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NY Daily News 12/12/11 Joe Rogan says return to NBC’s ‘Fear Factor’ felt normal, and promises bigger, grosser stunts

The Desert Sun 12/11/11 Ex-couple from Palm Desert face their fears on 'Fear Factor'

Post Gazette 12/10/11 Tuned In: 'Fear Factor' reboot -- bigger stunts and HD

Deseret News 12/8/11 'Fear Factor' crawls back to TV

Reality TV Fans 10/21/11 NBC Adds Bigger & More Outrageous Stunts on New Version of “Fear Factor” Returning December 12

NY Daily News 10/21/11 'Fear Factor' trailer marks reality show's return to TV: 'It's crazier than ever!'

BuddyTV 10/19/11 'Fear Factor' Returns to NBC in December, Plus 5 More Reality Shows That Deserve a Reboot

LA Times 10/19/11 NBC bugs viewers with more 'Fear Factor'

TV Guide 6/29/11 Exclusive: Joe Rogan to Return as Fear Factor Host

BuddyTV 6/2/11 NBC Bringing Back 'Fear Factor'

Reality TV Fans 5/14/10 Fear Factor Series to Encore on New Chiller Network

Jam! 11/6/08 'Fear Factor' host fights stupidity

Reality TV Tickets 7/22/08 Fear Factor Host Joe Rogan to Perform Standup

First Coast News 6/20/07 Fish Used on 'Fear Factor' Sold as Asian Aphrodisiac

Salt Lake Tribune 1/18/07 He owns surviving diner; she survived 'Fear'

Chicago Sun-Times 10/6/06 Comic's high on his altitude

Reality TV Calendar 9/18/06 Why Fear Factor Got The Ax

Reality TV Calendar 9/18/06 The All Celebrity Finale

Celebrity Spider 9/6/06 Celebrity Fear Factor Preview for September 12th

Celebrity Spider 9/1/06 Fear Factor Preview for September 6th

Sandy Post 8/25/06 Nothing to fear but fear itself (and maybe snakes)

Celebrity Spider 8/16/06 Fear Factor Preview for August 22nd

Celebrity Spider 8/10/06 Preview for Fear Factor August 15th

Reality TV Calendar 8/2/06 Have It Your Way: Burger King Recap

Media Life 7/28/06 'Fear Factor's' last loyal audience: tots

Reality TV Calendar 7/26/06 Best Friends For Money

Courier Journal 7/24/06 Fear is not a factor for Louisvillians

Inside Bay Area 7/16/06 NBC to broadcast reality TV show shot on USS Hornet

News Tribune 7/15/06 Former La Salle duo win big on 'Fear Factor'

Celebrity Spider 7/12/06 Military Fear Factor July 18th

Citizen-Times 7/9/06 Bound by fear: Reality TV show brings mom-daughter closer together

Projo.com 7/6/06 Fear Factor host laughs at stage fright: Joe Rogan will perform comedy Sunday at the Newport Yachting Center

Celebrity Spider 7/5/06 Family Fear Factor July 11th

Reality Thumbnails 7/3/06 Fear Factor Reality Stars - Week 3 of 3 - Fear Is Not A Factor

Reality Thumbnails 7/2/06 Fear Factor Reality Stars - Week 2 of 3 - Fairplay Flunks

Celebrity Spider 7/1/06 Fear Factor Season 1 Review

Reality TV World 6/30/06 Fear Factor - Episode 132 summary

Reality TV Calendar 6/28/06 He Throws Like A Girl, But Wins: Finale Recap

Reality TV World 6/26/06 Fear Factor - Episode 131 summary

Reality Thumbnails 6/25/06 Fear Factor - Reality Stars, Week 1 of 3 - Give Me Some Gator Aid

TVRules.net 6/21/06 Fear Factor: Reality Stars Part II Recap 6/20/06

Reality TV Calendar 6/21/06 Fairplay Is No Player - The Miz Conquers

Celebrity Spider 6/19/06 Fear Factor Reality Stars Part 2 Tuesday June 20th on NBC

Reality TV World 6/16/06 Fear Factor - Episode 130 summary

Reality TV Calendar 6/15/06 Fairplay Outplays Witless Jonathan And Victoria

Bristol Press 6/15/06 Local family shows no 'Fear' on TV show

Reality TV Magazine 6/12/06 Fear Factor - Jonathan Baker Talks About Confrontation With Host Joe Rogan

Celebrity Spider 6/7/06 Fear Factor, Reality Stars Preview for June 13th

Celebrity Spider 5/20/06 Fear Factor - Reality Stars June 6th

MSNBC 4/18/06 ‘Fear Factor’ to return this summer

TV Week 2/27/06 Is 'Fear Factor' Finished?
LA Times 2/19/06 Putting the dread in 'Fear Factor'

Chicago Tribune 2/12/06 Mother, son get $50,000 for mutual fear

TVRules.net 2/8/06 Fear Factor: Freaks & Geeks Episode Summary (Episode 618) 2/7/06

The Huntsville Times 2/6/06 For $5,000, Pandora opens a 'gross' box

The Bolingbrook Sun 2/3/06 'Fear Factor' challenges Bolingbrook family

Celebrity Spider 2/1/06 Freaks vs Geeks on the Next Fear Factor

Chicago Tribune 2/1/06 Mother-son team wins $50,000 on `Fear Factor'

Daily Press 1/31/06 Fear no factor for father, daughter

Herald News 1/31/06 'Fear Factor' challenges area family

Chicago Sun Times 1/31/06 Fear doesn't factor into it

Auburn Plainsman 1/30/06 Brother and sister pair win Fear Factor challenge

Chicago Tribune 1/29/06 Bolingbrook mom makes it through `Fear Factor'

Statesman Journal 1/28/06 'Factor' snakes, scorpions don't stop Portland mom

Dallas Morning News 1/28/06 Richardson family survives 'Fear Factor'

Celebrity Spider 1/25/06 Mothers and Sons Compete Together on the Next Episode of Fear Factor

Ledger-Enquirer 1/24/06 Georgia siblings face fears on NBC reality show

Memphis Flyer 1/20/06 Local competitors on Fear Factor Home Invasion

Auburn Plainsman 1/19/06 Fearless couple wins cash prize

Celebrity Spider 1/18/06 Contestants Must Choose a New Hairstyle on the next Fear Factor

TVRules.net 1/18/06 Fear Factor: Psycho Edition Part III Recap 1/17/06

Times Daily 1/18/06 Auburn students win $250,000 prize on 'Fear Factor'

TVRules.net 1/17/06 Fear Factor: Psycho Fear Factor Part II Recap

TVRules.net 1/17/06 Psycho Fear Factor Part I Recap

Montgomery Advertiser 1/17/06 Relationship loses in 'Fear Factor' challenge

Celebrity Spider 1/11/06 Contestants Live in the Psycho House on the Next Fear Factor

Opelika-Auburn News 1/11/06 Local 'Fear Factor' contestants head to final round

Opelika Auburn News 1/5/06 Local duo continue in 'Fear Factor' competition

Celebrity Spider 1/4/06 Psycho Fear Factor Episode 2 Next Week on NBC

Palm Beach Post 1/3/06 Couple's 'Fear'-ful ordeal to play out on TV tonight

TVRules.net 1/1/06 Fear Factor: Duos Episode Summary (Episode 612) 12/27/05

Register-Guard 12/27/05 Twins take 'Fear Factor' challenges in stride

Celebrity Spider 12/23/05 Duos Are Pushed to Their Limits on the Next "Fear Factor"

Celebrity Spider 12/20/05 Fear Factor Contestants Couples Must Live Together on the Next Episode

Gateway Newspapers 12/14/05 Fear no factor for Moon High School graduate

Tampa Bay Online 12/13/05 Tampa Woman Competing For $50,000 As 'Fear Factor' Multiplies Over 90 Minutes

Celebrity Spider 12/7/05 90 Minute Special Episode of Fear Factor December 13th

USA Today 12/6/05 'Fear Factor' back, and bigger than ever

NY Daily News 12/6/05 'Fear' gets sinew look with a Queens model

Celebrity Spider 11/29/05 Fear Factor Begins Season 6 Next Week

Ventura County Star 11/4/05 Creating a 'Fear Factor'

Ventura County Star 11/4/05 'Factor' is called scary but safe

Celebrity Spider 11/1/05 Fear Factor Returns to NBC December 6th

Zap2It 10/31/05 'Fear' Strikes NBC in December

Reality TV Magazine 10/30/05 Anthony Fedorov To Do Celebrity Fear Factor

Boston Globe 9/30/05 When it comes to speaking his mind, he has no fear

Reality TV Links 9/16/05 Casting Call - Fear Factor for Singles
Miami Herald 8/28/05 Fear Factor Live likely to become a real grosser

NY Post 8/19/05 Military Nixes "Fear"

eStripes 8/18/05 DOD: 'Fear Factor' appearances OK, but not sanctioned

Palm Beach Post 8/8/05 Can 'Ewwwww' that's nasty: 'Fear Factor Live'

Arizona Republic 7/31/05 'Fear Factor' looking for a family to face own home fears

Press-Enterprise 7/30/05 Hwy. 210 stars on 'Fear Factor'

Stars and Stripes 7/26/05 Been deployed? Eat bugs? NBC wants you

Quad City Times 7/21/05 One couple in, other out for ‘Fear Factor'

Arizona Republic 7/14/05 Gilbert family shows no fear

Reality Reel 7/14/05 Fear Factor Live Is Now Open At Universal Studios

Dayton Daily News 7/12/05 Miami Valley twosome preps to factor in the 'Fear'

Daily Mississippian 7/5/05 TV show still Oxford-bound

WFIE-TV 7/4/05 'Fear Factor' Coming to the Tri-State!

TV Guide 7/1/05 Live Your Fear Factor Nightmare

Town Online 6/30/05 What's your 'Fear Factor?'

Reality TV Magazine 6/25/05 Fear Factor Season 6 To Invade Homes

OurSports Central 6/24/05 Fear Factor tryouts at Municipal Stadium

Reality TV Links 6/21/05 Casting Call - Fear Factor

Gazette.Net 6/20/05 Fear Factor wants Prince George’s daredevils

Daily Breeze 6/17/05 Visitors test courage in live version of 'Fear Factor'

Orlando Business Journal 6/16/05 NBC's new 'Fear Factor' segment coming to Orlando

Reality TV Magazine 6/13/05 Fear Factor Live Launches at Universal Studios Hollywood

Huntsville Times 6/12/05 Fearless in Huntsville

Orlando Sentinel 6/10/05 More than just a stunt

Wireless Flash News Service 6/7/05 `Fear Factor' Movie In Plans For Big Screen Scream

Wireless Flash News Service 6/7/05 Fear Factor Live Couple Goes Down In Flames

SunHerald.com 6/6/05 NBC game show films in Oxford

Reality TV Magazine 6/6/05 Couples Re-Match on Fear Factor

Daily Journal 6/6/05 Oxford's reputation draws TV show

Memphis Flyer 6/3/05 Fear Factor will visit one Memphis household for a new segment.

KAIT 5/31/05 NBC's "Fear Factor" to Invade Jonesboro, Challenge Local Family

Reality TV Magazine 5/30/05 Miss USA on Fear Factor

MSNBC 5/26/05 Fear Factor’ to invade homes

In Forum 5/26/05 'Fear Factor' coming to Fargo

WESH 5/24/05 'Fear Factor' Shoot Not All Fun And Games

Daily Herald 5/23/05 Idaho couple survives newlywed "Fear Factor"

TVRules 5/22/05 Fear Factor: #528 Season Finale 5/23/05

Reality TV World 5/17/05 'Fear Factor' bumped from NBC's Fall 2005 schedule, but to return in midseason

Zap2It 5/16/05 NBC Picks Six; 'Scrubs,' 'Fear' Held Back

Boston Herald 5/15/05 Fear is a factor at new Universal attraction

Wireless Flash News Service 5/13/05 The Biggest Fear On `Fear Factor'? Casting The Right Contestants

NBC 25 5/9/05 Fear Factor Grand Prize Made in Frederick

The Star 5/7/05 The reality of reality shows

TVRules 5/7/05 Fear Factor: #531 NY vs LA Show Preview 5/9/2005

Murray State News 5/6/05 Alumnus falls short in 'best friend' reality show appearance

Seattle Times 5/6/05 This bug's for you: "Fear Factor" goes live at Universal theme parks

Celebrity Spider 5/3/05 Charity Auction Offers Chance to Challenge Fear Factor Champions

Daily Advertiser 5/3/05 UL student faces fears on TV show

Fans of Reality TV 5/2/05 Bestest Buddies

SF Chronicle 5/1/05 Universal makes reality show real- 'Fear Factor' fans to join in show's stunts

Beauregard Daily News 5/1/05 Former DeRidder beauty queen scheduled to appear on NBC's Fear Factor

Fans of Reality TV 4/26/05 Sushi, Anyone?

Florida Today 4/26/05 Universal will introduce Fear Factor Live in June

TVRules 4/26/05 Fear Factor: #530 Best Friends Preview 5/2/2005

Chicago Tribune 4/24/05 This bug's for you: 'Fear Factor' goes live at Universal

Salisbury Post 4/21/05 Livingstone student to appear on 'Fear Factor'

St Petersburg Times 4/17/05 Fetish factor

TVRules 4/14/05 Fear Factor: #525 4/25/2005

Fans of Reality TV 4/12/05 Miss FF '05

Philly.com 4/10/05 'Fear Factor' experience at Universal theme parks

TVRules 4/5/05 Fear Factor: #529 Miss USA Episode Preview 4/11/2005

Reality TV Calendar 4/3/05 An Amazing Racer Faces His Fears

Fans Of Reality TV 4/1/05 Fear Factor "Dollars & Donuts" 03-28-05

Richmond Times-Dispatch 3/31/05 Richmonder doesn't gag at doughnut gag

Charlotte Observer 3/26/05 Wanted: Characters ready for anything

Las Vegas Review Journal 3/25/05 Joe Millionaire

KRON 3/24/05 Woman Says TV Show Saved Her Life

Auburn Plainsman 3/24/05 Reality show recruits in Alabama

TVRules 3/22/05 Fear Factor: Co-Ed Models (#513) Summary

Sun Sentinel 3/20/05 2,000 South Floridians try out for Fear Factor

Birmingham News 3/20/05 'Fear Factor' fun, cash lures scores of cast wannabes

NBC13.com 3/19/05 Fear Factor Looks For Talent

Zap2It 3/10/05 Judge Tosses Ratty 'Fear Factor' Suit

Miami Herald 3/10/05 Judge nixes viewer's 'Fear Factor' lawsuit

Fans of Reality TV 3/8/05 Seeing Double

Reality TV Calendar 3/8/05 Will Twins Double The Fun?

Murray Ledger & Times 3/7/05 No Signs of 'Fear'

Shopping News 3/7/05 Playboy - Women of Fear Factor DVD to be Released March 15

Reality TV World 3/2/05 Fear Factor - Episode 113 summary

Fans of Reality TV 3/1/05 You Guys Again?

TVRules 3/1/05 Fear Factor: Reality Star Summary 2/28/05

Reality TV Calendar 3/105 Reality Stars: Buff Bods and Hissy Fits

Vail Daily News 2/28/05 Sutter back to reality

Arizona Republic 2/28/05 'Fear Factor' gets really gross: 2 hours of bugs and reality rejects

NY Daily News 2/28/05 Reality TV's repeat offenders

Journal Gazette 2/27/05 Universal to open ‘Fear Factor’ theme park show

Wireless Flash News Service 2/24/05 Nikki McKibbin's Son The Real Factor Behind `Fear Factor' Appearance

Fans of Reality TV 2/22/05 Return to Sin City

TVRules 2/20/05 Fear Factor: #526 Twins 3/7/2005 Preview

TVRules 2/20/05 Fear Factor: #524 Reality Stars 2/28/2005 Preview

East Valley Tribune 2/16/05 Gilbert couple wins $1 million on ‘Fear Factor’

Arizona Republic 2/16/05 Couple grab $1 million as 'Fear Factor' winners

Fans of Reality TV 2/15/05 Couples - Part 7 - Finale

Reality TV Calendar 2/15/05 Dean & Ashley Take Home The Million: Couples Recap

TVRules 2/15/05 Fear Factor: Couple Finale Summary 2/14/05

Arizona Republic 2/15/05 Gilbert couple wins 'Fear Factor' million

Chicago Daily Herald 2/15/05 Former suburban couple fall short on reality TV

Chicago Tribune 2/14/05 Dean and Ashley are the couple to beat on NBC's `Fear Factor'

Chicago Daily Herald 2/14/05 Local woman on 'Fear Factor' finale

TVRules 2/14/05 Fear Factor: #527 Las Vegas Pairs Show 2/21/2005 Preview

Fans of Reality TV 2/8/05 Couples II - part 6

TVRules 2/8/05 Fear Factor: 2/7/2005 Summary

Reality TV Calendar 2/8/05 They Are In It To Win It! - Couples Episode 6 Recap

Slidell Sentry News 2/7/05 Cleco warns against copying 'Fear Factor'

TVRules 2/6/05 Fear Factor: Couples Finale (Episode 7) Preview 2/14/05

WLUC TV  2/2/05 MTU Student Electrifies NBC's "Fear Factor"

TVRules 2/2/05 Fear Factor Casting Underway

Fans of Reality TV 2/1/05 "Couples II - part 5"

Reality TV World 2/1/05 Electrical utilities complain about NBC's 'Fear Factor' shock stunt

Reality TV Calendar 2/1/05 Don't Try This At Home: Couples Episode 5 Recap

TVRules 2/1/05 Fear Factor-Couples: Bzzzzzzzt!1/31/2005 Summary

Chicago Sun Times 2/1/05 Electric episode of 'Fear Factor' shocks ComEd

NY Daily News 2/1/05 'Fear Factor' stunt triggers electrical storm

Jam! 1/31/05 Electricity group 'disappointed' Global TV running Fear Factor episode

TVRules 1/31/05 Fear Factor: Couples Episode Six 2/7/2005 Preview

TVRules 1/31/05 Fear Factor: Couples Episode Five 1/31/2005 Preview

Metro 1/28/05 Utilities Warn 'Fear Factor' Over Shocking Segment

Fans of Reality TV 1/25/05 "Couples II - part 4"

TVRules 1/25/05 Fear Factor: The Itsy Bitsy Spider 1/24/2005 Summary

Reality TV Calendar 1/25/05 Snakes, Spiders, and Spite: Couples Episode 4 Recap

Post Crescent 1/22/04 Cleveland man’s ‘Fear Factor’ $2.5M lawsuit tough to swallow

Reality TV Calendar 1/19/05 A Failure To Communicate and Raw Sewage

Yahoo 1/18/05 New 'Fear Factor Live' attraction asserts NBC's Universal's presence at its theme parks in Orlando and Hollywood

Fans of Reality TV 1/18/05 "Couples II - part 3"

Zap2It 1/18/05 'Fear Factor' Goes Theme Park

TVRules 1/18/05 Fear Factor: Couples, Week Three Summary-Fun With Sewage

Monterrey Herald 1/16/05 Universal to open "Fear Factor" theme park attractions

PR Newswire 1/14/05 The Moorings Signature Vacations Prize for NBC's 'Fear Factor' TV Series

TVRules 1/13/05 Fear Factor: Couples Week Two Summary-Quack Quack 1/10/2005

Fans Of Reality TV 1/11/05 Fear Factor "Couples II - Part 2" 1/10/05

Canton Repository 1/11/05 I smell a rat, and not in a blender on ‘Fear Factor’

Reality TV Calendar 1/11/05 Cow Stomach Chucking and Duck Embryo Shakes: Couples Recap

Herald Star 1/10/05 'Fear Factor' suit waste of court time

Orlando Sentinel 1/10/05 Dreaded bliss

Reality TV Hall of Shame 1/10/05 Suing 'Fear Factor' for Being 'Fear Factor - Austin Aitken's Rat Suit

Yahoo 1/10/05 The Moorings Signature Vacations Prize for NBC's 'Fear Factor' TV Series

Contact Music 1/7/05 Fear Factor Episode Prompts Lawsuit Against NBC

Digital Spy 1/7/05 NBC sued over rat-eating show

Access Hollywood 1/6/05 Viewer Sues Over 'Fear Factor' Rat Episode

Zap2It 1/6/05 'Fear Factor' Viewer Smells Rat, Settlement

TVRules 1/6/05 Fear Factor: #519 Couples Part 3 1/17/05 Preview

BBC 1/6/05 US show sued for rat-eating stunt

Fans of Reality TV 1/4/05 "Couples II" 01-03-05

Reality TV Calendar 1/4/05 Hanging Around & Eating Egg Sack: Couples Recap

East Valley Tribune 1/3/05 E.V. couples compete for $1M on ‘Fear Factor’

TVRules 12/31/04 Fear Factor: #517 Couples Part I 1/3/05

Glendale News-Press 12/30/04 Former gyrene, athlete are bugged on show

ET Online 12/29/04 Hangin' with the 'Fear Factor' Couples

Fans of Reality TV 12/7/04 Fear Factor 12/6/04 Ho, Ho, Ho

The Tennessean 12/6/04 'Fear Factor' scares two local gals

Reality TV Hall of Shame 12/3/04 Fear Factor's Cecilia: Zip, Nada, Nothing

Reality TV Calendar 11/30/04 Another Best Friends Show: Episode 102 Recap

Fans Of Reality TV 11/30/04 Fear Factor 11/29 My Buddy.

Post Crescent 11/30/04 Local men conquer fears on TV show

Reality TV Calendar 11/30/04 Another Best Friends Show: Episode 102 Recap

TVRules 11/30/04 Fear Factor: #515 The Christmas Episode 12/6/04 Preview

ET Online 11/29/04 Hangin' with the 'Fear Factor' Couples

News Chronicle 11/29/04 Tremayne Bowens will be on tonight's 'Fear Factor'

TVRules 11/28/04 Fear Factor: #512: Pairs 11/29/04 Preview

Fans Of Reality TV 11/23/04 Nov 22 Recap: Giving Thanks.

Access Hollywood 11/23/04 Omarosa Ready For 'Fear Factor' Buffet

East Valley Tribune 11/22/04 Mesa woman competes for TV prize money to aid Olympic training

TVRules 11/18/04 Fear Factor: #514 The Thanksgiving Show 11/22/04 Preview

Smoking Gun 11/17/04 "Fear Factor" Champ In Drunken Row

Fans Of Reality TV 11/16/04 Fear Factor "The Beautiful People" 11-15-04

Reality TV Calendar 11/16/04 Beauty vs. Braun: Episode 101 Recap

Sign on San Diego 11/15/04 How do you like your potato bug? 'Fear's' prep work is well done

Razorback Central 11/11/04 Former Lady'Back To Appear on 'Fear Factor'

Fans Of Reality TV 11/9/04 Fear Factor "Big Apple" 11-08-04

Reality TV Calendar 11/9/04 New York 100th Episode Special

NBCMV 11/9/04 'Fear Factor' And 'Las Vegas' Hit Season-High Ratings

TheSunLink.com 11/8/04 Heights or rats: Bremerton native knows no fear

Zap2It 11/5/04 'Fear Factor' Circles Lady Liberty for 100th Episode

Hollywood Reporter 11/4/04 'Fear Factor' 100th episode

Hollywood Reporter 11/4/04 Gross numbers

Fans of Reality TV 11/2/04 Fear Factor "We Are Family"

NBCMV 11/2/04 'Fear' Wins Monday's Reality Rumble, 'SNL' Tops The 18-49 Polls At 10pm

Reality TV Calendar 11/2/04 The Siblings Special: Episode 10 Recap

NBC13 10/27/04 Time Warner Makes Bid For Producer Of 'Fear Factor,' "Big Brother'

Fans Of Reality TV 10/26/04 Fear Factor "Happy Halloween" 10-25-04

TVRules 10/26/04 Fear Factor: Episode 509-New York 100th Episode 11/8/04 Preview

Reality TV Calendar 10/26/04 Halloween Special Recap

TVRules 10/23/04 Fear Factor: No. 506, Siblings 11/1/04 Preview

Tallahassee.com 10/20/04 Fear not a factor for game-show contestant

Fans of Reality TV 10/19/04 Aww Shoot (10/18 recap)

Reality TV Calendar 10/19/04 $50,000.00 Barf Bucket - Episode 8 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 10/13/04 Lucky People: Episode 7 Recap

Fans Of Reality TV 10/12/04 They've Got Crabs

Havre Daily News 10/12/04 He's the winner on 'Fear Factor'

NBCMV 10/12/04 'Fear Factor' Hits Season-High Ratings

Havre Daily News 10/8/04 Havre grad plunges into 'Fear Factor'

TVRules.net 10/6/04 Fear Factor: Episode #507 10/18/04 Preview

TVRules.net 10/6/04 Fear Factor: Episode 511 Preview 10/11/04

Fans of Reality TV 10/5/04 Girls Will Be Girls (10/4 recap)

Reality TV Calendar 10/5/04 All Female Recap

WJAC 10/5/04 Bedford Native Competes On NBC's Fear Factor Show

News Observer 10/4/04 'Fear Factor' duo defend reality TV craze

Pocono Record 10/3/04 'Fear Factor' contestant determined to build her own career

Herald Journal 10/1/04 All bugged out

E!Online 9/29/04 Thrill Gone from "Fear Factor"?

South Coast Today 9/29/04 Gross-out foods pose no hazard on 'Fear Factor,' producer says

Fans of Reality TV 9/28/04 Bosom Buddies (9/27 recap)

Reality TV Calendar 9/28/04 Best Friends: Ep 5 Recap

INQ7.net 9/27/04 'Fear Factor' family edition

Auburn Plainsman 9/23/04 Alumni win big on 'Fear'

Fans of Reality TV 9/23/04 Terror in the Skies (9/20 recap)

TVRules 9/22/04 Fear Factor: Best Friends Preview 9/27

Reality TV Calendar 9/21/04 Girlie Girl Power: Ep 4 Recap

WXIA-TV 9/21/04 Local Guy Takes on 'Fear Factor'

Digital Spy 9/17/04 'Fear Factor' goes into syndication

Fans Of Reality TV 9/15/04 Fear Factor Recap 09/13/04: Love and Fish Guts

TVRules 9/14/04 Family Fear: Couples Episode Summary (Season Five) 9/13/04

AL.com 9/14/04 Local couple win big on TV's `Fear Factor'

Reality TV Calendar 9/14/04 Limos, Sucking, Spitting and Crashing: Ep 3 Recap

TVRules 9/13/04 Fear Factor: Episode 505 Preview, 9/20/04

Fans Of Reality TV 9/9/04 One More Time

TV Rules 9/7/04 Fear Factor: Couples Preview 9/13/04

Reality TV Calendar 9/7/04 Favorite Winners Return: Recap

TV Rules 9/7/04 Fear Factor: Favorite Winners 9/6/04

NBCMV 9/7/04 Fear Factor Delivers #1 Ratings Monday

Knox News 9/6/04 Knox waiter serves 'Fear Factor' three times

News Leader 9/4/04 Marshfield resident faces TV fears again

Reuters 9/1/04 'Fear Factor' Ratings Slide in Season Bow

Fans of Reality TV 8/31/04 Welcome Back...Couples (8/30 recap)

NBCMV 8/31/04 'Fear Factor' and 'Last Comic' Win NBC Its First Post-Olympics Gold

Reality TV Calendar 8/31/04 Season Premiere - Couples Reunion Show: Recap

TVRules 8/31/04 Couples Fear Factor 8/30 Summary

TVRules 8/25/04 Fear Factor: Couples Reunion Episode (Season Premiere) August 30

Sun News 8/13/04 No fear? Club hosts auditions

Media Life 7/12/04 'Fear' marks a first for reality

NY Times 7/11/04 A New York 'Fear Factor'? Try That Last Hot Dog

Miami Herald 6/13/04 'Fear Factor' host gets real

Chicago Sun-Times 6/10/04 New candy lets you swallow your 'Fear Factor'

TVRules.net 6/10/04 Fear Factor Open Casting Call

TV Guide 6/10/04 Seven Silly Questions for...Joe Rogan

NBCMV 6/8/04 Update: 'Fear' and 'Love' Lead To A Solid NBC Monday

Hollywood Reporter 6/3/04 NBC wins Tuesday night with 'Fear,' beauty

Argus Online 5/31/04 UC Berkeley project not without 'Fear'

UC Berkley 5/20/04 To elicit disgust in her experimental subjects, psychologist taps "Fear Factor"

Ohama.com 5/19/04 'Fear Factor' at school benefits sick student

Fans of Reality TV 5/18/04 "Family Feud" (5/17 recap)

TVRules 5/18/04 Family Fear Factor Season Finale Summary 5/17

Times Record News 5/18/04 Nocona family overcomes Fears to win big

NBCMV 5/18/04 Update: 'Fear' Overcomes 'Idol' For The Second Time In Three Weeks

Reality TV Calendar 5/18/04 Fear Factor: Family Style - Recap

Times Record News 5/17/04 Show will reveal if Fear was Factor for family

Crazy4RealityTV 5/13/04 Fear Factor 5/10 - The All Female Challenge

TVRules 5/12/04 Fear Factor: All Female Episode Summary 5/10

Fans Of Reality TV 5/12/04 Fear Factor "All Female Show - The Sequel" 05-10-04

TVRules 5/11/04 Fear Factor Family Returns For Season Finale 5/17

Birmingham News 5/11/04 City native a big winner on `Fear Factor'

Chicago Tribune 5/11/04 These kids are fearless

Tuscaloosa News 5/11/04 Birmingham native wins $50,000 on reality show

Reality TV Calendar 5/11/04 Fear Factor: All Female Episode Recap

TVRules 5/5/04 Fear Factor: Second Chance Edition Summary 5/4

Fans of Reality TV 5/5/04 Oh Baby Give Me One More Chance (5/3 recap)

Crazy4RealityTV 5/4/04 Fear Factor 5/3/04 "Return of the Losers"

TVRules 5/3/04 Fear Factor: All Female Episode 5/10

Wall Street Journal 4/29/04 For 'Fear Factor,' Getting Boring Is The Real Danger

Fans Of Reality TV 4/29/04 Fear Factor "Model Citizens" 04-26-04

TVRules 4/28/04 Fear Factor: 4/26 All Models Summary

TVRules 4/28/04 Fear Factor: Sleep Deprivation Episode 4/19

Crazy4RealityTV 4/27/04 Fear Factor Review 4/26

NBCMV 4/27/04 NBC Cooks Up a Monday 18-49 Win with 'Fear,' 'Vegas' and 'The Restaurant'

TVRules 4/26/04 Fear Factor: Second Chance Episode 5/3 Preview

Telegraph-Forum 4/23/04 Twins hope to get on TV's 'Fear Factor'

Fans Of Reality TV 4/21/04 Fear Factor "No Sleep till..." 04-19-04

NBCMV 4/20/04 'Fear,' 'Vegas' and 'The Restaurant' Serve Up Solid Ratings

Crazy4RealityTV 4/20/04 Fear Factor Review, April 19/04

Palm Beach Post 4/19/04 Local woman dives into 'Fear Factor'

WIS 4/19/04 Richland Co. woman to appear on NBC's Fear Factor on WIS Mon. at 8pm

Kewanee Star Courier 4/19/04 Wethersfield grad on 'Fear Factor'

TVRules 4/19/04 Fear Factor 4/26 Preview Episode #428 Female Models

Tuscaloosa News 4/15/04 UNA student wins $50,000 Fear Factor, makes Miss USA Top 10

Fans of Reality TV 4/15/04 Miss FF '04 (4/12 recap)

NBCMV 4/13/04 'Miss USA 2004' and a Miss-USA 'Fear Factor' Give NBC a Beautiful Monday Win

TVRules 4/13/04 Fear Factor: Miss USA Fear Factor-4/12 Summary

TVRules 4/13/04 Fear Factor: April 19 #434

Press Enterprise 4/12/04 Fear isn't a factor for reality show host Joe Rogan

Media Life 4/12/04 There she is, Miss Bug Eater

Hartford Courant 4/12/04 `Miss USA' Rivals Debase Selves On `Fear Factor'

Beacon Journal 4/12/04 Reality And Pageant

Media Life 4/12/04 There she is, Miss Bug Eater

Vail Trail 4/8/04 Fear is not a factor for local cowboy

TVRules 4/7/04 Fear Factor: 4/5 Summary

Fans Of Reality TV 4/7/04 Fear Factor "A Game of Inches" 04-05-04

TVRules 4/5/04 Fear Factor: Miss USA Edition Airs Monday April 12

TVRules 3/30/04 Fear Factor Summary 3/29 All Ladies Show

NBCMV 3/30/04 'Fear' and 'Vegas' Hit Ratings Jackpots

TVRules 3/29/04 Fear Factor: April 5 Preview #425

Contra Costa Times 3/28/04 Thompson tracks down sites to make skin crawl

Fans Of Reality TV 3/24/04 Fear Factor "Pumped" 03-22-04

TVRules 3/23/04 Fear Factor: 3/22 Summary

News Journal 3/19/04 Akron zookeeper fired after "Fear Factor" inspired dive into penguin tank

TVRules 3/17/04 Fear Factor: Galloping Gourmets Summary 3/15

TVRules 3/15/04 Fear Factor: March 22 Preview

The Idaho Statesman 3/15/04 Boisean appearing on ‘Fear Factor’

Zap2It 3/12/04 Bush, O'Dell, 'Fear' Factor Into Miss USA Coverage

Dallas Morning News 3/11/04 Shocking truth: 'Fear Factor' made his niece a millionaire

Boston Herald 3/11/04 House aide's TV fame hard to swallow

Fans of Reality TV 3/9/04 Siblings recap (3/8)

TVRules 3/9/04 Fear Factor Preview 3/15

TVRules 3/9/04 Fear Factor: Siblings Summary 3/8

NBCMV 3/9/04 Overwhelming 'Fear' Strikes The Competition

Monterey County Herald 3/6/04 Siblings take on 'Fear Factor'

Fans Of Reality TV 3/2/04 Fear Factor "Hello Ladies" 03-01-04

TVRules 3/1/04 Fear Factor: Siblings Preview 3/8


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