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BuddyTV 5/12/08 American Gladiators: Season 2 Premieres Tonight

Reality TV Magazine 5/12/08 American Gladiator: Season Premiere! 5/12/08 Interview With Evan Dollard aka Rocket from NBC's American Gladiators 5/12/08 Interview with American Gladiator Justice Smith

CanMag 5/12/08 Wolf on the Return of American Gladiators
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 5/12/08 Amputee: 'Gladiators' a true test of will

Zap2It 5/12/08 PremiereWatch: 'American Gladiators'

South Coast Today 5/12/08 Hulk Hogan of 'Gladiators' shakes off life's body slams
Knoxville News Sentinel 5/9/08 'Gladiators' arms Hogan for life's woes

BuddyTV 5/6/08 'American Gladiators' Returns with Three More Warriors and Seven New Games

TMZ 4/23/08 New Gladiator Hard to Beat -- Just Ask Her Hubby

NewsBlaze 4/21/08 Justice Smith "American Gladiators" Interview 4/21/08 TNA's Matt Morgan passes on "American Gladiators" contract offer 4/14/08 Why Crush is my crush

Technician Online 4/4/08 Former swimmer pursues American Gladiator spot

Trading Markets 3/31/08 Jakks Pacific To Produce 'American Gladiators' Themed Toys 3/28/08 Crush from 'American Gladiators' added to card

Charlotte Observer 3/26/08 Laila Ali expecting first child

Ninemsn 3/15/08 Gladiators rocked by porn, strippers scandals

TMZ 3/13/08 Stripped of Justice

New University 3/3/08 Alex Rai—More Than a Gladiator

TMZ 2/29/08 "Gladiator's" Mayhem: Too Skinny for Steroids?

The Daily Titan 2/28/08 Review: 'American Gladiators' -- a balancing act

Northwest Herald 2/23/08 'A Dream come true'

KATU 2/22/08 Milwaukie woman proves she can be a gladiator

Newport News Times 2/22/08 Newport High grad stars on ‘American Gladiators' 2/22/08 Former Trail Blazer Dancer Wins American Gladiator

NY Times 2/21/08 How to Drop a Goliath: First, You Hire Two Trainers

Dayton Daily News 2/20/08 Trotwood grad almost wins American Gladiators

Orlando Sentinel 2/19/08 Competition to stand out pushes Gladiator competitors hard

Northwest Herald 2/19/08 'A Dream come true'

Reality TV World 2/18/08 Evan Dollard and Monica Carlson claim 'American Gladiators' title

Clackamsas Review 2/18/08 Milwaukie mom a victor in 'American Gladiators'

Oregonian 2/18/08 "American Gladiators" win nets former Blazer dancer car, $100,000

Chicago Tribune 2/18/08 'American Gladiators' winner from Chicago

Northwest Herald 2/18/08 FRG native wins NBC's ‘American Gladiator’

Reality TV Magazine 2/17/08 American Gladiators Winners Are Evan Dollard And Monica Carlson

Zap2It 2/17/08 FinaleWatch: 'American Gladiators'

Buddy TV 2/17/08 'American Gladiators' Season Finale Airs Tonight

Jam! 2/16/08 Hulk Hogan battles through tough times

Globe and Mail 2/16/08 A wrestler-turned-gladiator chooses to play

NY Daily News 2/15/08 'Gladiators' fight for a fitting finale

Hollywood Reporter 2/13/08 'Gladiators,' 'Deal' combo give NBC a win

Waltonian 2/13/08 A review of NBC's American Gladiators

Zap2It 2/12/08 'American Gladiators': And then there were four

Celebrity Spider 2/11/08 Preview for Tonight's Episode of "American Gladiators"

East Valley Tribune 2/11/08 East Valley 'Gladiator' wannabes turn out in droves for auditions

TV Guide 2/11/08 Gladiator's "Siren" Gets Fired Up About Powerball and the "Green Goddess"

Daily Camera 2/10/08 Mama's going to be a gladiator

BuddyTV 2/8/08 Evan and Shanay Move on to Finals in 'American Gladiators'

Arizona Republic 2/8/08 Wanted: Big, bad 'American Gladiators'

C21Media 2/8/08 JTMG leads Gladiators' L&M charge

Broadcast Newsroom 2/6/08 Fish Eggs Pumps Up “American Gladiator” for NBC Debut

Reality TV Magazine 2/5/08 American Gladiators - Evan and Shanay advance to the finals

After Ellen 2/5/08 "American Gladiators" doesn't disappoint

Zap2It 2/4/08 'American Gladiators' moves on to the semis

Celebrity Spider 2/4/08 Preview for Tonight's Episode of "American Gladiators"

Daily Beacon 2/4/08 ‘Gladiator’ temporarily battles TV rut

The Olympian 2/3/08 Gladiator is a warrior for fitness

Daily Camera 2/3/08 'American Gladiators' draws huge crowd 2/3/08 Hundreds 'hang tough' during American Gladiators tryouts

Whittier Daily News 2/1/08 2 locals competing on 'American Gladiator' 2/1/08 'Gladiators' redux

The Emory Wheel 1/31/08 Renaissance Muscleman

University Daily Kansan 1/31/08 Kansas houses gladiator in training

Brown Daily Herald 1/31/08 "American Gladiator" returns and American civilization cringes

Daily Aztec 1/31/08 'Gladiators' revived, most unfortunate

The Guardian 1/30/08 Gladiators' panto revival: a refreshing change after reality TV's mean streak?

Mercury News 1/29/08 Woman a 'Gladiators' fan, for good reason

Zap2It 1/28/08 'American Gladiators': If you talk the talk...

Columbia Spectator 1/28/08 American Gladiators are Back in the Ring and Ready to Rumble

La Vista Sun 1/28/08 Gladiator has Husker power

NBC 1/28/08 Dallas Teacher Takes On American Gladiators

Crave Online 1/28/08 Laila Ali has us on the ropes

Palm Beach Post 1/28/08 Jupiter's own 'American Gladiator'

Reno Gazette Journal 1/27/08 Ex-local gives, takes beating on 'Gladiator'

Celebrity Spider 1/25/08 American Gladiator Lace Arrested

Chicago Sun-Times 1/25/08 Tight spot could prove right spot

Observer Online 1/25/08 New "American Gladiators" is worth watching, despite changes

Mercury News 1/25/08 Son, 'American Gladiators' isn't lame

Reality TV Links 1/24/08 Casting Call - American Gladiators Open Calls 

Arizona Republic 1/24/08 Fighting spirit thwarts crime, nets 'Gladiator'

Inside Bay Area 1/24/08 I'm glad to see 'Gladiators'

University Chronicle 1/24/08 'American Gladiators' lights up NBC

The Etownian 1/24/08 Gladiator games prove violent

Celebrity Spider 1/22/08 Preview for Next Week's Episode of "American Gladiators"

BuddyTV 1/22/08 How to Improve 'American Gladiators' for Season 2

Entertainment Weekly 1/22/08 American Gladiators in the EW Offices

Zap2It 1/21/08 'American Gladiators': Anyone for some whine?

Celebrity Spider 1/21/08 Preview for Tonight's Episode of "American Gladiators"

TMZ 1/21/08 "Gladiator's" Titan Pops Off

New University 1/21/08 More Muscle Brings More Excitement to the New American Gladiators

TV Guide 1/21/08 TV Guide Reporter Battles the Gladiators

Celebrity Spider 1/17/08 NBC Announces Summer Pick Up of Nashville Star, Season 2 of American Gladiators

Daily Herald 1/17/08 'Gladiators' doesn't live up to the old one

Chicago Sun Times 1/17/08 All-'American' trash

Entertainment Weekly 1/16/08 Pumped Up Over 'Gladiators'

KGW 1/16/08 Former Blazers dancer gets shot at 'American Gladiator' prize

Reality TV World 1/15/08 NBC's 'American Gladiators' revival testing professionals for steroids

Boston Globe 1/15/08 Man vs. musclehead, man vs. meter maid

TMZ 1/15/08 "Gladiator" Contestant Likes to Get Bucked

Zap2It 1/14/08 'American Gladiators': Strong man, hollow words

Celebrity Spider 1/14/08 NBC Announces Second Season of "American Gladiators"

Celebrity Spider 1/14/08 MGM Takes "American Gladiators" Online on Tour and Into Animation Studio

Celebrity Spider 1/14/08 Preview for Tonight's Episode of "American Gladiators"

Zap2It 1/14/08 'Gladiators' Battle On

Access Hollywood 1/14/08 The Original 'Gladiators' Get Revealing With Access

NY Post 1/14/08 'Gladiators' tested for 'roids

Home News Tribune 1/14/08 She's Glad to be a Gladiator

Celebrity Spider 1/13/08 NBC to Encore American Gladiators Tonight

Mail Tribune 1/13/08 Dream comes true for Medford gladiator

Beacon Journal 1/13/08 American Gladiator is warrior for fitness

Leader-Post 1/12/08 'American Gladiators' returns to television

Fresno Bee 1/11/08 New 'Gladiators' doesn't quite live up to the old one

LA Times 1/11/08 'American Gladiators' is back

The Oregonian 1/11/08 TV Review: "American Gladiators" and "Celebrity Rehab"

Macon Telegraph 1/11/08 TV Review: New `Gladiators' doesn't quite live up to the old one

Western Gazette 1/11/08 American Gladiators finds perfect blend of drama, game show and sporting contest

KOBI 5 1/11/08 Local Woman on American Gladiators

CanMag 1/11/08 Tao on American Gladiators

CNBC 1/11/08 "American Gladiators:" A Brilliant Comeback

The Santa Clara 1/10/08 Spandex, 'roids and Americana

NY Times 1/10/08 ‘American Gladiators:’ A Breakout Hit?

Orlando Sentinel 1/9/08 American Gladiators: Pumped up pleasure

CanMag 1/9/08 Justice on American Gladiators

Celebrity Spider 1/8/08 NBC Offers Local Stations Episodes of American Gladiators for Weekend Runs

Hollywood Reporter 1/8/08 American Gladiators

NY Times 1/8/08 In Ratings Arena, ‘Gladiators’ Defeat ‘Dance War’

Daily Nexus 1/8/08 ‘Gladiators’ Unleash Unintended Hilarity

Quad City Times 1/8/08 Injury ends Donahue woman’s ‘Gladiator’ chances

ESPN 1/8/08 One gladiator nation, with Justice for all

Celebrity Spider 1/7/08 American Gladiators Reveal Behind the Scenes Secrets

MSNBC 1/7/08 Less talk, more action on ‘Gladiators,’ please

Zap2It 1/7/08 'American Gladiators': Does there have to be a winner?

BuddyTV 1/7/08 American Gladiators: Premiere Review

Broadcasting & Cable 1/7/08 Primetime Ratings: American Gladiators Comes Out Swinging

Defamer 1/7/08 Merciful Hulk Hogan Spares Life Of Hobbled Contestant On 'American Gladiator' Premiere

Fairfax Times 1/7/08 It's Gladiator time, brother

Knox News 1/7/08 Harriman dad takes on 'Gladiators'

Arizona Daily Star 1/7/08 Nostalgia alert! American Gladiators returns

Zap2It 1/7/08 'American Gladiators': Bring on the spandex

Variety 1/7/08 American Gladiators

Celebrity Spider 1/6/08 Preview for Tonight's Premiere Episode of "American Gladiators"

Southtown Star 1/6/08 Now entering the ring

Coming Soon 1/6/08 The Return of the American Gladiators

NY Post 1/6/08 Naked Gladiator

Maryville Daily Times 1/6/08 Maryville native on ‘American Gladiator’

NY Daily News 1/6/08 Getting into the arena with an 'American Gladiator'

Hartford Courant 1/6/08 'American Gladiators'

Go Erie 1/6/08 'Gladiators' return to TV; Erie creator out in the cold

Quad City Times 1/5/08 Donahue woman to take on ‘American Gladiators'

Star Telegram 1/5/08 Arlington mom, Bedford bartender compete on American Gladiators

Plain Dealer 1/5/08 Local bodybuilder hits the big time as a regular on NBC's American Gladiators'

CanMag 1/4/08 Venom on American Gladiators

Army Times 1/4/08 Bloggers out Gladiator as former porn star

WBIR-TV 1/4/08 Local guy competes in NBC's American Gladiators

ESPN 1/4/08 One gladiator nation, with Justice for all

IGN 1/3/08 American Gladiators Attack

Knox News 1/3/08 Morrow: 'American Gladiators' has ET twist

Can Mag 1/3/08 Crush on American Gladiators

This Week 1/3/08 Gladiators 'exciting, terrifying'

Pegasus News 1/3/08 UT Arlington student to compete against the Gladiators

USA Today 1/2/08 New 'Gladiators' pumps up reality TV with personality

Can Mag 1/2/08 Stealth on American Gladiators

NY Post 12/29/07 The Bare Facts

Celebrity Spider 12/20/07 Twenty Four Contenders Announced for "American Gladiators"

NY Daily News 12/20/07 'American Gladiators' starts up again

Celebrity Spider 12/14/07 Warriors Announced for "American Gladiators"

BuddyTV 12/11/07 More Male American Gladiators Revealed

LAist 12/9/07 American Gladiators: A Saturday in the Gladiator Arena

Reality TV World 12/3/07 NBC's 'American Gladiators' revival to debut January 6, air on Mondays

Zap2It 11/27/07 'American Gladiators' Rise in January

Celebrity Spider 11/9/07 Laila Ali Joins Hulk Hogan as Co-Host of "American Gladiators"

Celebrity Spider 10/3/07 Hulk Hogan Announced As Host of "American Gladiators"

Zap2It 10/3/07 Hulk Hogan Dons 'Gladiator' Gear

Badger Herald 9/19/07 ‘Glads’ come back to America

Celebrity Spider 8/23/07 NBC Announces Return of "American Gladiators"

Reality TV Links 9/6/07 Casting Call - American Gladiators

Reality TV Links 8/30/07 Casting Call - American Gladiators


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