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On this show which will cover a two-year project 100 contestants will line up against each other and they will face off in a number of challenges, such as debating.   The viewers will then vote on the "people's candidate" - the person they want to see run for President of the United States in 2004. Montel Williams will host the show.


News Articles about Showtime Networks American Candidate


Agape Press 10/5/05 'American Candidate' Victor Ready to Jump Into Real World of Politics

Agape Press 10/19/04 Reality TV Audience Elects Evangelical as America's 'President'

NY Times 10/12/04 Fake Presidency, at Least, Captured by a Conservative

Agape Press 10/1/04 Christian Candidate's Reality-TV Campaign Offers Witnessing Platform

WorldNetDaily 9/30/04 Christian still standing on reality show 9/24/04 American Candidate" Candidate Is Pro-Life on Abortion Issues

PR Newswire 9/23/04 Countdown to the Showdown: Three Candidates Remain

PR Newswire 9/23/04 Viewers to Vote for 'President' on Showtime's Reality Show Sunday 8/25/04 Gaywatch: "American Candidate"

New Yorker 8/23/04 See How They Run

Augusta Free Press 8/20/04 'Candidate' stops in Charlottesville

Washington Blade 8/13/04 Playing the game

Broadcasting & Cable 8/11/04 Candidate Gets No Endorsement

PR Newswire 8/9/04 Showtime and Verizon Keep Candidates Connected to America

NY Times 8/8/04 I Am a Political Consultant, and I Play One on TV

Seattle Times 8/8/04 "American Candidate" program is television's ultimate also-ran

Reality TV Calendar 8/2/04 Campaign Announcements: Episode 1 Recap

PR Web 7/31/04 Political Reality-TV Star to Run for Connecticut Governor in 2006

Seattle PI 7/31/04 Everett woman running for 'president' on 'American Candidate'

Post Gazette 7/30/04 Showtime grooms 'Candidate'; TNT jumps for 'Knievel'

Hollywood Reporter 7/30/04 American Candidate

NY Times 7/30/04 If Nominated, Will Serve

TV Barn 7/29/04 Campaign 2004: The Reality Show

Zap2It 7/29/04 Showtime Scours the Nation for an 'American Candidate'

Deseret News 7/29/04 Provo politician is 'reality' candidate

USA Today 7/29/04 Turned off by 2 presidential choices? Try these 10

Boston Globe 7/29/04 It's Showtime for this eager 'Candidate'

BBC 7/14/04 TV hopefuls hit US campaign trail


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