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Struggling as a bartender and surrogate mom to her teenage sister, Jaime Sommers (Michelle Ryan, "EastEnders") didn't think life could get much harder. But when a devastating car accident leaves her at death's door, Jaime's only hope for survival is a cutting-edge, top-secret technology that comes at a hefty price.  With a whole new existence and a debt to re-pay, Jaime must figure out how to use her extraordinary abilities for good, while weighing the personal sacrifices she will have to make. Ultimately, it's Jaime's journey of self-discovery and inner strength that will help her embrace her new life as the Bionic Woman.


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News Articles about NBC Networks Bionic Woman

Daily Mail 5/27/10 Return of the Bionic Woman: Michelle Ryan is back on the red carpet for the premiere of new movie

Digital Spy 6/28/09 Michelle Ryan: 'Hollywood can wait'

Celebrity Spider 4/16/08 Michelle Ryan Blames Bionic Woman for Lack of Love Life

Sky News 4/2/08 Michelle Returns To UK

IGN 3/13/08 Bionic Woman: Season 1 Review

BBC 3/12/08 Bionic gives ITV2 record ratings

Sky News 3/7/08 Michelle's Bionic Pictures

Digital Spy 3/6/08 Ryan believes in 'Bionic Woman' potential

IGN 2/21/08 Bionic Woman Won't Be Back

Guardian 2/14/08 Future looks bleak for Bionic Woman

Digital Spy 2/7/08 Lee Majors criticises 'Bionic Woman'

Celebrity Spider 12/17/07 Bionic Woman Cancelled

Digital Spy 12/13/07 NBC expected to pull plug on 'Bionic Woman'

Celebrity Spider 11/30/07 Michelle Ryan Denies Owen Wilson Romance

IGN 11/29/07 Bionic Woman: "Do Not Disturb" Review

IGN 11/29/07 Katee Sackhoff Not Leaving Bionic Woman

Celebrity Spider 11/28/07 Owen Wilson Reportedly Dating Bionic Woman Michelle Ryan

Zap2It 11/28/07 'Bionic Woman': Identity crisis

Knox News 11/28/07 New 'Woman' built differently than in the '70s

Celebrity Spider 11/25/07 Bionic Woman Rumored to be Cancelled Amid Strikes

Celebrity Spider 11/17/07 30 Rock, Bionic Woman & The Office Cancelled Amid Writers Strike

Zap2It 11/14/07 Bullet time on 'Bionic Woman'

Celebrity Spider 11/9/07 Lindsay Wagner: "New Bionic Woman is Too Violent"

Celebrity Spider 11/8/07 Jamie is Assigned to Stop an Assassination Plot Next Week on "Bionic Woman"

IGN 11/8/07 Bionic Woman: ''The List'' Review


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