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About Wanna Bet

Wanna Bet? was a reality game show airing on ABC featuring four celebrities making wagers on whether ordinary Americans will be able to complete outrageous stunts.

An episode of the show began with four celebrities being given $25,000 to wager on the success or failure of ordinary Americans completing outrageous stunts. Show hosts Ant & Dec introduced a stunt performer and the stunt they claim they will be able to complete, and the celebrities then guess whether the performer will successfully complete the stunt or if they will fail to complete the stunt. The celebrities also lock in the amount of money they'd like to wager on performer's ability to complete the stunt, but the exact amount of the wager is not revealed to the viewing audience. The performer then attempts the stunt, and afterward the celebrities' wagers are revealed and the amount of money earned is totaled. The celebrity with the most money totaled at the end of an episode wins that amount for their favorite charity.

News Articles about ABC Networks Wanna Bet

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