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News Articles about BBC Networks Fame Academy 


Daily Record 2/19/07 TV Stars Flock to Join Fame Academy

Digital Spy 2/17/07 Williamson loses weight for 'Academy'

Celebrity Spider 1/19/07 James Morrison: "I'm Glad I Was Rejected by Fame Academy"

Daily Record 11/24/06 1 Million Notes For Sneddon 

Sunday Mirror 12/11/05 Be Seeing Lou!

Ananova 10/11/05 Kielty slams 'stupid' Park

BBC 8/25/05 Lemar: From Fame Academy to fame

BBC 3/13/05 Edith wins Fame Academy

Digital Spy 3/13/05 Park slates 'Fame Academy' co-stars

Sky News 3/12/05 Edith: Top of Class

Daily Record 3/12/05 Edith is Toast of Scotland

BBC 3/12/05 DJ Edith Bowman wins Fame Academy

Digital Spy 3/12/05 Edith Bowman wins 'Celebrity Fame Academy'

Digital Spy 3/12/05 'Fame Academy's Park slams Patrick Kielty

BBC 3/10/05 Vote for Edith and she'll vomit

Sky News 3/10/05 Fame Academy Latest

Ananova 3/10/05 Corrie actress leaves the Academy

BBC 3/10/05 Street star leaves Fame Academy

Ananova 3/9/05 Vegas backs Edith to win Fame Academy

Ananova 3/9/05 Dawn leaves the Academy

Ananova 3/8/05 Kim is hot favourite to win Fame Academy

Sky News 3/8/05 Knowles Out Of Academy

Ananova 3/8/05 Nick evicted from Fame Academy

BBC 3/8/05 TV's Knowles out of Fame Academy

Daily Record 3/7/05 Garrett Tells Park Where To Get Off

BBC 3/7/05 Fame Academy judge sparks protest

Ananova 3/7/05 Gina booted out of Fame Academy

BBC 3/6/05 Yashere evicted from Fame Academy

Digital Spy 3/6/05 'Fame Academy's' Park under fire for hand gesture

Digital Spy 3/6/05 Ratings Roundup: 'Fame Academy' tops Saturday

Daily Record 3/5/05 Flat Moments In The Fame Academy Diary

Media Guardian 3/4/05 6m see Comic Relief Fame Academy skit

Sky News 3/4/05 Academy's Huq Voted Off

BBC 3/4/05 Blue Peter's Huq leaves Academy

Ananova 3/4/05 Konnie leaves Fame Academy

Sky News 3/3/05 Comedy Star Voted Out

Ananova 3/3/05 Tap-dancing Jenny booted out of Academy

BBC 3/3/05 Jo lays down the laughter law

Ananova 3/2/05 Jenny favourite to get boot from Fame Academy

Ananova 3/1/05 Chris backs Edith to win Fame Academy

Digital Spy 2/27/05 Murray gets 'Fame Academy' boot

Digital Spy 2/27/05 Ratings Roundup: 'Fame Academy' draws 6.5m

Digital Spy 2/26/05 Konnie Huq for Celeb 'Fame Academy'?

BBC 2/26/05 Celebrities set for Fame Academy

Sky News 2/22/05 Fame Academy Latest

Daily Record 2/22/05 TV Fame School Kicks Off With a Fight

Ananova 2/22/05 Fame Academy judge in feud with host Kielty

BBC 2/21/05 R1 DJ to take part in Celebrity Fame Academy

Ananova 2/21/05 Celebrity Fame Academy line-up revealed

Ananova 2/21/05 Kim is favourite to win Fame Academy

Digital Spy 2/21/05 Celeb 'Fame Academy' line-up announced

Ananova 2/9/05 Young Ones star agrees to Fame Academy

Ananova 2/8/05 EastEnders star agrees to Fame Academy

BBC 12/2/04 Fame Academy asbestos brings fine

Ananova 12/2/04 Corrie star agrees to Celebrity Fame Academy

This Is London 10/28/04 Asbestos found on Fame Academy set

Digital Spy 8/29/04 3 celeb 'Fame Academy' names confirmed

Ananova 8/29/04 Morrissey and Barker to star on Fame Academy

icWales 4/13/04 James: I've wanted this for a long time

BBC 2/29/04 Fox chosen as Eurovision hopeful

Telegraph 2/26/04 I'm glad I failed Fame Academy

BBC 1/23/04 Future of Fame Academy house in doubt

Media Guardian 1/23/04 Fame show withdraws application

BBC 1/23/04 Fame Academy withdraws house bid

Ananova 1/22/04 Fame Academy withdraws historic house application

Media Guardian 1/22/04 Big brother could evict Fame Academy

BBC 1/22/04 Fame Academy to be homeless?

BBC 1/22/04 Fame Academy faces eviction vote

Ananova 1/21/04 BBC faces eviction from Fame Academy house

This Is London 1/21/04 'Academy' faces eviction

Mirror.co.uk 1/7/04 Q & A With Fame Academy's Alistair

BBC 1/1/04 Alex's life after Fame Academy

Digital Spy 12/30/03 'Rock Idol' show to replace 'Fame Academy'

BBC 12/5/03 Parker attacks Fame 'rip-offs'

BBC 11/25/03 Alex Parks backtracks on BBC bitching

BBC 11/25/03 Fame winner Alex resents 'stigma'

Telegraph.co.uk 11/24/03 Not just a 'spiky-haired Cornish lesbian'

Ananova 11/24/03 Fame Academy winner condemns BBC

BBC 11/24/03 Alex shines on hasty debut

Ananova 11/24/03 Alex Parks showered with bras during gig

Digital Spy 11/17/03 'Maybe Thats What It Takes' Out Today

BBC 11/17/03 Fans snap up Alex Parks tickets

Ananova 11/13/03 Alex wants return to normality in Cornwall

Ananova 11/11/03 Fame Academy's Alex tackles flying fear

Ananova 11/11/03 Alex Parks - 'proud to be a gay role model'

Guardian 11/7/03 The real me

The Guardian 11/7/03 Thank you, reality TV

The Mirror 11/7/03 Pop Idol Pete's Predictions

Ananova 11/2/03 Fame Academy winner honoured at awards

BBC 11/1/03 Fame Academy's Sneddon quits pop

Sky.com 10/31/03 Sneddon Shuns Stardom

Ananova 10/31/03 Fame Academy winner fed up of fame

Gay.com.uk 10/28/03 Fame Academy Alex blasted by rival judge

Digital Spy 10/15/03 Alistair Reveals Record Plans

Telegraph 10/9/03 The reluctant pop star

The Scotsman 10/8/03 Fame Girl Alex Keeps It Real

BBC 10/8/03 Cat Deeley predicts success for Alex

Digital Spy 10/7/03 Cornish Music Scene Produces A Star

Digital Spy 10/7/03 'Fame Academy' finishes on ratings high

Media Guardian 10/6/03 Fame Academy ends on a high note

The Mirror 10/6/03 Fame Alex Shares 1M Prize Flat With Loser

Ananova 10/6/03 Academy winner Alex plans future

BBC 10/6/03 Alex wins Fame Academy

Digital Spy 10/6/03 Busy Week For Alex

BBC 10/6/03 Academy audience 'holds steady'

Sky.com 10/5/03 Fame Beckons For Alex

Digital Spy 10/5/03 Alex Wins

Ananova 10/5/03 Fame Academy winner Alex already in recording studio

Ananova 10/5/03 Alex crowned Queen of Fame Academy

BBC 10/4/03 Alex lands 1m Fame Academy prize

BBC 10/4/03 Alex Parks: Reluctant heroine

BBC 10/3/03 Alex is fave to win Fame Academy

BBC 10/3/03 Fame Academy gears up for final

BBC 10/3/03 Reckoning time in the Academy

Ananova 10/3/03 Alex odds-on favourite to win Fame Academy

Reality Reel 10/1/03 The Final 3

BBC 9/29/03 Fame Academy - vote mix-up did not change result

Leeds Today 9/29/03 ..and then there were three

BBC 9/29/03 Academy vote mix-up played down

Digital Spy 9/28/03 All Glammed Up

Digital Spy 9/28/03 Peter leaves the Academy

Mirror.co.uk 9/27/03 Cowell: I Love Fame Academy

Media Guardian 9/25/03 Park lashes out at 'desperate' Kielty

BBC 9/25/03 Fame Academy hit by row over host

Digital Spy 9/25/03 Don't Be Too Cool To Vote

Digital Spy 9/23/03 Kevin versus Peter

Digital Spy 9/20/03 Alistair Front Runner

Digital Spy 9/20/03 When Five Became Four

Digital Spy 9/20/03 Alistair Wins Again

Digital Spy 9/18/03 Alex Gains Celebrity Fans

Digital Spy 9/17/03 Trio Head For Top Of The Pops

BBC 9/14/03 Alex odds on for Fame

Digital Spy 9/13/03 Paris Leaves The Academy

Digital Spy 9/12/03 Carolynne's duetting worries

Digital Spy 9/12/03 A Hug For Carolynne

BBC 9/12/03 Fame Academy student grounded

Digital Spy 9/11/03 Alistair Sings The Blues

BBC 9/11/03 Fame Academy axe denied

Sky.com 9/11/03 Fame Academy Axed

Digital Spy 9/10/03 Peter Makes Tabloid News

Digital Spy 9/9/03 The Morning After The Night Before

Digital Spy 9/8/03 Carolynne and Alex Get A Night Out

Digital Spy 9/7/03 Barry Expelled From The Academy

Telegraph.co.uk 9/4/03 Top marks for Fame Academy oddballs

Digital Spy 9/4/03 Louise races ahead in Celebdaq

Digital Spy 9/4/03 Patrick and Richard Should Grow Up

Digital Spy 9/4/03 Alex Forges Ahead

Digital Spy 9/3/03 BBC3 Winners Announced

Digital Spy 9/3/03 Bedingfield masterclass next week

Digital Spy 9/2/03 David: "I get you, Alistair"

Digital Spy 9/2/03 Barry disappointed with duet

Digital Spy 9/2/03 They sing again

Digital Spy 9/2/03 Students to sing on BBC Three Thursday

BBC 9/1/03 BBC apologises to Academy hopeful

Digital Spy 9/1/03 Drama in the academy

Digital Spy 9/1/03 The Sun: Louise to sing Robbie song


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