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About Queer Eye for the Straight Guy


On this show five gay fashion experts help style-challenged heterosexual men.


News Articles about Queer Eye For the Straight Guy


Contact Music 3/8/05 Boy George Slams Queer Eye

Media Bulletin 8/19/04 Ramsay rejects offer of 'Queer Eye' celebrity makeover

Ananova 8/19/04 Ramsay turns down celebrity makeover 8/1/04 UK Version Of Queer Eye Huge Hit

Digital Spy 7/29/04 LivingTV wants more 'Queer Eye' UK

Digital Spy 7/14/04 'Queer Eye UK' gets American debut

TVRules 7/13/04 Queer Eye UK Preview Airs 7/13 On Bravo

Zap2It 7/12/04 Bravo Teases British 'Queer Eye'

USA Today 7/1/04 'Queer Eye' gets a makeover for overseas

BBC 5/6/04 Queer Eye comes to the UK 4/30/04 Queer Eye UK gets launch date

The Advocate 4/14/04 Queer Eye continues to take over the world 4/14/04 Channel 4 bags "Queer Eye"

Media Week 4/14/04 Queer Eye signs shaving deal

The Advocate 2/25/04 Queer Eye invades the United Kingdom

Reuters 2/24/04 "Queer Eye" to focus on UK 12/15/03 UK Queer Eye starts auditioning

Zap2It 12/1/03 First British 'Queer Eye' Shut

Media Guardian 11/28/03 Queer Eye rethink costs Living dear

Digital Spy 11/19/03 ViaDigital to produce UK 'Queer Eye'


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