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In a dramatic new television experiment, a diverse group of nine strangers are locked in a bunker, where they’ll remain until they decide who is worthy of a 1.5-million-dollar cash prize. There is a catch, though, because the longer it takes to make a unanimous decision, the less money there will be to win. If they take too long, they will be left with nothing on UNAN1MOUS, a dynamic hybrid of unscripted drama and competition.


News Articles about FOX Networks Unan1mous Show


Digital Spy 6/2/06 Channel 4 to make UK 'Unan1mous'

Fans of Reality TV 5/12/06 Finale Recap - My Prayers Have Been Answered

Reality Shack 5/12/06 Will They or Won't They? – Unan1mous, Finale

I Love Reality 5/11/06 Unan1mous... thank goodness its over....

Reality TV World 5/11/06 Tarah Smith wins $382,193 grand prize in Fox's 'Unan1mous' finale

MediaFiends.com 5/11/06 - Generosity is Greater Than Greed

Reality News Online 5/11/06 Unan1mous, The Finale: $382,193 or Nothing

Reality TV Magazine 5/11/06 Unan1mous Winner is Tarah Smith

Fans of Reality TV 5/6/06 Recap 5/3 The Blurry Blob Guy's Getting Paid!

Reality Shack 5/5/06 Censors Working Overtime – Unan1mous, Episode 7

MediaFiends.com 5/4/06 - Will This End Already?

Reality News Online 5/4/06 Unan1mous, Episode 7: Animals Fighting for a Scrap of Meat

Reality TV Magazine 5/3/06 Will No One Win Unan1mous?

Daily Dispatch 5/3/06 Unanimous?' Certainly not

Celebrity Spider 5/1/06 Season Finale of Unan1mous to Air May 10th

Fans of Reality TV 4/29/06 Recap Stir Crazy After All These Smears

Reality Shack 4/27/06 Is the End in Sight? – Unan1mous, Episode 6

Reality News Online 4/27/06 Unan1mous, Episode 6: Don't Pimp My Ride

MediaFiends.com 4/26/06 A New Outcast

Fans of Reality TV 4/22/06 A Recap in Two Acts Masterpiece of Boredom

Reality Shack 4/20/06 Welcome to the Outcast Club – Unan1mous, Episode 5

Reality Shack 4/20/06 And This Is Why I Love Reality TV: Unanimously Awesome, Almost

MediaFiends.com 4/20/06 - Sob Stories

Reality News Online 4/20/06 Unan1mous, Episode 5: "I Don't Believe Nothin' Nobody Says"


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