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Zap2It 7/13/04 'American Candidate' Elects 10 Hopefuls

Washington Blade 7/9/04 Help elect me on reality TV

Cavalier 6/24/04 For The People

The Hook 6/24/04 It's Showtime! Montel meets the Candidates at Old Cabell

The BYU Newsnet 6/24/04 Utahn may be 'American Candidate'

Arkansas City Traveler 6/18/04 Riley survives first week of campaigning

Southern Voice 6/18/04 Running without Graham

Reality TV Calendar 6/16/04 American Candidate: The Controversy Reviewed

Union Leader 6/13/04 Reality Politics: TV looks for ‘American Candidate’

Boston Globe 6/12/04 Williams tapped for 'Candidate'

Journal Gazette 6/11/04 PETA has ‘Candidate’ for president

WMUR 6/11/04 Keene Readies For Filming Of Reality TV Series

Virginian Pilot 6/11/04 PETA guy runs for Showtime office

Arkansas City Traveler 6/11/04 American Candidate Riley believed to be on program in New Hampshire

US Newswire 6/10/04 'American Candidate' Reality-TV Show is Too Much Like the Real Thing

Zap2It 6/10/04 Triumph of the Williams for 'Candidate' Host

Deseret News 6/10/04 Provo politician trying a reality TV 'candidacy'

The Advocate 6/10/04 Chrissy Gephardt joins Showtime's American Candidate

Boston Globe 6/9/04 Will the next president come on down?

Times Dispatch 6/9/04 It's Showtime for presidential hopeful 6/9/04 Gay US presidential candidates see success - in reality TV

Salt Lake Tribune 6/9/04 It's Showtime! Utahn makes cut to 'run' for office

Arkansas City Traveler 6/8/04 Reality television comes to Arkansas City

PRNewswire 6/8/04 New Political 'Reality TV' Show to Launch Campaign on Tuesday in Downtown Seattle

Times Dispatch 6/8/04 Activist in Norfolk selected for TV show

Winfield Courier 6/8/04 Ark City woman a finalist for ‘American Candidate’

Reality TV Calendar 6/8/04 American Candidate: The Joe Caulfied Experience

The Advocate 6/8/04 Gay activist Keith Boykin kicks off simulated presidential run on American Candidate 6/7/04 PETA activist runs for president on reality TV show 6/7/04 Reality TV Descends on Hampton Roads to Cover Local Contestant for National Show

Reality TV Calendar 6/4/04 American Candidate: Politics As Usual Has Come To RTV 6/2/04 Medea Benjamin for President*

Courier Journal 6/1/04 Woman throws hat into reality political ring

News Tribune 5/28/04 Turn on, tune in, take a look at unreality candidates

Emediawire 5/14/04 Showtime Shakes Up Politics with New American Candidate

Flint Journal 5/13/04 Virtual president? Reality TV gets political with Candidate' 5/10/04 Reality TV ``presidential candidates'' to start in Keene 5/8/04 Portsmouth woman seeks to be ‘people’s candidate’ for president

Hamilton Journal News 5/3/04 Sargent announces ‘candidacy’

News Sentinel 5/3/04 Busche for president

Washington Times 5/1/04 Showtime seeking 'Candidate'

Cincinnati Enquirer 4/27/04 Mason man launches presidential 'campaign'

Common Dreams 4/15/04 "The American Candidate" Reality TV Exposes Flaws in Electronic Voting

Daily Gamecock 4/2/04 Local man looks to realize dream in new presidential reality show

Nashville City Paper 3/16/04 Nashvillian recruited for political reality show

Zap2It 2/29/04 'American Candidate' Bends Candidacy Rules

Tribune Review 2/13/04 A 'reality show' about politics?

Post Dispatch 2/6/04 School Board's Haas seeks to compete on reality TV show

Boston Globe 2/1/04 'Candidate' is a new vote for mixing entertainment, politics

CSM 1/15/04 Wanna be president? Send your head shot here

NY Times 1/9/04 Reality TV's Ultimate Jungle: Simulated Presidential Politics

Digital Spy 1/9/04  Showtime greenlights 'American Candidate'

TV Barn 1/8/04 Feds OK "American Candidate"

Zap2It 1/8/04 'American Candidate' Gets Showtime Endorsement 12/18/03 FEC: 'Candidate' exempt from campaign laws

The Oklahoma Daily 10/22/03 TV watchers could elect next president 'American Idol' style

NY Daily News 10/10/03 Has he got a 'Candidate' for you

Zap2It 8/20/03 Cutler Hopes to Revive 'American Candidate'

Zap2It 5/3/03 FX Won't Elect Perfect 'Candidate'

TV Barn 2/25/03 All hail "The American Candidate"

Washington Post 2/17/03 Who Wants to Be the President?

Philadelphia Inquirer 1/26/03 In the wings: A game show to pick the prez

Centre Daily 1/24/03 Fox stretching reality-plans TV game show on presidential race

GQ Magazine 11/12/02 American Candidate

Daily Trojan 10/17/02 ‘American Candidate’ show will mock democracy

Elites TV 10/14/02 George Boswell for President? Big Brother's George comes back to TV!

Arbiter Online 10/7/02 Politics meets reality TV

Pop Politics 10/4/02 The Ultimate TV Candidacy

American Prospect 10/4/02 Revolution Televised

Tullahoma News 10/3/02 Crabby for president in 2004

New Zealand Herald 9/26/02 Reality TV show a talent quest for wannabe president

Globe and Mail 9/24/02 American Idol for President

Daily Tribune 9/24/02 New T.V. show demonstrates state of our democracy

UPI 9/23/02 Hollywood Analysis: Talented Mr. President

CNN 9/23/02 Politics as TV entertainment

The Age 9/23/02 Joe Public for president

NY Daily News 9/22/02 Fox game show has Prez prize 9/22/02 Search for a US President

Guardian 9/22/02 Move over, Big Brother

Reality News Online 9/21/02 New Reality Show to Create American Presidential Candidate in "Idol" Fashion

Washington Post 9/21/02 Political 'Reality': Viewers to Pick 2004 Candidate

St. Petersburg Times 9/21/02 Reality TV is coming to Washington

Digital Spy 9/21/02 'Pick a President' in new reality show

Ananova 9/20/02 TV show to put US democracy to the test

Sky News 9/20/02 White House Survivor?


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