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Joan Cusack plays Joan Gallagher, a Chicago high school teacher who is dating nice-guy banker Jake (Kyle Chandler).


News Articles about ABC Networks What about Joan


Hollywood Reporter 11/25/02 Cusack lands roles in 'Rock,' 'Stepford' at Par

Zap2It 10/11/01 ABC Cancels 'Joan'

USA Today 9/27/01 New focus, new tone for 'Joan'

Zap2It 9/26/01 Joan Panics on What About Joan

Zap2It 9/19/01 Joan Cusack Returns in the Season Premiere of What About Joan

Metromix 8/26/01 Joan's second season

St. Petersburg Times 8/9/01 ABC, WB set fall premiere dates

Zap2It 8/7/01 Production Begins For Second Season Of What About Joan

Zap2It 7/26/01 'Joan,' 'District' Add Cast Members

Zap2It 6/6/01 'Joan' Gets New Showrunner

Oklahoman 5/28/01 Modern TV heroines owe debt to Lucy, Mary

USA Today 5/15/01 ABC trims 'Millionaire,' adds comedy, drama

Zap2It 5/11/01 A Blizzard Topples Wedding Plans (5/22 preview)

Zap2It 5/11/01 The Gang Goes To The Local Lounge (5/15 preview)

Zap2It 5/2/01 Jake Is Pursued By Another Woman (5/8 preview)

Zap2It 4/30/01 'What About Joan' Runs Through May

Zap2It 4/20/01 Joan Competes With Other Teachers (4/24 Preview)

Zap2It 4/4/01 Mark Is Arrested On What About Joan (4/17/01 Preview)

Zap2It 4/4/01 Stefanie Powers Guest Stars On What About Joan (4/10/01 Preview)

Zap2It 3/28/01 'Joan' Helps ABC to Tuesday Ratings Win

Zap2It 3/28/01 Joan Meets Jake's Parents (4/10 Preview)

Zap2It 3/28/01 Joan Attempts To Take The Law Into Her Own Hands

Zap2It 3/28/01 'What About Joan' Connects with Audience

Salon 3/27/01 What about laughs?
Seattle Times 3/27/01 New ABC shows with Cusack and Wayans are nice near-misses

Washington Post 3/27/01 'What About Joan': A Bouquet of Neuroses

San Francisco Chronicle 3/27/01 Cusack's All Shook Up in 'What About Joan'

Bangor News 3/27/01 Cusack to debut on ABC

Post Gazette 3/27/01 : Lots to like about two new ABC sitcoms

Gist 3/26/01 Twist and Shout

Milwaukee Journal 3/21/01 Cusack learns you can go home again

Rocky Mountain News 1/21/01 Brooks tackles another single-woman sitcom

Seattle PI 1/15/01 Midseason preview from L.A.

Zap2It 1/12/01 ABC To Stagger Release Of Midseason Series

Variety 2/14/00 ABC to laff with Brooks, Cusack


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