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A drama about a team of cutting edge New York neurosurgeons and doctors with different points of view who explore the last mysterious frontier of medicine, the human brain.  The show stars Stanley Tucci ("The Devil Wears Prada") as Doug Hanson, a brilliant neurosurgeon, with a sharp wit, who compares the workings of the brain to wires in a box. On the other hand, his thoughtful highly skilled protégé, Dr. Jonathan Seger (Mark Feuerstein, "The West Wing"), who honors the mysteries of the mind, and feels that in order to operate on someone's brain, he needs to know a little bit about the person first. While Hanson prefers to focus on the intricacies inside peoples' craniums instead of the people themselves, Seger uses his charm, instinct and intuition to balance the emotional and psychological needs of his patients.


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News Articles about CBS Networks 3 Lbs


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Palm Beach Post 12/1/06 CBS Kills '3 Lbs'

Zap2It 11/30/06 CBS Tuesday Curse Claims '3 Lbs.'

Celebrity Spider 11/29/06 Hanson and Seger Treat a Soldier Returned From Iraq Next Week on 3Lbs

Celebrity Spider 11/22/06 Hanson Must Remove the Aneurism of a Former Patient Next Week on "3 Lbs"

TV Guide 11/21/06 3 LBS Star Weighs In on Storytelling Controversy

Newsday 11/16/06 Cast from TV's "3 lbs." gets taste of reality

Celebrity Spider 11/15/06 Hanson and His Staff Deal With A Pregnant Woman Next Week on 3 LBS

Newsday 11/15/06 Clever it isn't, this brain freezer

CBS 11/14/06 Stanley Tucci Dabbles In Brain Surgery

Washington Post 11/14/06 '3 Lbs.': A Little 'Grey' Matter But Not a Lot Of Smarts

Buffalo News 11/14/06 CBS introduces an inferior 'House' imitation

Deseret News 11/14/06 '3 Lbs.' is too heavy

Boston Globe 11/14/06 '3 LBS.' needs a dose of originality

Jam! 11/14/06 Medical drama '3 lbs' lacks originality

Seattle PI 11/14/06 On TV: 'Frontline' is a better choice than CBS's new '3lbs'

NY Times 11/14/06 Brain Guys and Gals, Hard at Work

Journal Now 11/14/06 Brain Game: Neurosurgeon wields the scalpel in CBS medical drama

Knox News 11/14/06 Morrow: '3 Lbs' doesn't hold much weight

Charlotte Observer 11/13/06 Probably worthwhile to pay a visit to gruff Dr. Hanson

USA Today 11/13/06 '3 Lbs.': It's not brain surgery, folks

TV Guide 11/13/06 Will Stanley Tucci's 3 LBS Surgeon Out-snark Dr. House?


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