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On this show seven diverse families, one beautiful home, on the perfect suburban cul-de-sac... let the competition begin! And this time, the neighbors will get to decide who wins the house.  And while all of those neighbors have their own set of assumptions and prejudices, as they learn each of the competing families' stories, an emotional journey begins that will open eyes and hearts. The show is not just about a house, but about the building of a community.


News Articles about ABC Networks Welcome to the Neighborhood


Planet Out 1/31/06 The reality TV winners you've never seen

NY Times 1/21/06 Television Cul-de-Sac Mystery: Why Was Reality Show Killed?

Chicago Tribune 9/26/05 Canceled reality series produces a happy ending

Deseret News 8/12/05 ABC does the right thing

Reality TV World 8/3/05 ABC still considering controversial 'Welcome to the Neighborhood'

Reality TV World 8/3/05 Fox Reality wants ABC's shelved 'Welcome to the Neighborhood' show

NY Daily News 8/3/05 Fox's kinda 'Neighborhood'?

Jam! 7/22/05 ABC's 'Neighborhood' gets the hook

NY Times 7/14/05 In This Neighborhood, Reality TV Falls Short

Orlando Sentinel 7/10/05 1 network no-no is out; 'Brat' is still on

Courier Journal 7/9/05 Pulling controversial series may have been ABC's second mistake

Toronto Star 7/9/05 There goes the Neighborhood

Philly.com 7/7/05 Unwelcome 'Neighborhood'
Rocky Mountain News 7/4/05 'Neighborhood' unwelcome

Denver Post 7/4/05 Finally, a reality show so bad it never got aired

Jam! 7/3/05 Bad TV a summer must have

NY Times 7/2/05 'Welcome': Whatever Was ABC Thinking?

Celebrity Spider 7/1/05 Gay Group Applauds Cancellation of Diversity Promoting Show

Deseret News 7/1/05 ABC withdraws 'Welcome' mat

Reality News Online 7/1/05 'Welcome to the Neighborhood' Cancelled for All the Wrong Reasons

Seattle Times 7/1/05 ABC pulls controversial "Neighborhood" series

Guardian 6/30/05 ABC shelves reality show due to 'sensitivity of subject matter'

Reality TV World 6/30/05 ABC pulls its upcoming 'Welcome to the Neighborhood' series, cites subject matter "sensitivity"

Zap2It 6/30/05 Protests Make 'Neighborhood' Unwelcome at ABC

Washington Post 6/30/05 ABC Faces Reality, Pulls Welcome Mat on 'Neighborhood'

Media Life 6/30/05 'Welcome to the Neighborhood.' (Not.)

Digital Spy 6/30/05 Reality show pulled after concerns 

Celebrity Spider 6/28/05 ABC to Premiere Welcome to the Neighborhood on July 10th

Reality TV Magazine 6/14/05 Welcome to the Neighborhood Contestants Announced

Celebrity Spider 4/29/05 ABC Announces "Welcome to the Neighborhood"

Reality TV World 4/28/05 ABC to air four new reality shows and new 'Wife Swap' episodes this summer


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