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Celebrating the everyday, true American heroes -- weekend warriors who excel and take pride in their physical fitness -- contestants will go up against the show's gladiators -- charismatic and eclectic warriors -- in the ultimate David & Goliath battle. As in MGM's traditional "American Gladiators" franchise, everyday amateur athletes compete against action stars and stunt professionals in contests of physical strength and endurance. The series will include such classic events as The Joust, The Wall, Hang Tough and the Eliminator. The eight new gladiators (four men and four women) are action-adventure stars ready to take down the everyday challengers with hard knocks and explosive attitudes. Contestants, both male and female, will also be extremely fit but as an added bonus, will also have the chance to train for the match, displaying their physicality, coordination and cunning to viewers in advance of the competition. Each challenger will also have a unique story to tell -- and a compelling reason why they need to win. These unsung heroes combine brawn and heart in their effort to be worthy competitors, which the audience can cheer for against the villainous gladiators.


News Articles about NBC Networks American Gladiators


Zap2It 7/7/14 'American Gladiators' returning to TV with less Spandex, more 'Hunger Games' and MMA

TV Guide 7/7/14 Exclusive: Revived American Gladiators To Get Modern Makeover

Reality TV World 10/21/09 Hulk Hogan: 'Gladiator' co-host Laila Ali saved me from suicide try
Reality TV World 8/5/08 Tim Oliphant, Ally Davidson crowned 'American Gladiators' champs

Uncle Barky 8/5/08 Two from North Texas prevail in back-to-back finales of NBC's American Gladiators and Nashville Star

Dallas Morning News 8/5/08 North Texans Melissa Lawson, Ally Davidson victorious on 'Nashville Star,' 'Gladiators'

Zap2It 8/4/08 FinaleWatch: 'American Gladiators'
BuddyTV 8/4/08 American Gladiators: Two-Hour Finale Airs Tonight
Celebrity Spider 8/4/08 American Gladiators: And The Winner Is? This Week on NBC
Plain Dealer 7/26/08 Mayfield native Tiffaney Florentine, 26, excels at 'American Gladiators'

Celebrity Spider 7/25/08 American Gladiators: Who Will Make It To The Finals? Next Week On NBC
Celebrity Spider 7/21/08 American Gladiators: 'The Beast' Premieres This Week On NBC
Celebrity Spider 7/10/08 American Gladiators: On To The Semi-Finals! Next Week On NBC
Reality TV Magazine 7/8/08: The American Gladiators vs. The Office
Rolling Stone 7/7/08 Is "American Gladiators" Really The Best MTV Can Do?
Celebrity Spider 7/7/08 American Gladiators: Experience Battles Youth Tonight on NBC
Celebrity Spider 6/20/08 American Gladiators: Husbands and Wives Next Week On NBC
Reality TV World 6/20/08 'American Gladiators' competitors' twins born to 52-year-old grandma
Celebrity Spider 6/16/08 American Gladiators: Sibling Rivalry Takes Center Stage Tonight on NBC
BuddyTV 6/10/08 'American Gladiators' Equipped for 'The Incredible Hulk'
Zap2It 6/10/08 Laila Ali's Baby Will Be a Boy
Stockhouse 6/9/08 American Gladiators Armed for The Incredible Hulk Battle with Hasbro's ''Hulk Smash Hands''
Reality TV Magazine 6/9/08: Incredible Hulk To Appear On American Gladiators
Celebrity Spider 6/4/08 American Gladiators Goes Green Next Week On NBC
Reality TV Magazine 5/26/08 Brick's Triumph on American Gladiators!
BuddyTV 5/19/08 NBC Launches Official 'American Gladiators' Challenge for Facebook Users

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