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Zap2It 11/7/07 Bathing in mediocrity on 'Bionic Woman'

TV Guide 11/7/07 Miguel Ferrer Diagnoses TV's New Bionic Woman

Celebrity Spider 11/1/07 Jamie Goes on a Mission to Paris Next Week on "Bionic Woman"

Post Gazette 10/29/07 More changes for NBC's 'Bionic Woman'

Celebrity Spider 10/25/07 Bionic Woman's Weakness is Chocolate

IGN 10/25/07 Bionic Woman: "The Education of Jaime Sommers" Review

Zap2It 10/25/07 'Bionic' Backstage Shuffle Continues

Hollywood Reporter 10/25/07 The Vine: Cahill in 'Bionic' driver's seat

Indy Star 10/25/07 Jaime, like actress, copes with change

Zap2It 10/24/07 'Bionic Woman': Getting schooled

NY Post 10/22/07 Before she was 'Bionic'

Celebrity Spider 10/18/07 Jamie Goes Undercover at College Next Week on "Bionic Woman"

IGN 10/18/07 Bionic Woman: "Faceoff" Review

Zap2It 10/18/07 'Bionic Woman': The policy of truthiness

IGN 10/11/07 Bionic Woman: "Sisterhood" Review

E!Online 10/11/07 Bionic Writers to Write On

BuddyTV 10/10/07 Bionic Woman: Episode 1.3 “Sisterhood” Recap

Zap2It 10/10/07 'Bionic Woman': Sisterhood of the traveling bionics

Zap2It 10/10/07 Dueling 'Bionic' Women

Chicago Tribune 10/10/07 Coming On Strong

Tampa Tribune 10/10/07 Faster Than A Speeding Bullet, NBC Sees 'Bionic Woman' Make Retooling Pit Stops

Daily Mail 10/9/07 The secret behind Michelle Ryan's buff Bionic body

Daily Mail 10/6/07 How EastEnders Michelle went from Albert Square to Hollywood's Bionic Woman

Daily Mail 10/5/07 Michelle Ryan's Bionic Woman short circuits as ratings plummet

Bend Weekly 10/5/07 TV Close-Up: Michelle Ryan

Celebrity Spider 10/4/07 Preview for Next Week's Episode of "Bionic Woman"

IGN 10/4/07 Bionic Woman: "Birds" Review

Chicago Tribune 10/4/07 The two bionic women get friendlier

BuddyTV 10/3/07 Bionic Woman: Episode 1.2 “Paradise Lost” Recap

Zap2It 10/3/07 Out of gas on 'Bionic Woman'

Digital Spy 10/3/07 NBC thrilled with 'Bionic' bow 10/1/07 Bionic Woman a blast from the past

NY Post 9/30/07 Isaiah Rising 

Inside Pulse 9/28/07 Fall Frenzy: Serial Watcher - Bionic Woman Review

Media Guardian 9/28/07 US viewers turn bionic

Daily Record 9/28/07 Bionic Brit Gets Slated In America

BBC 9/28/07 US success as Bionic Woman debuts

Inside Pulse 9/27/07 Fall Frenzy: Remote Destination - Bionic Woman Review

Daily Mail 9/27/07 Ex-EastEnder Michelle Ryan's Bionic Woman branded a flop

Daily Emerald 9/27/07 'Bionic Woman' revives the TV female action heroine

BuddyTV 9/26/07 'Bionic Woman' Season Premiere Review

Uncle Barky 9/26/07 Fall TV Preview: Bionic Woman (NBC)

Buddy TV 9/26/07 Exclusive Interview: Lucy Hale of 'Bionic Woman'

Zap2It 9/26/07 Premierewatch: 'Bionic Woman'

Globe and Mail 9/26/07 Faster, stronger – and a lot darker

Boston Globe 9/26/07 Show rebuilt with dark, sci-fi bent

Palm Beach Post 9/26/07 The new 'Bionic Woman' shows potential

Washington Post 9/26/07 'Bionic Woman' Version 2.0

IGN 9/26/07 Babe of the Day: Michelle Ryan

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 9/26/07 TV Review: 'Bionic Woman' dark, but intriguing

Dallas Morning News 9/26/07 NBC's 'Bionic Woman' new and improved

NY Daily News 9/26/07 This 'Bionic Woman' has no strength

Deseret Morning News 9/26/07 New 'Bionic Woman'

NY Times 9/26/07 Women Test Mettle, and Metal

Leader Post 9/26/07 'Bionic Woman' returns to small screen

Jam! 9/26/07 'Bionic Woman' gets makeover

Media Life 9/26/07 'Bionic Woman,' set to conquer, or not

IGN 9/25/07 Bionic Woman: "Pilot" Advance Review

Hollywood Today 9/26/07 Ryan Says “Bionic Woman” Empowers all Women

Chicago Tribune 9/25/07 'Bionic Woman' needs less superficial angst, more Katee Sackhoff

USA Today 9/25/07 'Bionic Woman' remake has serious design flaws

Zap2It 9/25/07 A chat with the 'Bionic Woman' (and her producer)

Slate 9/25/07 Watch Bionic Woman for the best villain on television

The Trades 9/24/07 Bionic Woman - Pilot

IGN 9/24/07 Bionic Woman Unleashed

San Francisco Chronicle 9/24/07 Reviews: 'Journeyman,' 'Chuck' and 'Bionic Woman'

Chicago Sun-Times 9/16/07 'Bionic woman'

NY Post 9/16/07 Building 'Bionic Woman' 

Zap2It 9/11/07 'Lights' Boss Takes on 'Bionic Woman'

Digital Spy 9/10/07 'Bionic Woman' boss explains recent problems

Coming Soon 9/8/07 Ryan and Eick on NBC's Bionic Woman

Washington Post 9/8/07 The Bionic Woman's Toughest Mission

Digital Spy 9/8/07 'Bionic Woman' loses showrunner

Zap2It 9/7/07 'Bionic Woman,' Producer Part Ways

Hollywood Reporter 9/7/07 Morgan departs 'Bionic' laboratory

IGN 8/31/07 Exclusive Interview: Jason Smilovic on Bionic Woman

Celebrity Spider 8/27/07 Bionic Woman Left Depressed by Weight Woes & Tragedy

USA Today 8/21/07 'Bionic Woman' remake plugs into modern mind-set

Media Buyer Planner 8/20/07 'Bionic Woman,' 'Caveman' Score Meaningless Early Buzz

Entertainment Weekly 8/2/07 Isaiah Washington: Inside His 'Bionic Woman' Deal

Zap2It 8/2/07 New Cast Members For 'Bionic,' 'Club'

IGN 8/2/07 Bionic Woman

Chicago Tribune 7/29/07 'Bionic Woman' notes from Comic-Con

Hollywood Reporter 7/27/07 Barrett gets 'Bionic' for NBC

Digital Spy 7/22/07 Bionic Woman: How will it fare?

Celebrity Spider 7/21/07 Michelle Ryan's Bionic Nightmares

Newsday 7/20/07 ABC revisits, reimagines 'Bionic Woman' for fall

Celebrity Spider 7/19/07 New Bionic Woman is Fighting Fit

Digital Spy 7/19/07 Ryan feels 'so lucky' to be 'Bionic Woman'

Zap2It 7/19/07 Katee Sackhoff Signs 'Bionic' Deal

Washington Post 7/18/07 After Gay Slur, Isaiah Washington Gets a New 'Bionic' Lease on Life

Post Gazette 7/18/07 Tuned In: New 'Bionic Woman' goes from dark to lighter tone

Hollywood Reporter 7/18/07 Sackhoff remains 'Bionic'

IGN 7/17/07 The Bionic Woman Speaks Out

Zap2It 7/17/07 'Bionic Woman' Gets a New Sister

Celebrity Spider 7/16/07 Isaiah Washington to Guest Star in Five Episodes of "Bionic Woman"

Digital Spy 6/29/07 ITV2 lands 'Bionic Woman', 'Gossip Girl'

IGN 6/19/07 Katee Sackhoff Talks Battlestar and Bionic Woman

IGN 6/8/07 One on One With Bionic Woman

Newsday 6/3/07 'Bionic Woman' gets extreme makeover

Journal Gazette 5/27/07 Bionic woman returns, ‘re-imagined’

NY Post 5/23/07 'Bionic' Rebuilt 

Celebrity Spider 5/16/07 NBC Announces New Fall Drama Series "Bionic Woman"

Plain Dealer 5/15/07 NBC is hoping for bionic boost to poor ratings

Daily Mail 5/15/07 Bionic Woman Michelle gets a Hollywood makeover


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