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On this show a woman tries to pick out her biological father from a group of anonymous strangers trying to trick her into believing their claims of paternity to win a $100,000 prize.

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Digital Spy 7/17/05 Axed reality shows 'Will', 'Daddy' to finally air

Reality TV World 1/9/05 Who's Your Daddy - Episode 1 summary

Reality TV World 1/7/05 Fox's 'Who's Your Daddy' contestant T.J. Myers defends the show

Dallas Morning News 1/7/05 Fox pulls plug on 'Who's Your Daddy?'

NY Daily News 1/7/05 Contestant adopts defense of 'Daddy'

Star Ledger 1/6/05 A new low in 'reality' programs

The Oregonian 1/5/05 Freudian follies reign in Fox's sad, cynical 'Who's Your Daddy?'

Reality TV World 1/5/05 Fox's 'Who's Your Daddy' adoptee has soft-core porn (and previous reality show) past

The Tennessean 1/5/05 How much lower can reality TV shows sink?

The Olympian 1/5/05 Tumwater grad behind Fox TV reality special

MegaStar 1/5/05 Paternal panto

NY Daily News 1/5/05 'Daddy' a deadbeat in ratings game

BBC 1/5/05 Adoption show flops in US ratings

NY Daily News 1/5/05 She's queen of bad drama

Dallas Morning News 1/4/05 Fox sullies the reality show genre

AJC 1/4/05 Reality 'Daddy' gets outplayed

Dallas Morning News 1/4/05 Review: Fox's 'Daddy' discounts those who adopt

Reality TV Calendar 1/4/05 Episode 1 Recap: And Hopefully R.I.P.?

Reality TV Calendar 1/4/05 For Love of Money and Finding Daddy: Commentary by Alisa

Fans Of Reality TV 1/4/05 Who's Your Daddy - 01/03/2005 Recap

Reality Shack 1/4/05 Reunited and It Feels So Good - Who's Your Daddy, Episode 1

NY Times 1/4/05 Just Spot Your Real Dad, and You'll Win the Jackpot

Reality News Online 1/4/05 Who's Your Daddy, Episode 1: I've Been Searching So Long


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