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TV Robot 7/14/07 Dragon’s Den Makes a Brilliant Move—to America

Celebrity Spider 7/12/07 American Inventor Continues Next Week in Tampa and Houston

Reality News Online 7/12/07 American Inventor 2, Episode 5: Searching the South

Reality TV Calendar 7/12/07 Houston, We Have A Problem: Episode 5

Naples Daily News 7/9/07 'American Inventor' finalist has Naples connection

Celebrity Spider 7/5/07 Preview for Next Week's Episode of American Inventor

Reality News Online 6/29/07 American Inventor 2, Episode 4: Big Apple Blues

Celebrity Spider 6/28/07 Tampa and Houston Auditions Featured July 11 on American Inventor

Reality TV World 6/28/07 ABC's 'American Inventor' reveals two more second-season finalists

Reality TV Calendar 6/28/07 Wizballs, Racers And Multi-Bras: Episode 4 Recap

Fans Of Reality T.V. 6/23/07 Recap: The Big Apple Bites Tonight

Celebrity Spider 6/22/07 The Search Continues in New York & Chicago Next Week on American Inventor

Reality News Online 6/22/07 American Inventor 2, Episode 3: Chicago Beats New York

Reality TV Calendar 6/21/07 Good Inventions? Good Television? Or Neither? Episode 3 Recap

Reality TV Magazine 6/21/07 American Inventor Judges Reject Many In Chicago And New York Auditions

PR Web 6/20/07 ABC's "American Inventor" Reject Rayfil Wong Increases Drunk Driving Awareness with Sober Key

Reality News Online 6/18/07 American Inventor 2, Episode 2: California Dreamin’

Reality TV World 6/14/07 ABC's 'American Inventor' reveals its first two second-season finalists

Celebrity Spider 6/14/07 The Search Continues in Chicago & New York Next Week on American Inventor

Reality TV Calendar 6/14/07 A Lot Of Crazy Ideas And Some Good Ones: Episode 2

Reality TV Magazine 6/13/07 American Inventor Judges Select Los Angeles & San Francisco Winners

Reality News Online 6/11/07 American Inventor 2, Episode 1: Everything Is Going to Be All Right?

Fans Of Reality T.V. 6/8/07 Recap: Reinventing The Cheese Wheel

Reality TV Calendar 6/7/07 Re-Inventing American Inventor: Episode 1 Recap

Reality TV Magazine 6/6/07 American Inventor Gives Vindication To My Therapy Buddy

AJC 6/6/07 'You feel so much for the inventors'

ET Online 6/6/07 Simon Cowell's 'American Inventor'
Milwaukee Journal 6/6/07 Local "American Inventor" products hit the market this summer

TV Guide 6/6/07 We Grill George Foreman About American Inventor

Tampa Tribune 6/6/07 Clearwater Native Judges 'American Inventor'

NY Daily News 6/6/07 Cowell has a bright idea for 'Inventor'

Reality News Online 6/5/07 American Inventor 2: A Preview

Reality TV Calendar 6/5/07 Everything You Want To Know

Star Tribune 5/25/07 George Foreman to host reality show

Reality TV World 5/24/07 Simon Cowell talks about the new "identity" of 'American Inventor 2'

Celebrity Spider 5/23/07 ABC Announces Season 2 Premiere of American Inventor June 6

Reality TV Links 4/5/07 Casting Call - American Inventor

KGO-TV Bay Area 3/25/07 Hundreds Turn Out In S.F. For 'American Inventor'

Celebrity Spider 3/21/07 New Judges and Host Announced for Season 2 of "American Inventor"

Variety 3/20/07 Foreman to judge on 'Inventor'

Celebrity Spider 9/29/06 American Inventor Finalist, Erik Thompson, Invests Winnings to help other Inventors

Palm Beach Post 6/22/06 Inventor's device speeds filling sandbags

PR Newswire 6/19/06 American Inventor Finalist Selects Full Spectrum Media to Promote The SackMaster

Agoura Hills Acorn 6/8/06 'American Inventor' contestant holds his loved ones near

Forest Park Review 5/24/06 Still a winner

Arkansas Democrat Gazette 5/23/06 What's In A Dame : Mother of inventions: That ‘Clip’ 5/22/06 American "In-Brella" Inventor Sheryl McDonald

Cincinnati Enquirer 5/20/06 Hall helps 'Inventor' winner

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer 5/20/06 Spencer alum places 2nd on 'American Inventor'

Celebrity Spider 5/19/06 Janusz Liberkowski Named Winner of American Inventor

Reality News Online 5/19/06 American Inventor Finale: America Votes With Its Heart

Reality News Online 5/19/06 American Inventor, Episode 13: Déjà vu All Over Again

Reality News Online 5/19/06 Inventions and Intentions - an Interview with American Inventor Editor Paul Coyne

Entrepreneur 5/19/06 American Inventor: The Finale

Reality TV Magazine 5/18/06 American Inventor Winner Is Janusz Liberkowski

ABC 5/18/06 American Inventor finalist hails from Chicago area

Detroit News 5/17/06 Can our Detroit inventor score big?

Reality TV Calendar 5/15/06 Finally We Have Finale: The Final Recap

MSNBC 5/15/06 Q&A: American Inventor Judge Peter Jones

Fans of Reality TV 5/13/06 Finale Recap - Are You Buying What They're Selling?

Eworldwire 5/13/06 T2 Design Featured On Two Episodes Of ABC's American Inventor

Celebrity Spider 5/12/06 American Inventor Season Finale Thursday May 18th

Reality News Online 5/12/06 American Inventor, Episode 11: This Guy’s Nuts or He’s Brilliant

Reality TV Magazine 5/12/06 Who Will Win American Inventor?

MSNBC 5/12/06 Q&A : American Inventor Judge Doug Hall

Reality News Online 5/12/06 American Inventor, Episode 12: Is It American Inventor or American Gladiator?

Broadcasting & Cable 5/12/06 Inventor Doesn’t ‘Survive’ Thursday Night

OC Register 5/11/06 Innovation firm inventing dreams

WTVM 5/10/06 Columbus Inventor

Detroit News 5/10/06 Erik Thompson still is doing his hometown proud on ABC's "American Inventor."

Ledger-Enquirer 5/10/06 Ex-Spencer star makes 'Inventor' finals

Celebrity Spider 5/7/06 Countdown to the Finale Episode on American Inventor May 11th

Fans of Reality TV 5/7/06 American Inventor Now With More Tears

OC Register 5/6/06 Inventor looks ahead

Reality TV Magazine 5/5/06 American Inventor: Ed Hall & Janusz Liberkowski Advance To The Final Four

Bangor Daily News 5/6/06 Reinventing himself: Maine native Doug Hall adds 'reality TV star' to impressive resume

Reality News Online 5/5/06 American Inventor, Episode 10: Thrilled For the Chance, But Scared to Death

Reality News Online 5/5/06 American Inventor, Episode 9: Don’t Tamper with a Rembrandt or a Picasso

Reality TV Calendar 5/5/06 Peter's and Doug's Groups of Three: Episode 8 Recap

Orange County Register 5/3/06 Huntington woman on American Inventor tonight

Community Press 5/3/06 Local 'American Inventor' judge visits GEM school

KESQ 5/2/06 Local inventor has high hopes for "My Therapy Buddy" 5/2/06 'Human centerpiece' stands out

Fans of Reality TV 5/1/06 Recap 4/27 Don't Cry For Me, Mary Lou

Milwaukee Channel 5/1/06 Muskego Mom's Invention Featured Thursday On ABC's 'American Inventor'

Celebrity Spider 4/28/06 Two Episodes of American Inventor, Thursday May 4th

Reality News Online 4/28/06 American Inventor, Episode 8: Produce or Get Off the Pot

Reality News Online 4/28/06 American Inventor, Best of the Auditions, Part 2: It’s Not the Size of the Wand, But the Magic in It

Reality TV Calendar 4/28/06 Mary Lou's Group Of Three: Episode 7 Recap

Reality TV Magazine 4/27/06 American Inventor: Francisco Patino Is A Pure Inventor

Celebrity Spider 4/27/06 ID Group Helps Francisco Patino With His Product on American Inventor

PR Web 4/26/06 US Patent Searches Increase After 'American Inventor' Hits TV

The Herald 4/25/06 Inventor gets a swing at fame

Fans of Reality TV 4/23/06 4/20 Recap Ed-ventures in Stupidity

Boston Globe 4/23/06 He qualified as an, but not the, 'American Inventor'

Reality News Online 4/21/06 American Inventor, Episode 7: We Have Seen the Enemy and He Is Us

Celebrity Spider 4/21/06 Top 12 American Inventor Semifinalists Revealed

Celebrity Spider 4/21/06 Three Semifinalist Finalize Their Products Next Week on American Inventor

Reality News Online 4/21/06 American Inventor, Best of Auditions: Definitely Not Bigger than Pet Rocks and the Hula Hoop

Reality TV Calendar 4/21/06 Ed's Group Of Three - Episode 6 Recap

Reality TV Magazine 4/21/06 American Inventor: Erik Thompson Advances To Final Four

PR Web 4/20/06 Nightengale Press Author Jodi Pliszka is an American Inventor Finalist on ABC ...

Reality TV Calendar 4/19/06 The Top Twelve - Details Released

Reality TV Calendar 4/17/06 The Top 12 Revealed: Episode 5 Recap

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 4/17/06 'American Inventor' semifinalist uses her sweat-free head

Business Wire 4/17/06 Eureka! ''American Inventor'' Judge Runs Prestigious Innovation Think Tank;...

Fans of Reality TV 4/16/06 American Inventor Cry Me A River of Mediocrity

Television Without Pity 4/16/06 J Cat

Celebrity Spider 4/14/06 Semifinalists Use $50K Towards Finalizing Their Product on the next American Inventor

Reality News Online 4/14/06 American Inventor, Episodes 5 & 6: The Best Ideas Come out of the Toilet

The Coloradoan 4/14/06 Inventor's idea bumped from show

LA Times 4/14/06 The Overnights: Another Flop for Simon

Reality TV Magazine 4/13/06 The American Inventor Twelve Finalists Are…

Celebrity Spider 4/11/06 Double Episode of American Inventor This Week on ABC

Fans of Reality TV 4/9/06 American Inventor Kidneys for Karma

Celebrity Spider 4/7/06 The Field is Narrowed to Final 12 on the next Episode of American Inventor

Reality News Online 4/7/06 American Inventor, Episode 4: To Die With a Smile

Reality TV Calendar 4/7/06 The Final Week Of Auditions: Episode 4 Recap

Reality TV Magazine 4/7/06 More Inconsistent Behavior By American Inventor Judges

Celebrity Spider 3/31/06 American Inventor Next Week Goes to Washington DC, San Francisco and LA

Fans of Reality TV 3/31/06 American Inventor A Stick By Any Other Name Is Still Just a Stick

Entrepreneur 3/31/06 American Inventor, Episode 3

Reality TV Calendar 3/31/06 When Will The Auditions End? Episode 3 Recap

Reality News Online 3/31/06 American Inventor, Episode 3: This Is Not ‘American Sob Stories’

Reality TV Magazine 3/31/06 American Inventor From Wacky Inventions To Sob Stories

Media Life 3/31/06 Poof! 'American Inventor' up in smoke

Reality TV Magazine 3/30/06 American Inventor Passes On BulletBall, But Keeps The Table 3/30/06 ABC's American Inventor - Recap, Episode 3

Rocky Mountain News 3/30/06 'Inventor' crafts a following

Sheboygan Press 3/30/06 Are you the next 'American Inventor?' Uh, probably not

Indy Star 3/29/06 'Inventor' expert tells it like it is 3/28/06 - Inside ABC's American Inventor

The Denver Channel 3/28/06 American Inventor's Denver Casting Call To Be Shown This Week

TMZ 3/27/06 Simon's New Show: Anything Goes!

Fans of Reality TV 3/27/06 Recap Stupid Naked Girls and Crushed Dreams

Reality News Online 3/27/06 American Inventor, Episode 2: "If I Walk Down the Street with That, They'll Lock Me Up."

Reality TV Magazine 3/27/06 Are The American Inventor Judges Turning Good Inventions Into Jokes?

Celebrity Spider 3/25/06 American Inventor Show Gets Sexy as Model Peels Off

Reality Shack 3/25/06 And This Is Why I Love Reality TV: American Inventor (Where's Ben Franklin When You Need Him?)

Celebrity Spider 3/24/06 The Search Continues for The Next Big Invention Next Week on American Inventor"

Reality TV Calendar 3/24/06 You Have To Give & Give & Give Some More: Episode 2 Recap

Reality TV Magazine 3/23/06 American Inventor – Hooray For Bulletball

Pop Matters 3/23/06 American Inventor

Toronto Star 3/23/06 Inventors' reality check

NY Times 3/23/06 ABC's 'American Inventor': In the Spirit of American Know-How

Red Orbit 3/23/06 Inventor's Reality

E!Online 3/21/06 All-"American" Cowell

Fans of Reality TV 3/20/06 Premiere Recap Release Your Inner MacGyver

Reality TV Calendar 3/20/06 I Was There: Episode 1 Recap

Yahoo 3/20/06 Expert Advice for American Inventor

Celebrity Spider 3/19/06 Ratings Report: American Inventor Wins Thursday Evening

Celebrity Spider 3/17/06 The Search For the Next Big Invention on the next "American Inventor"

Digital Spy 3/17/06 Strong start for Cowell's 'Inventor'

Reality News Online 3/17/06 American Inventor, Episode 1: Big Ideas and Big Dreams

Davison 54 3/17/06 What Do You Think Of The Show American Inventor™?

Reality TV Magazine 3/16/06 Is American Inventor The Next American Idol?

Celebrity Spider 3/16/06 American Inventor Premieres Tonight on ABC

Dallas Morning News 3/16/06 'American Inventor' turns up some odd creations

Boston Globe 3/16/06 'American Inventor' stirs the Edison in everyone

Courier Journal 3/16/06 'American Inventor' cooks up more comedy than creativity

Union Tribune 3/16/06 'Inventor' creators just came up with an 'Idol' rip-off

Forbes 3/16/06 U.K. Tycoon Is Man Behind ABC's 'American Inventor'

Buffalo News 3/16/06 'American Inventor' lacks new ideas 3/16/06 Ozarker competes on 'Inventor'

Chicago Sun-Times 3/16/06 Inventor of 'Idol' ripoff should be mocked

Cincinnati Business Courier 3/16/06 Eureka! founder to judge inventors on ABC

Detroit Free Press 3/16/06 'Inventor' gets off to a cheesy start

Reality News Online 3/16/06 "I Sold my Kidney to Be on American Inventor" - A Preview 3/16/06 Ingenuity of 'Inventor' is all the producers' 3/16/06 Ohio Man To Be Judge On 'American Inventor'

Modesto Bee 3/16/06 Inventor gives Hollywood ideas

Washington Post 3/16/06 'Inventor': A Painful Contraption

Post Gazette 3/16/06 Reviews: ABC invents a wacky two hours of reality shtick

Newsday 3/16/06 They should throw in the Cowell

NY Post 3/16/06 Mothers of 'Invention'

LA Times 3/16/06 "American Inventor"

TV Guide 3/16/06 Simon Cowell Seeks an American Genius 3/16/06 ‘American Inventor’ Needs Major Tinkering

USA Today 3/16/06 Get your Bladder Buddy here, on Cowell's 'Inventor'

Hollywood Reporter 3/16/06 American Inventor 3/16/06 Perhaps ABC should invent a better series than American Inventor

Star Ledger 3/16/06 Same old Simon

Tampa Bay Online 3/16/06 Roach Track, Squealing Wand Help Cowell Reinvent TV Quest For American Dream

Seattle PI 3/16/06 ABC and A&E know that misery truly loves company

TV Guide 3/15/06 Simon Cowell Seeks an American Genius

Chicago Tribune 3/15/06 Invent a better show, Simon Cowell

TMZ 3/15/06 'American Inventor' Sneak Preview

Toledo Blade 3/15/06 Creative dreams: Inventors vie for $1 million prize in ABC reality show

Post Dispatch 3/15/06 If they build it, will you come?

Jam! 3/15/06 'Idol' judge producing 'American Inventor'

NY Daily News 3/15/06 ABC's 'Inventor' is a patent ripoff

Orlando Sentinel 3/14/06 American Inventor (2 out of 5 stars)

Inside Bay Area 3/14/06 Great Minds Compete on 'American Inventor'

Cincinnati Post 3/14/06 'American Inventor' Doug Hall of Cincinnati is a star on the show 3/14/06 Idol invention

TVNZ 3/14/06 Inventors hope to become ratings idol

Capital Times 3/14/06 Media musings: 'Inventor' new form of reality

MSNBC 3/13/06 ‘American Inventor’ aims for ‘Idol’ ratings 3/2/06 Garage Geniuses Go Prime Time

Yahoo 1/31/06 Simon Cowell: From Idol to Inventor

Cincinnati Enquirer 1/28/06 Local to be judge on ABC's 'Inventor'

Times Dispatch 12/9/05 Casting call for 'inventive' show

Fox News 11/26/05 Hundreds Vie to Be the Next ‘Inventor’

USA Today 11/18/05 Cowell juggles many duties 11/17/05 American Inventor - Reality TV meets Makers

Celebrity Spider 11/11/05 Simon Cowell Invents New Reality Show

Times Standard 11/11/05 American Idol spin-off may inspire local inventors

Access Hollywood 11/8/05 Simon Cowell's New 'Invention'

Reality TV Magazine 10/31/05 Simon Cowell's American Inventor To Offer Million Dollar Prize

Digital Spy 8/16/05 Cowell denies stealing 'Million Dollar Idea'

Celebrity Spider 8/11/05 Simon Cowell Sued for Stealing Show Idea and Name

NY Times 8/11/05 ABC TV Is Sued Over Plan for Show

BBC 8/11/05 Cowell 'stole reality show Idea'

NY Post 8/11/05 Simon Sez: It's My 'Million Dollar Idea'

NY Daily News 8/11/05 Suit: ABC, Cowell stole 'Idea'

NY Times 8/11/05 ABC TV Is Sued Over Plan for Show

Access Hollywood 8/10/05 Did Simon Steal 'Million Dollar Idea?'

E!Online 8/10/05 Simon Sued Over Big "Idea"

Guardian 8/10/05 Cowell accused of stealing 'Million Dollar Idea'

Zap2It 8/10/05 Cowell, ABC Sued over 'Million Dollar Idea'

Chicago Tribune 7/25/05 Business ideas made real--on TV 7/19/05 Entrepreneur Idol?

Celebrity Spider 7/14/05 ABC and Simon Cowell Have "The Million Dollar Idea"
Celebrity Spider 7/13/05 American Idol Judge Simon Cowell Pitches New Reality Show To ABC

E!Online 7/13/05 Simon Cowell's Big "Idea"

Zap2It 7/13/05 Cowell Brings 'Million Dollar Idea' to ABC

Variety 7/12/05 ABC invents new reality


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