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Alex Polier (also known as Alexandra Polier) the daughter of Donna and Terry Polier of of Malvern, Pennsylvania is 27 years old.  Alex is a graduate from Columbia University in New York.  She was a Associated Press correspondent.


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New York Metro 6/7/04 The Education of Alexandra Polier

Media Guardian 6/3/04 Kerry 'affair' woman: 'worst week of my life'

Media Guardian 6/3/04 Fall girl

Guardian 3/17/04 Sex, death and votes

Boston Globe 2/23/04 Kerry rumor shows how scandal travels in the media

Media Channel 2/23/04 Recipe for Sludge -- One Part Drudge and an Overdose of Limbaugh

Ananova 2/21/04 Lewinsky outraged over Kerry 'affair' furore

The Scotsman 2/20/04 Lewinsky Outraged over Kerry 'Affair' Furore

USA Today 2/19/04 Kerry rumor tests media's standards

Common Dreams 2/19/04 Why Kerry Should Sue the Sun

Menís Daily 2/19/04 Kerry Scandal: A Double Standard or Cover-Up By The American Media?

Media Guardian 2/19/04 Why Kerry should sue the Sun

New York Observer 2/18/04 Alex Polier, Insta-Celebster

The Hill 2/18/04 Drudge dredges up more sludge

NY Times 2/17/04 Subject of Campaign Rumor Denies She and Kerry Had an Affair

NewsMax 2/17/04 Media Bias and the Rumor Mill

Washington Post 2/17/04 World Press Debated Kerry Affair Rumor


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News Articles by Alex Polier


Ardmoreite 2/21/03 Charity helps men suit up for a new career, a second chance

Echoing Green 2/17/03 Career Gear Partners with Brooks Brothers and Men's Wearhouse

Southcoast Today 1/21/03 Johnson advertises HIV drug

The Body 1/21/03 Drug Maker Uses Magic Johnson to Advertise HIV Treatment

Southcoast Topics 1/14/03 Gambling With Their Future


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