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Chris Sligh (age 28 on the show) – Currently lives in Greenville, South Carolina, and is the son of missionaries. Sligh spent 10 years with his family in Germany. Since attending Bob Jones University, he has traveled and performed with a band.  Chris made the top 10 but was the 1st eliminated from that group.


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News Articles about American Idol contestant Chris Sligh


People 11/1/10 Chris Sligh Welcomes Daughter Keira Lennon

Digital Spy 9/22/09 Ex-'Idol' star issues warning to hopefuls

NY Post 9/21/09 Bucket of cold water

TMZ 4/30/08 Former "Idol" Has Bone to Pick ... from Hot Wings

Entertainment Weekly 4/16/08 'American Idol': Is Archuleta Overpraised?

Entertainment Weekly 4/2/08 'American Idol': Chris Sligh On Who'll Go Home

Breathcast 3/19/08 Chris Sligh Takes Over Christian AC Radio With 'Empty Me'

Entertainment Weekly 3/12/08 'American Idol': Chris Sligh on Top 12 Week

Entertainment Weekly 2/20/08 'American Idol': Chris Sligh Rates the Top 12 Men

Entertainment Weekly 2/18/08 'American Idol' Star Chris Sligh Inks Deal

TMZ 12/19/07 "Idol's" Chris Sligh: Party Like a Not Star

Westerly Sun 12/5/07 An 'American Idol' favorite for First Night

TV Guide 8/8/07 On Tour with American Idol: The Chris Sligh Q&A

Christian Post 6/13/07 Ex-'Idol' Contender Chris Sligh to Release CD

Christian Broadcasting Network 5/25/07 Idol Contestant Puts New Twist on Hymns

CBN News 5/9/07 Sligh: Praising God to the Last Note

TMZ 5/2/07 "Idol" Castoff Gets Wigged-Out Homecoming

Christian Today 4/14/07 'Idol' Power Boosts Chris Sligh Band to Top of Music Nation

FOX 21 4/4/07 Chris Sligh back in upstate after 'Idol' competition

Christian Post 4/3/07 'American Idol' Sligh to Pursue Christian Music Career

MSNBC 4/3/07 Cowell tells Curly he’ll be a ‘star’

Idol Thoughts 4/2/07 Careful The Hand You Bite: Did Chris Sligh Say Too Much?

TV Guide 4/2/07 Chris Sligh on Quitting, Sanjaya and How He'd Change Idol

Reality TV Magazine 4/1/07 Chris Sligh Look-A-Like Denies Being On American Idol

Reality TV Magazine 3/31/07 American Idol Finalist Regrets Shout Out To Vote For The Worst

Reality TV Magazine 3/31/07 Finalist Learns Poking Fun Of American Idol Can Lead To Hate Mail


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