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This series is a drama starring Luke Perry ("Beverly Hills, 90210"), Lana Parrilla ("Boomtown"), Jason Gedrick ("Boomtown"), Sarah Wynter ("24") and D.J. Cotrona ("Skin"), that follows 20 lottery winners after their unexpected good fortune.


News Articles about NBC Networks Windfall


Celebrity Spider 8/18/06 Preview for "Windfall" on NBC August 24th

Television Without Pity 7/4/06 Running With The Devil

Television Without Pity 6/27/06 There And Gone Again

Television Without Pity 6/20/06 The Getaway

Celebrity Spider 6/19/06 A Neighbor Claims A Part of the Prize This Week on Windfall

Celebrity Spider 6/16/06 Beth and Nina Plan a Shopping Trip to Paris Next on Windfall

Television Without Pity 6/14/06 Pilot

Celebrity Spider 6/12/06 Windfall Thursday June 15th Preview

CSM 6/9/06 Tubegazing: Windfall

AJC 6/8/06 NBC's 'Windfall' series looks like losing ticket

Chicago Tribune 6/8/06 It's hard to find the profit in 'Windfall'

Union Tribune 6/8/06 'Windfall' a winning ticket

Boston Globe 6/8/06 Dour 'Windfall' is a losing ticket for NBC

Knox News 6/8/06 Tepid 'Windfall' has some winning ways

Tampa Tribune 6/8/06 Lottery Winners Are Unappealing Losers, But New 'Windfall' Mines Rich Subject

NY Times 6/8/06 For Lucky Winners in 'Windfall,' Everything Has Its Price

USA Today 6/8/06 'Windfall' falls flat on its face

Deseret News 6/8/06 'Windfall' is no jackpot

Inside Bay Area 6/8/06 Hot neighbors get 'Windfall,' summer run

Washington Post 6/8/06 In 'Windfall,' Money Buys Complications Galore

NY Post 6/8/06 What If You Won $400 Mil? 6/8/06 Jackpot proves a mixed blessing for Windfall bunch

NY Daily News 6/8/06 Rise & 'Windfall' of lotto winners


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