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News Articles about BBC Networks Fame Academy 


Digital Spy 8/31/03 James keeps quiet for songwriting

Digital Spy 8/31/03 In come the big boys

Digital Spy 8/31/03 Alex's winning worries

Digital Spy 8/30/03 Louise Leaves

Digital Spy 8/28/03 Gary Sings The Blues

Digital Spy 8/26/03 The Winner Is?

Media Guardian 8/26/03 Pop Idol sprints clear of Fame Academy

Digital Spy 8/26/03 Endemol come to an agreement with council

Digital Spy 8/26/03 We don't live in a yellow submarine...

Digital Spy 8/26/03 Live Show Tonight

Media Guardian 8/25/03 Heggessey: jury's out on Fame Academy

Sky.com 8/25/03 Lemar Has Fame At Last

BBC 8/23/03 Simone latest Academy evictee

Digital Spy 8/23/03 Simone should not be dancing

The Guardian 8/23/03 This is the score

Digital Spy 8/22/03 Cheer Up, You Lot

Media Guardian 8/21/03 Fame Academy begins to hit right note

MegaStar 8/21/03 Another student exits

Digital Spy 8/21/03 Alex Phone Home

BBC 8/21/03 Bickering at the Fame Academy

Digital Spy 8/20/03 Gary is out

Digital Spy 8/20/03 Bee Gees Masterclass Tomorrow?

Digital Spy 8/19/03 Alex Feels The Strain

Western Morning News 8/19/03 Alex Is The Favourite To Win Fame Academy

Sky.com 8/18/03 David's New-Found Fame

Digital Spy 8/18/03 Premiere Position

Media Guardian 8/18/03 Pop Idol trounces Fame Academy

Digital Spy 8/18/03 Paris Feels The Burn

Digital Spy 8/18/03 Disappointment for David

Digital Spy 8/17/03 Fame Does The Bee Gees

Digital Spy 8/17/03 PDP session mutates into Big Brother task

Digital Spy 8/17/03 Carolynne has a cry

Digital Spy 8/17/03 Carrie: "I got it wrong"

Digital Spy 8/16/03 Lorna leaves the Academy

Digital Spy 8/16/03 Another one to bite the dust....

Digital Spy 8/16/03 "Ego writing cheques..talent can't cash"

Digital Spy 8/15/03 Paris vs. Kevin - Round 2

Gay.com.uk 8/15/03 Fame Academy pupil comes out

Digital Spy 8/15/03 Paris is no gym bunny

Digital Spy 8/14/03 Love in the Academy air?....

Digital Spy 8/14/03 "To throw it away now would be stupid"

Digital Spy 8/14/03 Lawn Darts? The New Craze?

Digital Spy 8/14/03 Paris Chooses Fame Over Romance

Digital Spy 8/14/03 'Fame Academy' ratings finally on the up

MegaStar 8/14/03 Academy loser No2

Media Guardian 8/14/03 Fame Academy triumphs over ITV

Digital Spy 8/14/03 A little advice

Digital Spy 8/14/03 Back in the academy

BBC 8/14/03 Nick gets the boot

Digital Spy 8/14/03 Nick is voted out!

Digital Spy 8/13/03 Lorna "really, really" worried about tomorrow

Digital Spy 8/13/03 Jeremy on the students

Digital Spy 8/13/03 It's smiley Alex!

Digital Spy 8/13/03 Alistair needs to be "more passionate"

Digital Spy 8/13/03 Audley: In retrospect

Edinburgh Evening News 8/12/03 Girl shares stage with Fame Academy star

Media Guardian 8/12/03 Fame Academy taps download market

Digital Spy 8/12/03 A bum note

Digital Spy 8/11/03 All by myself

Western Morning News 8/11/03 Alex Keeps Cool And Stays In Academy

Media Guardian 8/11/03 Fame Academy music downloads go on sale

Daily Record 8/11/03 Pop Idol Ratings Blow For Fame Academy

MegaStar 8/11/03 Rival talent shows

BBC 8/11/03 Academy downloads go on sale

Digital Spy 8/10/03 This Wednesday's songs

Sunday Mail 8/10/03 Scot To Help Academy Win Ratings War

Digital Spy 8/10/03 Mamma mia.. it's technique time!

Digital Spy 8/10/03 Barry forced into silence!

Digital Spy 8/10/03 'Pop Idol' takes early lead over 'Fame Academy'

BBC 8/10/03 Pop Idol beats Fame Academy

BBC 8/9/03 Audley voted out of academy

Digital Spy 8/9/03 First live show

Digital Spy 8/9/03 Shock at Audley exit

Digital Spy 8/9/03 Staff assessment

Digital Spy 8/8/03 Further Updates On The Voting.

Digital Spy 8/8/03 First run-through

icBirmingham 8/8/03 Why fame beckons for Nick

BBC 8/8/03 Q&A: Fame Academy v Pop Idol

Digital Spy 8/8/03 All Change for the Voting

Digital Spy 8/8/03 Fame Academy *BUMP* in the night......

Western Morning News 8/7/03 Fame Academy Place for Westcountry's Singer Alex

Digital Spy 8/7/03 Just a part of who I am

MegaStar 8/7/03 The shame of Fame Academy

BBC 8/7/03 Academy students start work

BBC 8/7/03 Fame Academy students move in

Digital Spy 8/7/03 Day 2: 11am - 12pm

Digital Spy 8/6/03 Final three Academy students chosen

Daily Record 8/6/03 Gay Sex Internet Shock For Pop Star David

Digital Spy 8/6/03 Final live audition heat tonight!

Digital Spy 8/6/03 Gough bowled over by Fame Academy maiden

Digital Spy 8/5/03 Showdowns moved to Wednesdays?

Digital Spy 8/5/03 'Fame Academy' blamed for BBC ratings slump

Ananova 8/5/03 Fame Academy fails to bring in the viewers

Media Guardian 8/4/03 Viewers shun Fame Academy 2

Digital Spy 8/3/03 Paris: 'I hit racist with a baseball bat'

Digital Spy 8/3/03 Getting To Know You: Part Three

Digital Spy 8/3/03 Three more Academy places filled

BBC 8/2/03 Trio win Academy places

Digital Spy 8/2/03 Selection Show Three

Ananova 8/2/03 Trio win Fame Academy places

Digital Spy 8/2/03 Carolynne (not so) Good

Digital Spy 8/2/03 Third Fame Academy audition tonight

Digital Spy 8/1/03 Keep it down or we'll pull the plug!

BBC 8/1/03 Six vie for Academy spots

Digital Spy 8/1/03 Fame hopefuls are unsigned, says Academy

Media Guardian 7/31/03 'Lame Academy' returns to haunt BBC1

Digital Spy 7/31/03 Getting To Know You: Part Two

MegaStar 7/31/03 Idol, Academy play for time

TVRules 7/31/03 Fame Academy Reopens It's Doors

Digital Spy 7/31/03 Students face expulsion after only 3 days

Belfast Telegraph 7/30/03 Sinead denies record deal under threat

Digital Spy 7/30/03 Three new students for Fame Academy!

Media Guardian 7/30/03 Pop Idol launches pre-emptive strike against BBC rival

Digital Spy 7/30/03 Carrie: "A bit dirtier, which I liked!"

Digital Spy 7/30/03 ITV1 fights back over Fame Academy clash

BBC 7/30/03 Academy hopefuls sing it out

Digital Spy 7/30/03 Renata saw Elton "have a paddy"

Digital Spy 7/29/03 Carolynne scored with soccer aces

BBC 7/29/03 Fans query Fame Academy deals

Media Guardian 7/28/03 Poor ratings add to Endemol's eviction fears

Digital Spy 7/28/03 Fame Academy new faces are well connected

Independent 7/28/03 Patrick Kielty: Seriously funny

Digital Spy 7/27/03 Planning Permission Woes for Endemol

Sky.com 7/27/03 Louise On Road To Fame

DeHavilland 7/27/03 Fame Academy re-opens its doors

Digital Spy 7/27/03 Getting To Know You: Part One

BBC 7/26/03 Fame Academy opens again

Digital Spy 7/26/03 "I Doubt It", says Fame Academy head

Digital Spy 7/26/03 First Four Students Chosen

MegaStar 7/25/03 Fame Academy is back

BBC 7/25/03 Doors open at Fame Academy

Digital Spy 7/24/03 Live Showdown At The Academy

Digital Spy 7/24/03 School Rules

Digital Spy 7/23/03 Meet the tutors!

MegaStar 7/23/03 Attack of the hopefuls

Digital Spy 7/22/03 Four heats before students enter

BBC 7/22/03 Fame Academy wannabes revealed

Digital Spy 7/22/03 On the trail of the would-be students

Digital Spy 7/21/03 Exclusive: Meet the hopefuls!

BBC 7/21/03 Fame Academy hopefuls revealed

Digital Spy 7/21/03 5 days to go.... what do we know?

Digital Spy 7/20/03 Witanhurst House - home to Fame Academy

Digital Spy 7/20/03 Help save Saturday night

Digital Spy 7/20/03 Exclusive: FA students already selected?

BBC 7/18/03 Sneddon takes on Saturday Show

Digital Spy 7/18/03 Sneddon stands in on 'Saturday Show'

BBC 7/17/03 Fame or Idol - the battle of reality TV

Digital Spy 7/17/03 ITV/BBC in row over pop show clash

Media Guardian 7/16/03 Advertisers lambast BBC over Fame Academy

Media Guardian 7/15/03 Fame Academy returns as ratings battle heats up

BBC 7/15/03 Fame Academy to open doors again

BBC 7/14/03 Revamped Fame Academy returns

Digital Spy 7/14/03 Revamped 'Fame Academy' to return in weeks

Ananova 7/14/03 Bee Gee joins Fame Academy

Guardian 7/12/03 Robin Gibb set for Fame Academy

Digital Spy 7/11/03 Robin Gibb to sign up for 'Fame Academy'

Digital Spy 6/30/03 BBC launches 'Fame Academy' bursary

BBC 6/30/03 Fame Academy bursary to launch

Guardian 6/18/03 Taylor Herring scores Fame Academy gig

Manchester Online 5/27/03 Fame and fortitude

Media Guardian 5/3/03 Lure of fame too strong for youth-hungry BBC

Digital Spy 5/2/03 'Fame Academy' to return

BBC 5/2/03 Fame Academy to return

BBC 4/28/03 Sneddon shows musical mettle

Edinburgh News 4/15/03 Fame Academy winner in flying visit to city school

Ananova 3/28/03 Fans bid for a day with Will Mellor

Ananova 3/20/03 Will Mellor turns down pop career

Digital Spy 3/17/03 'Fame Academy' future still in doubt

Media Guardian 3/17/03 Fame show's popularity has double edge for BBC

BBC 3/14/03 Will triumphs at Fame Academy

Digital Spy 3/14/03 Will Mellor wins 'Celebrity Fame Academy'

BBC 3/14/03 Will beats Ruby in Celeb Fame Academy

BBC 3/14/03 Academy stars face Comic Relief finale

Digital Spy 3/14/03 Time runs out for Kwame in 'Fame Academy'

BBC 3/13/03 Doon is done in the Fame Academy...

BBC 3/12/03 Ulrika gets the boot

BBC 3/11/03 John leaves the Fame Academy

Digital Spy 3/10/03 Thomson ousted from 'Fame Academy'

Ananova 3/10/03 John voted out of Fame Academy

Digital Spy 3/10/03 'Fame Academy' a hit, 'Reborn' a miss

Ananova 3/10/03 John Thomson reckons he's next to leave Fame Academy

Ananova 3/10/03 Fame Academy stars treated to cocktail party

Digital Spy 3/9/03 'Fame Academy' boot for Jo Brand

Ananova 3/9/03 Brand voted out of Fame Academy

BBC 3/8/03 Fearne next to exit Fame Academy

BBC 3/8/03 Ross first out of Fame Academy

Ananova 3/8/03 Ross bids farewell to Fame Academy on first night

Digital Spy 3/7/03 Paul Ross out of 'Celebrity Fame Academy'

BBC 3/7/03 Ginola hitch for Celeb Fame Academy

BBC 3/7/03 Stars set for Fame Academy

BBC 3/6/03 Checking into the Celebrity Fame Academy with CBBC's Jake Humphrey

BBC 3/4/3 The 'Fame Academy' welcomes its celebrity students

BBC 3/3/03 Fame Academy stars confirmed

BBC 2/24/03 Ainslie's secret is uncovered

Digital Spy 2/9/03 BBC confirms 'Celebrity Fame Academy'

BBC 1/23/03 Fame Academy profits to help hopefuls

BBC 1/22/03 Fame Academy launches talent fund

BBC 1/19/03 Fame Academy's David tops chart

BBC 1/14/03 Homecoming for Fame winner

BBC 1/13/03 Fame Academy's David disappoints

BBC 1/8/03 Celebrity Fame Academy planned

Guardian 1/8/03 BBC lines up Celebrity Fame Academy

BBC 1/8/03 Fame Academy to get celebrity makeover

BBC 12/20/02 Sinead gets 1m deal

BBC 12/16/02 Fame Academy winner David says he's no one hit wonder

Media Guardian 12/16/02 8m see Fame Academy finale

BBC 12/14/02 Fame Academy: Was it top or a flop?

BBC 12/14/02 David wins Fame Academy

BBC 12/13/02 Conversion on the road to Fame Academy

Digital Spy 12/13/02 David Sneddon wins 'Fame Academy'

BBC 12/13/02 Lemar out of Fame Academy

BBC 12/13/02 Fame three ready for reality

BBC 12/13/02 Who will win the Fame Academy?

BBC 12/12/02 Ainslie signs recording contract

BBC 12/10/02 Ainslie's tip for Fame Academy glory

BBC 12/9/02 Fame CD reaches for stars

BBC 12/9/02 BBC defends Fame Academy

Guardian Unlimited 12/9/02 Heggessey insists Fame Academy is 'a success'

BBC 12/9/02 Fame Academy CD: Your views

BBC 12/7/02 What did Malachi say to Sinead?

BBC 12/6/02 Ainslie leaves Fame Academy

BBC 12/5/02 Fame Academy's confirmed 2003 tour dates

BBC 12/3/02 Fame Academy finalists to do mini-tour

BBC 12/2/02 Lemar to sing for survival...

BBC 11/30/02 Malachi gets Fame Academy boot

BBC 11/25/02 Fame Academy: Radio 1's favourite on probation

Sky News 11/23/02 Seven Week Survivor

BBC 11/22/02 Katie knocked out

BBC 11/18/02 Five million watch Academy expulsion

Digital Spy 11/18/02 No ratings ascent for Sunday's 'Fame Academy'

BBC 11/15/02 Fame Academy: Nigel's on probation while Ainslie and Malachi have a tiff...

BBC 11/11/02 Fame Academy: Three A grade students announced

BBC 11/10/02 Fame Academy wins more viewers

BBC 11/8/02 Fame Academy students to sing for Moyles

BBC 11/4/02 Fame Academy: A grade Marli on probation

Guardian 11/4/02 Headmaster's son hits out at Fame Academy

Digital Spy 11/4/02 Ratings rise for 'Fame Academy'

Ananova 11/4/02 Fame Academy's Marli, Malachi and Katie up for probation

BBC 11/4/02 Fame Academy: A grade Marli on probation

Guardian 11/1/02 'Lame Academy' hits digital low

Digital Spy 10/29/02 Fame Academy goes interactive on DTT

BBC 10/28/02 Fame show eyes early chart assault

Ananova 10/28/02 Fame Academy's Katie, Pippa and Nigel face chop

Ananova 10/28/02 Fame Academy's Sinead voted Grade A student

BBC 10/28/02 Third time unlucky for Fame Academy's Katie?

MegaStar 10/28/02 Katie survives again

BBC 10/28/02 Robbie slates reality pop shows

Guardian 10/25/02 Fame Academy's ratings plumb new depths

BBC 10/25/02 Fame Academy ratings slide

Ananova 10/25/02 Fame Academy's Sinead goes for dramatic new look

BBC 10/25/02 Fame Academy's learning curve

MegaStar 10/24/02 David 'not bothered'

MegaStar 10/18/02 Academy is surreal

BBC 10/15/02 David joins the Fame Academy and Lemar goes out

Mega Star 10/15/02 Academy recruit Martian

BBC 10/14/02 New Fame Academy student and probation three

BBC 10/14/02 Academy fails to score with viewers

MegaStar 10/14/02 Naomi to leave Academy

BBC 10/14/02 Fame Academy student drops out over sore throat...

BBC 10/13/02 Fame Academy goes on without Ashley

BBC 10/11/02 Ashley first out of Fame Academy

BBC 10/11/02 Fame Academy drop-outs...

BBC 10/11/02 Academy students face first eviction

Digital Spy 10/11/02 "Fame Academy" to be revamped

Guardian 10/9/02 Fame Academy loses a million viewers

MegaStar 10/9/02 Academy students make year book

Guardian 10/8/02 C4 turned down 'derivative' Fame Academy

Independent 10/8/02 'Fame Academy' audience hopes wilt in competition against 'Gardeners' World'

BBC 10/8/02 Cat Deeley defends Fame Academy

Reality News Online 10/8/02 UK Fame Academy: I'm Gonna Live Forever?

MegaStar 10/8/02 Academy evictees announced

Telegraph 10/8/02 Talent show's singers poor, says star

Guardian 10/7/02 Fame Academy star lambasts show

BBC 10/7/02 BBC defends Fame Academy

Ananova 10/7/02 Teachers choose Fame Academy students to Sing For Survival

MegaStar 10/7/02 Flop Academy?
UTV 10/7/02 Public to vote on Fame Academy

Guardian 10/7/02 Fame Academy is ratings flop

MegaStar 10/7/02 Fame Academy boys get alarming start

Hello 10/7/02 Fame Academy Off to a Shaky Start

BBC 10/7/02 Marli is Academy favourite

BBC 10/5/02 Fame Academy: Must try harder

Independent 10/5/02 BBC begins search for a star ? but the real winners will be behind the camera

BBC 10/4/02 Fame Academy opens its doors

MegaStar 10/4/02 Who's gonna live forever?

This is London 10/4/02 Meet the kids from Fame

Belfast Telegraph 10/4/02 Tyrone man joins music wannabes

BBC 10/4/02 Seal & Jakatta's advice for Fame Academy

BBC 9/30/02 Fame show reveals hopefuls

EuropeMedia 9/30/02 'Fame Academy' brings the best of 'Pop Idols' and 'Big Brother' to the BBC

Telegraph 9/26/02 1.5m prize for BBC's Fame winner

BBC 9/25/02 Fame show to offer a year's luxury

Guardian 9/25/02 BBC promises Fame Academy winner a record breaking prize

BBC 9/25/02 Fame show 'to follow EastEnders'

Digital Spy 9/25/02 "Fame Academy" to air after "EastEnders"

Guardian 9/25/02 BBC unleashes Fame Academy on prime time schedules

Guardian 9/19/02 BBC chooses Fame on Fridays

Guardian 9/17/02 Big Brother meets big house for BBC fame show

BBC 9/16/02 A sneak peek at Fame Academy

Guardian 9/16/02 BBC tastes high life with latest 'reality talent' show

BBC 9/16/02 Fame Academy recruits pop stars

Guardian 9/2/02 Fame Academy beckons Deeley

Independent 7/1/02 BBC raises the stakes with new 'reality TV' show

Guardian 7/1/02 New show merges talent and reality TV


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