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Orlando Sentinel 11/13/06 It's a hairy future for 2 bald stars

Chicago Sun-Times 11/13/06 '3 Lbs.' gives us more hero docs

SF Chronicle 11/13/06 No matter how you slice it, CBS' medical drama is like all the rest

The Oregonian 11/13/06 Cranky-doc show aims for the brain

NY Daily News 11/13/06 A show with brains ... and heart

Washington Post 11/12/06 Left Brain, Right Brain

Grand Rapids Press 11/12/06 '3 Lbs.' another brainy medical drama

Milwaukee Journal 11/10/06 'Day Break,' '3 Lbs.' need help to shine

Seattle PI 11/9/06 New CBS doctor show '3 Lbs.' weighs in

Scripps News 11/8/06 '3 Lbs.,' 'Day Break' take a shot as replacements

Knox News 11/7/06 '3 Lbs.,' 'Day Break' take a shot as replacements

Celebrity Spider 11/6/06 World Premiere of 3 LBS to be Held at Columbia University Medical Center

Celebrity Spider 11/1/06 CBS Announces Series Premiere of 3 Lbs November 14th

Celebrity Spider 10/13/06 CBS Announces New Series "3 LBS" to Premiere November 14th


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