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Celebrity Spider 3/30/07 Chris Sligh Eliminated From American Idol; Next Week "American Classics"

LauraBelle 3/30/07 Chris Sligh - More of the Facts Behind His Departure

Reality TV Magazine 3/30/07 Chris Sligh Almost Quit American Idol

Reality TV World 3/30/07 Chris Sligh dishes about 'American Idol,' sticking to his roots, more

Foxes On Idol 3/30/07 American Idol 6: Was Chris Sligh’s Exit the “Shocking Result?”

Fans of Reality TV 3/30/07 Interview with Chris Sligh: Relieved to Be Gone

Chancelucky 3/30/07 Chris Sligh Doesn't Find Magic (AI 6 review)

E!Online 3/30/07 Chris Sligh a "Negaholic"?

TMZ 3/30/07 Sligh: I Didn't Want to Win "Idol" Anyway

Entertainment Weekly 3/30/07 Bye-Bye Curly

Newsday 3/30/07 Sligh 'almost dropped out' of American Idol

Jam! 3/30/07 'Idol' hopeful Sligh mulled quitting

Celebrity Spider 3/29/07 American Idol - The Ax Cuts Again

Reality TV Magazine 3/29/07 Chris Sligh Loses American Idol But Wins $50

TV Robot 3/29/07 Chris Sligh: Talented, Funny, and Business-Smart

Foxes On Idol 3/29/07 American Idol 6: Why Chris Sligh Lost

Newsday 3/29/07 Bye bye– Sligh out on 'Idol'

Christian Post 3/29/07 Christian Favorite Cut from 'American Idol' Top 9

E!Online 3/29/07 Idol Bids Goodbye to Chris Sligh

Charlotte Observer 3/29/07 Ousted 'Idol' defends Sanjaya

MTV 3/29/07 'American Idol' Cuts Chris Sligh — 'Bye Bye Curly'

MSNBC 3/29/07 No chance to ‘bring chubby back’ on ‘Idol’

USA Today 3/29/07 Sligh's farewell address

Star Ledger 3/29/07 His Sligh strategy wasn't enough for 'Idol' voters

Reality TV Magazine 3/28/07 American Idol Results Shocker – Chris Sligh Eliminated

Charlotte Observer 3/28/07 S.C.'s Sligh cut from 'Idol'

Baptist Press 3/26/07 Sligh, Doolittle still on 'Idol'

The Common Voice 3/22/07 Excessive Weight Of American Idol's Sligh May Lead To An Early Goodbye

Go Upstate 3/22/07 Sligh makes Top 10

Beavers On Idol 3/21/07 Sligh Might Get by with His "Hi Dave!" Sly

FOX 21 3/21/07 Chris Sligh's "Fro Patro" is getting bigger and bigger

Beavers On Idol 3/20/07 "Hi Dave!" - Will This Be Sligh's Doom?

Fox News 3/20/07 Questions Arise Over 'American Idol' Hopeful Chris Sligh's Christian Roots

Go Upstate 3/15/07 It's 'Endless Love' for Chris Sligh on 'Idol'

FOX 21 3/14/07 Fro Patrol Gather To Support Chris Sligh

Beavers On Idol 3/12/07 Chris Sligh's 'Win-win' American Idol Situation

Go Upstate 3/9/07 Sligh makes the final 12 on 'Idol'

Reality TV Magazine 3/6/07 American Idol Romance? - Chris Sligh Hugs Ryan Seacrest

FOX 21 3/6/07 The Fro Patrol Roots On Chris Sligh

Stars and Stripes 3/3/07 ‘Idol’ contestants with military ties move to sweet 16

FOX 21 2/28/07 "Idol" contestant Chris Sligh wows judges, upstate

FOX 21 2/27/07 Chris Sligh's Band Releases Album

Herald Journal 2/23/07 Greenville's Chris Sligh still in the chase on 'American Idol'

Lower Hudson Online 2/21/07 An ‘Idol’ first: Contestant’s barb leaves Simon Cowell stunned

Stars and Stripes 2/21/07 ‘Idol’ favorite has U.S. military ties

OC Register 2/21/07 The Watcher predicts Chris Sligh as the next Idol

FOX 21 2/21/07 Local "Idol" contestant inspires "Fro-Patro"
Spartanburg Herald  2/20/07 The guy with the 'fro: Is Chris Sligh the next American Idol? 2/19/07 American Idol: Sizing up Chris Sligh

FOX 15 2/15/07 Local singer advances to Idol's top 24

Orlando Sentinel 2/15/07 Did you find an Idol? Go Chris

Celebrity Spider 2/15/07 Top 24 American Idol Contestants Revealed; American Begins Voting Next Week

FOX 21 2/14/07 Local Man Makes Top 24 on American Idol

FOX 21 1/31/07 Local musician lands on "American Idol"

Reality TV Magazine 1/30/07 Is Chris Sligh The Curly Haired Favorite To Win American Idol 6?


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