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About Wonder Showzen

"Wonder Showzen" is a delightfully dark, yet smartly subversive comedy/variety show, spiked with a team of puppets, kids, cartoons, old educational films, and political and social satire.


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News Articles about MTV2 Networks Wonder Showzen Show


Hollywood Reporter 4/4/06 'Wonder Showzen's' perverted puppets from Hell

Delaware Online 4/4/06 'Wonder Showzen' revels in its tastelessness

NY Times 4/2/06 'Wonder Showzen' Is No 'Sesame Street'

Washington Post 3/31/06 It's No 'Wonder' This Show's Not for Children

Chicago Tribune 3/31/06 'Sesame Street' in Bizarro World

Hollywood Reporter 3/31/06 Wonder Showzen

Entertainment Weekly 3/30/06 'Wonder' Boys

The OC Weekly 3/30/06 Timothy Leary Meets the Muppets

Metro 3/28/06 Wonder Showzen and The Andy Milonakis Show

Chicago Tribune 3/26/06 `Wonder Showzen' creators crack wise on `Sesame Street'

IGN 3/15/06 Wonder Showzen: Season One

IGN 3/14/06 IGN Interviews Wonder Showzen's Creators

Celebrity Spider 2/27/06 Wonder Showzen Season One Released on DVD

Celebrity Spider 2/27/06 MTV2 Announces Return of Wonder Showzen and The Andy Milonakis Show

Variety 8/21/05 Seconds for 'Showzen'

Anchorage Press 6/22/05 When puppets go bad

Arizona Republic 5/1/05 'Wonder Showzen' raises bar on sick humor

NY Daily News 4/27/05 'Wonder' shock-ful of adult humor

NY Times 3/31/05 Yes, It's a Variety Show; No, Ed Sullivan Doesn't Appear


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