast ’no fear’

The Courier 2/10/03 Montgomery residents show no fear

Fans of Reality TV 2/5/03 The All-Girl Episode, "Ladies Night"

TV Rules 2/5/03 Fear Factor: To Impress the Guys

Joplin Independent 2/4/03 Joplin woman is Fear Factor contestant

Fans of Reality TV 2/4/03 The All-Gross Episode, "Yuck!"

New Zealand Herald 2/4/03 'Fear Factor' wants Hokitika's wild foods

NBCMV 2/4/03 Fear Conquers All

TV Rules 2/3/03 Fear Factor: How Gross Can They Make It?!

Joplin Globe 2/3/03 Joplin woman to face fears on TV

USA Today 2/2/03 The gags are mounting as TV, movies get grosser

NBCMV 1/29/03 NBC Offers Quartet Of Special Episodes Of 'Fear Factor' In Feb

Zap2It 1/29/03 February Full of 'Fear'

Fans of Reality TV 1/28/03 Let It Snow, 01-27 Episode

TV Rules 1/27/03 Fear Factor: Delivered In One Hour or Less

Media Fiends 1/23/03 - 1.20.03 Fear Factor

Fans of Reality TV 1/21/03 Two Scoops, 1/20 Episode

TV Rules 1/21/03 Fear Factor Summary: Quack, Quack, Quack

TV Rules 1/17/03 Fear Factor Packs A Punch This February

Zap2It 1/17/03 NBC Exec Eats Cow Eye for 'Friends'

Fans of Reality TV 1/14/03 Recap, 01-13 Episode, "You Dirty Rat"

TV Rules 1/14/03 Fear Factor: You Can Do It...or Can You?

Media Fiends 1/14/03 - 1.13.03 Fear Factor

Scranton Times Tribune 1/11/03 Kelly: It takes a horse's ass to be on, watch reality shows

Zap2It 1/8/03 Missouri NBC Affiliate Pulls 'Fear Factor'

Old Colony Memorial 1/8/03 Whoa: $25,000

Fans of Reality TV 1/7/03 A Horse is a Horse, of course, of course!

Springfield News-Leader 1/7/03 KYTV stands behind decision to yank 'Fear Factor'

Media Fiends 1/7/03 1/6/03 Fear Factor

TV Rules 1/6/03 What Are Little Girls Made Of

Pasadena Star-News 1/5/03 No fear

Old Colony Memorial 1/4/03 Can't believe she ate the whole thing

Zap2It 12/30/02 'Fear Factor' Heads to Vegas

Fans of Reality TV 12/10/02 Fear Factor 12/9 Recap - "Jingle This"

Elites TV 12/10/02 Fear Factor: Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer's Testicle

Ventura Co Star 12/9/02 Making news

Deseret News 12/9/02 Be afraid of 'Fear Factor'

Zap2It 12/4/02 NBC Gives Something to 'Fear' About Christmas

Fans of Reality TV 12/3/02 FF Episode 12/02 Recap - "The Yolk's On Them"

TVRules 12/3/02 Breakfast Anyone?

UPI 11/26/02 You fear what you eat

Reality TV Fans 11/22/02 Fear Factor - Nov 18th Episode

Fans of Reality TV 11/19/02 Episode 308, "It's a gas, gas, gas..."

TVRules 11/19/02 November 18th Summary

TVRules 11/12/02 Just Choke it Down

The Mariner 11/8/02 Facing his 'Fear'

TVRules 11/6/02 Fear Factor: Stingy, Bitey, Nasty Little Things

TVRules 10/29/02 Fear Factor...What Would You Do?

Zap2It 10/24/02 Six Contestants Saddle Up to Face Their Worst Fears

TV Rules 10/23/02 Worms by the pound....

SB Sun 10/19/02 TV show factors in local locations

TV Rules 10/16/02 TVRules 10/16/2002 Episode 4 "All or Nothing"

Marshfield Mail 10/10/02 Marshfield man faces Fear, wins $50,000 prize

Wood TV 10/9/02 West Michigan man faces "Fear Factor"

TVRules 10/8/02 Summary: Coat of Bees

Leader Telegram 10/8/02 Nurse faces up to ‘Fear’

Shelby Star 10/7/02 Shelby native competes on 'Fear Factor' tonight

News Sentinel 10/2/02 City man to appear on 'Fear Factor'

TVRules 10/1/02 The Fear Factor Weiney Roast...

TV Guide 9/30/02 Why Wes Craven Hates Fear Factor

Zap2It 9/26/02 Contestants Chow Down at a "Weenie Roast" on Fear Factor

TVRules 9/24/2002 Season Premiere..Those Crazy Celebrities...

Zap2It 8/2/02 Fear Factor Encores Celebrity Edition

Zap2It 7/19/02 It's Double Jeopardy with Twin Contestants on Fear Factor

Zap2It 7/10/02 A NYC Firefighter Faces Tarantulas

Zap2It 5/21/02 Comes Back with Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson

Zap2It 5/14/02 'Fear Factor' Coming to a Sweatsuit Near You

San Francisco Chronicle 4/28/02 2,000 hopefuls line up for 'Fear Factor' audition in S.F.

Ananova 4/26/02 Contestants to eat maggots in latest version of Fear Factory

Zap2It 4/17/02 Twins Put Themselves Into Double Jeopardy on Fear Factor

Reality News Online 4/15/02 Full Frontal Fear Factor

St. Petersburg Times 4/15/02 Television's unreal world

Ventura County Star 4/14/02 Contestants become naked on 'Fear Factor'

Zap2It 3/15/02 Fear Factors Joe Rogan Guest Stars on Just Shoot Me

BBC 3/13/02 UK to get 'deepest fears' reality show

Ananova 3/13/02 UK version of Fear Factor comes to Sky One

Guardian 3/13/02 Sky One taps into Fear Factor

Hollywood Reporter 3/13/02 'Fear' factors heavily for NBC

TV Guide 3/11/02 Alan Thicke's Greatest Fear

Reality News Online 2/26/02 WWF Wrestlers Take On 'Fear Factor'

Zap2It 2/18/02 Norwegian 'Fear Factor' Contestant Gets Eye Stuck in Throat

Ananova 2/16/02 Reality TV contestant ends up in hospital after swallowing cow's eye

Zap2It 2/15/02 WWF Stars Go Outside the Ring on Fear Factor

Zap2It 2/14/02 WWF Stars Grapple with 'Fear Factor'

San Francisco Chronicle 2/12/02 Giving NBC credit where credit is due

Hollywood Reporter 2/6/02 'Factor' helps in NBC's Mon. 18-49 Nielsen win

Dallas Morning News 2/5/02 Playmates aren't so fearsome

Zap2It 2/4/02 Super Bowl Beats Playmates on Sunday

New York Times 2/4/02 TV Diet of Torture Games and Gross-Out Stunts

St. Petersburg Times 2/4/02 Boring ads only add to jingoism

Pioneer Planet 2/3/02 NBC counters pigskin with Playmate skin

Contra Costa Times 2/2/02 Halftime draws shameless stunts

Detroit News 2/2/02 'Fear Factor,' Playmates hit the air at halftime

TV Guide 2/1/02 Can Playmates Make Bowl Viewers Stray?

Knox News 2/1/02 Network hoping to scare up crowd with halftime Playmates

Extra TV 1/28/02 Playboy 'Fear Factor'

Zap2It 1/23/02 "Playboy" Playmates Compete on Fear Factor

Daily Record 1/21/02 Fear’s no factor for Morristown man

Zap2It 1/10/02 'Fear Factor' Says 'No' to Fire
St. Petersburg Times 1/10/02 NBC's quagmire is no laughing matter

Detroit News 1/10/02 NBC producer loves to put on a show

Hollywood Reporter 1/8/02 ABC, CBS overpower return of NBC's 'Fear Factor'

WKYC 1/7/02 'Fear Factor' contestant from Cleveland

St. Petersburg Times 1/7/02 Changing reality TV

Rocky Mountain News 1/2/02 'Fear Factor,' sadly, is coming back

Zap2It 12/28/01 Contestants Perform Hollywood Stunts on Fear Factor

Zap2It 12/21/01 Fear Factor Winners Compete on The Weakest Link

CSM 12/19/01 NBC Puts Dollars Before Sense

USA Today 12/18/01 'Fear Factor' faces off against Super Bowl

Zap2It 12/17/01 Playmates 'Factor' into NBC's Super Bowl Plans

NY Times 12/17/01 NBC to Show Playmates During Super Bowl

Zap2It 12/4/01 New Season of 'Fear Factor' Coming in January

Zap2It 11/15/01 Fear Factor Returns with Celebrity Edition

TV Guide 11/2/01 Travolta Spooked By Fear Factor

Seattle Times 11/2/01 Seen, heard, said

Digital Spy 11/1/01 Celebs face their fears on “Fear Factor”

Gist 11/1/01 Donny Osmond: Be Very Afraid

Zap2It 10/31/01 Celebrity 'Fear Factor' To Air During Sweeps

E!Online 10/31/01 A November Sweeps Uprising

Sun News 10/24/01 Mail threats give networks pause about forms sent in by contestants

Knox News 10/23/01 Odd lessons from 'Fear Factor'

Milwaukee Journal 9/6/01 CBS Edges NBC in Reality Battle

Washington Post 8/30/01 Battle of the Reality Shows

Digital Spy 8/18/01 Fear Factor to take on Amazing Race

Zap2It 8/17/01 'Amazing Race' Will Have to Conquer 'Fear'

New City Chicago 8/16/01 Cool Factor

Milwaukee Journal 8/8/01 'Fear' well grounded in TV ratings race

Washington Post 8/8/01 'Fear,' 'Weakest' Boost NBC to Top

Zap2It 8/7/01 NBC Uses 'Fear' Tactics to Tie With ABC

Washington Post 8/1/01 The Eyeballs Have It: 'Fear Factor' Scores Big

Zap2It 7/31/01 ABC Claims Week, But 'Fear Factor' is Most-Watched

San Francisco Chronicle 7/31/01 Nothing's shocking to Rogan

Zap2It 7/30/01 'Fear Factor' Holds Open Call

Gist 7/27/01 Oh, Rats! Celeb Fear on the Way

Zap2It 7/24/01 NBC 'Factors' In Another Win On Monday

USA Today 7/23/01 NBC takes tough stance on reality programs

Salon 7/21/01 TV's cruelest summer

San Francisco Chronicle 7/21/01 NBC takes a walk on the real side

Post Gazette 7/20/01 NBC's Zucker defends summer programming of 'Fear Factor' and 'Spy TV'

Seattle PI 7/20/01 Reality check: NBC now bowed by critics

Zap2It 7/19/01 NBC Execs Defend Summer of Reality

Seattle PI 7/19/01 Reality shows getting weirder as voyeurs keep on watching

Washington Post 7/18/01 Masking Weak Schedule With More 'Reality'

Globe and Main 7/10/01 Reality shows raking it in

Star Ledger 7/9/01 'Fear' strikes back

Spokesman Review 7/2/01 Reality forgettable in NBC's 'Fear Factor,' 'Spy TV'

Houston Chronicle 6/29/01 NBC turns tables on critics who panned reality lineup

Zap2It 6/26/01 'Fear Factor' Continues Streak

Zap2It 6/26/01 NBC Scares Off the Competition to Win Monday

San Francisco Chronicle 6/24/01 You have nothing to fear but fear itself--well, except for the rats

Mobile Register 6/22/01 'Fear Factor' is irresponsible TV

The Oklahoman 6/21/01 The challenge of thinking lower

Detroit News 6/21/01 Television's mean streak

Toledo Blade 6/21/01 NBC crosses the line with ‘Fear Factor’ stunts

USA Today 6/20/01 Nothing to fear but 'Fear' itself

Zap2It 6/19/01 CBS Overcomes the 'Fear Factor' to Win Monday

Post Gazette 6/17/01 Society has nothing to fear except 'Fear Factor' itself

Milwaukee Journal 6/13/01 'Fear Factor' Proves a Ratings Force

Zap2It 6/12/01 'Fear Factor' Scares Up Ratings for NBC

Times Record 6/12/01 Another Greensboro native hits reality TV

Zap2It 6/12/01 The Reality Is: NBC Won Monday

TV Guide 6/11/01 Newsradio Alum Turns Reality Host

San Francisco Chronicle 6/11/01 Reality TV hits a tailspin with NBC's 'Fear Factor'

Augusta Chronicle 6/11/01 'Fear Factor': Fraidy-cats need not apply

Cincinnati Post 6/11/01 'Fear Factor' is reality fluff

Spokesman Review 6/11/01 'Fear Factor' more terrifying than fun

Star Ledger 6/11/01 Be afraid. Be very afraid

Washington Post 6/11/01 Nothing to Fear But 'Fear' Itself

USA Today 6/11/01 'Factor' is truly something to fear

Detroit News 6/11/01 'Fear Factor' should scare up a smarter plot

Post Gazette 6/11/01 Be afraid - be very afraid of truly awful 'Fear Factor'

Seattle PI 6/11/01 Rats! Speeding trucks! NBC exploiting fear for fun -- and profit

Detroit Free Press 6/11/01 NBC's 'Fear Factor' is extremely ludicrous

Washington Post 6/9/01 The Things That Really Scare Us Silly

Media Life 6/8/01 With 'Fear Factor,' NBC sticks out its tongue

Sun Sentinel 6/7/01 Network aims to deter imitation of dangerous stunts

Detroit Free Press 6/6/01 Networks roll out new summer shows

Wichita Eagle 6/6/01 'Fear Factor' stupidly bad

Detroit News 6/3/01 TV networks turn the heat up with summer programing

Zap2It 5/30/01 Fear Factor to Premiere on NBC 6/11/01

Detroit Free Press 5/24/01 NBC pushes limits of safety and taste

Zap2It 5/11/01 "Fear Factor" Premieres On NBC (6/11/01)

Zap2It 5/10/01 NBC's 'Fear Factor' To Air In June

Zap2It 2/27/01 NBC Wants To Get Real

Herald Leader 2/15/01 It takes a lot of nerve to buy into TV's version of reality

San Francisco Chronicle 2/8/01 'Fear' Stalks NBC

Zap2It 2/5/01 NBC Orders 'Fear'


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