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NBC is brings romance back to television this summer with the new reality dating series "Age of Love" hosted by popular actor Mark Consuelos. The series from 3 Ball Productions features a new twist on the reality dating show format.


News Articles about NBC Networks Age of Love


Reality TV World 10/27/09 Ex-'Age of Love' star Mark Philippoussis marrying Jennifer Esposito

Herald Sun 2/6/08 Scud finds love again 1/4/08 Scud revealed minus his duds

Courier Mail 12/20/07 Mark Philippousis is still a man of mystery

BBC 12/19/07 Philippoussis ponders retirement

Daily Telegraph 12/17/07 Scud still in the hunt

Reality TV World 10/12/07 Report: Mark Philippoussis' 'Age of Love' relationship appears over 9/21/07 Catching Up With Jayanna From NBC's Age Of Love

Fox Sports 9/8/07 Scud comeback a show of reality

Herald Sun 8/31/07 Scud girl: I'm really in love

Reality Steve 8/21/07 - Interview with Jayanna Howerton from NBC's "Age of Love"

Wild Bluff Media 8/13/07 Age of Love: Mark Philippoussis & Amanda Salinas Update 8/10/07 Interview with Jennifer Braff from NBCs Age of Love

Reality News Online 8/9/07 Age of Love, Finale: You Know We Belong Together, You And I Forever And Ever

Reality TV Calendar 8/8/07 Sailing Off Into The Sunset: Finale Recap

Fans of Reality TV 8/7/07 Age Doesn't Matter, And Pigs Fly

Sydney Morning Herald 8/7/07 Scud makes his pick

Reality TV World 8/7/07 NBC's 'Age of Love' couple looking forward to off-camera relationship

Reality TV World 8/7/07 'Age of Love' star Mark Philippoussis picks Amanda Salinas over Jen

Wild Bluff Media 8/7/07 Age of Love: Episode 8 Season Finale Recap - Mark Makes His Choice

Reality TV World 8/7/07 NBC's 'Age of Love' couple looking forward to off-camera relationship 8/7/07 Poo chooses his TV love

Reality TV Magazine 8/6/07 Age Of Love Winner Is Amanda Salinas

Zap2It 8/6/07 'Age of Love': Mark finally picks his chick

Wild Bluff Media 8/6/07 Age of Love: Season Finale Preview - Mark Makes His Final Choice


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