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Reality TV Calendar 8/1/07 Dancing, Dining and Dark Dalliances: Episode 7 Recap

Reality News Online 8/1/07 Age Of Love, Episode 7: And They Massaged Each Other, Happily Ever After

Celebrity Spider 7/31/07 The Final 3 Women Travel to Australia on the Season Finale of "Age of Love" 7/31/07 Interview with Megan from NBCs Age of Love

Fans of Reality TV 7/31/07 Hyperventilation and Self-Elimination 7/31/07 Interview with Maria from NBC's Age of Love

BuddyTV 7/30/07 Age of Love: Season One, Episode Seven Recap

Reality TV Magazine 7/30/07 Age Of Love Results – Maria And Megan Quit

Wild Bluff Media 7/30/07 Age of Love: Episode 7 Recap - And Then There Were Two

Wild Bluff Media 7/30/07 Age of Love: Episode 7 Preview - The Final Four

Zap2It 7/30/07 'Age of Love': Nobody likes a quitter 7/27/07 Interview with Jayanna from NBCs Age of Love

Reality TV Calendar 7/25/07 When His Moon Hit Their Eyes: Amore

Fans Of Reality T.V. 7/25/07 Recap: Nothing Says Female Empowerment Like Elimination Ceremonies

Reality TV Calendar 7/25/07 Her Words Came Back to Haunt Her: Ranking The Top 4

Celebrity Spider 7/24/07 The Ladies' Families Get a Chance to Interrogate Mark Next Week on Age of Love

Inside Pulse 7/24/07 Cable for One - Age of Love - Episode 6

Reality News Online 7/24/07 Age Of Love, Episode 6: Must Be a Full Moon Tonight

Reality TV World 7/24/07 'Age of Love' star Mark Philippoussis cuts fifth 'Cougar,' reveals Top 4

Wild Bluff Media 7/23/07 Age of Love: Episode 6 Recap - Camping & Tequila Don't Mix

Wild Bluff Media 7/23/07 Age of Love: Episode 6 Preview - The Final Five

Zap2It 7/23/07 'Age of Love': Don't be cruel

The Ledger 7/22/07 Age of Love Episode Five 7/20/07 Interview with Mary from NBC's Age of Love

Fans Of Reality T.V. 7/19/07 Recap: Cry Me A River

The Age 7/19/07 Time bombs tick as Scud takes aim

Inside Pulse 7/18/07 Cable for One - Age of Love - Episode 5

Reality TV Calendar 7/18/07 Just No Forward Reconazation! Ranking the Top 5

Reality TV Calendar 7/18/07 It's Those Freakin' Dimples! Episode 5 Recap

Reality News Online 7/18/07 Age Of Love, Episode 5: Flip-Flops... Not Just for the Beach

Herald Sun 7/18/07 Scud a dud at love

Celebrity Spider 7/17/07 Preview for Next Weeks Double Episode of "Age of Love"

Reality Check By Gina 7/17/07 Age of Love: The Town Crier Is Asked To Leave

Reality TV World 7/17/07 'Age of Love' star Mark Philippoussis cuts fourth 'Kitten,' reveals Top 5

Buddy TV 7/16/07 Age of Love: Season One, Episode Five Recap

Reality TV Magazine 7/16/07 Age Of Love Results – Mary Eliminated

Wild Bluff Media 7/16/07 Age of Love: Episode 5 Recap - A Dating Trifecta

Zap2It 7/16/07 'Age of Love': Good gravy!

Reality Check By Gina 7/16/07A Reality Check With ... Tessa Walker (interview)

Wild Bluff Media 7/16/07 Age of Love: Episode 5 Preview - The Final 6

Adelaide Now 7/16/07 Scud in 13-year career trough

Reality Check By Gina 7/12/07 A Reality Check With ... Kelli Brook (interview)

Celebrity Spider 7/11/07 Preview for Next Week's Episode of "Age of Love"

Fans Of Reality T.V. 7/11/07 Recap: Kiss Kiss, Cry Cry, Bye Bye

Reality TV Calendar 7/11/07 Was That a Kiss or a Kiss-Kiss? Episode 4 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 7/11/07 Oh, Mary Don't You Weep - Please! Ranking The Top 6
Sydney Morning Herald 7/11/07 Reality check on cards for wayward Scud 7/10/07 Interview with Tessa from NBC’s “Age of Love”

Reality News Online 7/10/07 Age Of Love, Episode 4: Big Girls Don't Cry... Sometimes

Reality TV World 7/10/07 'Age of Love' star Mark Philippoussis cuts third 'Kitten,' fourth 'Cougar'

Reality TV Magazine 7/9/07 Age Of Love Results – Tessa And Kelli Eliminated

Wild Bluff Media 7/9/07 Age of Love: Episode 4 Preview

Citizen Rimes 7/8/07 New reality TV show pits taut tarts against women with a little mileage on them

Detroit News 7/7/07 Reality bites, but there's one show a mom can love 7/6/07 Interview with Lynn from NBC’s “Age of Love”

Reality Check By Gina 7/3/07 A Reality Check With ... Lynn (interview)

Fans Of Reality T.V. 7/4/07 Recap: Kiss the Girls and Make Them Cry

Reality TV Calendar 7/4/07 Ranking The Top 8: Stay or Go Home? It's In His Kiss

Reality TV Calendar 7/4/07 She Who Laughs Last Gets Dessert: Episode 3 Recap

Reality News Online 7/3/07 Age Of Love, Episode 3: If You Wanna Know If She Loves You So, It's In Her Kiss

Reality TV World 7/3/07 'Age of Love' star Mark Philippoussis cuts second 'Kitten,' third 'Cougar'

Zap2It 7/3/07 'Age of Love': Kiss of death

Media Life 7/3/07 NBC's 'Age of Love' showing wrinkles

Wild Bluff Media 7/2/07 Age of Love: Episode 3 "Altogether Now" Recap

Reality TV Magazine 7/2/07 Age Of Love Results – Adelaide And Lynn Eliminated

Always Reality Television 7/2/07 Swimming with the (Tennis) Star, Age of Love Recap 7/2

Reality Check By Gina 7/2/07 Age of Love: The Surprises Keep On Comin'! (recap)

Always Reality Television 6/30/07 How To Snag a Markbot, 6/25 Age of Love Recap

Wild Bluff Media 7/2/07 Age of Love: Episode 3 "Altogether Now" Preview

Daily Aztec 7/2/07 New Age not quite Grown Up

Herald-Tribune 6/30/07 Philippoussis' reality TV show is unloved

Waterloo Record 6/30/07 In The Age of Love, substance wins every time

Post Crescent 6/29/07 Here's hoping 'Age of Love' is death knell for reality shows

TV Robot 6/28/07 How Do You Know You are Naďve When You are Naďve?

Inside Pulse 6/27/07 Cable for One - Age of Love - Episode 2

Reality TV Calendar 6/28/07 Ranking The Top 10: What Does Mark Really Want?

Reality Wanted 6/28/07 Interview with Lauren from NBC’s Age of Love

Ninemsn 6/28/07 Williams sceptical about Scud's TV show

Northwest Herald 6/28/07 'Age of Love' plays on old stereotypes

Columbus Alive 6/28/07 Catfight

Reality Check By Gina 6/27/07 A Reality Check With ... Lauren Bryant (interview)

Fans Of Reality T.V. 6/27/07 Recap: Leggo My Limbo, Bimbo

Reality TV Calendar 6/27/07 Will He Choose the Drama or a Hot Mama? Episode 2 Recap

Reality News Online 6/27/07 Age Of Love, Episode 2: Generation Gasp

LA Times 6/27/07 Amazingly, the show's not that hot

Celebrity Spider 6/26/07 The Cougars & Kittens Plan Each Others Dates Next Week on Age of Love

Reality TV World 6/26/07 'Age of Love' star Mark Philippoussis cuts first 'Kitten,' second 'Cougar'

Courier Mail 6/26/07 Philippoussis plays dead rubber

The Age 6/26/07 Scud's dating show to hit Australian TV

TV Cocktail 6/26/07 Age of Love Recap: June 25, 2007

Reality Check By Gina 6/25/07 Age Of Love: Things Get Interesting (recap)

Wild Bluff Media 6/25/07 Age of Love: Episode 2 "Meet the Kittens" Recap

Reality Check By Gina 6/25/07 A Reality Check With ... Jodie Fisher (interview)

Wild Bluff Media 6/25/07 Age of Love: Episode 2 "Meet the Kittens" Preview

Reality TV Magazine 6/25/07 Age Of Love Results – Angela And Lauren Eliminated

Daily News 6/25/07 There's no shame in dating women over 40

Detroit News 6/25/07 'Age of Love' rages on with twisted battle

LA Times 6/23/07 40-love, or 20-love?

Fans Of Reality T.V. 6/21/07 Recap: Felines With Ovary Deadlines

Reality Wanted 6/20/07 Interview with Jodie from NBC’s “Age of Love”

Reality News Online 6/20/07 Age of Love, Episode 1: “Have You Ever Dated a 46-Year-Old Before?”

Reality TV Calendar 6/20/07 "Love" Means Nothing To Him: Episode 1 Recap

Sydney Morning Herald 6/20/07 The Scud serves up a dud

Chicago Tribune 6/20/07 A reality check for new show about age, love 6/20/07 Dating 40-year-olds? Horrors!

Celebrity Spider 6/19/07 Mark Meets the Second Group of Women Next Week on "Age of Love"

TV Robot 6/19/07 Overwhelmed but Underwhelming Age of Love

Reality TV World 6/19/07 Jodie Fisher the first 'Cougar' sent packing from NBC's 'Age of Love'

Greenwich Time 6/19/07 Town woman vies for interest of Aussie tennis star on TV 6/19/07 Older women coo for the Poo

Huffington Post 6/19/07 Age of Love: New Reality Show Should Be Called, "Who Wants To Make My Head Explode?"

TMZ 6/19/07 "Age of Love" Tennis Hunk -- Easy Mark?

Charlotte Observer 6/19/07 In this case, 'Age' does matter

Reality TV Magazine 6/18/07 Age Of Love Results – Jodie Eliminated

Wild Bluff Media 6/18/07 Age of Love: Episode 1 "Meet the Cougars" Recap

Uncle Barky 6/18/07 News series review: Age of Love

Wild Bluff Media 6/18/07 NBC's New Reality TV Show: Age of Love

Reality Check By Gina 6/18/07 A Reality Check With ... JD Roth (interview)

NY Post 6/18/07 Aged Cheese

NY Daily News 6/18/07 You can't hurry 'Love' - it dawdles

TV Guide 6/18/07 Mark Consuelos Talks of Love (and His Kelly Girl)

Washington Post 6/18/07 Old Enough to Be His Sister

Deseret News 6/18/07 'Love' stinks

Daily Herald 6/18/07 Cougars vs. kittens: This is reality? Get real

Tennis X 6/18/07 Mark Philippoussis Tries to Score on Age of Love

Toronto Star 6/18/07 Dating shows don't get better with age

USA Today 6/17/07 Take 13 swings at 'Love'

Hollywood Reporter 6/16/07 'Age' a tired retread of reality dating formula

Variety 6/15/07 Age of Love

Celebrity Spider 6/13/07 Tennis Star Mark Philippoussis Begins His Search Monday on Age of Love

TV Robot 6/12/07 Age of Love Comes to NBC with a Roar and a Meow

Reality TV World 6/11/07 'Age of Love' host and creator dish on new NBC reality dating series 6/8/07 Q&A With Age of Love Host Mark Consuelos

Reality News Online 6/6/07 Age Of Love: Introducing the "Kittens" and the "Cougars"

Celebrity Spider 6/5/07 Contestants Announced for New NBC Reality Dating Series "Age of Love"

Daily Telegraph 6/3/07 TV's tennis stud double defaults

Reality News Online 5/29/07 Age Of Love – A Preview

Herald Sun 5/28/07 Scud's date with love

Celebrity Spider 5/22/07 Tennis Ace to Test the Age of Love

Celebrity Spider 5/11/07 NBC Announces Details of New Show "Age of Love"

Sydney Morning Herald 5/11/07 Scud's new approach

Courier Mail 5/11/07 Scud looks for love on TV

Zap2It 5/10/07 NBC Tackles 'Age'-Old Question

Reality TV World 4/13/07 NBC to debut cryptic new 'Age of Love' reality dating series on June 18

Zap2It 4/12/07 NBC Sets Summer Premieres


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