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Chicago Sun Times 2/17/04 The Kerry Case…

Peoria Journal Star 2/17/04 Kerry rumors gall Peoria grandma

Media Guardian 2/17/04 Dishing the dirt

The Mirror 2/17/04 Alex: I Didn't Have Affair With Kerry

Scotsman 2/17/04 Kerry in control as affair slur denied

NY Daily News 2/17/04 Affair's a lie, she says

The Spoof 2/17/04 Alex Polier Denies Relationship With Kerry

Guardian 2/17/04 Sex, death and votes

Washington Post 2/17/04 Woman Denies Affair With Kerry

East African Standard 2/17/04 Kerry lover holed up in city house

Guardian 2/17/04 Woman denies Kerry affair

The Sun 2/16/04 Kerry girl KOs rumours 2/16/04 Press Plays Up Bush AWOL Nonsense, Won't Touch F-ing Kerry Story

Washington Post 2/16/04 Woman Denies Relationship With Kerry

MichNews 2/16/04 Questions and Answers

BBC 2/16/04 US campaign begins to get dirty

The Spoof 2/16/04 Alex Polier Denies Relationship With Kerry

Telegraph 2/16/04 Intern denies affair with Kerry
World Net Daily 2/16/04 Woman denies affair with Kerry

Men's News Daily 2/16/04 John Kerry's Alleged Paramour Issues Denial

Guardian 2/16/04 Statement From Woman About Sen. Kerry

Ananova 2/16/04 Woman denies having affair with Kerry

Guardian 2/16/04 Woman Denies Rumors of Kerry Affair

The Scotsman 2/16/04 Kerry Shrugs off Intern Claims

Men’s News Daily 2/16/04 Kerry's Alleged Intern Identified, Taped Interview with Major TV Network

News Journal 2/16/04 Internet can lift campaign, send rumors flying 2/16/04 Affairs Of States 2/16/04 Kerry: intern's TV confession

Opinion Editorial 2/16/04 Questions and answers

This is London 2/16/04 'Kerry scandal woman reveals all to TV station' 2/16/04 Kerry: intern's TV confession

Columbia Spectator 2/16/04 Journalism Students Rule Out Rumors

Worldnet Daily 2/15/04 Kerry's intern tells all to TV network

Guardian 2/15/04 Now Kerry must face up to those tough questions

Charlotte Observer 2/15/04 Political campaigns confront the new reality of the Internet

Chicago Sun-Times 2/15/04 The Kerry case ...

Telegraph 2/15/04 'This won't go away. What happened is much nastier than is being reported'

Herald Sun 2/15/04 Sleazeball hit on my daughter

SMH 2/15/04 Frontrunner Kerry denies intern affair

Telegraph 2/15/04 This time it's personal

Sunday Mail 2/15/04 Affair claim a lie says angry Kerry

Sunday Herald 2/15/04 America gets a taste for mud

Telegraph 2/15/04 So it has come to this - a choice of scandals

Halifax Herald 2/15/04 Sen. Kerry sex gossip a case of friendly fire

Chron Watch 2/14/04 So Where Is That John Kerry Scandal Story?

NY Daily News 2/14/04 Stray? It ain't so: Kerry

Telegraph 2/14/04 Kerry rejects smear and says: I'll fight back

Guardian 2/14/04 Kerry denies intern rumours

Times of India 2/14/04 Kerry denies intern scandal rumours

Short News 2/14/04 Parents Of Intern Accuse John Kerry Of Being 'A Sleazeball' 2/14/04 Kerry to answer sex affair claim

Daily Record 2/14/04 Candidate Kerry Denies Sex Slurs

The Scotsman 2/14/04 Gossip Guru

Hindustan Times 2/14/04 Kerry denies affair, says his campaign is intact

The Mirror 2/14/04 Bring it on

The Australian 2/14/04 New intern claim hits Kerry run

The Age 2/14/04 Test for Kerry as contest gets dirty

Herald Sun 2/14/04 Kerry to answer sex affair claim

Times of India 2/14/04 A Lewinsky in Kerry's cupboard?

New Zealand Herald 2/14/04 Kerry faces allegation of affair with intern

Sky News 2/13/04 Kerry: I am Not Worried

Ananova 2/13/04 Website links Democrat Kerry to 'runaway trainee'

Anorak 2/13/04 Kerry's Sex Shame

Men's Daily 2/13/04 John Kerry Sex Scandal: U.S. Media Blackout?

The Mirror 2/13/04 Did John F Kerry Do a Bill Clinton?

Worldnet Daily 2/13/04 Will Teresa Heinz mimic Hillary?

Bayou Buzz 2/13/04 John Kerry: Sex, Lies and Video Tapes?

Sky News 2/13/04 Kerry Hit by Sex Claims

Calcutta Telegraph 2/13/04 Woman storm Kerry’s first test

IOL 2/13/04 Kerry in hot water over intern 'affair'

Worldnet Daily 2/13/04 Dems fret over Kerry's 'Clintonian' response

Chortler 2/13/04 John Kerry Denies Seeing Other Condiments

This is London 2/13/04 Kerry under pressure over claims of affair

Telegraph 2/13/04 Kerry faces big test in internet storm about mystery woman

Chicago Sun Times 2/13/04 The Kerry scandal?

CNS News 2/13/04 Kerry Allegations: Now You Hear Them, Now You Don't

Rush Limbaugh 2/13/04 "Sleazeball" = Resume Enhancement

Worldnet Daily 2/13/04 Kerry: 'Nothing there to report'

Human Events 2/13/04 Hillary's Hopes Helped by 'Kerrygate'

FeMail 2/13/04 'Dirty tricks' threaten Kerry

Telegraph 2/13/04 Campaigners in crisis mode amid fear of 'bimbo eruption' 2/13/04 Kerry sex scandal lurking?

Worldnet Daily 2/13/04 The Kerry scandals 2/13/04 Lewinsky-like affair may bring down Kerry

The Scotsman 2/12/04 Mystery of Kerry and the Intern

Editor and Publisher 2/12/04 Will Press Pounce on Drudge's Kerry Rumor?

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